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Public Speaking, Media Commentary, Writing, Technical Writing, Explaining Tech Stuff to Your Mom
    Writer/Editor/Analyst, 2009 - present
    Since 2009, I've covered news and analyses about social, digital and technology for Mashable. I created Mashable Entertainment and was its founding editor, where my focus was on the intersection between tech and entertainment before shifting my focus back to tech in my current role as senior tech analyst. I'm very focused on mobile, software and web development, social TV and the intersection between technology and media.
  • AMC Theatres
    Contributing Editor Script-to-Screen Blog, 2009 - 2010
    I wrote news posts and did interviews covering the film industry for AMC Theaters' Script-to-Screen blog from its founding in 2009 until October 2010.
  • Weblogs, Inc.
    Blogger, TUAW, Download Squad, Stylelist, 2007 - 2009
    At Weblogs Inc., I was the deputy editor of Download Squad (RIP), TUAW and Stylelist. Here I did everything from write about the latest web browser or Mac app to the coolest tech fashion accessories.
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Brooklyn, NY
Atlanta, GA
Writer, podcaster, media-pundit-in-training.
I'm a technology reporter who lives in New York City. I am Senior Tech Analyst and I used to co-host a podcast at called "Briefly Awesome."

I frequently write about social TV, connected devices, the convergence of tech and entertainment and general gadget lust. 
  • Georgia State University
    Film, 2001 - 2007
    I dual-degreed in film and business marketing.
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November 12
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Christina Warren-Robertson


+Aereo put together this advocacy site. Very, very slick.
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Noites frias Chuvosas
Que me lembro de Outrora
Outonos de Amor
Que sentia o Calor
Do seu corpo .

Juntos era só Pecado
Depois de Cada Noite.
O Tempo era o Momento
Onde Eternizava
A vontade que Abalava .
Nosso sentimento "
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I geeksplained OpenSSL, Heartbleed and other stuff.
Heartbleed has the potential to be one of the biggest, most widespread vulnerabilities in the history of the modern web.
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Great post! 
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Christina Warren

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Ten years ago, recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, I secured a Gmail invite.

Ten years later, I've completed school, found an unplanned career, met and married my best friend and moved to New York City.

Amazingly, a big part of my career is writing about stuff like +Gmail and companies such as +Google. I was an early adopter enamored with the next big thing then, and I guess I still am now.

But it's amazing to realize just how different the world -- and the web were -- just a decade ago.

Cheers, Gmail. 
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Nice, ten years ago I didn't even know Gmail existed.
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Christina Warren

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After putting it off for seriously, two years, I finally created a Google+ profile for my Mashable Google Apps account. Such a pain in the ass. I did it because I want to use the official Hangouts app and because I keep getting Hangout requests from colleagues using my regularly Google+ account and not my Msahable addy. 

This is what is frustrating: I don't want anyone but work people to access/contact this account. It's not going to be used, it's not going to be shared. It's totally superfluous. But I can't guarantee that, which means I had to write a whole post saying THESE ARE NOT THE DROIDS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, I had to put "Work Only" on my avatar, and it's generally going to be a huge pain in the ass.

Google, you know that many of us have multiple Google accounts. In addition to my work account, I have four other Google Apps accounts for various domains I own. I don't want to transfer my existing G+ account to my Mashable Google Apps account -- that's not useful and that's my only option.

Instead, why can't we link multiple accounts together and then have a way to highlight what login/email should be used, depending on the rule. There should be a way to link multiple accounts. 

Google+ is coming up on its third anniversary. This is still one of my biggest issues with the service -- finding a way to use it that doesn't make me create lots of separate accounts with lots of false setups.

+Vic Gundotra and team, I implore you to let us link accounts. I know you guys struggle with this too. It's time.
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Check out +Pete Pachal's review of the HTC One M8! He likes it! #HTCOne #HTCOneM8 
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So it NOW appears that +Motorola Mobility is trying to do the Hangout On Air. This appears to be the YouTube link, but we're still standing by. It's Time: Meet Moto 360
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In which I both defend the open source model and quote ESR without scorn. Seriously, are we sure today isnt April Fool's Day? I feel dirty. Mostly b/c of the lack of ESR scorn.

But seriously, Heartbleed isn't an indictment of OSS, but it does highlight the very real problems that can take place when governance, support and a viability plan arent in place. 
We shouldn't blame open source for Heartbleed, but that doesn't mean the model doesn't have problems.
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The problem isn't with "Linus's Law" itself. The problem is that we assume that the law itself somehow protects us against all open source software.  In the case of OpenSSL, its widespread adoption might have you think that it is supported by a huge community of very smart people.  Then applying Linus's Law against our assumptions have us think that OpenSSL is very secure.  The fact may be, that cryptography is an extremely difficult subject that severely limits the number of people who could actually put "eyes" on a project like OpenSSL in a way that would make bugs shallow.

I think your article said this, but I like to restate things so that I might try to sound smart.
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And this is why Keith Olbermann and David Letterman are both tops. 
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Thank you Keith, Love you.
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Christina Warren

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Dear Google+ Gods (and +Vic Gundotra ),

Please add the ability to "link" Google accounts so that I don't have to continue to have these two identities. It sucks for everyone and is going to cause problems. I just know it.

Sincerely yours,
+Christina Warren (the real account, not the faux account I had to create so I could use the Hangouts app on my phone)

This is an add-on plea to this post (
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What it all about? 
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+Peter G McDermott was kind enough to let us republish his great article arguing that the Moto 360 (and by extension perhaps, Android Wear), will be what gains mass-appeal, not Google Glass. 

Great read. Thanks Peter!
Moto 360 is already shaping up to win the battle against Google Glass and provide a less conspicuous option for consumers.
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Amei tudo isso e lindo
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