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6BR/4Ba - $560K - Golf Course Lot -
Dacula GA

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the fam

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Great article, and very thought provoking. This is an issue I've been working through myself, as a former New Ager.* I personally believe that there is a very subtle form of creation worship involved in a lifestyle that centers entirely around one's food, in the sense of trying to keep it as "clean" (organic, raw, etc.) as possible. But for the Christian, we should remember that all of creation is fallen, ALL of it, even the fruits and vegetables. All of creation is cursed as a result of the Fall, so we all need to be cautious about elevating mere food to a place of importance it shouldn't hold in our lives.

* I am a former raw milk drinking, organic eating, GMO-free, Whole Foods junkie.

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The steak special at Gourmandises.....How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....
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