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I can't figure out what to use Facebook for.

I had a great theory a while back, after letting go of +Mike Elgan's Google+ Diet ( Like +Chris Pirillo, my theory was that Google+ is great for interacting with strangers and Facebook is great for interacting with real-life friends.

At that time, I made a pledge to remove everyone from Facebook who didn't interest me sincerely so that my feed would be more relevant and interesting (see the original post here:, but every time I logged into Facebook to try my hand at culling the "friends" list, I got lost. Or maybe it's better to say that I didn't know where to start. And, frankly, I didn't have the heart to "unfriend" people just because they didn't interest me. (Wow, is that great marketing or am I just a softie?)

In any case, nothing has happened. I login to Facebook less than once a week, and I have the same reaction every time: LastPass logs me in, I see my feed, and I can't even scroll through more than a handful of posts before I'm bored. I tab back to Google+. I plan to clean up Facebook later. I never do.

I'm pretty sure the reason for my lack of engagement is that my feed has far too many people making far too much noise. In stark contrast to Google+, adding strangers on Facebook is a really weird concept, because the foundation (for me) is the idea of a social network built for online interaction between real-life friends.

If I've never met you in real life, being friends with you on Facebook makes almost no sense to me. But if I met you at a party and then you added me on Facebook, there is a good chance I accepted you as a "friend," put you in a filtering category that couldn't see my Wall, and forgot you existed (largely thanks to EdgeRank). The acceptance of questionable relationships in social networking was born out of a need to be polite for me, based on Facebook's use of the word "friend."

Here's the problem: my friends -- some of whom aren't even really my friends -- post a lot of things I don't want to read. With the newest Facebook changes, my real friends -- the strongest real life connections I have on Facebook -- are posting more automated noise now than they were before I left Facebook. So and so commented on this. Then he visited some websites. She just played a Delta Spirit album. On and on...honestly, that ticker makes me antsy. I feel compelled to look at it on the off chance that I'll find some awesome new band or restaurant or website, but it never happens. It's not that my friends have bad taste. It's that they do too much stuff online and they like too many things. I can't keep up, so it all becomes meaningless noise.

I have no idea what to use Facebook for when it's like this, so I think I just have to nuke it and start over.

This time, I am only going to "friend" people I know in real life whom I also want to interact with through social media. That means I have to want to read your Facebook updates, whatever that even means.

I have to be honest -- I'm a little unsure about how this is going to go. The most thoughtful friends I have are not posting their thoughts on Facebook, they're blogging or using Google+. But on the off chance that I find a use for Facebook (I don't know if that exists for me, anymore), I'm sure I'll be glad I did this instead of just deleting my profile and ending the affair entirely.

Those of you who still use Facebook -- what do you use it for? Personal interaction only? If the people you interact with on Facebook were on Google+, would you still want to use Facebook? Why or why not?
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i troll people and post pics of my kids.
Have some groups on Facebook.
Looking forward to when G+ has groups.
It's been almost exclusively personal interaction for me, and even then mostly snarky comments on family photos and putting random, funny quotes from my daughters.

The pull of real, full length discussions here on G+ keeps me glued to my stream.
De-activated my account months and months ago. G+ works for me, FB never did... Going to read your whole post tomorrow. Good night.
I don't use Facebook, I have an account with friends etc.. but none of my friends are as tech savvy as I am, so in that sense I don't have much in common for sharing and talking. But with G+ although I'm interacting with total strangers, at least I can discuss things that are exciting for me.
Personal interaction. If I go out to a party or something, the pics will end up on FB, will be tagged and commented on by people I know and the people that were there. I might even have been invited on FB too.

I never really added anyone who I didn't know in real life on FB so my connections list is still relatively small. It suits its purpose. G+ is about connecting with strangers and content that is both relevant to me and random. They seem to fulfil different niches right now. If anything has suffered, it's Twitter.
I just keep it around just in case every freaking site I use may require me to login using my Facebook account (e.g. Spotify, etc.). I don't keep anything important there, and because I don't visit that often, it's just there just in case.
I have the same reaction to you: I spend a few minutes on Facebook and then flee back to Google+ for some adult conversation. I have been slowly unfriending people for a while who should have been contacts in LinkedIn or similar, but that hasn't made much difference.

Because I can't give up Facebook entirely and forsake my relatives and real friends, I have spent a lot of time updating the types of updates I am subscribed to for each person. It's tedious, but it works. When I see something inane on the ticker I check the type of updates I get for that person and tun most of them off. So I don't see all the music they listen to and the posts they like from people I don't know, or even the people I do know.

My feed is much cleaner, but it is quite dull. It doesn't take long to check what's going on, and come back home to Google+.
I stopped using it months before G+. I'm where you are now...not sure what to do about it.
If I could convince all my funny Facebook friends & family to convert, I'd stop using it. I don't see anything in it that is superior to G+. I've started posting my fave posts from G+ onto FB - things I find funny or interesting. I always include a link to the G+ person's page. I'm hoping they'll eventually see it's better here... :-)
OP tl;dr - sorry. I post pics of my kids, and receive event invitations that I otherwise would not see. There are couple of really good groups there. Also, I'm a web developer by trade, so I must occasionally dick around with their so-called developer tools.
I couldn't agree more... I click over to facebook every few days, but I can't stand it. The stuff that people put on there isn't worth my time, especially when the time I give to facebook is time lost on here. I don't care if your barrista put a smiley on your cup, or if you finally got that new pair of pumps... really.
I don't plan to do anything with my facebook. I'll keep it there and post something every now and then, it is a nice way to keep up with friends living around the country and the world... say hi on their birthday, that sort of thing. Otherwise, my social networking life exists on google+. I love the engagement here, I love the amount of information that floats past my eyes in a given hour, I love the conversations that I have had here with some truly amazing people. I have found more diverse opinions and points of view here in the last week than I have found in my real life in the past year! Right now, google+ seems to be something very special. I hope that doesn't change.
Yeah, I'm going through the same kinds of thoughts, +Christina Trapolino. Not really sure what to do with FB anymore - sort of bored with the inane postings and attention-hounds. Really, really loving the interaction with interesting people I'm finding on G+ ... there are other sites I can go to if I want to see LOLcats ... =P
Since joining G+ I have found reading the posts of those I do not know more interesting, inspiring, educational, etc., than anything my "friends" post on FB. I spend more time on G+ now, and after reading your post, realize I am experiencing the same conundrum. Right now I have a desire to go unfriend some friends, just to feel good. Is that bad?
I keep using Facebook for interacting with two disparate and widely spread groups of people.

1) Three generations (so far) of my family use it to stay in touch all over the world.

2) A wide-flung and ever-changing group of people to whom I am an advisor. They use Fb to organize multi-state events and share pictures and connect after these events.

G+ doesn't offer many of them anything they don't already have on Fb and so won't switch. Hence, I stay. I have cut way back on posting there, though. The interesting stuff happens here.
The problem is the design of Facebook from the ground up.

I have written about this a lot, but basically people who are your real friends do not require yet another means of interacting with them. Between the phone, texting, email, snail mail, instant messengers, skype and seeing them in person, we don't NEED a social network for real life friends. So having one becomes automatically boring.

Very few of my real life friends are on Google+, if they join I will be happy to circle them back but in the meantime I am far more interested in networking with people I don't know. That is what Socializing is. Talking to the same group of people is not social networking. They should call it Clique-book.

The culture of DO NOT ADD STRANGERS makes it very closed off. But on top of that Facebook is by design NOISEY. I don't care if so and so likes so and so's wall post, or listened to a song, or whatever. If people want to brag about those things with their status updates that is one thing but most of the noise is FACEBOOK automatically telling me my friends have added more friends or like a band, or were tagged in a photo or whatever.

Google+ doesn't feel the need to alert all of your friends of every action you take on the site and it is far nicer.
I use it to increase my Klout score. Also good for mindless viewing of strangers photo albums. It's the new people watching.
Could not agree more!! I'm trying to figure out which social media to use for what (G+, FB, and Twitter). I completely agree that G+ feels comfortable/normal for circling/interacting with strangers. I basically only use FB to keep in touch with peripheral friends (roommate from freshman year) who I don't have the time/energy/inclination to invest the time into calling/emailing regularly.

I have no idea what to use Twitter for - any ideas?? (And talk about noise - holy shiza! That place is intimidating!!!)
Great post. Just one thing, you're aware you can hide the FB sidebar, right? That will at least reduce some anxiousness.
I agree. I haven't been on Facebook for over a month. Yes, I used to play the games but they are such a life sucker. I would rather look over my google + feed to see intelligent conversations and topics from real people than to see what drama is happening in 385 lives constantly.
That is exactly what I'm experiencing right now. FB to me now is to see what is happening to my friends (most of the time without engagements). G+ is where I spend most of my time now in the net, for news, opinions etc.
Out of my 'friends' list in Facebook, as soon as somebody signs up for Google+, I am removing them on Facebook ! Now I am left with 210 people who I don't even knew they existed. I will wait for a while for them to move and then DELETE MY FACEBOOK.
I made an observation about this about 10 days after +Loren Crannell invited me here:
(that was about a week ago). I still feel like I'm at a bar here, picking up all sorts of strangers with common interest (for me, it's photography) and engaging in more or less intelligent discourse about a wider range of subjects. Although, I must confess, there's been an increase of the oohs and aahs, monosyllabic comments which have started to irk me.

I'm still fairly active over on Facebook, where I have tons more friends that I actually know, both in real life and through common interest. I sort them into lists and find those helpful in allowing me to do select skimming through newsfeed. The lists are the key over there, I believe.
The main reason i use facebook is to follow pages, really. It's like a big feed of news. My "friend"s' content i often just skim through, and when i find they're actually in the way i use the new feature to subscribe only to their "important" posts or outright mute them, rather than unfriending them (out of politeness as well, i suppose).
I love Google+, but all my contacts keep using facebook, are hesitant to make the switch, or are not tech savvy enough to really understand how to make the switch or why they should.

A lot of them are using their telephones to go online and chat, in effect, use facebook.

For them, it doesn't seem very logical to switch, they do not understand the benefits, and believe me, I tried.

I keep using every social network the same way, Twitter and Facebook together with Google+.

Twitter, for the quick and dirty updates, it's so easy to use and setup, you can just setup and go.

Facebook, for all the people I know on the globe and have met.

Google+, very rarely to chat and share with friends, more circling and talking about my interests (it's mostly salsa btw ;) - thus actually meeting and interacting with new people :)

I'd love for my Twitter and FB buddys to come over hear, it's way more social, & it'd be a blast, but I cannot see them do the switch anytime soon.
I only have 48 "friends" on facebook. Most are family members or people I see/speak with on a regular basis. If I wouldn't know you if I passed you on the street, then I ignore. I never understood the 500+ "friend" thing. Just seems like disconnected noise. PS...I never got the ticker on my newsfeed, I hear it blows.
I have to agree with +L. Gray that G+ isn't really like Facebook as much as it's like Twitter and the blogs Twitter links to all in one. I don't see G+ used much for personal stuff, and it's a disappointment when it happens.

Facebook has pages, and because I run a few of these myself I stay around. I have deleted a few pages that report on Twitter, and I will continue to do that as well. But even with all the culling and tweaking, it's just not doing it for me any more.
I used to use facebook addictively. Sometimes there was meaningful or interesting content, but more often than not, it came from a vain desire for an emotional backrub. I wanted by emotions digitally rubbed the right way, and I hd hope it might be a female friend to do it.

Since using G+, with its plethora of non-relational intellective content, my desire to use facebook as largely left.

When it manifests itself it still takes the form of an ephemeral desire for feigned relationships -- oftentimes striking latea night and in the company of alcohol. Largely I feel free from Facebook, and the experience is one of liberation.

The changes to Facebook have helped me in my escape. Between G+ and the changes, I anticipate using FB as a tool to maintain contact with people I love but am far away from. I don't anticipate using it to share much content anymore; nor do I have much desire to use it as a platform to access content. What is shared on FB is largely uniteresting to me. At least relatively so. 
I still use Facebook because the majority of the people I really care to keep in touch with, either don't use Google+, or they use it infrequently, posting the majority of their content on Facebook. I'll keep using it to stay in touch with them until they switch over.

Unfortunately the problem is exponential. In reality I have a small number of people who require me to keep using Facebook. But, many of them have a huge number of people they don't want to leave behind. So before I quit using Facebook, it is possible that millions of people will have to make Google+ their primary social network.

I agree with +Angela McBain , I never felt the need to have a huge number of friends on Facebook. At least with Facebook, I believe that after you reach a small number of friends, its usefulness is inversely proportional to how many friends you have. I'm actually struggling with that here.
+Christina Trapolino I went through a transformation almost a year ago. I quit Facebook when I moved to South Korea. I found zero use for it and like you, saw way too much noise. I had announced my move to another country 4 months in advance and 3 weeks before I left, a friend of mine asked me 'where are you going?'. Proof to me that people allow the noise to fill their FB feed and not really pay attention to people that are closer to them than 'FB friends'.

After I got to South Korea, I decided to setup a Remote Computer Support business for foreigners (lots of English teachers here who have laptops and desperately need help). The downside to that, they all communicate on FB. So I set up a new FB account with the sole purpose for keeping in touch with clients/potential clients.

I would seriously prefer Google+ but that mindset has not perculated down to the FB masses yet and so any 'conversion rate' to get people to even use it (let alone switch) is still pretty minor. The only people I know who are on both my FB friends list and G+ circles are a couple of computer-savvy people. Which has been noted that the early adopters of new technical things have always been us Geeks :) (Keep in mind that there was a huge typo in the Bible..."The Geek shall inherit the earth").

So now I am in both worlds. Google plus is still my more techie-related info, FB for client-interaction and right now, Twitter for happenings around the world.

Once G+ become truly transparent to either of those others (as well as my Wordpress blog), I will be glad to stick with one platform.
It’s hard to break the bonds that tie me to Facebook. There is the most common reason for keeping my account there which is because my friends and family still use it. While much of it is noise, especially that ticker, I can still stay abreast with the lives of those that mean something to me.

Google+ offers unique opportunities to connect with those outside of my “real life” and have meaningful conversations. A small handful of them have come here to experience it with me, but only one of them has maintained an ongoing presence. He is an author so social media are great tools for people like him.

Facebook has other things in its favor such as Pages and Groups. I am a member of three groups, all relating to music, one of which pays tribute to a defunct radio station in my town. Even though you can now share circles on G+, you can always know who is a member of a particular group on Facebook and it makes it more personal, even if you don’t know all of the people.

On the subject of Pages, I have several musicians / artists to whom I subscribe, many of which are not on G+ as of yet. There are a couple that are maintained by the artists themselves and they are very interactive with their fans. In a way, a fan community like this is similar to a family of sorts.

For the foreseeable future, I will continue to use both Facebook and Google+ to stay in touch with friends and family as well as engage in meaningful dialog with topics that are of interest to me.
Mostly now with FB I just pop in to see what the old HS friends are posting of late. But most times it is the same10 friends who post the most frequently -- and mostly banal stuff like "I'm eating a whole ice cream cake" or "I can't believe DWTS tonight!!" -- Whenever I've posted anything even mildly provocative (i.e. -- inciting commentary) nobody bites except for my really right-wing friends from HS who would unilaterally urge prison upon the unemployed regardless of what I had to say. So I've tended to tune them and their Tobey Keith out. G+ has been more like a cocktail party -- a good one, with people who seem to want to talk about issues and not just get fucked up on the Bud Light.
Best quote ever: "I can't keep up, so it all becomes meaningless noise."

Honestly, Christina, when I "unfriended" anyone on Fbook, whether they ever commented directly with me or not, most of them would get so offended that I unfriended them to clear up the noise, that they would drop me as a friend in real life.

The social expectations of social networking that Fbook helped to employ has skyrocketed into absurdity!

Love ya!
I couldn't agree more on this issue. The only reason I go to facebook is because that is where my friends and family are. But even they post too much junk. For example, I have not seen anyone post on G+ a picture of what I had for dinner, or that they were 'going to bed'.
In short, for me FB has become the equivalent of the spare email address I'm willing to give publicly and I'll check in on once a week to see if there is anything important that may be in the most recent messages. (There usually isn't)

FB is just a conduit for me to message people who haven't joined G+ yet. Which I admit is most people I know. The funny thing is, since joining G+ I find my self engaging with this community a lot more than my "real" friends who are on FB.
I agree with you, +Steve Anthony Herrera . I know maybe three people in my circles in real life, but have connected with so many more people here (strangers with like interests) than I ever have on Fbook!
+Christina Trapolino Quite my thoughts mostly. In addition to all this, a perenially buggy & poorly designed apps, a cheeky insouciance which assumes that most users of social media are really up for absorbing a lot of abuse, intrusion & violation because they don't know any better & because they would become really hooked on exchanging banter & information with their 'friends' to even really care about such aspects, not to speak of indulging their innate narcissism in certain cases, really gets my goat.

And the repeated changes & makeovers, specially the most recent set, leave me quite unimpressed & disgusted even. If a horse tries to reinvent itself as a zebra, I want to have very little to do with either the disfigured horse or the far-from-authentic zebra.
I go to FB to keep up with relatives that love to complain about FB, but strangely aren't in a hurry to leave. And there are half a dozen business pages that are convenient for news.
Sean M
Mostly just personal use and the periodic posting of an interesting tech article or humorous share. My feed is less cluttered thanks to fairly successful "friend" maintenance. Still, the new Facebook layout confuses me and I do not feel like learning it fully enough to utilize.

If all the people that interested me were here on Google+, then I would likely rarely login. I feel that, currently, it would be imprudent of me to cut off a source of information, since I have friends that post interesting tidbits on Google+. So, it stands to reason that if I was not afraid of losing those tidbits of information I would not mind letting my Facebook profile wilt away.
I use it to keep track of the people who don't use G+ basically. That's all.
Before G+, I always tried to use Facebook the way G+ is now used: to have long discussions about things that matter. It works better here because it's not just my circle of opinionated friends, but a much larger yet more focused audience. I have 1/4 the number of followers here vs. on Facebook, but I get more meaningful interaction than I ever did before. And it just feels better to know someone has sought me out and added me to their circles because they were interested in what I had to say, compared to "friends" from 3rd grade who will never respond to anything. I will certainly leave Facebook soon.
+Marie Meservy Until recently, FB really made long posts & even meaningful discussions pretty difficult because they kept limiting the length of posts & comments arbitrarily, every once in a while, without so much as a warning or a by-your-leave. Once I actually had to copy & paste a truncated post of mine on to a Word Processing app to figure out that they had now set the length of posts to 420 characters which, coincidentally or otherwise, happened to be 3 times the length allowed by Twitter. I thought FB was always oriented towards posting links, photos or one-liners. Guess they felt at the time that allowing posts 3 times longer than standard tweets gave them a great deal of advantage over Twitter! :-)
+Raja Mitra Yeah, I would write "notes" and then my friends would break up their long responses over several comments. I routinely got ~150 comments on my notes, but it was really just like 20 exchanges or so. And when a few people were talking at once, it got pretty confusing! G+ manages these interactions much more smoothly. =]
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Bryan R
I'm in a similar state of mind. I've been irritated at Facebook since the first time they changed things and it led to the outcry about privacy. That same irritation has become worse and worse and I'm considering drastically modifying my use. G+ definitely has a different feel than FB, that is for sure. However, I'm in fugue state with it as well mainly because I can't seem to find those connections you are talking about.

Ultimately, I don't see these platforms as anything but tools; multi-tools most of the time. FB is a good tool to stay in touch with family, community whom are on it and the occasional event posted. Because FB is changing, I'm constantly having to re-evaluate it's place as a useful tool. (I'd really rather not have my vice grips constantly try to turn itself into a wrench, you know?) Honestly, I think what we are seeing on FB now is the initial twitches of a downward spiral for the platform. Myspace went through a similar phase if I remember correctly. G+ is a tool, and a nice one, but I'm not quite sure it's jelled for me yet if it's my favorite Leatherman or just another fancy crescent wrench.

One thing for sure? The conversations and discussions on G+ beat FB hands down. That alone makes me want to be on G+ more.
I never understand how people 'friend' others on FB - there is so little interaction or discussion, how can you find the interesting people? Also, it turns into a shouting contest - making it all rather 'juvenile'? Ok, I'm 'old', I just proved it :-) But, in the 2 years I was on and off FB, I friended 90 people or so - mainly people I knew via LinkedIn already. That's the number of people I circle here in one month - sure, people do need others in their circles, so they just circle anybody - including me. However, I don't circle everybody back, I always check their profiles. And hardly send any invites myself.

Somehow FB overlooked a massive segment of their demographic - those people are now on G+. We (yes, most of us) can have decent discussions - threads grow to 200 comments without any namecalling or drama. Nobody agrees with anybody about anything (hey, we're all unique), but everybody is still fine with each other. How come I find those people here but never on FB?

Here's a thought, +Christina Trapolino - Last year I wrote with a girl, about her blog. She had a link to her LI profile, I felt it would be interesting to connect. However, she explicitly stated she only connected with people she had some business-/professional relationship with - I figured that didn't include me, so I never sent her an invite. It didn't sound too nice or friendly at that moment, but I understood - and respected it, as in essence, she was right - LI is for professionals, not for 'social stuff'.

I guess if you apply a similar rule on FB (real friends and family only), your experience will be(come) better again. "Quality over quantity". Please share with us next month!
My FB experience went downhill as a social networking tool. Unlike here, the signal to noise ratio dropped steadily. It's still fun to see what my children and their friends are up to, as well as a couple of old friends. But edgeranking is not kind to the circumspect, and even though I configured my wall to receive everything, I know for a fact my posts were counting for little more than facebook business statistics.

I'm having little luck moving the people I truly care about, mainly because they are not that interested in expanding their social networking experience beyond what they already have on facebook, twitter, and blogs.

So I let them all know that I wasn't watching facebook anymore, and to contact me by phone, email, or g+ if they ever have something for me.
my problem is getting my friends and family to convert to google+... my friend and family circles are lonely. :(
+Jackie Lindsey I was thinking the same thing. My friends and family who did go to G+ abandoned it quickly. They didnt want to put any effort into G+. I cant blame them though. You have to want to make G+ work. I created my + account and for a few weeks had no idea what to do with it. Then I found +Paul Spoerry and read his post on how to get + working. Really helpful stuff too.
Xin Li
For me, it's very simple. I have two categories of friends. There are those who I care about enough to want to know what they had for breakfast, or that they are playing a LMFAO song. And then there's the rest. For the 15 people in the former category, no filtering is necessary. For everyone else, FB's filtering mechanism is not robust enough, as you've said yourself.
+Steve Coles G+ has groups. They're called Circles...waiting for them to have GDocsand the G Calendar tied into them and then I can leave FB groups altogether.
I can't either, especially since lately, I can't get it to work (with Chrome). It's driving me crazy.
I like that each is so different, I spend more time hear learning and posting comments than I do of FB. The vibe here for me is like the community I've found blogging. I'm a bit more serious and careful here. So far I seem to want to show the 'better dressed' me, rather than the 'sweat pants' side of myself. I still try to reveal my flawed self, but I take my time here and I compartmentalize what I share. I find it can been fun to go back to FB every so often to get a waterfall of random info and post with out concern to my friends who know how frenetic & messy I can be.

One idea to clean up your FB stream without unfriending is to X the stream feed from those who post things that don't interest you. I've done that from the get go and really enjoy most of my feed, but I don't spend as much time there since g+ grabbed my attention.
What a great description of the different kinds of "cultures" available in FB and G+, +Christine Young! That's just the way it feels to me, too - the better dresses and the sweats sides.

I guess I don't think of it as how I'm dressed on the outside, but how my mind sets itself up to interact. The opportunities here to engage with people in substantive ways just seem a whole like easier and simpler than in FB where the architecture of the information flow feels like a "waterfall of random info" that's so often "frenetic and messy."

Certainly there are times when my mind's operating frenetically and messily... and, as a mature adult, I don't want anyone "cleaning up my act" for me. But I'm finding the architecture here at G+ really supports clear thought and that the Makeover at FB reinforces frenetic and messy... and I don't want or need it reinforced at this age - LOL. I'm especially NOT fond of the Ticker.

Since I've been studying human communication for a long time now, I'm soooooo curious about how the different social media architectures support different kinds of interaction, naturally, and how they don't...

Thanks for your delightful comments. They've got me thinking in pictures...
For me facebook has become my new email, which is funny cuz i never was into emailing people back in the day, just like you I find facebook extremely boring and I cant be bothered to read any of the statuses cuz its all just empty noise.

I used to check it multiple times a day to see my friends latest photos/vids cuz that atleast I though was entertaining, but now with the new stalker ticker that they have implemented I dont even wanna leave a comment cuz everyone sees it and piles on, sort of like being online on facebook chat which I had set to offline to avoid this very thing.

Because of those changes Ive decided to only send people direct messages to keep things fairly personal and private, and over time I have realized that facebook has now become my new email, as I literally only check facebook to check my messages, so this is a very good use for facebook now, considering that everyone has it, kinda like an email address that they will most likely always check, unlike their actual emails lol
+Edmund Rojas This is just what's happening to me, too, +Edmund Rojas. I've been coaching my biz clients to use FB as much as possible for email (direct messages) and since the makeover, I'm finding it a real PAIN to find what's meaningful on the wall. The Ticker drives me batty. The primary reason I log into FB now is to connect in the private groups I facilitate and/or belong to.

What do you think it's going to take to get people over to this platform where we can share like adults - and manage the way we interact with the flow of information like adults?
Ahhh... and as soon as G+ opens the door for biz, even brand pages won't take me there. Not that they do much now... I'm just not a "shopper" who's looking for deals or a "fan" looking for something to do with my time while I'm at a job that doesn't fully engage me...
+Meri Walker +Christina Trapolino hilariously I think facebook knows this as theyve actually launched an app called "messenger" which Ive downloaded, it works alot like my gmail app, so Ive actually deleted my regular facebook app and just use the messenger app as an emailing client to send/receive messages from facebook friends if I need to.
+Edmund Rojas I refuse to use their "messaging" in any form. They've collapsed it all (chat/messages/etc) into one bucket, make it difficult to delete from your own screens, and keep it forever for their own purposes even if you've deleted it.
+Paul Spoerry I hear you on that, Ive always noticed that they dont give you the option to delete private messages since the beginning of time, lord knows what they will do with that, they'll probably add it to the new timeline or something shudder
+Christina Trapolino +Meri Walker I guess it's just the classical syndrome of early & late adoption that we're seeing here. Also, in any given group there are always 1 or 2 opinion leaders with the vast majority being followers. I'd suggest that for all such groups that you may be involved with, convince the opinion leader(s) of the benefits of using g+ & test driving it for a while at least. The followers will then follow, sooner rather than later. :-)
+Edmund Rojas Hey, thanks for the tip about Messenger! I missed that one...Now I'm curious about taking a look... except did you see +Paul Spoerry 's reply here...??? +Paul Spoerry will you say more about how all these kinds of messaging are "collapsed" now in FB? Not sure I understand... Do you mean FB keeps even your PRIVATE email sent to your FB address?
+Meri Walker Messages, regardless of being a "message" (like a FB email), chats, and yes... the messages you reply to via email to a FB address are all stored in a centralized FB messaging system. And yes, they retain all of your data. Worse yet, while you can download SOME of your data you have no means to EXPORT all of it.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation offered a series of recommendations for Facebook to make it easier for its users to switch services if they so desired. Part of those recommendations included the ability to export more of your social connections and contact information, the ability for users to opt-out of allowing their contact information to be exported, and even the possibility of contact information available as a separate file. Facebook has not implemented this.

Google/Google+ allows this - and it's in usable formats:

Also, closing your account on FB does not remove your data from their servers.
Fabulous info, Paul. Thanks so much for your reply. I'll follow up on your G+ post. I heard this (that G+ is allowing exporting in useable formats and that closing your FB account doesn't remove your data)... and I'm so busy moving forward with new followers and my local and distance clients that I just ignored my discomfort so far. Time to change course with this... I appreciate all you're sharing with your posts and your Group.As team!
+Meri Walker Am curious about your comment there awhile.back. How would tighter integration of G Docs here help you to get out of Groups in FB ? 
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