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Whew! What a crazy week this has been. Lots of interesting new meta chatter and G+ political unrest -- if you're into that, it's been a roller coaster. If you're not, celebrate! It's time for Circle Sunday, where we can all kick back and surf for new people to put in our "potentially awesome" Circle.


+Mich R. is not just a wonderful writer. Her thoughts are incredibly focused and often her insights are enough to make me pause for a good ten minutes and reflect. In a fast-paced world where we often read snippets or skim stories or just read headlines, Mich's posts are a breath of fresh air and fresh perspective. I am sincerely glad to have her in my Circles, and I think you'll feel the same way if you put her in yours. Her most recent post:

+Johnathan Chung is one of my favorite curators of G+ content. His guides are amazing, but his eye for finding great content is something I'm in awe of constantly. Adding him is a great way to be exposed to amazing things people are doing all over G+. His most recent re-share is about having your own portrait done in a "Speedpainting Hangout Marathon" -- which is tonight! Go check that out:

+L. Gray can make you want to tear your hair out, and she's proud to confirm that she knows it -- just check out the cheeky tagline in her About Me section. But she's also an incredibly thoughtful woman who is not afraid to ask unpopular questions, and that's an important role. I also really like the content she chooses to share.

She doesn't care if you like her, but that's kind of what's awesome about her. No B.S. She explains here:


That's it for this week! As always, feel free to ping me with posts throughout the week that you think are amazing.

Also, HAPPY LABOR DAY, fellow Amurricans! Be safe and celebrate with each other responsibly! <3
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Am I the only one who's tired of reading posts of nothing but what G+ is or what it should be? Who to follow, who not to follow, etc. The fact is, no one knows that G+ will be until they allow everyone in. Right now it's overly saturated with Google employees, tech geeks, and the blogger/journalist types. Let the masses in and they will decide what G+ becomes or even if it survives.

If no one has noticed, G+ has lost a ton of momentum... I'm not sure who is responsible for marketing, but they let the opportunity to make a huge impact slide right past them. They had the buzz, they had the interest, they had the clamor for invites... and it's gone. No one cares any longer... and with FB making changes that mimic G+, no one is going to see what the incentive is to have yet another social site in their lives.

I had high hopes for G+ early on... and touted it to everyone I knew, encouraged them to join. As the days go by, I become less enamored as there is nothing special. For now, it's a glorified twitter, only the people I'm interested in following (such as the ones I follow on twitter) aren't on G+.

I will keep the hope alive... for a while.
This kind of rant probably belongs in your own post, although I can appreciate what you're saying.
Sorry, wasn't a rant as much as a commentary to a post. Thought G+ was for an exchange of opinions and thoughts. ;) Ok... maybe it was a bit of a rant. lol Won't happen again.
Thanks for this - I love getting great suggestions for new people to follow!
always looking for good people to add
+Christopher Watson if I did that I'd have no content at all. The people I know are not so much leaving G+, but ignoring it more and more... and these are people I personally know, so I have more interest in what they'd have to say then anyone else. Now, I will say, we're using the hangouts and huddle features regularly... again, the things that are "special" to G+. Like it or not, for now, FB has a more personal feel to it, we generally KNOW the people posting. Reading nothing but bloggers is like an endless editorial page... and perhaps that appeals to some. Either way, I'm a huge fan of Google, G+, android, etc... and will hang in there... just hope they don't keep the features hidden so long it's too late.
New to G+.... what is Circle Sunday? I kinda get the concept... but...
i think you add and take away people on sunday
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