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Christina Warren
Writer, podcaster, media-pundit-in-training.
Writer, podcaster, media-pundit-in-training.


Oh Pinterest -- er, Google+ -- you look so great!

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This girl is fucking amazing. Props to her! Love her. #GirlsinTech   #oscon  

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Anyone who is naive enough to think this recent news ( is good for Google+ needs a reality check: This is the end.

Here is exactly what is going to happen to Google+ -- and I say this as someone who has watched many a community die/service get sunset:

1. The promised "focus" on the product will never materialize. Instead, staffers who were focused on parts of Google+ will continue to get moved to other projects. 
2. New features are not going to come. In fact, it's going to take even longer for bugs to get fixed, again, because no one is actually working on it.
3. Google will slowly start to retire the brand. They'll start by slowing or shutting down signups. 
4. The product will be sunset and users will be encouraged to backup their data using Google Takeout.

It's over guys. You can either accept reality now or continue to use a service that, thanks to its official de-coupling -- is now seen as truly non-essential to Google. Google will let it exist for only so long, but at a certain point, they will retire it. Google Reader died. This will too.

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And with this, Google+ basically goes away. I know the diehards and +Mike Elgan will disagree with me, but come on guys, this is the end. 

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You guys said you wanted to be alerted to more of my podcast news, so here we go! I do two audio podcasts each week, in addition to co-hosting TechNewsToday on +TWiT  on Fridays.

Those shows are Overtired ( and Rocket (

This week, here are the latest episodes: The first is from Overtired, where +Brett Terpstra and I interviewed Matt and Viviana from the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan museum. We also talked about Citizenfour and Brett's newest app.

And Today, the latest episode of Rocket is out. Brianna and Simone and I talked about Carly Fiorina (and why I think she set women in business back a generation because of her poor performance at HP), Periscoping the MayPac fight and I attempted to moderate a debate between Simone and Bri over +The Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron.

It's a blast.

#Podcasts   #Rocket   #Overtired   

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You guys, I'm finally an #AppleWatch  asshole! 

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As someone who recently bought the Clueless soundtrack on vinyl, I heartily approve this amazing take on the best teen movie of the last 20 years, as well as every teen movie it helped kick-off.

#Clueles  forever.

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Speaking of the #Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, I wrote an op-ed explaining my first-person experience pirating the fight on #Periscope.

TL;DR, I think there was a lot more to this than just piracy. The experiential component was huge.

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Great perspective
Was streaming Mayweather-Pacquiao on Periscope illegal? Definitely.
Was Twitter's CEO nuts to praise it? Yes.
Did it really hurt the fight? No.

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So I rarely post about my podcast stuff on Google+ but I think this one is really core for the G+ audience. I was on +Bad Voltage with +Jono Bacon, +Bryan Lunduke, +Jeremy Garcia  and +Stuart Langridge. I had a total blast.

Because it's a Linux podcast (or at least, is dominated by Linux people), we talked about Microsoft.

Because this is what I do. My Apple fan-girling selfI goes on OSS podcasts to talk about Microsoft.

Hilarious. I LOVE +Bad Voltage and was totally psyched to be on the show. So thanks for having me guys!

Also be sure to check-out the Bad Voltage community page:
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