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I want to create a christmas themed animation for my led stripe.

Every led should be green by default (like a tree).
And some random leds should blink red, yellow and white (like lights and decoration).

I already build an animation for a "night sky" where some leds twinkle like stars using the fadeToBlackBy-function.

Is there something like a fadeTo*Green*By-function? :)

I want to create some ColorPalettes that run across the led stripe.
These ColorPalettes should contain colors of country flags.

My problem is that many flags are split in thirds (germany, italy, spain, france, ..).
But CRGBPalette16 cannot be evenly divided by 3.

I can live with that (or use CRGBPalette32 to increase the error), but maybe there is a better way. :)

I like the function EVERY_N_MILLISECONDS, but is there something like "EVERY_N_MILLISECONDS_PLUS_M"?

For example I want to execute A every 100ms.
And I want to execute B 50ms after A.

I know I could use delay(50) inside the EVERY_N_MILLISECONDS function.
Or I could define a helper variable and check milis() to program my own solution.

But maybe there is a smart way I don't know yet. :)

Otherwise I would suggest a feature requast for the next FastLED version.
Like an optional second parameter:

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I am starting to experiment with FastLED and some neat functions.

But I cannot find a detailed description/explanation of some (all?) functions.

Like "fadeToBlaclBy":
I want to know what the last parameter (uint8_t fadeBy) actually does.

The same goes for "fill_rainbow":
I have no idea what deltahue is doing.
I guess it widens and shortens the rainbow (distance between the colors).
But is increasing or decreasing the value making the red areas of the rainbow bigger?
I could "try and error" it or read the source code, but I hope there is a good documentation that I am missing. :)

Does or will the Nvidia Shield TV have all the features of the Chromecast 2?
Performance shouldn't be an issue, I guess.

I am not sure if this is possible.
But I think it would be awsome to have a dedicated yatse watchface for Android war (m360).

Instead oft the rudimental wear notification a watchface could show many detailed information about the current playing media.
Such as time left, end time or a progress bar.

This is just an idea... 😉

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How does your average day with the Moto360 look like?

I just installed JuiceSSH and tried to connect to my ubuntu server.
But the connection is closed right after the login was successful.

auth.log says:
Nov  2 19:12:14 htpc sshd[6803]: Accepted publickey for christoph from port 43517 ssh2
Nov  2 19:12:14 htpc sshd[6803]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user christoph by (uid=0)
Nov  2 19:12:14 htpc sshd[6803]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user christoph

Since the privatekey (I also tried password) worked, I have no idea what causes this problem. :(

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Argentina or Germany?
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