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This week, I'm happy to introduce you all to three exceptional G+niuses!


+Eric Wienke is someone I recently discovered and have really enjoyed reading over the past week or so. He describes himself as "[a] user-centered design evangelist, photographer, musician, [and] digital artist." The post I'm linking you all to is one about Google Image Search ( Wienke tells a pretty interesting story about Fox News picking up one of his images and cropping it...and the bizarre results. He's definitely someone you should keep in your Circles for interesting tidbits and fascinating, tech-related stories!

+Vivienne Gucwa was one of the first people I started following on Google+. She is an urban photographer who posts some of the most stunning shots of New York City I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot considering how many people have photographed the place! She already has quite a following, and even though I usually only share "unknown" talent on Circle Sundays, I can't help exposing her to all of you on the off chance you don't already follow her. She has livened up my Stream since I've been here. I hope she'll liven up yours. Here is my favorite recent post of hers:

+Max McNally is a software developer I've been following for some time. He often comments on my posts with really striking insights, and no wonder -- that's just the kind of guy he is! You can see for yourself by going through his posts.

The post of Max's I'm linking you all to this week is one I bookmarked to reread a few times: Max discusses his take on the issue of asking friends to switch from other social networks to G+. He asks, "why does there need to be a winner?" That struck a chord with me, and I think it's good food for thought for everyone who is currently still stuck in the "Facebook versus G+" mindset. Max regularly posts exceptional content and often re-shares equally good stuff, so I highly recommend you add him to keep your Stream interesting.


Okay, guys. That's it for this Circle Sunday. I'm going to catch up on some Battlestar Gallactica, now. (*dreamy sigh*, when will Apollo get a Google+ account?)
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Thank you. Circled, circled and circled! : )
I've seen lots of recommendations for people to Circle, but I really appreciate that you take the time to tell us a bit about them to help us decide. Thanks, Christina!
Thanks a lot Christina! All 3 circled and what more is, thanks to Max McNally I found Paul Krugman and David Friedman > my stream will become all the more interesting! Enjoy Battlestar :)
Wow, I'm more than honored to have been included in such an illustrious list!!

+Christina Trapolino, I think most of us would agree that you have certainly set the bar quite high for quality content. In many ways I was just hoping to contribute and encourage this same spirit that I'm so enamored with on G+. To know that you and others have found some value in what I've shared is great validation and a nice bonus.

I also have to say that I have followed Eric and Vivienne for awhile and also find them to be extraordinary recommendations!!
Thanks for the suggestions and taking the time to introduce us to these individuals.
Any chance you'll introduce some food people soon? I'm working on setting up a "Foodie" circle, but need a few people to seed it with. Thanks!
Great posts always look forward to Sundays
if vivienne or mark wrote books, I'd buy them in an instant. will have to check out eric. thanks, christina 
Lovely colours in Vivienne Gucwa's work :^)
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