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April 29, 2012

Lots of folks have asked me lately what Circle Sunday is about, and since I have been circled by a lot of new people in the past few weeks, I suppose this shouldn't come as any kind of surprise. I'm happy to explain!

Circle Sunday exists because even with all of the automatic discovery tools out there, there is something particularly compelling about a human recommendation. This tradition of recommending three Plussers every week started many months ago, when Google+ was still in closed beta. When "Share this Circle" was released as a feature, I began adding each featured Plusser to a Circle I could share.

You can choose to add the entire Circle (which always includes the newest three members) or just check out the most current recommendations, who are listed below. Either way, this weekly ritual encourages exploration and a growing community. If you ever want to pitch a user for a feature here, scroll to the bottom and check out the details on how to submit Plussers.

Without further ado, here are this week's recommendations!


+Daniel Cook is a game designer who shares fascinating articles and posts about topics relevant to folks with an interest in professional creativity. For an example, see his recent post about creative failure and loss here:

+João Figueiredo breaks my Circle Sunday mold a bit by being followed by about 13,000 people already, but his content is so great that I don't mind deviating somewhat from the tradition. I have had João in my #Science Circle for a long time, and I know he'll make a great addition to yours, too. Check out his latest post here:

+John Hostile was recommended to me by +Melina M, who is another Circle Sunday member. John's Stream will warm your geeky heart. He posts regularly about Android, Google, and all things technology with a great sense of humor and a knack for finding things I haven't already seen in my tech Streams. Check out his latest share here:


That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.

Happy Plussing, everyone!
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I think the best group of people to follow are the ones that say thanks in the comments. Thank you for this
I'm trying to find more people because you can contain people to circles. I figure if I like someone's comment they are probably a good person to follow
I'm honored to be included. Thanks. :)
Dear Christina,
Pls Add me in this Cirlce

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