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Note to other tech journalists - it's not hard to get on the phone to figure out what's happening with a story rather than just republishing what you see the first new site say.
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Isn't it amazing how some journalists don't realize answers are a phone call or email away?

Also, I read on some other site that you'll be fighting in a UFC match. That's true, right? Because I read it on the internet in a headline?
+Ashley Esqueda - I love that commercial!

The Verge wrote the first story and I don't begrudge them for waiting on a comment from Google or Microsoft -- it was on their forums, jump on it. But if you're second to the party, it makes sense to wait because 9/10, the answer isn't the sensational conspiracy, it's something less interesting. It might still be assholish, but it's not the way it'll be portrayed.
What? You mean it isn't part of a nefarious plot to discredit Windows Phone? :)
+Christina Warren, how do you explain then that it actually works if you 1) Use the address or 2) if you search for an address in "regular"Google, you can map it from there?
Im so wondering what doesn't work in ie that works in webkit so far as phones are concerned. 
Isn't there a Bing maps app windows phone...? 
+José Kercadó AFAICT, the map you get back from a mobile Google search is static - it doesn't respond to touch events (at least it doesn't when I tried in Android Chrome, so I presume it doesn't anywhere else).

On the other hand, the map you get from does respond to touch (zooming, dragging, etc). As I understand it, one of the big differences between mobile IE and Webkit (and Firefox and Opera, to some degree) is in their handling of touch events, so it isn't surprising that IE gets static maps but not touch-enabled ones.
early developers were only "iPhone 1st" & ignores the rest. Nobody raises hell, Android just focused on improving the experience....  but when Android marketshare skyrocketed, thats something they could not ignore anymore...Flipboard, instagram, etc.     bottomline: give the developers a good reason to spend resources to WP8.period
IE is complete shit! I run a dating site in Latin America and I sure as hell do not support that browser! My site is awesome fully responsive, and my markup is super clean. And guess what? it's gong to stay that way!
I develop. I need Javascript to call CSS3 to do anything meaningful , across devices and platforms...and touch-ready. Webkit not in IE or Firefox has made my days miserable. Neither will do properly the front-end needs of interactive that webkit provides, and converters ( modernizr etc ) do not cut it. This means i have to re-craft the same stuff separately and browser specific for fancier desired features, where flash once handled the platform problem with its plugin, no flash = excess vendor specific versioning and going backwards into the bad old days... as yet nothing has emerged to replace it. Sorry to say this means no caring about firefox ( please just die quickly ) , and delays+cost+plus for IE
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