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The math just isn't working out for me on why 11,000 Olympiads need 450,000 condoms....

Let's assume all 11,000 of them will be there for 20 days and don't have sex with each other (in which case they would only need one per couple) and that they have sex twice per day. That's 11,000x20x2.

So why did they stock 10,000 extra condoms??????

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Fans are estimated, lola da Silva believes all eggs should be on one bag, though he and ex successer boycotted the openings. 
I have the answer... is to celebrate the end of the Olympic games...500ppp balloon condoms... 
Those are for bringing Cocaine back home.
I thought the whole thing was fugged to tell the truth.
The Jamaicans need 20,000 just for themselves
It's just the Olympic Rule:
The more the better :)
The balloon's are always play safe game...😍
They're for the people watching the women's beach volleyball maybe lol
They brought friends from Babylon,
O I mean United States
Hey same thing! Cher's
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