Please don’t make every post public. Your next boss might be watching.
Your mom always told you to think before you speak. Google just gave you a way to think before you speak to specific groups of people in your life, and also to the world at large. Don't waste the opportunity.

The Circles idea by Google really is revolutionary (crap, is that a pun? It’s not on purpose...okay, it is) for so many reasons. Categorization of friends that mirrors real life relationships. No more embarrassing photos tagged of you partying last night -- well, unless you shared them publicly.

Circles work if you use them. You can use them responsibly to avoid social tension, and you can use them intelligently to make your public content better simply by filtering it actively. Why does that work? Think of it like a “brain hack” (thank you, Lifehacker, for that addition to my vocabulary): the more you think about who’s going to read you, the more you are going to have to judge yourself before hitting “Share.” Are you sure you’re sharing something you want everyone to read?

Ask yourself these questions before sharing your post to the public:
- Is this something that will enrich/entertain/help someone you don’t know?
- Is this something you’d want a potential employer to read? Google+ is very likely going to be the next generation of networking, which means you never know -- you could get a cool job if you post your cool ideas in public and a smart, savvy businessman wants to hire you for them.
- Mom and Dad may not be on G+, but your public posts are Googleable. Does Mom need to know what you just posted? Would she tell you to think before you speak, you knucklehead?
- Is this something that you need the advice of the whole Internet on, or would it make more sense to ask your close friends what to eat for dinner tonight? Wait, does it make sense to ask anybody that?
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