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Dude. I need this.
For those of you who use the snooze button in the mornings, this alarm clock will literally SHOCK you out of bed! The singNshock, as it is called, delivers an electric shock pulse when the user presses the button.

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Would you buy this alarm clock?
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I think getting out of bed is enough of a shock for me in the morning....
Just use your old alarm clock but grab a fork and stick it in an electrical outlet...
Probably want to get the science right in the video.  Volt don't kill, amp does.  May be to show the spec on electric current of the snooze button?  
Thanks +Edmond Lau I'll remember that when I hook this up to my waterbed.

I'll try and sync it my radio and that way I can wake up to the news and current events .

+Christina Warren Which do you think will be more shocking? :)
uh, NOPE!  If I have to be SHOCKED out of bed, there are OTHER more serious problems with me than getting UP.
I need one that has a hammer come out to hit me in the head! 
Speaking as a reformed chronic oversleeper, just have a kid! Those solve your too-much-sleeping problems real fast. :D
heeheehee--I DO remember those days, Chris.
Here are the pieces of encouragement we got, when first starting the family:
Don't worry: after three months old they will sleep all night.
Don't worry, after five years ole they wont make messes.
Don't worry, after 10 years old they will know the rules.
Don't worry, after 20 years old they will drive better.
Don't worry, after 30 years old they will realize your love.
Don't worry, after 40 years old they will understand what you say.
Now my oldest son is 45, and a pretty darn good man, as is the one who is 40 and the one at 38.  SO, Chris, if your child is very very young, DONT WORRY, IT GETS ALL BETTER IN 45 YEARS.  0:<))
They're 2 and 4, so we're still in the "augh, sleep" phase. Thanks for the encouragement. :)
I don't.  Just heard about it in the book The Four Hour Body.
What's all in that book? I don't think they talked only about the alarm.
Thanks for being so caring for those who want to know more about your sharing.
That's a little extreme! I rely on the snooze button. Without it, I'd merely switch off the alarm of perhaps even destroy the whole device.
You are too scientific to those whose thinking capacities are very weak. Anyway why relying so much on the snooze button?
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