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This small mountain shelter is called "Erinnerungshütte" which means something like "Memories Hut". On the way to this hut, there is a big rock with memorial plaques of people who lost their lives on the mountains all over the world. I suppose that's why this hut has its name.
For mountaineers death is more ubiquitous than it is for other people. The mountains remind me that live is a present and not an obvious thing. It is often hard to keep that in mind in everyday life.

BTW: This is a 30 seconds exposure 20 minutes before sunrise

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Very well said, and well seen. To live each day fully and well, is a gift of awareness.
Tolles Motiv und ein wundervolles Licht!
Thank you for your courage. To rise so high, for  demonstrated, the spectacle of color and incredible beauty.
I love the golden tones in this image +Christof Simon.  And the reminder you send us with it - that life is a gift, not to be taken for granted.  I also like the name of this place. :)
lol - +Christof Simon I consider myself not so good with words actually.  Better with pictures. ;)

And I have to laugh at myself too because I have sat here in front of my computer and said the name of this place "Erinnerungshütte" several times out loud.  When you don't speak German for awhile some words become difficult to say!  :)
As I said somewhere before, you are good in both, pictures AND words, +Athena Carey  And you're right, its a strange name for a barn :-)
Perfectly captured the magic of the moment, the spirit of the place. Your text complements very well the final impression of the photo!
Schoene Huette, tolles Licht!
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