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My Top 10 Regrets...

10) That I never got a cute monkey.
9) That I stopped doing music hangouts.
8) First husband.
7) Second husband.
6) That I haven't married Chuck yet...
5) Quitting drinking.
4) Smoking.
3) Getting a mobile phone.
2) Email.
1) Every moment of my life spent on Facebook.
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My Top 10 Regrets

10. Losing my cat
9. Spending too much time on social media
8. Moving to Chicago without a plan
7. Feeling Depressed when I really not
6. Never finished my novel
5. Never traveled a lot.
4. Worrying about others
3. Scaring people away.
2. Never achieving my future goals
1. Complaining too much.
Facebook really does suck, but they have their place.
+Christine DeGraff He's good Christine, 10 years old now, and still as much a rascal as ever, I just had to pull him out of the trash bin a few minutes ago :)
Go to Vegas, get drunk, marry Chuck, delete FB.

You're welcome

Seriously though, cute monkeys shit everywhere and Atlanta was awesome!
Go to Gibraltar. There's monkeys everywhere. You'll get over them, fast.
Ok, I regret the past two or three hours trying to organize all of my posts into collections. Once I started... I could not stop. Well, I did stop, because I am not done. I guess I will work on it some more tomorrow.
There's a golden advice dear +Christine DeGraff​​​that never regret or feel sorry of any deed you practiced or experienced in your past but always look forward that all experience you will make best of in your alternatives " however there's also a very famous saying tells" who ever has no past never makes promising future. " 
Hi +Daniel Mihai Popescu - you're right - I deleted most of my circles too ... But I didn't mean to delete you or anyone I know and like! I just added you back.
Hello, from a very sunny UK. No point with them, or forget them.
+Christine DeGraff, hi! Happy Birthday to Bandit! Lulu will be 12 soon, Tilly turned 2 last month.

I regret all the regrets I've had in my life. They only made me feel bad and never really got me anywhere. I guess I've learned a thing or two from them but on the whole, they mainly just cause me pain.
You guys do realize this post was supposed to be funny... Right? :D
Perhaps +Gina Fiedel. BTW, I actually don't regrets husbands 1 and 2 - I only regret not divorcing them sooner :)
Glad to hear it, +Christine DeGraff. Regretting you didn't divorce them sooner somehow doesn't seem as sad and wishing you'd never married them. I hope you got some good or fun out of those marriages even if it was only briefly.
I would marry them again knowing what I know now because of the kids... But they were definitely not right for me at all. First one was horribly abusive and second was just angry and cold. 
+Christine DeGraff  Good Luck 2 your [ New Ventures ] in Life. THROW the Negative from the PAST, in the GARBAGE & Let the Positive Vibes come in, let it be BORN ; START all over again ; & Welcome it with an Open ARMS now & in the FUTURE. iF, ever someday that nightmare came back 2 visit & HAUNT you ; just say, [ " Sorry, i Don' t missed you ! Go away & never come back, LOSER !!!!! " ]. iF, this loser persist - just BURN it with passion. Don' t CRY, just let it GO >>>
Or you coulda just got the kids without the ring, +Christine DeGraff. "Just angry and cold" counts as abuse too. Now go marry Chuck and get it done! :)
But.... You Did It Your Way!
I would go along with 'more music hangouts', but the live broadcasting landscape is very different now. Back in 2014/15 HOAs were like an alternative TV channel, with my newsfeed full of invites and familiar faces either in the audience on the panel. +Christine DeGraff you created something that continues to resonate with our whole family to this day.

But then Google decided it did not really want to do this and bits of the HOA world stopped working or just became to difficult to navigate. In stepped fuzzy and less disciplined platforms like BLAB, Periscope and Facebook live and it was basically over.

Facebook live makes no sense at all compared to scheduled HOAs. There you are scrolling down your Facebook news feed and then you see someone holding a phone camera 6 inches from their face (usually standing outside) telling you they are going reveal 3 key steps to happiness or how to market yourself to people you don't know. So you start to watch but they get distracted by trying to say hi to the 6 people actually watching, who then all leave..... 
Bonjour Madame, pourrions nous faire connaissance ?

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