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Guys, thanks so much for having me join you on this epic mission!
#ingress   #solarflare   #enlightened  
As +Hank Johnson once said: Not all mysteries are solvable, but the joy comes in the pursuit. Agents +Christina Wrenegade, +Lindsey Carmichael, +Hideki Mayadas+Chris Sands, +Shaggy Rogers, +Jeremy Fountaine, +Tiji Biem, +Jon Harmon and @doomsi battle chaotic weather, missed connections, and endless waves of blockers to establish a Field extending from Big Bend to Hawaii.

Watch the Ingress Obsessed 10 - Operation Solar Flare here.

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Since I was challenged by an Ingress Agent, I'm calling out the Ingress fam!  +Brian Rose +John Hanke and +Rebecca B  I challenge you to douse yourselves in ice water for ALS!  Christina Wren - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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Can't wait until Saturday!
XM Anomaly Series with AUG 23 Primaries in Prague and Detroit. 

Anomaly Portals: 

Start Point: Detroit Institute of Arts
Measurement 1: 2:00 PM
Measurement 2: 3:00 PM
Measurement 3: 4:00 PM
Measurement 4: 5:00 PM
Cross-Faction Meetup: 5:00-7:00 PM at Saint Andrew's Hall (431 E Congress St), with a special performance by the Howling Diablos

Agent +Christina Wrenegade from Ingress Obsessed will be joining local Enlightened Agents on the ground at #Helios 06.

Make sure to stick around after the Cross-Faction Meetup. The Howling Diablos will be playing a special set for Agents in Detroit. You won't want to miss this. 

JULY 12 
Montreal (Primary)

Dublin (Primary) 

San Diego (Primary) 

AUG 9 
Taipei (Primary) 
Hong Kong 
Kuala Lumpur 

Chicago (Primary) 

AUG 23 
Prague (Primary) 

Detroit (Primary) 

Minneapolis (Primary) 

Bogota (Primary) 
Buenos Aires 

SEPT 27 
Munich (Primary) 

Tacoma (Primary) 

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Welcome agents @amyraywood, @sharkinabox, @torspor!! #IngressRecruits thank you for joining the enlightened last week :-)
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+Kelly Kolton made this gif. I am flattered and simultaneously reminded of how goofy I really am.... #weirdo   #iwasbornthisway  
When +Christina Wrenegade made that epic field in "Ingress Obsessed 5 - Epic Operation Emerald Fire" I couldn't help but think back to a previous episode when she did this little dance, singing, "I'm in my field, I'm in my field..."
#portalpushing   #emeraldfire  
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Thank you so much +Robert Vaughan for this amazing Wrenegade crest!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I must figure out some cool swag. Stat.
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What an amazing mission. Thanks again to the whole crew for making me feel so welcome! +Mikaila Bell +Crystal Bell  #ingressobsessed  
Ingress Obsessed 5 - Epic Operation Emerald Fire.

+Christina Wrenegade meets the Bell sisters, +Crystal Bell and +Mikaila Bell, and joins the Enlightened to execute Operation Emerald Fire. Ingress helped the Bells meet locals and discover rare unicorn Portals, getting healthier in the process. A boat excursion, hike in 100-degree heat, and satellite modem later, the Enlightened help @Wrenegade establish her first 9M Mind Unit Megafield.

#IngressObsessed   #IngressNews  
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What is this I don't even?!
In Ingress Obsessed 4 - Christina Invades Google, Agent @Wrenegade searches for answers at Google. SITREPs from Operations Green Marble and Eureka. And Agent @RBFly sings an ode to the results of her City-wide Takeover Challenge.

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I grew up loving Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. When YouTube "suggested" I watch this video, I clicked on it right away.  It's so beautiful and simple. #MusicMonday  
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