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I like your sarcasm :) (note: i cannot watch the video, but I see the train wreck coming)
Crud, now i actually wanna watch the video...not that I'd ever vote for the guy...but that's a story for another day. lol
Never ever vote for this guy. But this is the most entertaining thing i've seen today.
Well done. Thanks for sharing. :)
Well, USA, I have to admit that your election campaigns for The White House are truly a big event, you know how to party and get the attention. I see two geniuses here: the one who made the video and the other who decided "Hey, let's make something cool, maybe we get some votes with it"
Looks like..."I'm a khan but not a terrorist" he whole thing is a cacophony! so dint bother to watch!
uum,I say, 'sic',b'cuz I don't like MnM,and the guy in the picture!!
You could make a video like this for any public figure and it would be just as meaningless as this one is.
The day the Yanks scrap their Roman Republic and constitution and adopts a democracy like the rest of the west will be a day we can raise a flag (but not worship it like they do). Heck, even their postal workers wear bloody flags on their arms in case they forget what country they are in, LOL
He can't. He doesn't even know who he is. He has many faces, many brains, many lies. Truth is not his good suit.
to little personality to late....maybe he can buy one in hollywood?
That the problem, he wears too many suits.
some serious time was spent on that.
Now I am curious as to where the Romney "Masturbating" sound clip came from....
Roly V
This is good!
!!! ROTFLMAO !!!....mercy!!!
Right now Romney and Obama are in a statistical tie, with a slight edge to Obama. That's pretty close.
This is funny, but I'm tired of people making fun of Mormons and our underwear...
Who ever created this video needs to get a life ... you could make the same video about anybody... why are dems so afraid of this very bright and talented man? Talk about out of context wow!
who is making fun of NEWT ROMNEY?
"There will be an influx of Hispanic voters in trucks..."
Roly V
I prefer this guy over Rick Santorum, but I hope this guy is not elected, religious people always have something up their sleeves...and this guy changes his mind way too much to stand for something we can get behind.
if it's a tie....Pres. Obama wins by default .....
That was great! Why doesn't he just give it up?
My Dog Is On the Roof, My Dog Is On the Roof
i raise you 2 NEWTs and 1 MITT...LOL!!!...see what OBAMA bets?
I'm Canadian and I couldn't give a rats ass about the US elections. But kudos to you for digging deeper than the tripe the media paints those with divergent opinions. I don't know the guy never met him and I don't know Obama never met him but for some reason people are supposed to either villify or sanctify someone on the word of the media.
Mitt is no better than a monkey flinging his own ca ca and about as dum as a rock
Mitt Romney should be added to the Endangered list...

He's a Pander Bear.
RAPPPN' ROMNEY !!! ....endangered?....ROFL!!!
canada is still my favorite 3rd world
hes got a beautiful singing voice
Politics's pretty good
On the closes third world country is west virigina
If they were a singing contest without singing that rubbish. Obama would win it by miles.
Waste of time, if this is interesting to you in anyway I'm sorry but you are completely lost and have no life, but don't feel bad, most people today are right with you in this zombie land heaven ....makes you feel normal. first....tell it to the
+Mark DeFrain if it want interesting, why did you comment? If you haven't noticed, with your vast understanding, everything is a waste of time. But don't feel bad, I'm sure your negative opinion will be remembered for years and wasn't a waste of time.
funny ? he is big JOKE!!!...ROFL!!!
So many people with political hate on the thread. I support Mitt, but found this pretty hilarious, anyway. Can't we all just take it as amusing and move on without tossing meaningless insults at the straw men we've created?
Google + spamming me with advertising and now political viral video's. This is disgusting :(
disgusting 4 sure....but would you vote for a hotdog showboat suck-up...trying to buy a trophy....hummmmm?
Click. Click. Please stand up.
'Amazing' is the not the first word that comes to mind.
Romney is NOT worth a twit. Please HELP us if he should happen to get the nomination, no less the Presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite part was Mitt doing "Who Let The Dogs Out?"
Why don't you people put what he is saying in context, please. Its not fair you jobble up what the other side is exactly saying.
heck im a mormon and still would never vote for the guy.
Typical politician. I don't trust this guy at all. I want Obama out of office, but if this guy gets the GOP nomination, I'll be voting for Obama unless a good Independent runs.
agreed's about character
Uhhhhhhhhh... I dont know what to say about this one.
Wow, most of you people who commented negatively about Romney sound really educated with all your crude humor and swear words. In fact, the only really normal people who seem to have it going in life are those who posted good things about him. Hmmm. I am just saying.
+Matt Hutchison a good independent will run. the only thing stopping him is people voting against people rather than for
Aaron L
This video is badass haha! good work ; )
hahaha soooo funny i love eminem and HATE mitt romney
how are u even on my page who r u
Mr. Romney will win ILLinois Primary!
I like Romney's story in order to help his freind to find his missing daughter, he shuts down his firm!

Romney real story:
In the summer of 1996, Mitt Romney received a frantic report from one of his fellow executives at Bain Capital.

Robert Gay's 14-year-old daughter, Melissa, had gone missing after taking a train into New York City, Gay told Romney. Gay said he and his wife, Lynette, had contacted the police and were desperately trying to track down Melissa.

She might have become lost in an underworld rave party scene after attending a party on Randall's Island on the city's East River. Rave parties were typically all-night affairs punctuated by the use of the drug Ecstasy, which can .............

Read more:
LOL! That's the funniest thing I've seen all day.
What a dumb and completely pointless video. As with just about every attack ad, everything taken out of context.
Hot damn this is a nice work,good job.
Very well made.
I hope the folks on the other side can make a similar video with all of Obama's flip-flops, reversals, lies and deceit.
I want to see the real Obama. Is it the one who cares about US jobs or the one who is against the Boeing factory in South Carolina and the Keystone XL pipeline...
This not very AMAZING at all. Really dumb actually... even if they were making fun of justin beiber it would be dumb.
true it is not that AMAZING i just thing that politics is stupid
Who let the DOGs out?? I Love it Christina! I would almost have to say-------- if not Romney, let Trump roll the dice............
That was good, that was very good
Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing!
David E Nebeker: Just one example is the middle of the night, backroom shady deal that ended up as the monstrosity Obamacare. He had promised transparency during his campaign. Do you consider the creation of Obamacare transparent?
"We have to pass it to find out what's in it"
From the album "Mittificatin'"
Errrr more like boring...! not amazing!
Exactly ... He is no one goin no where

Wish Clinton (either one) or Ronnie (ray gun)Reagan was runnin (and yes I know Rons' dead) still is better than what's goin on nowadays 
No to any Republican, rich BS merchants!
Mitt and the outher republican canidates should all go to oregian declare there self brain dead and have them self put down. For beening a berdin to the counyrt
Freaking heck i hate the fact that people are so stupid
If he gets nominated, I'm voting for him. He's way better than Obama. If Obama gets elected again, this country will be in sad(der) shape.
If mitt gets elected it will be 4 more years of bush bull shit and. China will own the hole country and will be working for them
He lost my admiration for what good he had done in MA. when he had to get into the gutter with the far Right of his party.They have disliked him in general, partly I believe, based on his religion. I have no problem with his being in the LDS faith. I could care less if he were a follower of Islam, Judaism, or even an atheist. It's his policies and general direction he claims her will take in elected that turn me off.

I have no problem with his being wealthy. I am sure he spends copious amounts on various charities. Perhaps the way he went about getting wealthier leaves me cold, but again, it is his policies that leave me turned off to his message.

Sorry, Mr. Romney. You will not have my vote.
put romney in get rid of that jungle bunny he has not done anything for the people.
Obama is not much becouse he's to pussy wiped he's just the lesser of two evils and if he wins. Will be owned by canadians
Video is funny as hell. This guy is straight doodoo. Wouldnt waist a vote on this idiot.
This guy is a wingNut, I hope he learns his lesson and doesn't ever run again!!! He must have money to burn.
Hey....what's the gas prices like in your city...??
You have got to be kidding me?! You can count on him to F*** things up even more than he already has, but that is about it!
And so the land of skyrim was formed

Now there is only one who can stop the dragons, the aliens, the bandits, the vampires, Justin briber, and snookie.

He is Dovhakin

His name was Chuck Norris the most skilled elite warrior, plumber, crime stopping, Texas ranger, and the greatest off all he was....


The only words he said was....

FUS RO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the dragon exploded in billions of peices and Skyrim was safe once more.
Hahaha this video is way too funny!!
+Triana Sheard Why is it sad? It's not like the maker of this video didn't just prove that you can make a politician look bad by making it seem like he said things he didn't.
Chuck Norris told me recsite that poem!

You better gemme 1's!!
ahhhhhh ......he already made himself look bad....a bunch
i like that a personal attack....sweet...make a profile first ...then get back to
Look in the mirror LOON. YOU attacked Romney 1st. I tried to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass. 
It's almost $7.00 a gallon in Canada. Let me play my tiny fiddle for the Yanks. Also Romney is anti gay and anti family...your stupidity to support this freak I assume you're no better as a human yourself.
You're paying $7 dollars a gallon? Who's the sucker?
Pretty poor field of choices. 20 Mitt Romneys. And Rick Santorum. One of him is apparently enough. And Newt Gingrich. Can't blame this shallow field on the black guy, huh, George? What? Could always try?
Amazingly stupid. You worthless libs...anyone could make a video like that to anyone, especially your boy child Barack
Thank you Abmba! His wife gets free birth control to offset his gas prices.
canada is still my favorite 3rd world
Do they even have free elections in Canada? Who is the Queen right now? 
lol "QUEEN" Elizabeth, milady
I love that pause after Obama's first "please", and wow I never knew how much Romney needs to stay away from Karaoke!
Hilarious Christina, just hilarious. Then again, kinda scary....
+Anders Michalski hey asshole I gotta a question for you: "why are you such a douche?" Serious question........aaaand discuss!

Anders is a couch because he's good at it and you stick with what you're good at.
That was douch not couch. Auto correct us know, egg?
Lame video! I notice that Obama and the left will talk about anything but Obama's accomplishments as president, anything to keep the focus off the disaster of a presidency Obama has had! Don't worry Obama will be retired in November! Finally!
lololololol they should do one with most of the top democratic voices speaking out... it would be quite a gag. thank you so much for posting this +Christina Warren
Manny, get a green card and come back. Then we can talk.
Manny get off the Kool-aid: Obama's record.... on pace to out spend ALL presidents in history COMBINED, in first three years has added 6 trillion to national debt, compare that to Bush W's 3.8 Trillion in 8 years, growing government faster than any president in history, enacting the worst health care plan in our history, growing food stamp recipients to record levels, Promising entitlement after entitlement, Not handling our energy problems, gas has doubled in price since he took office! Being the most divisive president in recent history... pushing class warfare, and race baiting! I could go on and on! ... wake up Manny you're the one suffering from delusion!
how long did take to get all sound bites for this haha
+ Patton Gunn easy of the race comments, I am sure Manny is a US Citizen... and he has a right to voice his opinion just like we do, discussions like these are meant to strengthen ones beliefs! or open ones eyes and allow them to restructure their core beliefs to live by! With the race comments and other harsh comments... that ends the discussion and no one learns or wins!
Lol! My dog is on the roof..amazing cut
spread this far and near. to al of dabama's 57 states. resist we much !
Sheeple , go vote for change hahaaaaaaaaa! Losers
the gop candidates are all full of crap,they are out of touch with reality ,and don't care
I have often wondered what would happen if I hade some time and nothing to do. I honestly believe that this isn't it. But I sure am glad that someone did. This is funny.
Very creative and well-produced... But intellectually dishonest.
because your ass are rich don't mean you obama or the others need to win you all crooks
Reading these comments.... you liberals are such a mad, hateful, name calling group! I feel like I am back in high school reading these child like hateful comments. It just shows your lack of confidence in Obama's record.... On the right we do not hate Obama we just disagree with his policies and that is it! I am sure in a social setting he is a nice enough guy! But he is in WAY OVER HIS head and his record proves it! It is time to get someone to lead our country that has a little more experience than a community organizer, Obama tried to learn on the job and he has failed miserably! If it was not for his ability to READ teleprompters he would have been laughed out of office by now! I mean the guy used a teleprompter to talk to 2nd Time for Obama to exit left!
Bob R
Amen David - The story is ya all best be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
His record destroys any republican in the last 40 years. It's not even close how much he's bettered the entire United States instead of just a small percent. Get real David Munoz; get real David Munoz. David Munoz please sit down. And quite yelling in your text. It's unprofessional.
LOL Bradley I agree with you 100%... Obama has destroyed all Republicans records in the past 40 years, by far he is the worst president in past 100 years! Obama's record.... on pace to out spend ALL presidents in history COMBINED, in first three years has added 6 trillion to national debt, compare that to Bush W's 3.8 Trillion in 8 years, growing government faster than any president in history, enacting the worst health care plan in our history, growing food stamp recipients to record levels, Promising entitlement after entitlement, Not handling our energy problems, gas has doubled in price since he took office! Being the most divisive president in recent history... pushing class warfare, and race baiting! I could go on and on! Obama is a disaster! Get a grip Bradley!
I don't agree. Obama is doing the best he can after bush messed up the country. Going to war in Iraq for nothing. Did you forget they didn't find any weapons of mass instead make oil less available so gas goes up billions spent on a war that was a waste of time and money and we should have spent that on America. So no Obama didn't mess anything up. America is like a company. When you start a new business or one that needs to be fixed you need to spend money to make money. Like any business it takes time. It's easy to blame him business but it's going to take longer than one term to fix what bush and the Republicans have messed up.
Uhhh.... Obama is the WORST, I repeat... the WORST president to ever take office! He made it so everything that the founding fathers made for us a total, complete, utter MESS! I DISPISE OBAMA!
can Jcan: take your f---ing spam to facebook.
it's a shame that there is no chance of the US having election results anyone can be proud of. I'm Carl's watchdog Buster and i approved this message.
That was surprisingly awesome.
Vy Tran
The ending was the best!
Any woman that would vote for this ass, needs to have her head examined... what a tool
And David Munos , really ? George W. was the beginning to the end, President Obama is one of the most intelligent presidents that we have had since Clinton.
If this guys is an jackass as you say . What is that, that leads us now?
Carol McKenya [since you can not copy, a five letter last name correctly I returned the favor] Carol, back off the kool-aid! GW Bush increased the national debt by 3.8 Trillion in 8 YEARS and your Obama has increased the National Debt by 6 Trillion in just 3 years, Obama is on pace to out spend ALL the presidents in history COMBINED! You liberal are so blind you will follow this fool right off the cliff! FYI George W Bush had a higher GPA than Obama did I mean Obama thinks there are 57 smart is that? so if you think Obama is bright Bush is brighter! Obama's only skill is reading a teleprompter! Obama is a disaster and will be shown the door in November!
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