The Meta Conversation might be driving you crazy, but it’s really important.
Yeah, okay. I get it. Everyone is still freaking out about the shiny new social media platform. But you’re over it. You don’t think it’s so new, now, and the conversation is getting stale.

But please try not to suppress the discussion just because you think you’ve mastered the current controls and concepts in Google+. This is still a shiny, new toy. And … well, you already know I think it’s a lot more than a toy if you’ve read any of my previous posts.

If we want to make this place into something sustainable, we have to allow for the meta conversation about what Google+ is, how it operates, how it should operate, and what we expect from each other (not just from Google) as content providers and networking allies.

You can still be discerning about this, of course. If you think someone is posting way too much about G+ features or Google’s intentions for feature changes, take them out of your Circles! But don’t fall into the classic Internet hipster trap where being able to say, “I was there first and it was way cooler back then” is more important than making collective decisions about how we want to treat our newfound online society. You’ll end up being the irrelevant one.
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