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Christine Feldstein
Quilter - Watercolor painter
Quilter - Watercolor painter


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Ebreuil Quilt Exhibition 2017 First Part
How lucky I was, arriving at my summer place in Auvergne last July, to find there was a quilt exhibition... and what an exhibition... absolutely wonderful! Here are shown reproduction quilts, hand pieced and hand quilted, in an absolute respect of the tradi...

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Log Cabin Baby Quilt Finished
Here is my last post before leaving Greece to spend the summer in France. Despite my troubles after injuring my spine, I managed little by little to finish hand quilting this baby quilt for my seven months' old grand daughter. It is the reason why the quilt...

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Green Shawl
Loving the pattern of this shawl, I knitted a second one. Here is  THE TUTORIAL . I did this one larger than the first one, I needed then 12 balls of the wool shawn  HERE . The crochet border is slightly different. This is the easiest pattern possible : gar...

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After my last February  misadventure , two months in bed, then wearing an orthopedic corset, here I am again going out for the first time. What a pleasure for this first going out to enjoy this wonderful bazaar that our friend Eleni was attending with many ...

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Green jacket
    Writing this post from my bed, where I have to remain lying for two months!  This is my misadventure : Two weeks ago I was so happy to prepare the house for the arrival of my third son D. with his wife and his 3 1/2 years old and 16 months' old sons. Th...

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Today I am preparing my Log Cabin baby quilt for hand quilting. It is a part of the quilting process that many quilters don't like very much, but which I enjoy as much as all the different stages of quilting. You can find the method I use in  MY TUTORIAL , ...

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Baby Quilt Top in the Snow
Children and grandchildren are now back to their own places. My home is now clean and tidy again, and here I am quilting and knitting again. As you can see on the picture, the weather here in Athens is very cold, we have snow for the second time since Chris...

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Herringbone Baby Quilt Finished
Here are the pictures of my Herringbone baby quilt finished and offered to my niece in Paris. The gray color recalls Paris' sky, the blue is for the baby boy and the yellow gives a sunny touch. For this quilt I did 80 blocks of 4.5" x 4.5 each (11.5 cm) To ...

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Herringbone Baby Quilt
Feeling so sorry for being late on my posting : these pictures were taken mid-september. Since then the quilt was achieved and delivered to my niece in Paris! Before showing it completed, I wanted to share with you the progress of it and the hand quilting. ...

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New Fabrics from USA
When my son came for holidays from Chicago he brought to me the fabrics I had ordered. I am so happy with them, they are gorgeous! And so grateful to my son for loading his suitcase with fabrics! I have several projects... starting first with baby quilts fo...
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