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Dear +Google Photos 
I actually love using Google Photos, whether with the smartphone, tablet Mac or PC. BUT why do you change the color-temperatur of the pictures? For shure you have to compress the picture information to reduce time for displaying the pics and clearly some details are lost - but the temperatur?
Many friends are asking me "Why do I look so ill?"
Thanks for your answer...

LEFT Side = Screenshot from Google Photos
RIGHT Side = same pic downloaded from Google Photos and opened without ColorProfile

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So genial

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Sony NEX-6 Firmware Update 1.03

This utility updates the NEX-6 camera firmware to version 1.03 and provides the following benefits:

Improvements over version 1.02:
Provides support for the following Fast Hybrid AF compliant and future compatible E mount lenses:
SELP18105G, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z, SEL2470Z, SEL2870, SEL70200G 

Note: For the following lenses, the Fast Hybrid AF is effective only in the central area of the frame. 
SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z, SEL2470Z, SEL2870, SEL70200G
Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 1.03:
Provides support for the SEL20F28 and SEL1670Z Fast Hybrid AF compliant lenses
Adds the AF drive system for movies

Note: The AF drive system for movies is added in order to enhance the scalability of future E-mount systems.
Provides support for the following Fast Hybrid AF compliant lenses:
SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE

Note: When using the SEL30M35, SEL50F18, and SEL18200LE lenses, please update the lens firmware to the latest available version.

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Für alle Fotografiebegeisterten:
DXO Film Pack 3 (leider nicht die neueste) gibts gerade for FREE!!!
Can't beat FREE! Get your DXO film pack for FREE now  through Oct 31st!

Dear +Sonos-Team
How big is our chance to get #Chromecast on our beloved Audio-System?
Should we pray to god  or does it make no sense due to hardware restrictions?
Maybe +Google , +Hugo Barra or even +Sundar Pichai can help?
Thanks in advance for your answer

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Die Welt ist im Wandel, ich spüre es im Wasser, ich spüre es in der Erde, ich rieche es in der Luft. Vieles was einst war, ist verloren, da niemand mehr lebt, der sich erinnert. Alles begann mit dem Schmieden der Großen Kolben. 6 wurden den Bayern gegeben, 4 gingen nach Wolfsburg, 12 nach Maranello, ...
Geschichten aus einer alten Zeit, wie es scheint...
+BMW Deutschland 

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Da soll sich noch einer auskennen
Ist wohl intelligenter immer schön im Strom mitzuschwimmen - ja nicht auffallen oder gar gscheitln!!
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