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Dear America,

Please push pause on the #Hostess  stream. Google the Middle East. 

I know, I know. It hurts to think with all that high fructose corn syrup in your brains. Do it anyway.

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It is happening here too. and apparently Twinkies brand is owned in Canada by another company so all is not lost. Just my hope for humanity.
The end of Hostess is new-news....  Gaza/Israel/Philistines/Hebrews is old-old news... Not shiny anymore.
Now republicans will have a better excuse to emigrate to Canada.
Walmart has generic ones anyway, they're called "Golden Cakes" or something..
Why you think i bought out the store
People seldom react well to scolding when it comes to steering conversation in the public forum.
it's gas ..with coffee...i'm up all night
Dear +Christina Trapolino ,

Please do not consider the #twinkie and other seemingly meaningless content posts currently overwhelming most stream as ignorance or vapid hipster trances.

Please consider them as deliberate attempts to jam the system from the usual fear mongering attempts by the fourth estate to get influencers and common people to welcome US armed humanitarianism to further destabilize the situation.

Some of the users here are partisan to one side or another, others are non interventionists.

Most would agree with McCartney and Lennon's line " You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead"
+Jon Pederson - That's true. I noticed it on Facebook first, then came to Google+ hoping there would be more discussion of global events than of the death of a snack-cake company.  Alas.

I won't apologize for the "scolding," though.  Everything I stand for when it comes to social media is about consumers taking advantage of the power they have access to -- naturally, people are free to think/say/feel whatever they like, but jeez.  Can't we be a little more interested in the world?
aah..have a twinkie and be real
that discussion is going in another thread(s). I bet this post would've been about Israel had it not mentioned twinkles. 
Jen E
I think the potential loss of 18,000 jobs due to mismanagement and union-blaming is valid news, i dunno.
+Matt Keithley - You're probably right about that.  Either way -- if even one person puts down the twinkie and learns that Palestine and Israel are in the midst of escalated conflict and are on day 3 of airstrikes from this post, I'll be pleased.  :)
Apparently, discussion of Twinkies is the same thing as not being aware of anything else.  Apparently we're too stupid to consider TWO things at once.  Interesting.
+Jen E - It'd be one thing if that's what anyone was talking about when they talk about Hostess.  But it's not.  It's like America is just lapping up frosty cake icing right now.  In slo-mo.
+Robert Scott Herrick - Nah, plenty of us are capable of that.  I'm admittedly being very tongue-in-cheek (tongue-in-twinkie??) to hopefully make someone learn something today.  No reason to take it too seriously...especially if there's a picture of Picard facepalming.  :)

That said, I think it comes back to social noise control -- the firehose is spouting Twinkie news and people who don't take the time to organize their newsfeeds might not be hearing much about the Palestine/Israeli conflict right now.  Consider this post a friendly nudging service!
I did not mean to say you should apologize.  

There is some serious stuff going on in the Middle East (and has been for centuries, but still), and it is worth discussing.

The Hostess company is one company of many that makes foodstuffs, and few things last forever (institutions that pass sometimes require a pause for remembrance, and a post mortem, but still).

I'm just saying that if you want less discussion about one topic, and more about another, the scold of the one is sometimes not as effective as something like bringing up a poignant story about the other.
well will all have our weak points
+Jon Pederson - Totally fair.  I'm not necessarily interested in having a super serious discussion of Palestine/Israel on my own Stream (I'd rather find the people out there who are hosting such discussions and join on their turf), but I was definitely interested in encouraging people to educate themselves.  Your comments are correct, however.  Thanks for taking the time to explain yourself.  :)
Little Debbie and TastyKake are still around so Hostess is no real loss.
I work in the news industry.  I'm inundated by horrific tales of offences to humanity everywhere.  From domestic violence and child abuse in local neighborhoods to human trafficking to holy wars clear across the world that have waged for millenia. Our awareness at home and our casual perusal on a social platform will do nothing to fix any of them.  

When my kids are WTFing out loud at the fact that Twinkies have flown off the shelf in the blink of an eye, that's something newsworthy to them because its tangible.  Or, in this case, no longer tangible.

There's only so much we can do here.  We've written the letters to statesmen, we've expressed our outrage, we've looked down our noses in disdain, we've donated to the causes.  We also want our Twinkies.  Even if it's something I get only maybe once a year.
Personally, I've missed Ding Dongs ever since they stopped foil-wrapping them. =(
I would like to see the Twinkies discussion change in two ways:
1) It's more than just Twinkies and the other Hostess lines. It's also Merita Bread, a massive name in the south for longer than I can remember. It's Wonder Bread, a name with a bit more national reach. It's Dolly Madison snacks, and Home Pride bread, and Nature's Pride bread. It's an enormous family of products and employees.
2) We should be talking about how unions impact today's businesses, and whether or not they should still play the same role in today's economy.

While the Middle East is of course a hot topic and quickly coming to a head, for me personally the Hostess debacle is much closer. My father lost his 40+ year career with the company, and while he busted his ass for years to turn the union negotiations around but ultimately failed, he's still going to lose his pension, his insurance, and his paycheck.  And that's just the immediate losses.

I know it's funny to joke about Twinkies -- and I'm all for dry sarcasm -- but let's not also forget the thousands of families that are now likewise out on their asses.
+Jon Butler A very good point.  I thought this was an interesting article I saw on that recently:

Did Congress kill the Twinkie? The tariff tale behind the Hostess demise.
for every sugar job saved by tariffs, three confectionery manufacturing jobs are lost. Some of those job losses came when candy companies like Fannie May and Brach’s moved the bulk of their manufacturing to Mexico and Kraft relocated a 600-worker Life Savers factory from Michigan to Canada, in order to pay global market prices for sugar.
+Jon Butler - Gotta say...if the majority of the Hostess discussion on Google+ was about what you're describing, I'd have felt much less inclined to start this thread. I fully expected some pushback from folks who don't want their reading habits dictated to them, but have been pleasantly surprised by the pushback from folks like you.  The job situation is absolutely not trash news/linkbaiting/memes revolving around nonsense.  It merits discussion.
I'm not sure if it was mentioned yet (I just skimmed the comments), but Hostess going out of business happened once. Conflicts over yonder happen pretty much every day. If Twinkies started failing every other week, people would stop paying attention. Kind of like when the US went to war with Iraq a long time ago. At first everyone talked about it all the time. Years later it hardly made news. Israel and Palestine fighting each other is about as shocking as jumping into a pool and discovering it's wet.

Not to detract from the seriousness of everything else going on in the world, but that doesn't mean other subjects need to get disregarded. Not to mention it is totally possible to care about more than one subject at a time. :P Personally I've been bombarded with news about the conflicts between Israel and Palestine, and I'm not sure what good talking about it any more will do. I'm not really talking about Hostess either, but when it comes to the two, talking about sugary foods is a welcome respite from death, death, death, lunch break, death, death, more death...

(Just a thought, no offense intended!)
Actually?  Twinkies may have killed more people than these wars!  My father was addicted.  He died at 57.
+Daniel Koeker - An understandable take on it.  I'm not being bombarded with Israel/Palestine news at all in my social feeds.  I think some of that is probably due to the fact that I keep my political feeds organized and look at them separately.  But still...Facebook, Twitter, Google+...all of 'em seem to be overwhelmed with Hostess "news" (and it's not even news, but rather fluff and nonsense).  I'm poking fun at people, yes -- to gently remind them that there is more to this social media thing than that.  Of course we can pay attention to multiple things.  The question is -- are we?  :)
If you judge by social media, it might not seem that way, would it? Haha. Someone arriving on the internet for the first time might lose all hope in humanity if they started using social networks. :P But again I think it's just because it's old news. What can you really say about Israel and Palestine that hasn't been said before? Eventually people will get tired of the Hostess news as well, though I feel that a lot of it is just mocking itself at this point already. Things go in fads, quickly in, quickly out.
+Daniel Koeker - A bleak view of social media, but again -- understandable.  I posted an article a couple of days ago about this very notion (that is, the idea that someone new might think this is all horrifying).  All we can do as consumers/social media users is encourage those we are connected with to elevate the discussion when we feel it's appropriate to.  We won't always be right, but at least we're being collaborative in a sense.  IMO, that's the potential power of social.
the Palestine nd isralel  been fighting for years....nothing really new.

Twinkies Hotess shut shop...that is new.
While you guys who live in a glass jar may not be looking at what is going on in the middle east, the rest of the world is.
Twinkies is like politics; brought out for discussion when other issues have to be whitewashed.
There is a lot of whitewashing going on with regards to middle east politics.
+Christina Trapolino Oh I didn't mean to imply it was pushback -- I'm all for everyone talking about whatever the hell they want, I certainly do it far more often than warranted.  :)  I've been a little disgusted by the number of posts/comments where people throw Hostess/IBC under the bus for this not being their first bankruptcy "therefore they're an idiot company" ... when no one seems to understand that union contracts and the gargantuan imbalanced pension burden was the major player every time.

At the same time, I'm not so naive to know that companies come and go, that's the nature of the market ... and if I didn't have such a personal investment in the situation I'd likely be joking about it like everyone else.  I'll likely not joke about these situations again moving forward, though!
I gotta say.  I kinda love this conversation.  Yes, I totally threw a baby wasp into an ant hill with this post, but I'm really pleased with what's come out of it.  I beefed up my "smart comments" Circle for sure ITT!
I assume the baby wasp was ripped to shreds by the ants?
+Elle Gray - I knew this post would coax an awesome comment out of you.  I was right!  :)

FWIW, I love what you said about not being American, but rather being a human being.  Earthlings, unite.  :)
I'm inclined to agree with +Daniel Koeker 's point of view. The conflict is so repetitive and seemingly hopeless that it's hard to take interest. Let there be a long lasting solution to that endless tit for tat conflict and I think you'll see an impressive social media reaction. 
we dont even really get Twinkies here (its not a big selling item), I dont know whats really going on in Palestine, cant believe every thing on the Web, who fired on who first?

What I can believe is Hotess is closing down, but whos fault? the management or the Unions? Over here, a unions have been crippling business...why is China doing so well in manufacturing? lack of unions...also working conditions in China is very need a balance of power.
I have to say +Christina Trapolino  ... while I don't agree with the extreme that +Kevin Kirk has gone, I don't see a good solution to this either. One group of people think their religion grants them the right to be there. Another group thinks their religion says they should be there instead. A clash of dogmas, rhetoric, and a couple of whackjob neighboring leaders thrown in ... there is no way to make it sexy.  How about a new thread of the role of religion in a modern civilized society instead?

Begin flamewar .... now.  :)
+Jon Butler - Bah. Let's all believe in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast, shall we?  One will be "Palestine/Israeli conflict can be sexy."  :D
+Christina Trapolino, I want to blame the amount of attention Hostess is getting on the fact that everyone who voted for Mittens is still rubbed a bit wrong and everyone is trying to push the massive layoffs onto Obama. Its a fucking blame game. Its just another thing for me to shake my head at. 

As far as the middle east, bravo for you giving a shit. I dont have much to say on the conflicts and situations over there because they do not "direct;y effect my  day to day", but I like to keep up on the happenings and I really think you're right in the fact that sometimes we need to pull away from the mainstream tunnel vision of info we are given. 
Twinkies are something we can act on.
Companies blaming layoffs on a president, is like a man beating his wife, looking at his kid, and saying "see what you made me do to your mother."
Im kinda pissed, I got into a heavy argument on FB on Thursday about Mittens and how we needed to stop harshing on Obama and just appreciate the fact that we are not under the control of a delusional and bigoted leader. 

The same person I was arguing with posted the Hostess layoffs article and my only comment was "Ok, now thats fucked up."

They deleted both of the conversations. hostess cupcakes 90's commercial
+Christina Trapolino One could argue believing in impossible things is what got the Palestine /Israel conflict started though, amirite? :-) 
The Twinkie issue is far easier to figure out than the mess that is the Middle East.
+Christina Trapolino - hate to burst your bubble, but Israel and Palestine isn't exactly new news. They've been at each other's throats for a couple thousand years and will be until one side or the other is wiped out.
Dav Bob
I am struggling to see why the middle east should be of any concern to any of my 'mericans friends. Loss of twinkies maybe but shit that is going down thousands of miles away>?
Unless someone has an actual solution to the problems in #Gaza, for the first time in history, I'll just wait for the smoke to clear.  The more I think about the situation there, the more tangled and complicated it becomes.

In the meantime, I'll just ponder #Twinkies or #Navels to keep my heart smaller than my brain.
Sugar, immediate satisfaction. Middle-East politians, its their circus.
So you want us Americans to stop and go "Oh, those poor Palestinians" AFTER #Hamas  (which Palestine supports) attacked Israel (again) from behind a meat shield of Palestinians and when counter-attacked by the IDF, both Palestinians and #Hamas  cry foul?
WTF is wrong with you?
Oh, and by the way many "Americans" have been discussing it already BUT ended up in online verbal jousting because of the barbaric muslims/islamics condoning every person that is not "anti-zionist" and wanting to push propaganda crap..
Oh, +Tod Anderson...I don't know where you got the idea that I've taken any particular side with the Middle East conflicts.  But I certainly haven't posted anything like that.  :)
+Tod Anderson I hope you realize the situation is SO much more complex than that....
I also have no idea to whom your rant is addressed.
It seems you're quite upset about the situation.  Perhaps that's something worth examining...
Or, there's still #Twinkies...something we can all agree on.
I'm with you +Duane Pedrow Jr. THAT'S how we're going to get the whole Middle East thing solved.  Bomb them with Twinkies!
+Tod Anderson  Well, it's interesting about cannibis.  You know where the word "assassin" comes from?  It was people who were taking hashish.  I think we tend to accept that weed is a "cool you out" drug; but I'm not so sure about that.  It's been forty years since I tried pot and I just didn't like it because of (a) the smoke and (b) it made me depressed and paranoid so I never got "into" it.  But I lived in Holland for four years more recently with a "Coffee Shop" across the canal from where I lived.  The only time I ever went there was with my 70 year old aunt who wanted to try pot "legally."  She was hilarious.  She kept saying "See?  It doesn't do anything to me!" While she ordered three desserts and couldn't stop laughing.  ;')

I still would like to understand the connection of the hashish to the desire for murder thing.  Maybe it has different effects on different cultures?  Maybe it's the kind of thing that is really open to the power of suggestion?  I don't know.
Never let a good distraction go to waste.  Wonder what they're going to do (no pun intended) while people morn the loss of a marketing icon.
No Twinkies?
Time to break out the guns and prepare for Zombieland!
"Tallahassee, I'm sorry, no chance to get a Twinkie this time"
I agree!!! I have only had one Twinkie in my entire 24 years of life and I can say I didn't enjoy it all that much. There is more important stuff going on in the world. Like the fact that all the people who make your beloved twinkles will no longer have jobs!!! Grow up!
+Andy Meek - Somehow, you always really understand exactly what I'm trying to get at.  It's a special understanding & I appreciate it a lot.  <3
Nobody cares for a reason. They don't, why should we? 
Dear Christina,

  Google + is not the voice of America.  It is the voice of bored internet users who enjoy jumping on random bandwagons purely for a quick laugh between working on spreadsheets.

  Please don't confuse us in the future.

Hugs 'n' Kisses,

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