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This little boy needs a name! What do you think? Comment on the original post please :D
One of our readers just got a new #puppy... He's so new he still has a tag on him!

Just kidding! That's the tag on his new bed. He is an 11-week old #pitbull with #NoName yet.

We think this little guy needs a name! His #petparents are looking for suggestions. What do you think his name should be?

This little guy is so adorable and we hope he doesn't have to deal with the typical stereotypes that often surround Pit Bulls. In fact, according to +Petfinder, the MYTH that Pit Bulls are all inherently vicious is just not true. Each dog should be evaluated on their own merits, not by their breed. A corollary truth is that there truly are no bad dogs, only bad people who raise bad dogs. Unless a Pit Bull has been poorly bred or purposefully trained to attack humans, they generally love people. They are, in fact, one of the most loving, loyal, friendly and dedicated companions you can have. (

Since we know the new owners of this cute little pup, we can hopefully convince them to share photos with us throughout his life... so we can share them with you as well.

But, first things first, he needs a name! Please post your suggestions in the comments below.

#Vetify #puppylove #doglovers #dogsareawesome  
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Christine DeGraff

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Hey USA Peeps
I'm working on a little project and I need to crowdsource a little help. If you would like to help, just let me know if you attend a restaurant week in your town (or in any town), what the name of it is (or what town - i can look it up), and your 2-3 sentence review of it. I will be quoting you if you comment.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Hello Christine DeGraff! We would love to follow you on G+ and we'd love for you to follow us.  Give us a call at 631-277-8804 for your personal and/or business tax consultation! We guarantee that you'll be a satisfied client!
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Christine DeGraff

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Good cause. 
Building a New House For Santa

Where I live, this man walks the streets daily with a Santa hat or a Dr Suess hat on, headphones in, just bebopping all over the place.

This is Harry Buie, he has lived in that house behind him for 59yrs, he was literally born inside the home. It is falling apart and the Town determined it was uninhabitable.

We need approximately $50k to build him a 1br/1ba cottage to finish out his days in. Any and all donations matter tremendously.

Thanks in advance, and if you can't give, please at least share :-) 
One day walking home from school, little Evie made the remark..."I wish someone would fix Santa's house". And, a child's wish has brought a community together. The Pleasure Island community and 5 local contractors have came together to build Harry (Santa) a brand new 1 bedroom/1 bath 500 sq....
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Christine DeGraff

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I started this 3 part #OnlineMarketing series exactly 3 years, 3 months, and 17 days ago... just finished it :D
Once you have traffic to your site and are successfully converting your visitors, it is time to focus on "retention" or deepening the relationship.
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tu es fort en littineraire,j'aimerais qu'on fasse amitié
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The math just isn't working out for me on why 11,000 Olympiads need 450,000 condoms....

Let's assume all 11,000 of them will be there for 20 days and don't have sex with each other (in which case they would only need one per couple) and that they have sex twice per day. That's 11,000x20x2.

So why did they stock 10,000 extra condoms??????

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They brought friends from Babylon,
O I mean United States
Hey same thing! Cher's
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+Bandit grew teddy bear feet...
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Almost looks like he's giving birth ! ;-) +Christine DeGraff 
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Christine DeGraff

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vote! vote! vote!
Vote for Google+ Collections Support in Buffer!

Since +Buffer just recently released the ability to share to +Google+ profiles, I think it would be awesome if they took it one step further and supported Collections.

Help make this a reality by voting here:

Why is it so important that Collections are supported?

Google is making some big bets on its Collections feature. Over the past year they've made sure that it is successful by giving Collections posts a boost in the Home feed above and before Public posts. At +Steady Demand we've tested this to be true: Collections posts get far greater reach and drive far more follower growth than posts that are just Public.

So to all my social media manager friends out there who both USE +Buffer and understand the power of best Google+ practices, please vote for that feature!

#socialmedia #tools #socialmediamanagement
Please create the option to post directly to a Google+ collection. This feature is available in which is an independent developer so it can't be too hard to do for the happiness engineers at Buffer...
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Would need to talk to u please. My email is .. watsap +256705571782
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Christine DeGraff

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Crowdsourcing Recommendations for a Little Project

I'm working on a little project researching observation wheels and towers and wanted to know if anyone who sees this has ever been to any of the following locations and actually WENT ON OR UP them. If you have, I would love to hear your feedback and be able to quote you...

- Would you recommend it to others? Why/why not?
- What did you like most about it?
- How far could you see?
- Was there anything especially cool about it?

That type of thing and anything else you want to tell me, even recommendations for other things to do nearby. Just tell me which location you are commenting on!

Here are the locations:

Observation Wheels
Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Anaheim, CA
Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle, WA
Capital Wheel, National Harbor, MD
Colossus, Eureka, MO
Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, Myrtle Beach, SC
(ping +Keith Bloemendaal)
The Centennial Wheel, Chicago, IL
Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, Pigeon Forge, TN
Texas Star, Dallas, TX
Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, Orlando, FL
High Roller, Las Vegas, NV

Observation Towers
Enger Tower, Duluth, MN
Jefferson Davis Monument, Fairview, KY
Gatlinburg Space Needle, Gatlinburg, TN
Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas, NV
Washington Monument, Washington, DC
Reunion Tower, Dallas, TX
San Jacinto Monument, La Porte, TX
Space Needle, Seattle, WA
Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO
Tower of the Americas, San Antonio, TX
Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, NV

Thanks so much!

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Tu dois être gourmande 
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Christine DeGraff

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My Top 10 Regrets...

10) That I never got a cute monkey.
9) That I stopped doing music hangouts.
8) First husband.
7) Second husband.
6) That I haven't married Chuck yet...
5) Quitting drinking.
4) Smoking.
3) Getting a mobile phone.
2) Email.
1) Every moment of my life spent on Facebook.
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Bonjour Madame, pourrions nous faire connaissance ?

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Christine DeGraff

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Another blog post I wrote for +Steady Demand. #Realtors, take note, most of your #realestate listings are definitely NOT very shareable. Here are 10 tips to improve them.
10 Ways to Make Your Listings More Shareable on Social Media

How do you get people to share your real estate listings? Let’s look at the psychology of social media.

Why do people decide to share or not share content on social media? Dive into the psychology and ten specific steps you can take to make your listings more shareable.

Are your Real Estate listings as sharable as they could be?

#contentmarketing #socialmedia
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Christine DeGraff

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20 AMAZING Ideas to Boost Your Real Estate Blog
And I do mean AMAZING because I wrote it! LOL! Actually, it was a team effort ... GO TEAM +Steady Demand!

All jokes aside, over the past 17 years, I have built countless numbers of real estate websites and currently manage social media profiles for several realtors, so I do know quite a bit about the subject! These are my 20 best tips, so I hope to see some realtors take advantage of them!

Kudos to +Dustin W. Stout for the great visuals in the article!

Read it:

#realestate #contentmarketing #contentstrategy  
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Christine DeGraff

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Things that make you go Mmmmmmmm!
Look at these scrumptious-looking strawberries +Craig Burton!!! 

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Christine. DéGriff és, fer Gers gente had British his just a head hew ugh keep fed ivory from for hid 
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    Developed online sweepstakes and instant win games for clients including Maybelline, MasterCard, Old Navy, Kodak and The Philadelphia Eagles.
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