Changing +Ubuntu's development process to be more closed is one thing, but pretending to open it up and claiming it's more open than +Red Hat is a completely different story.

Everything Red Hat does is developed and tested in #Fedora first. It needs to follow our feature process, that means it needs a wiki page and will be discussed in public before it gets approved or rejected by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, which is elected by all Fedora contributors, the vast majority of them being community members.
Take +systemd for example, one of the biggest changes we had in the last years. systemd was in fact held back by FESCo for one release because it was in a state that did not convince us.
And now, let's have a look at Ubuntu and one of it's features that got a lot of attention recently: The shopping lens. If the blueprints are Ubuntu's counterpart to Fedora's feature process, why can I not find a blueprint for the shopping lens anywhere? Who approved the lens? How could the community influence this decision? Where can I track the decision making process?
Does anybody still think Ubuntu's development model is "far more open and trusting" than Fedora's?
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