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Tip 20/21: A Ton of Gmail Tips
I personally don't care for gmail - or email for that matter - perhaps armed with these tips I will give it another try.

#GoogleTips #21GoogleTips #Gmail
Tip 20/21: 15 Awesome Gmail Tricks!
Basic to Advanced tips to seriously Boost Productivity!

General Settings (Gear » Settings)

(1) Keyboard Shortcuts
Start using Keyboard shortcuts! To view all available keyboard shortcuts in Gmail click the question mark key ‘?’. (make sure keyboard shortcuts are ON in Gear » Settings » General tab).

(2) Filters and Labels
Organize your emails by labels and apply filters to automatically mark (or even move) incoming emails to specific labels (work, family, bills, Social). Different than the priority inbox option.

Create filters by either selecting a specific email, clicking the 'More' tab and then selecting 'Create Filter', or via the advance search panel (small arrow in the search box) by setting specific filters such as: From, To, Has attachments, Has words, Size - and then applying a specific label to it: add star, skip the inbox, delete and more.

(3) Send & Archive
Aim for a zero emails inbox. Enable the send & archive button to archive emails after sending and removing them from your inbox.

(4) Add New Stars
You can add up to 12 star types in gmail. These are great for quickly marking emails with 'importance level' (reply, urgent and so on).

(5) Add a Signature
This is very important for marketing and branding. End each one of your emails with a logo / website or social links / thank you note. Navigate to Signature, set to On and add your signature.

(6) Vacation Responder
Set an automatic email responder to email sent between specific dates (works also 'only for your contacts').

Inbox Settings (Settings » Inbox)

(7) Unread first, then all the rest. I love this one.
If you'd like your inbox to first show only all unread emails and then beneath them all the rest - navigate to the Inbox settings tab and mark the “Unread items in the first section” checkbox.

(8) Image Tricks

» Drag & Drop images into message body to insert as inline image.
» Copy / Paste images into message to insert as inline images.
» Drag images to the bottom message bar to add as attachments.

Search Tricks

(9) Free up space
Find and delete emails with large attachments by searching for “size:30mb” (also available via advanced search tab).

(10) Old Emails
Search for emails older than ‘X’ Years, Months or Days by typing “older_than:5y”, 5m, 5d (also available via advanced search tab).

(11) File types
Search for specific file attachments (jpeg, pdf, gif..) by typing "filename:jpg" / "filename:pdf" and so on.

(12) Account Security
Check for suspicious account activity by scrolling to the bottom of the page and viewing the last account activity link (Secure your Google Acount, tip 15: bitly. com/GoogleTip15)

Best Labs! (Settings » Labs)

(13) Undo Send!
Sometime you hit the send button and only then realize you've made a terrible mistake. Enable the Undo Send feature in the labs and then set the undo time in the general settings tab (up to 30 seconds).

(14) Mark As Read Button
Gmail allows you to mark emails as read in several ways, but sometimes you wish the 'Mark as read' button would just show up in the top bar. This can be easily activated in the Labs..

(15) Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're unhappy with the default keyboard shortcuts you can set your own. First enable the feature in the labs, and then define the shortcuts in the general tab.

Know about more fun or cool Gmail tricks? Share them below! :)

If you like this tip feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips   #Google   #GmailTricks   #Email   #Gmail #GmailTips
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Yes +Denise Wakeman maybe I haven't given it a fair shot. I got a little spoiled with exchange.
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Christine DeGraff

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You Have Now Entered The Fun Zone
I think we need a blanket rule that nobody should post business related posts on the weekends or face punishment of being mass uncircled. Who's with me?

Happy Caturday! h/t +Jason West Jones
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+safi gdr  ???? You rang??
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Events Counted: 50,000+

+CircleCount has been busy again - this time identifying and archiving all of the events that have been held on Google Plus - and the number is 50K+ and growing fast! They can give the exact numbers but at last count it was over 53,000 events created by more than 17,000 hosts and attended by more than 1,000,000 guests!

Check it out and perhaps provide feedback on how this new feature could be even more useful.

BTW, you can also check your free profile to see which events you attended.

#HOA #HangoutsOnAir #Events

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+CircleCount thanks!!!
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Christine DeGraff

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Save The Date!
Let's celebrate with +Daria Musk and dance the night away!
Three years ago to the day on this coming Wednesday, I stood in front of my computer - a guitar in my hands, songs in my heart, fingers trembling - about to press a button that said, "Hangout". I was still waterlogged with rainy nights of lugging my amps into tiny clubs and tears from the not-knowing-what-would-happen next.

That night, when I hit "Hangout" you saved my dreams, you saved me. Your faces popped in. We sang all night. Six hours later my heart was six million times bigger and I would never be the same. Every year I want to celebrate that day. I want to thank you face to face. I want to meet back at our special place and sing your praises. It's time for Hangoutiversary III. 

Here's the event page to rsvp a big yes:

So please, meet me on July 16th. Right here, inside the place where we had our virtual first date. Comment back and let me know that you're planning to come, I will organize special circles of you all, so we can rotate the 10 seats and meet and meet and meet again.

I'll sing our songs of celebration. I'll sing new songs of adoration, to you and this crazy world that gives us a chance just when we think maybe it can't. Come with your hopes and your dreams and your updates and your friends and families and fantasies. Let's sing 'til our throats go weak and dance in front of computer screens, like the silly beautiful people we know ourselves to be.  

Send me a private message or chat or comment to me here if you'd like to arrange a special invite or if you're new and want to join the family and need some tips for getting in. Everyone's invited. I'll post the event page here in a moment. It's really the greatest possible gift, just to let me sing for you and get to know you again and again and again. 

If you were in one of my earliest Hangouts, like the first one, I would love to feature you in this show, so we can reminisce and catch up! Like +Cam Meadows changing the game with Hangout party. Like +Tom Rolfson looking out for me and making me feel like a superstar. Like +Amine Benaichouche who gave me the universe's seal of approval on my space-inspired love songs. Like +Imran Machher who's courage and friendship changed my heart. Like +Sibyll Hampton's cold blast of air from Switzerland. Like +Moritz Tolxdorff who became a guide and dear friend. Like +Dolidh Young who's kind voice lilts like and angel's. Like +Kevin R Foote's singing dog and perfect kids. Like +DeAno Jackson who makes a party wherever he shows up. Like the time I got to step-in for +Bettina Grießbach's missing date. Like +Mara Mascaro's perfect sing-along-smile.  Like +Leila Gemelli tuning in to cheer us on. Like +C.F. Todd's little boy adding his voice to the start of my first big song. Like +Faizan Momin scribbling my lyrics on his school notebooks. Like +vasilis katsoris in Greece sneaking into a hangout while he studies. Like +Joe Martinez high-riving me after a show. Like +Arabella Parker trying to blow-up Twitter to let everyone know. Like +Mike Elgan and +Amira Elgan listening in as the travel the world. Like +Guy Kawasaki putting us in his book. Like the Hangout being too full for +Robert Scoble to get a seat. Like the sun rising in Norway through +Martin Skrebergene's screen. Like +Rob Michael who's guitar helped lead the way. Like +Ayoub Khote and +Trev Warth and +Antony Jackson's little girl Ella walking me through London's streets. Like +JP Dadson rocking from Ghana. Like +Liz Quilty and her family dancing in Australia. Like +Oki Amwin singing every word in Indonesia. Like +Neeta Tolani, a sister a world away in India. Like +tom ruggi who followed me from that tiny rainy night show, into the first Hangout and beyond. Like +chee chew who built Hangouts and told me singing into one wasn't such a great idea... And then joined in with everyone else to sing and realize something special happened here.

XO, Daria

This concert celebration is being supported by our new friends at CO-OP Connected Credit Unions. CO-OP is all about connection, just like our epic House Of Blues Concert, they've partnered up with us to make sure we stay together and keep banking on this amazing feeling we get when we connect through ethernet lines and through songs... They wanna amplify our dreams and all of our crazy beautiful feelings... Like being so moved you can't help but dance or laugh or cry. I predict I'll do all three of those things at some point during the night, I'm such a sucker for you guys ;)

#Hangoutiversary   #HangoutConcert   #AmplifyYourDreams  
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Wow +Daria Musk! That's deep, and a bit heart felt. Good for you!! I'm in a similar place with hangouts now, but starting to checkout a few of them. When the day comes that I host my own hangout it would be great to be just half as good at it as +Christine DeGraff is... I'll be tuning in on Wednesday.
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Today's Tip Google Adwords
Check out +Daniel Futerman latest Google Tip - this time about the reasons why you might want to use Google Adwords to boost traffic to your site.

#GoogleTips #21GoogleTips #Adwords
Tip 18/21: Advertising with Google Adwords
Google Adwords is by far the best platform for advertising your product, company, website, video, app or anything else.

Remember Bill & John from yesterday’s tip? Good, because today we'll talk about Bill and how he can utilize Google Adwords tools to reach out to many potential customers.

The concept

Bill’s goal is to reach out to potential customers and get them to visit his store. The internet is his advertising space, and Google Adwords is the delivery method (via Adsense, search ads and more).

Things Bill needs to do:

(1) Know what he wants to advertise (his store).
(2) Choose ad types (text, image, video, dynamic).
(3) Select ad sizes and design (upload or create in Adwords)
(4) Set campaign filters (much more about this soon).
(5) Activate the campaign.

Why Google Adwords is such a great platform for Bill (and you):

» You can easily do it all yourself.
» You can start with very small budgets.
» You can reach out to millions of people.
» You can launch multiple campaign at once.
» You can advertised to very targeted audiences.
» You can get in depth statistics about your campaigns.
» You can advertise in multiple locations around the web.
» You don’t need to search for the advertising locations yourself.

And BTW when it comes to advertising online, Google Adwords is the industry standard and almost all serious advertising agencies rely on Google Adwords for online campaigns. So if this all sounds too complicated (even though it really isn't once you get started), you can always turn to an agency to do the work for you.

Back to Bill & Setting up the campaign:

Bill stars by naming his campaign - “Photography Shop”, and according to Google’s recommendation - opts in to use both Google Search and Display Network.

What this actually means is that Google will display Bill’s ads on both Google search (for selected keywords), and on websites which display Google Adsense ads and are related to his campaign topics  (i.e John from tip 17 - bit .ly/GoogleTip17).

Next steps will have the most influence on the results:

(1) Location (countries, cities, regions, postal codes).
(2) Language (select multiple languages or only one).
(3) Devices (desktops, tablets, mobile phones).

If your goal is to bring new customers to your (physical) shop, you should target people from within your city and not from a different state or country. But this completely changes depending on your target audience and what you’re trying to promote or sell.

If you’re advertising your new eBook and it’s written in English - you should select English alone in the language options. And there are endless examples I could share, but the thing is.. It’s actually quite simple. All it takes is a bit of thought.

Two main questions you should always ask yourself:

(1) Who is your target audience?
(2) What are your goals?

Only after answering those two questions, you should advance to your campaign's settings, filters and budget.

Setting bid strategy and budget

As we leaned yesterday, ads within the same category or keywords compete against each other in an auction, and the winning bid is then displayed to the user.

You can either set your own max bid amount for each click (CPC), or allow Adwords to determine the bids amount for you, in order to maximize clicks on your ads. 

Next you need to set your daily budget. So for example if you set this to $10, and your CPC is $1 - this will result in 10 ad clicks.

As discussed in tip 17 - bid amounts vary based on competitions, ad type and many other thing, and that's why I'd recommend new users to allow Google Adwords to automatically determine the best bid amount for each click in order to maximize the clicks within you daily budget.

More things you can do:

» Set campaign to target specific genders / ages.
» Pause or delete campaigns at any time.
» Schedule start and end date.
» Select ad distribution.

Bill's ads on John's blog

After Bill successfully launches his campaign, his ads start showing up on Google ad networks. They can appear both on Google search result pages (for keywords such as camera lens, lights and so on), or on websites and blogs that run Google Adsense ads and are related to campaign topics (John's photography blog).


Google Adwords is huge and there are plenty of things I didn't cover here. But if you’re thinking about advertising your product or services - don’t be afraid of it.

Simply do some more research, ask questions, explore and then go ahead and give it a try. Start with small budgets, analyze the results and advance according to what you see fit. You’ll see for yourself that it’s actually not that difficult at all.

Bottom line is that nowadays you’re no longer dependent on advertising agencies to run your campaign - Google Adwords can easily become your personal advertising agency.

If you found this helpful, feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips  #Google #GoogleAdwords #Campaign #Ads 
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Thanks a lot +Vincent Messina & +James Dearsley! :)
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TimeZone Reshare
In case you missed it...
The Aston Family Music Hangout Experience
We got #theSCOTTtreatment !!!

This is a special post-production of a live music hangout on air held Sunday, June 29th at All music was recorded live during the hangout and has now been given a very special #theSCOTTtreatment that captures both the music and the magic that everyone who watched felt that day.

This post-production treatment was a gift to both The Aston Family and +My Music Hangout from +Scott Scowcroft who wrote to me,

What an incredible HOA that was! There's something new and important going on. We all feel it, but the Aston's HOA actually showed it. The joy, love and empowerment between Sue, Phil, Dan and Lee with their viewers (now fans) was electrifying and something I wanted to capture.

Thank you so much Scott!!! 
cc: +Phil Aston +Sue Aston +Dan Aston +Lee Aston 

#MyMusicHangout   #music   #PhabAstonFour  
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Have her in circles
78,034 people

Christine DeGraff

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This Is Creative!
#FunZone h/t +Mike Knowles
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Wow that's pretty neat and cool
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Christine DeGraff

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Are You Happy?
h/t +Anfernee Tan
Are you happy ?

#happy #chart
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+Christine DeGraff that would be a good starting point. Definitely. Maybe multiple HOA Events, initiated by one host where players could go from to another depending on their preference. Phil would go for it. Lots of players on G+
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Chrome Tips & Shortcuts
Geez I didn't know half of these at least! Next time instead of searching for a calculator - I will just calculate! Great tips +Daniel Futerman!

#GoogleTips #21GoogleTips #GoogleChrome
Tip 19/21: 16 Awesome Google Chrome & Search Tricks!
Even the most seasoned Googlers might learn a few new things ;)

Google Chrome

(1) Convert Chrome into a text editor:

Open a new tab and paste the following text into the address bar: data:text/html,<html contenteditable> Then click anywhere on the page to start typing.

(2) Open animated GIF’s in Google Chrome

Open an animated GIF file from your computer by dragging it into a new Chrome tab.

(3) Advanced website bookmarking

Drag the URL from the address bar to your desktop to create a 'quick launch' shortcut. This removes the middle step of first launching your browser to only then access the  website.

(4) Create keyboard shortcuts for extensions (this is huge)

Wouldn't it be cool if you could activate the Pocket or Pinterest extensions with a keyboard shortcut? Well you can, and it’s both simple & time saving!

This works for many other extensions but I personally use it the most for saving websites to Pocket for reading later.

Open a new tab, type chrome://extensions into the address bar and navigate to the bottom of the page where you'll see “keyboard shortcuts”. Open it up and assign keyboard shortcuts for your extensions.

Google Search

(5) Search for specific file types

Search for “Sunset filetype:jpeg”, “Branding filetype:pdf” or any other word + file extension. In most cases this works without the ‘filetype’ addition (i.e. “Branding.pdf”).

(6) Find related websites

Find and explore website similar to the ones you like by typing - “related:www.TheWebsite .com”

(7) Movie showtime and length

To find cinemas nearby showing a specific film, type: “MovieName Showtime”. To find out how long the movie is, type: “MovieName Runtime”.

(8) Track packages

Enter your Fedex, UPS tracking number into Google search to get information about your packed location.

(9) Flights

Check if your flight is on time or running late by typing: ‘Airline name + flight number’ (i.e. “Delta 152”).

(10) Conversions

Degrees - 27 celcius to farenheit
Distances - 1 mile to km
Currency - 1 usd to euro

(11) Calculator

Calculate any thing by simply typing it into the search query: “50x50+(193 - 84)”

(12) Advanced Recipe search

Narrow down recipes results by ingredients, cook time, calories. Search for ‘Lasagna recipe’, navigate to the search tools and filter your results (more in tip 3 - Search like a pro: bit. ly/GoogleTip3).

(13) Weather & Time 

Find weather forecast or time for certain location by typing “Location Weather’ or ‘Location Time’.

(14) Exact phrases

Search for exact phrases by adding quotations: “Exact Phrase”.

(15) Set a timer 

Easily set a time directly in Google search by typing: “Timer for 10 minutes and 5 seconds”

Just for fun:

(16) Search for the following things and see what happens:

► Askew
► Do a barrel roll
► Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
► Zerg Rush

Familar with other fun or cool tricks for Google Search or Chrome? Share them below! :)

If you like this tip feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips  #Google  #GoogleSearch  #GoogleTricks #GoogleChrome   #FunSearches  #SearchTools  #GoogleTips  
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Wow this is great stuff.
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Mind Boggling
It really bothers me that Google Plus search is useless on my iOS app. Whether I search by name or hashtag or whether I sort by best of or most recent doesn't matter - I am going to get at most 7 results and then they just start repeating. Why Google Plus? Why? Will this ever be fixed??? 
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+Carrie-Anne Foster we share the same phone ;)
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Christine DeGraff

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Only 21 Entries So Far...
Which means your odds of winning this autographed guitar are very high - but only if you enter!!! Details below.
We're Having A Party...
and we're giving away this autographed guitar signed by our rock star GEMBA judges Earl Slick, Rich Redmond, Carl Restivo, Dimitri Coats, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jim Peterik, Greg Corner, Metal Mike, James Williamson, Damon Ranger and Zach Carothers!!!

Be sure to RSVP at and then enter the sweepstakes on our website! Details in the event description!

The School of Rock's 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands took place on 5 stages in Milwaukee, WI during GEMBA at Summerfest, the World's Largest Music Festival. SOR students took the stage to battle it out with a distinguished panel of rock star judges deciding the winner. Judges included: Earl Slick, Rich Redmond, Carl Restivo, Dimitri Coats, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jim Peterik, Greg Corner, Metal Mike, James Williamson, Damon Ranger and Zach Carothers.

+My Music Hangout dedicated our entire social media network to cover #gemba2014  for the School of Rock online and wishes to thank everyone involved for making this event such a success!  

Gemba 2014 Coverage
Gemba 2014 After Party:
Gemba 2014 Event Page:
YouTube Playlist:

Be sure to RSVP at and then enter the sweepstakes on our website! Details in the event description!

#MyMusicHangout   #gemba2014   #SchoolOfRock  
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Done and shared, Christine ;)
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Christine DeGraff

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Best Practices for Sharing Copyrighted Images on Google Plus
A great post from +Matthew Shuey that just popped into my stream again and is worth a reshare.

I know this subject can be a hot topic and there is a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around.

When in doubt about whether or not a photo is copyrighted - err on the side of caution and assume it is. Grab a camera and take your own photos or head over to a stock photo site and sign up. +GenStockPhoto is owned by +Matthew Shuey and is a good place to start!
Sharing Photos? Learn Best Practices For Sharing Images and Copyrighted Material on Google+

Recently I had noticed that many of the Photographers that I've been following on G+ were not really Photographers. This really struck a chord with me because I really believed that these people were the original artists. With some people it's obvious that they didn't take those photos. Some influencers have built huge followings on Google+ by uploading other people's photos and oftentimes taking credit. In one situation I saw a person actually selling another photographer's work without permission.

Learn more about how to engage in proper image sharing on Google+

#photosharing #googleplustips #googleplusphotos  
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+Matthew Shuey If I find multiple instances, and also find it difficult to find the origin, I think it's safe to say that the image search found it difficult as well. Therefore, I would not want to associate with all of the possible copy infringements.
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Have her in circles
78,034 people
Social Media Strategist, Influence Marketer, Hangouts On Air Host, Promoter
Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5, CSS3, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Development, Custom Programming, Data Mining, Writing
    Co-Founder, Social Media Marketing, 2013 - present
    Circloscope is Google Plus circle management tool that makes it easy to manage your circles!
    Social Media Strategist, 2013 - present
    Christine is the founder of The Social Strategist, an up-and-coming blog that is connected to the social media amplifier, Triberr, giving its blog posts a potential reach of 29M.
  • Websketching Web Design
    Partner, Web Developer, 2007 - 2013
    Websketching Web Design is an award winning web development company specializing in custom web solutions and web content management as well as responsive website design using HTML5 and CSS3. Websketching offers responsive websites built for desktop, tablet and mobile - and updated using Websketching's web content management system (CMS) as well as custom WordPress websites.
  • Comcast-Spectacor
    Web Programmer, 2003 - 2007
    One of two lead programmers for the Philadelphia Flyers at Comcast Spectacor and project manager/developer for several other team sites. Developed templated website product which was sold to many arenas around the country.
  • RealTime Media
    Web Programmer, 2000 - 2003
    Developed online sweepstakes and instant win games for clients including Maybelline, MasterCard, Old Navy, Kodak and The Philadelphia Eagles.
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I am currently co-hosting two Hangouts On Air (HOAs) here on Google Plus. They are:

Ronnie Bincer and I have teamed up to co-host Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques (aka #TNTBootcamp), a new Live HOA series #TNTBootcamp on the 1st & 3rd Mondays each month at 2:30pm EST. #TNTBootcamp will help you learn to identify and engage with key influencers in your industry and to understand how to "get on the radar" and become influential yourself.

I have several pages and communities but the one I enjoy the most is My Music Hangout - that's where I go to share and listen to music with cool peeps. I am a huge fan of heavy metal, alternative and southern rock: (in no particular order) Metallica, U2, Eminem, Muse, Linkin Park, The Beatles and a dozen or so other artists plus a bunch more randomness! Random is the word of the day when it describes my taste in music! Click here to join my music community!

Recently, I teamed up with Dennis N. Duce to broadcast music hangouts through My Music Hangout on our show called BandWidth Hangout On Air. Learn more on our website:

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I am interested in all things related to Google+, social media, music, SEO, data mining, web development and current events. I like stories that are inspirational, motivational or educational. If you would like to put me in your circles, those are the ones I belong in!

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