After action report for Indigo² (Codename Blue66): We closed the Vield

It all started, when +Martin P.A. was on holidays in Greece. He opened his scanner, saw the distance to his home portal and wrote to +Viktor Steixner  "I'll farm some keys here to make a huge link, when I'm back home". A few hours later Viktor wrote back "Forget the link, we make a field with max distance of rare linkamp for every link". The idea behind operation Indigo was born.
A few month's, hundreds of hangouts, tons of documents, communities and a few portal submissions later, we attempted to establish the field for real (in november 2013). Unfortunately we failed at that time because of a leak and it stayed imaginary. From this moment it was known as the biggest Vield in Ingress history. See and the related posts at that time.

We decided to push harder for a second attempt and organised additional key transfers through the whole europe to get the newly farmed keys from Germany to Ukraine and also the other way back.

On 6th of July 2014 the epic successor i² (codename Blue66) got real (pun intended)! We attempted a second try with over 200 highly motivated agents and saved over 840 million MUs

Operation Blue66 was a big success. The Resistance established the biggest field ever created using only rare linkamps. Twelve whole countries were fully covered. For the resistance!

First post:

Some statistics:
Longest link created with L8 Portal with 4 Rare LinkAmps: 1.958km
Average link distance: 1.928km
Control field size per Layer: 83.742.392 MUs
Max MU captured this week: 334.941.630 MUs
Total MU for all fields standing at once: ~ 8,4*10^8
Layers established: 18 in total, thanks to the frogs. 10 first, then another 8 layers for the checkpoint
Agents involved: Over 200 in the field for Blue66, sorry for those where we do not have yet received the name

Core organisation:
Matspa, nospecs, Destroy, elRetito, Guschtel

Country Coordinators:
Achran, AlexEine, Bipe, CashBurn, CEONS, ebasi, Freever, jolly16, MassacreRo, mehow, morpheas

Achran, Bipe, c0nf1g, CashBurn, CEONS, Cryssalthar, DaFubi, DiplPlayer, Doristicated, Dundacil, emsy, Freever, GamingOpa, hrzeyni, IcePrincess38, immortalis, MassacreRo, mehow, mobe, morpheas, NEMlROFF, RevoLotion, sesquipe, sil3nt, stesie, tapion, TheBluePurge, tPaK, Woozar

Aspergillus, Atomostomte, Beccy, betinovs, davidenkoff, DerOest, eataIien, Guschtel, ipp11, Laohu, Ledadi, LudmilaHappy, MCQuincy, Micky, PsychoGR, Serterro, Skidding, Vaios525, X252, zurchpet

Team in Greece:
Ledadi, Psychogr, Vaios525

42N3, Ajunta, Albay, AlexEine, aqsia, Arnachronos, Ashtaroon, Asm0deus, Asphalthummel, babol, blackswarm, BlauerStern, brinky, brisingr93, c25land, CamouflageNinja, CaptMeow, carcere, CernaKocka, Cerves, chabba, chakki, Dade87, dober86, Doenernick, ducutu, ebasi, Einpeitscher, Eumopuis, faltigermeister, Famagosta, fant, FaxtheMan, Ferisar, Flusenman, ForgottenSon, framan92, Franz1301, Friggigatto, froeschli, frysing, Geograbba, GimmyPd, gordgelin, Gulkarn, hallowed, HARAgent, hcZero, ins, Jacky1905, Jindra, jizza, Joachim67, JuhaSaedelaere, Kallagan93, kapr, Kapr, Kaputtschino, Kasiek80, kcolived, Kimotu, klausibeimer, kotis, kukon, Landsturm, Lenker, liland, Lilebor, LittleThe1st, lukemoder, MacSmoker, Maggilaz, Makinos, MALEFlCENT, MassacreRo, MikaMohawk, mimeq, MRICE, Mustela, Nightmarion, NotionThief, otto66, Pakolino, petronik, Pikrin, Phandroid, PoweRG, prh, Puckie, q87, Ravem, Regiber, ReHARachte, Resh42, RonM, Rothgar, SampL, SashaLCF, Sauger2000 , Schebberle, Scorttatto, series3c, Shakrath, Simonizer, SlipperNinja, Slyeurochild, sortek, Spes, Spooky8, Springstoff, spuky, Sublvl, SunshineDaddy, terramano, TinaWhatever, toppearlei, trasla, Tropineze, Unterstrich, walez, Wolgagambit, x3rwx, zeitautomatik, ZEU5, zhengphor

#WeClosedTheVield #Vield #Resistance #Blue66 #B66 #Indigo #Indigo2 #VivaLaResistance

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Ingress 
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