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This will be edited down to 3 shorter videos tomorrow or the day after. Also, it is apparent that I cannot talk coherently or intelligently while DoTing all the things. In the future, I will wear more makeup. And I will try not to do it 'on the fly'. If you want to suffer through this before I edit it, feel free to waste some time :)
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Hi! I'm Strumpet101 from the Tweets and All Pets Allowed. I am in awe of the work you do with the Pet Battle Teams.

I didn't realize you had a G+ community, but am thrilled to have found it.

When I started All Pets Allowed, I had not listened to a single podcast on Pet Battles, although I am a HUGE fan of other WoW podcasts. I decided I wanted to not be intimidated or influenced by how others do things.

Now, I'm thinking I missed all this awesome content from you, and I need to catch up! 

I do alright, but mainly, I love Pet Battling. I love all my pets and love figuring out how to win! #winning  

Thanks for the great work you do!
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Thanks, Christine :) I really appreciate the kind words about the show!

I stopped promoting the community on the podcast for awhile because it was pretty dead. But now that we're getting more people in here talking, I'll make sure to remind people about it every week on the show!

I added your podcast to my RSS feeds a month ago, but I haven't listened to any podcast since the holidays! I'll be correcting that very soon, though. The topics in your shownotes look very interesting.

I love pet battling too :) I really like what you tweeted out the other day about just keeping it simple and avoiding fancy tricks. That's what I'm going to base my next team on!
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Google has officially freaked me out.

Seeing my own real name in the comments section of YT after sharing a video on here was the last straw. See me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.
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I think we've all been there at one point or another - where we're jacked off at feeling somehow our personal identity has been slowly bled out. However, I think we're all going to have to make that decision - to join social media (and to what extent we want to expose of our real selves). But as +Jerome Comeau mentioned, I'm not sure that any are really better than the others. Cross-linking of different advertising media is just the way things are going... unfortunately.
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Dia Frampton was my favorite contestant the year she didn't win The Voice. Love her voice. Loved her cover of Kanye West (still in my Favorites playlist). And The Crystal Method is nothing short of awesome. Obviously I LOVE the combo!
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Christine Søvig Gilbert

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Love love love love love this.
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I'm totally geeking out over all the math, planning, mental and finger dexterity I have to develop. Changing my major.

I'm sorry if I've ever been dismissive of any e-sports games or players. I have never thought they were simple exactly; I just never realized exactly how mentally challenging or exciting they are.

It just goes to show that unless you try something you should never judge it.
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This is Starcraft 2, +Daniel Brewer   The screenshots are from one of the truly brilliant cinematics in the campaign in Wings of Liberty (the first part of SC2 - I haven't even gotten to Heart of the Swarm yet).
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Many many thanks to +Kimberly Price for sending me the link to this!
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Noob, in particular LOVES all the Christmas stuff!!
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I had my initial clean with 5280 today. I could not be happier. The team arrived exactly when promised and worked diligently and well. They were professional, friendly, and so incredibly thorough. They listened to my concerns at the start of the day, and then did everything just right. Wonderful!!! My hasn't been this clean since we bought it 5 years ago!
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Lovely setting, really nice wine list and attentive service. Great food although I felt the menu slightly overpriced compared to the other restaurants at the Aria.
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Matthew himself is fully booked a long time in advance. Every stylist here is good, although personally I love Matthew - hrs a color genius and I always look fabulous when I leave & after styling at home.
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