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To-Do Tuesday 11-8-16 | Stitchy Goodness

This week was an odd one. My bad headache turned out to be some strange illness that’s going around. I ended up having dull headaches all week and would get worn out and clammy with the slightest activity. I sort of felt like I was on the tail end of…

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To-Do Tuesday 10-25-16 | A Lazy Week

Happy Tuesday! This past week I did not get any sewing done. I was in full on procrastination mode. I spent a lot of time hanging out with the Mister, and I loved every moment of it. Sometimes you just need that time to step away, relax, and be present…

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To-Do Tuesday 10-18-16 | Apples & Decorations

Happy Tuesday! It’s time to check our lists and see where we are at. Do we have things we need to take off of our list, for now, as the holidays are approaching? Or do we need to kick it into high gear and add stuff to our list to be ready FOR the…

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To-Do Tuesday 10-11-16 | A Week of Finishes

Happy Tuesday, friends! It’s time to check our lists and plan for the next week! I am happy to say that I’ve got a couple of finishes to share, and some progress on my cross stitching. I was thrilled to have finished The Alpine Quilt this past week. After…

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A Guest Post for The Fig Farm | Easy-Bind Mug Rugs Tutorial

A very good friend of mine, Theresa, recently started a kitchen and home blog. Theresa is an amazing photographer, gardener, and cook. I have been enjoying seeing her gorgeous pictures of produce, flowers, and food on Facebook and I am thrilled that she…

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Finished Friday | The Alpine Quilt

I am so very excited to share this week’s finishes. I have more than just a quilt to share this week too. Not only am I excited for the finishes, I am so jazzed that my friend, Sarah, of Georgia Girl Quilts is hosting Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday…

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To-Do Tuesday 10-4-16 | Quilting the Alpine Quilt

Happy October! I am so excited that Fall is here! We actually don’t experience too much of a “Fall” season here. No trees full of leaves turning gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow before falling. No crisp autumn air where you can see your breath in…

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To-Do Tuesday 9-27-16 | Stitching ALL The Things

Happy Tuesday, my friends! It’s time to do our weekly check up on our to-do lists. This past week I rocked my list! I made the two replacement blocks needed for the Flying Geese Diamonds quilt, sewed the quilt top together, made the quilt backing, and…

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To-Do Tuesday 9-20-16 | Working on the Flying Geese Diamond Quilt

Happy Tuesday! How are you all coming along with your to-do lists? I am so happy to say that I think my Sewjo is back in full force! We have had a very busy week over here (including an ecstatic newly licensed 16 year old driver in the house), and I still…

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Finished Friday | Churning Diamonds

If you’ve followed my blog the last couple of months you may know that I have been working on a Churn Dash quilt. And I finally have a finish! I am celebrating over here this week!! Last summer I picked up a Feed Company by Sweetwater layer cake at quilt…
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