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This is the most personal professional pieces I've ever written; its also one of the most important. Please read. 
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I was shocked and sad. 
Thank you Christina. This is incredibly helpful; people need to be able to speak out about their suffering and taking medication for life is very courageous.
Thanks for sharing a personal view of this gifted and tormented young man who left us too soon. So tired of all the pieces I've seen that seemed so cold and disrespectful just because they focused on one aspect of the legal troubles he dealt with in his short lifetime. None of us have even the foggiest notion of what he was going through, not even his closest of friends so how could these strangers judge him? Thanks for showing Aaron's human side. 
Amazing, touching article. Thank you for being so candid and open. I have a lot of friends that have confided in me about depression, but like you said, it’s something that is talked about in a whisper and not in a group. A few people said they have actually lost some friends because they found out they were on anti-depressants. We will never get a handle on this if we are afraid to speak openly about it.
Good on you +Christina Warren! America's inability to have a mature conversation about mental illness has resulted in one tragedy after another. I have direct experience living with a bi-polar family member, and I can tell you it was a small hell.
We need to give mental illness first class recognition and treatment like we do for diabetes, high cholesterol, and cerebral palsy. Untreated mental illness hurts more than the person who has it; it hurts entire families and communities.
Thank you, Christina, for being so frank and open.  My son died by suicide on August 21, 2010.  Afterwards we learned he was profoundly depressed. Like so many he hid it well from most of the people in his life.  Much of what you wrote mirrors what I have learned about the stigma around mental illness and suicide has made me become an activist to eliminate that stigma. Not many parents can find the strength to speak out but I have and will continue to. 

Oh and if you aren't sure there really is a stigma well just Google 'Stigma definitiion'  The first thing that comes up is:
A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person: "the stigma of mental disorder".
Ron W
+Christina Warren This is one of the best articles I have ever read. It pains me to note that many people go through intense bouts of depression. That is not good at all. It's very true that this is still a subject of ridicule and many people are completely insensitive about this. Everyone has to recognize that this is a disease much like any other that people have. In most cases there is no way to prevent or block it. It's not that people want to be depressed. They can't help being depressed. Again thank you for a very moving article!!
+Barbara Swanston first of all, I'm so very sorry about your son. It's a terrible disease for those who suffer and for those that love those that suffer. Thank you for having the strength to speak out and continuing to tell your son's story.
You gave good advise, one might not know what is the problem !!
he was driven to depression by those that feared him and a free internet
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