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Want to be in my Secret Circle? You have to tell me what you care about.

I'm taking a cue from +Ryan Estrada (who is traveling at the moment; godspeed to him), who has a "Secret Circle" he only occasionally adds people to, in order to keep it tight. I like the idea, but (obviously) can't share what he does in there to explain why. Just trust me, it's awesome.

In any case, I'm inspired to experiment with the idea. I have need for a Secret Circle! And you guys know how I feel about experiments.

If you want to be in my Secret Circle, you have to be interested in how to make the world better in one way or another -- big or small. So, please comment with a cause that's important to you. Feel free to link to charities you like, but to be added to my Secret Circle, you have to explain why it matters to you.

I'll take the first 50 who express interest and follow the instructions. The first 50 have been added. Please feel free to use the comment-space to discuss your favorite causes anyway. It's a cool discussion.



edit1 - A note to those who aren't sure if they've been added: you should click through to my page and it will be in my posts, visible only to those in the Circle.

edit2 - Added a limit.

edit3 - Ryan is still posting while traveling!

edit4 - Some people in the comments took issue with how I approached this. I deleted the comments because they genuinely derailed the thread, but I don't want to ignore what they brought up. This is only a "Secret" Circle because I think it's fun to make it that kind of a thing, but if that comes off in a way I didn't intend, I do feel responsible for clarifying my intentions.

The purpose of my "Secret" Circle is to foster discussion about causes that people care about. The reason I want it to stay small and tight is so that the conversations remain focused and helpful. As I figure out how to navigate the content produced and to deal with larger amounts of it, I will add more people to the Circle to participate in the discussions. I don't want to make anyone feel left out, but this isn't being done in public specifically because of the kind of nonsense that went on in the comments on this thread before I removed them. Everyone deserves a voice, but this is "my house." If you think I'm a monster for naively making this idea a silly "Secret Circle," it's your right to say so. But please do it in your own space, not in mine.
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I do the 5Km walk for BreastCancer every year, to raise money and awareness. I do it for my mother and friends who have been affected.
*Only if there are special benefits.

I care about grammar.
I care about the future of our youth, which is why I am a passionate member of Civil Air Patrol, the USAF Auxiliary, where I both help our communities and help to shape our young men and women.
I don't know if it's a cause, but making someone else's day better is important to me. If I can cause someone to smile, or help them, I feel like I have made a difference. I would love to be in your secret circle.
Ending prison rape.

Because I'm sick of casual winking/smiling rape jokes like "Don't drop the soap." And I hate driving through Montana and seeing blithe, approving, OFFICIAL billboards like this: Because rape is rape, and sexual abuse should never be part of one's prison sentence.

I'm going to law school now, and this issue has helped solidify my decision to go into criminal law (rather than a more lucrative field). I'm still not sure where I'll end up - or even whether I'll work as a prosecutor or a defense attorney - but either way, working to end this long-accepted form of abuse is a huge goal.
Sure, I'll bite:

Unlike many, my form of making the world better doesn't have a charity or other famous cause at its center. Rather than focus on the macro, I focus on the micro, on quiet inspiration in the lives of those I encounter everyday. I make it a point to mentor, encourage and listen to those in my life.

The reason it's important is because in all the hubbub of official, sponsored causes, it's easy to overlook the needs of those right next to us, those who don't fall into any pre-approved bucket but still need help anyway.

There's so many just waiting to be inspired by someone. They're all around every single one of us and I think we each have a responsibility in our own lives to show we can make a difference before we start looking far outside our micro-verses.
Would love to become a part. Google Plus is mine and +Eugene Teplitsky favorite tool to make everything a literary portal should be to get current indie writers' names out there despite the current market glut, and anything that can help - or is plain cool - please, sign us up! :)
That is a really cool idea. Didn't know Ryan started doing that.
I am passionate about [re]creating local community/empowering neighborhoods, and revitalizing the local economy by supporting those around us: business owners, craftspeople, farmers.... I do this in part by volunteering regularly within the community as part of the backbone for many organizations including the arts, local foods, the Transition movement, cultural events, etc. I help lead a Leave No Trace team, and wear the organizer hat for Really, Really Free Market, and much more.

I want people to be proud of their block, their neighbors, their community, and I get great satisfaction from seeing people get out and enjoy what's happening in their own "front yard".
I'd want to participate in the creation of a world free of suffering an death for all sentient entity, whether they are biological (humans or animals) or technological (cyber lifeforms).

That's why I activelly support transhumanism and scientifical progress toward immortality for everyone.

I don't know actually how to do it better than spreading the memes and encouraging other people who share the same sight as me, but I'm looking for opportunities to be pro-active if I could.

Here is the link of the Hedonistic Imperative :
+Christina Trapolino Beacons like you need to stay in the limelight.. Some Secret Circle would severely limit your ability to reach the masses (in whatever 'noble' cause)..
If you do create one, remember Mankind's constant tendency to reconnect.. Lately through Internet, Google+, and the eventual Human Network..
I care. more than anything, Christina, about the good news.

To most of my friends in my work world, this post means I am nuts. But the good news is far left wing.
Let's see now shall we?

Music/Music Media/Music Industry:

I am super passionate about music. This means that I take a zealous interest in the industry and what it's doing to stem the rise, or meet the challenge, of digital media. I take an interest in radio, and why it should do a better job in general of meeting the needs of everyone and not just the advertisers. I also take a cynical position with regards to the old school music industry and why they are falling behind the times and not doing anything positive (it's about time!)

Google+ as a Networking Tool:

I would love to have deep, passionate conversations with others in the industry of web/web-related assets, and new media. I think there is a lot to be shared, and achieved with collaboration. That's where the real power of social networking lies for me. Let's make it happen!

Making the World a Better Place!:

Just a general weary eye on the state of the country and the world with a view to making positive change. That could be at a governmental level, or at a personal level. What can I do to help?!

That's me... in a nutshell!
I'm just watching the comment count grow live, and it's so awesome.
I care about math and the way that it is taught in communities on the low socioeconomic spectrum. One of the major reasons why there is not a lot of diversity in the tech space and other math-inspired careers is because math is taught horribly at the elementary school levels.

I tutor children to show them the ways that I learn math and how it connects to everyday life. I also work with a New Jersey program to help get kids in low socioeconomic backgrounds into private schools.
This is interesting. We barely know each other. But I think I would have a go at it. I think the best part of me is I can be a very good friend. Yeah and I think it's a great quality. I like music and I am not judgmental. I like intelligent people (did that sound a bit weird?). Mostly I am pretty simple.
One of the things that is important to me is to help people who really want to lead a better life but don't know how. Whether it is mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, or just not working through issues that have affected them throughout their lives, many people just don't know how to deal with things, learn from them, move past them, and make the most of life. They end up caught in a downturn and without someone to show them the way, they never make it back up. I am not talking about hand-outs, but an avenue for them to re-gain their footing.
As someone who has personally gone through a lot, and watched my loved ones go through even more, I know how critical it is to our sanity and survival to do this. I think if more people learned to cope with things better, there would be a lot less violence and a lot more peace; it is the unhealthy defense mechanisms that end up creating monsters. Worse yet, when people give up hope, they no longer care about the consequences of their actions and the people around them and those affected by said actions then have to deal with it, and there is a ripple effect.
I care about Kids. We can't give them enough love, or spark their imaginations enough, or protect them from life's bumps and bruises but oh what a joy they are to hang out with and learn from.
I'm a Nerdfighter so I'm passionate about decreasing world suck. Other than that, my real call to arms is as a rollerblader. I've been rollerblading all my life so it's very important to me.
A note to those who aren't sure if they've been added: you should click through to my page and it will be in my posts, visible only to those in the Circle.
I'd say that I'm passionate about children, animals and the environment. I'm am crippling-ly compassionate when I see children either sick or being mistreated...same goes for animals (geesh..if I could have space and open an animal rescue/sanctuary..I'd be so happy). And the environment...what can I say..I'm scared. I saw this guy so casually throw some paper out of his window, like it was just something he did every day. When I see that, I wonder what we have to do to make some changes...
I don't know about this. I really don't. What could the people in the circle possibly have in common other than "Self-Promotion"? And shouldn't you have a circle for self-promoters already?

To me, you can look at me, judge me, and circle me appropriately. If you find me riveting, you may circle me repeatedly. If you find me tedious, uncircle me. But I have over 700 people in circles and I don't have the time to explain to each of them what makes me special. Do YOU?
+Christina Trapolino I'm not sure I should even be answering this right now. BUT. What do I care about? Structural violence. Abuse of authority (especially scientific authority). Violence against children. Domestic violence ( and I do not like how violence against children is subsumed under this category.). And any belief structure (christian, Jewish, Islamic, whatever) which tells men that women and children are their possessions - and therefore, do not come under any laws of any religion.
I support my local CASA Group and work with my local food bank and homeless shelter. I am privileged enough to live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, but we still have over 600 children registered as homeless in our community. I can't give them all homes but I can help ensure they have a meal. A lot of those kids came out to their parents and were kicked out. We are looking for ways to improve and support them. They need better now.
I care about freedom and self-empowerment. That's why I'm a Linux user! :) I also care about the future and what it will bring, and I'm fascinated by that.
Interesting. Guess you had a productive couple of days away to think about this. Good for you and welcome back.
I'm not sure if I qualify, but I'll bite anyway. When my husband and I first met (we've been married ten years last May), we were working on a haunted house. Yeah, doesn't sound too special, but he was on the board of the house and I was dating him and I think, it was the house that pushed over the edge. The haunted house was a 501(c) 3 organization. It worked solely on donations and anything given to see the haunt was donated to a local kid organization. It rotated, so one year was Shriners' Hospital Burn Unit, another year was the overnight emergency housing for foster kids, another was kids cancer at Moffitt. That was when we lived in Tampa FL. I've got pics from a couple of houses on my hard-drive that I didn't load up yet... wasn't sure how people not associated with the haunt would see them...

I also believe that it's really important to say please and thank you to customer service people and counter jockeys. I worked a few counters as a teen and a sincere thank you could brighten the worst day, so I try to do that for others.

Hubby is also known to stop for anyone stuck on the side of the road. That's a bit much for me (woman... alone... interstate... those movies never end well for the woman but he's not a woman so it's good) but I will call Road Rangers and send help.

In other words, we like helping. We will help when we can. Kids charities, battered women, random people having a bad day... don't care. If someone needs something, we help. Heck, I'm adopted and Hubby's family was a foster family for decades (he's got more adopted siblings than natural because his mom kept adopting foster kids).

If we can pitch in in the Tampa/Ruskin/Riverview area of Florida, we will. If you want to know more about our experiences with various charities (paperwork! Ugh!) we'll share.
Well, you know I'm passionate about art. Art is a way for people to speak, it puts all people on the same level. I also work to support democracy for the poverty stricken in the united states. The poor are horribly misrepresented in this country.
I am working with +Andreas B Lombardozzi on Fair, Ethical and Environmentally sustainable projects in the South Pacific Island from PNG to Samoa. Those Island community growers have suffered from exploitation of monopolist traders and the lack of information and market access. We aim to break down those barriers and improve the livelihoods of those communities through improving trade efficiency. We believe that society owes an ethical and environmental debt to these nations who are already seeing the effect of climate change and the corperatization of our food chain.
For more information please see the following link
home | ap strategy
Secret circles? Honestly, if it's worth posting about I would imagine you would want a wide audience to see it.....just my opinion.
The Secret Circle idea sounds fascinating, but I doubt I have much I would contribute to it. As someone else mentioned, I don't do much self-promotion. We do have some overlapping interests: Education (adult ongoing and a tech emphasis); Non-profits (trying to determine the best way to establish a tiny, private museum that isn't a grant seeking, social butterfly machine); Philosophy/Ethics; History (US, primarily, but the more I learn, the more I need to learn); and Science.
If you ask me, there is like a lot and lot of poverty and helplessness here in my country(In some places). I blame no one but the corrupt politicians, the Government's not-so-good-poverty-fighting-policies and myself(for doing nothing yet). I believe a right leader (politician) can make a lot of difference in helping the needy more than any generous person.

So here is what i'm going to do.(Don't laugh at me....I know it is small but I believe it makes a difference).

I'm going to vote for the right guy and ask others to do the same.
I donate to a cause close to me. I've had two kidney transplants - both from my parents, so I am a big advocate of donations of body organs to those who need it the most. I was (and still am) one of the lucky ones. We have a real problem in Australia with organ donations (I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world) and I feel, more awareness is needed.
Our world is as good as we see and feel it. If there are things we carry in ourselves that distort or filter our perception of reality in a negative way, or otherwise impact our lives negatively, then these things should be detected and removed. If I could change two things in this society then it would be the inclusion of the Systemic Constellations healing method into the core of our health care system, and the inclusion of inner exploration (as in _mindfulness meditation_) into our schooling system at very early grades. Importance of these can only be understood through hands-on experience.
Two-sentence summary of my interests and my life way :
"I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to the end for your right to say" (Voltaire)
"You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one" (J.Lennon, "imagine")
At the moment I'm trying to build an online local collaborative news and information network among my neighbors so we can share useful information about what's happening in our community.
For me its not necessarily about contributing to charities to make it a better place, but for me its treating everyone I meet with as much respect as I can. that comes from saying thank you, please and it was pleasure to meet you. I just met a person tonight who just moved from Israel. I went out of my way to make small conversation with him and ask him about himself. Turns out he and his wife just moved to the U.S. two months ago. But it was pretty neat to talk to him and learn a bit about his own personal history.
+Mohammed Maaz, that isn't small. It's the essence of the right thing to do. Of course, there's no reason to stop there. ;)
I'm interested in increasing liberty in the world, and particularly in the United States.

That's a broad subject, but my focus is on the things that citizens will experience immediately. The nasty stuff like the free speech zones, and the banning of dancing in public places or photographers being harassed in public.

Violence and force by the state is becoming more common, and there is really only one way to deal with it; expose it for public scrutiny.

I think marketing, PR, social networking and citizen journalism are now more effective than in-the-street activism; although those things are also needed.

I believe that personal liberty, and the concept of the free individual, is paramount and if those things die...

Any charities I donate to are those that help free people, in one way or another, or expose atrocities done by governments. is a great organization.
+Christina Trapolino agreed, that's the circle the people I know in person are in, dedicated "secret circles" for people I don't know that I post too just seems a bit off. Or well promoting it anyways. I mean I have a circle that's just my gamer friends because I doubt anyone in the general public wants to hear about a map or model we are making etc., I suppose the idea of promoting it is what throws me off, mainly because the people that are in those circles like that for me are people I either know personally, or are in a group that has established itself for a purpose long ago. They know they are in the circle. Like I said just my opinion, good luck!
I care about a world where you don't have to audition to special clubs (AKA secret circles) in order to make a difference.
+Joost Schuur - It's not an audition! Just a way for people to show they are actually interested in discussing a subject. +1 to express interest takes no time, but a thoughtful comment shows an interest in being active about an interest, which is what I'm looking for. ;)
+Christina Trapolino, my focus for improving the world is to reintroduce folks to natural knowledge. This includes areas such as primitive skills, naturalist studies, and traditional diets. I volunteer with Two Coyotes Wilderness School to help reintroduce children to nature.
I care about creativity. That's what I'm interested in. People who are creative. Technology that's creative. Businesses that are creative. Especially if folks are trying something really new. Like when Steve Martin found a whole new way to approach stand-up and became the most famous standup comic in the world. Or when Google found a whole new way to approach search. Or Jack Kirby transformed the way heroes were drawn in comics. That's what I like.
OK, I admit, there may have been a little too much hyperbole in my comment and you no doubt had the best of intentions. But putting a cap on the membership and having something akin to a secret club just feels wrong. Why limit membership? What is a great candidate with valid contributions comes along a few hours later, after you posted this and you've already stopped accepting new people? You could miss out on something great.
Puget Sound Community School is a cause that's important to me. They're a private school with the philosophy that surrounding students with adults who are excited about what they do is the best way to get students excited about learning and the world. My public school experience was awful, so I'm glad I could volunteer and help out in a tangible way to make a difference in a few kids lives, and further a philosophy (that US public school is broken) I believe in spreading.
+Christina Trapolino Well if caring about the world is the criteria, I should qualify :P That said, I'm not sure I warrant secret circle status. I just believe that we as human beings are capable of so many great things and I truly believe we are growing up as a species.

The news is littered with bad news stories, but the reality is that the world is changing and by and large for the better. We're collectively become more conscious of what we do to the planet and to each other. Sure there are set backs along the way, but I honestly believe that if we emphasize the positive (which doesn't happen often enough in the world) and people see that things are getting better it will only help. That's why I avoid posting negative things to my feed or as comments.

A perfect case in point of this was the relatively recent Haitian earthquake. I remember seeing a shot on the news of an aircraft carrier that was positioned off the coast of Haiti to offer aid and control rescue and relief efforts. Bear in mind this is a country of no political, or resource significance. Yet a multi billion dollar 'weapon of war' was stationed off her coast to provide aid.

I have to be honest, my views of the world have changed dramatically since I started surrounding myself with creative people (or maybe my changing views allowed me to be surrounded by creative people, not sure), but either way I just want to share the good with people, since it just doesn't get done enough.

Cheers, Steve

PS: You can look through my feed and get an idea of some of the things I've been involved with, from charity benefits to shooting videos against violence against women (wow that was a clumsy sentence).
+Christina Trapolino -- We care about water because more people die from polluted water every year than from all forms of violence, including war.

We lived in East Africa for four years and saw the effects that dirty water had on communities that could not afford filters or boreholes. Women would walk for 5 or more kilometers to collect dirty, disease filled, stagnant water. They knew it would make them and their family sick, but had no other choice. There was no other water--anywhere. You can't live in that kind of environment and not have it change you.

We work with to help provide slow-sand water filters and rain water cisterns to people in a village in Rwanda.
+Joost Schuur - I'll periodically add more people. I want to keep it limited to keep the discussion from getting too riddled with noise. To make it totally public means less focused discourse. I intend to share insights discovered in the Circle with the public at large, but brainstorming sometimes needs a quieter space. I also don't intend to post to this Circle more than once or twice a week, letting discussion grow over time.
What do I care about? My kids. I'd do anything for them. My son lost his hair when he was a year and a half. Alopecia Areata. ( I shaved my head so he wouldn't have to go through it alone. He just turned 10 and we're both still bald. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm telling you this because you asked. I never volunteer the information.
Intriguing! I care about people with intellectual / developmental disabilities. I raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society ( via their annual Buddy Walk and am an e-buddy to a man with I/DD via (part of Best Buddies International). All inspired by by son who happens to have Down syndrome. 
Easy, we deal with a diverse canyon of separating ourselves through the use of social media, electronics, and other new emerging technologies. What I would like to find is a way, while not eliminating these things, still find a way to connect on a personal level such that even though, individuals, who may never meet in the real time-space continum, are able to relate as if they did!

I think that this could have a profound impact those who have disabilities and are not able to contribute to society as those without disabilities are able to. I believe that as long as you have a working creative mind, it should be put to good use!
I’m still posting! Just posting travel stories instead of comics! Hope I can get in your secret circle.... I’ll post more videos of trying to make the world a better place soon.
I'm anti-roadkill.

This evening on my bike ride I was cruising down a hill and I noticed a turtle parked on the road. I stopped when I got to the bottom, re-climbed the hill, and shepherded the turtle off the road into the ditch (at some risk of becoming roadkill myself, I might add).

The look of appreciation on the turtle's face made it all worth it.
Well, this probably won't get me in, but what the heck. ;-)

My passion right now is very selfish in a way. I'm working (at a snail's pace since I discovered the dratted games!) on a health site for people who have multiple chronic conditions. Many of these require special diets and, while it's easy enough to find them for any one condition, try finding them for two or three or more at the same time...

It's selfish because I had to research it for me and for relatives, but not quite so selfish now because I'll be doing a publicly-accessible site so others can benefit from what I've learned along the years. But still selfish because I hope to monetize it along the way - gotta find an alternate source of income....

Anyway, the site is still being built, but I'll post the link once it's ready for prime time - IF I can keep away from the games! LOL
Great thread. I care about making one persons life better through a single act of kindness each day. 
My cause is no less than the unburdening of humanity with the status quo (_Because the status is, definitely, not quo -DH_). I look for small ways to make a big difference, taking advantage of the few moments to turn a child around and to a good path, or to give out sagelike advice to tech companies who are probably not listening, but should be.

On a side note, Apple has 74 Billion USD and change that I could help them put to immediate use with SETI, the Khan Academy and other projects.

So that as they say is that, Christina :) Circle as you will, or won't... either way enjoy the dance :)
I teach. I teach middle schoolers. That's my cause. That's my passion: helping seventh graders make it through the onset of adolescence. All the while making them love poetry.
I know I am probably late but I have a few interests that basically boil down to bringing a message of alternative education, and alternative ways of thinking about problems to the world, children and parents. My Google Plus stream is to me a GBlog or a mini blog where I try to curate Ted Talks, RSA talks, and podcasts. I do not post every day, but I am trying to never go more than two or three days without multiple posts.

The reason I am doing this is my kids, and the community around them. I do not want to rely on the school systems we have to educate them (My specific kids were home schooled for the first parts of their lives), but I also see that we cannot just through the system away.

My next step is to start a robotics club (in October) at my daughters school.
@Paul B. I currently work with high school robotics! Let me know if you guys need anything!

Education is my cause. Kids today are in need of some serious role models, so I work (as a teacher) to help my students improve as individuals as I grow along with them. (This is from Mobile App, so it's kinda short...)
Aww, thanks +Cameron Lee Crowhurst!

I now have my first 50! If you want, you can continue to use this comment thread to discuss your favorite causes.

Don't worry, in a week or so I'll open this up again. I just need to see how much noise there is with 50!
+Christopher Wieninger That is a cause that is important to me as well-- anything to make the quality of life for the elderly better since it is so sad when they not only can't take care of themselves, and have lost most of their friends, but their families have all but abandoned them except for the holidays. My grandmother, who I believe is an angel, is 90 years old and volunteers to do those same things to her fellow senior citizens.
+Christina Trapolino I'm a trail endurance runner or in english that means I run really far up hills. Read my profile if you want to know more of my running accomplishments. I'm also interested in knowing more runners on g+ and my curated list of runners sorted by event is at
+Christina Trapolino, I probably missed my turn (already 90+ comments!) but here it is: I am really passionate about education at every level. Just last week I decided to run as a candidate for my local Board of Education, an exciting step I took as soon as I could (I only became a US citizen last year). I am looking forward to the campaigning process and to the hard work that comes later, should I win :) Thanks!
Just food for thought (literally and figuratively) - Many cities have Community Gardens, where you can get a plot to raise veggies for a small annual fee. I'm not sure whether all of them do this, but the one in our city gives half the food grown to local food banks and you keep the rest - and they're into organic veggie gardening, so it's healthier. Google "community gardens" or go to the American Community Garden Association (ACGA) site at to get info on this. ;-)
I care about getting the USA back on track, buy US made goods. Let's put this country back to work.I have many friends still looking for a job.
+Christopher Wieninger - Good! Community Gardens are a good way to get back to the basics, back to the soil. And to do some good for the community, as well, especially in these hard economic times. It's the new Victory Garden thing... ;-)
So, I threw up some pics from a couple of haunted houses. Just don't report me to 'whatever' police. ;)
Aye K
Looks like I might be a little too late. Won't hurt to let everyone know still what we care about. We care about people. We moved to Northern Thailand July 2010 to live a life filled with service to others on a daily basis. As volunteers, we manage social media for non-profit orgs and provide consultation on non-profit management. We recruit volunteers to teach English in Southeast Asia. We ourselves have taught English as well. We also connect travelers with information and other travelers/expats via Team Chiang Mai on FB and our own blog.

More at:
To be honest, this I care about the most may not seem noble or humanitarian to some people, but I believe it is. What I care about the most is the evolution of the Internet. People may compare the Internet to a new media like the TV or Radio, but to me... it is the discovery of a new world (last "world" discovered was in 1492.) Now is when the stronger companies are starting to gain solid ground of this new soil, meanwhile it is also the time when the most amount of people are affected by its development. These companies that are building a stronger reputation than just "that website I visit every day" can easily influence a country towards greatness or perdition.

If its so important to me, what am I going to do about it? My goal in life right now is to help the Internet grow towards creating a more pleasing and smarter society. Anyways... I don't want to get carried away. There's what I care about the most :)
I care about global education; because how else are we going to be able to survive our own stupidity?
I care about productivity and how we are going to provide basic needs to the less fortunate in a world where resources are in tight supply. How should we harness population growth so we no longer are afraid of it?
First of all, +Christina Trapolino, I'd like to thank you for posing this question to the global community. I think this is one of the great questions we as conscious beings can ask of ourselves. In posing this question, you are creating a much needed opportunity for us to speak with authenticity and from the heart. Thank you!

Now, as for my own answer to the question…

I care about the well-being and happiness of every single soul on this precious planet Earth. I care about listening, deeply listening to what we as a human family care about and paying careful attention to the common threads that connect us at this fundamental level. I care about building upon the foundation of these common values, dreams and ideals to build bridges across cultures, ideologies, social classes etc. and to engage in dialogue those working towards transforming our social, political and economic institutions to more effectively empower us to achieve our dreams.

I care about starting with myself in order to make the world a better place by living my life to the fullest of my potential and striving to live a life of lovingkindness and compassion.

I care about what WE care about:

"I care about the future of our youth." +Joe Tomasone
"Making someone else's day better is important to me." +Danna McKinney
"I make it a point to mentor, encourage and listen to those in my life." +Mike Alwill
"I care about making the Googleverse a better place." +Ian Andrews ProjectCarTV
"Drawing a smile on people faces is my everyday mission." +Ali Alhasani
"I am passionate about [re]creating local community/empowering neighbourhoods." +Alisa Hoyt
"I'd want to participate in the creation of a world free of suffering an death for all sentient entity" +Damien Casoni
"I'm trying to make the world better by teaching my children that the most important thing is to be kind." +Aimee Santana
"I am super passionate about music." +Ian Atkin
"One of the things that is important to me is to help people who really want to lead a better life but don't know how." +Sharon Strandskov
"My cause is to eliminate hunger in the world." +Juan Valencia
"I care about Kids." +Clay Hamilton
"I'm passionate about children, animals and the environment." +Jenn Trunk
"I have a passion for people." +Tim Joseph
"I care about making people comfortable through personal interactions… the world can be a better place if people try to ease each other's burdens." +Griffin C. Anderson
"I care about freedom and self-empowerment." +Ike Davis
"I care about abolishing the slave trade." +Josh Walker
"I'm passionate about art." +Drew Nicholson
"I care about creativity." +Brady Russell
"Clean drinking water." +Adam Polt
"I just believe that we as human beings are capable of so many great things and I truly believe we are growing up as a species." +Steve Porter
"We care about water." +Kyle Davis
"I care about making one persons life better through a single act of kindness each day." +Kevin Gorsline
"I teach… That's my cause. That's my passion." +Michael McIntyre
"I care about through communication un-inhibited true democracy is created." +Craig Simpson
"Education is my cause." +Amanda Walters
"Anything to make the quality of life for the elderly better." +Sharon Strandskov
"I am really passionate about education at every level. " +Cristian C. Teodoridis
"We care about people." +Avril GotPassport
"I parent by example so that I know that I am nurturing a globally-aware human being, who is not only self-aware but aware of those who are around her as well. [I care about] constantly mak[ing] a difference in someone else's life. I care about how we don't have the time to care about the important things anymore." +Mich R.
"What I care about the most is the evolution of the Internet." +Ricardo Hormaza
"I care about global education." +Joel Zucker
"I care about productivity and how we are going to provide basic needs to the less fortunate in a world." +Renren Gabás

May your circle aid in guiding us toward these goals!
One thing i always feel injust is for those born less fortunate.. either as a irreversible health disablity or poverty. My conscience hit me that as peer humas, we do not have the right to have a closed eye towards that section of the society just coz we just got lucky to fall into the better fortunate lot. It has to be our responsibility to help bridge that gap in which ever small way possible and thats wat i am trying from my side too..

There is a saying i happend to note once and mst say, changed me from stopping and thinking everytime, instead acting on whatever possible at that moment.. "Dont stop yourself from doing a deed just cause its small or only cause just one or few individuals will benefit from it.... Just remember, no matter how small the deed it really does makes a difference. Make a difference today "

I would love to be part of your secret circle for a cause (but doubt if i already missed the first 50 slot :( )
My charity of choice is probably I always told myself I would make donations there when I have the money to do so.

Even though I am interested in making the world a better place, I'm not interesting enough to be in your Secret Circle. Best of luck to the others ;)
Ha! Nice initiative.

My main passion - and mission in life - is to defend and spread freedom, creating a society in which people can be the best they can be, without interfering on each other's rights. This is why I'm using G+, Facebook, Twitter. It's why I blog and write column. And it's why I'm creating companies.

When I'm 40 years old, I want to have the money, experience and connections to take my goal directly to countries where there's little to no freedom: enable locals who share my vision to share their views, to influence public opinion, and to change their country for the better. Creating newspapers there, founding websites and funding them, in their own language, and so on.
Foiled again by timezones and limits!

There are many causes that are important to me:
Cancer research: because two of my family members have been hit by it.
Racism: because I grew up surrounded by it.
Child abuse: for reasons I'll not go into on a public forum.
Father's rights: because my ex wife keeps my daughter away from me for no good reason, but still lets me have access to my son, which is a ridiculous situation to be in.
Secularism: because not all gods are the same, nor do they say the same things.
I care about our wounded service members. It seems like that past couple of years that the general public has somewhat forgotten that our service members are still fighting for our freedom. These brave men and women are coming home with very serious physical and mental injuries. I served in the Marine Corps for 7 years and spent about a year in Iraq during that time, so this is a subject that I care about very deeply. I believe that it is of utmost importance that American citizens never forget about the troops in harms way. Your political views on the war should not matter, in my opinion. Whether you agree with the war or not, you should always support the troops who fight in it. It was not their decision to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan, but they do it without question or hesitation and they do it better than any other Armed Forces in the world. The United States people should be proud to have such a dedicated group of young men and women protected.
I care about two main issues:
- child abuse (I'm a survivor and I want to increase awareness about how to protect kids and how to help survivors, mostly in adulthood.
- bilinguism as a right and not as luxury, in order to ease integration and tollerance.
I care about the sea and coral reefs... the rainforests of the ocean :) Feel free to add me to your secret circle
I care about the Web, it's people and how to make the world better by developing software.

So i do love: CrisisCommon, GoogleLunarXPrize, Kickstarter and RandomdHacksofKindness
the "cause" thats important for me is - to help everyone in need of art related terms- to spread the idea and concepts i have for design and schematics - to be one of the few artistic evangelist - who helps = thats why i want in your secret circle :) +Christina Trapolino
I care about people being treated as people and not as a gender, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, economic strata, disability, or any other grouping humans have or can come up with. It takes so little to behave respectfully and to treat others with respect. It is rapidly becoming unfathomable why people don't just work that way.
Josh, thanks for the info. I want to look in to this.
Thanks for your post +Christina Trapolino This post has generated so many wonderful and interesting comments to read. I have read each and every of the 123 of them so far.Just like good food they had all the flavors and spices to them. Food for thought. Just amazing to see there are so many people who care out there. The things they do at different levels. In their own houses, thir actions, their gestures by reaching out to people or making them smile, helping or mentoring, community services or working with Not for Profit organisations. Each one is doing something. Reassuring me that humanity lives and PEOPLE DO CARE. World isnt becoming exactly as what we read in the news every single day. Thank you to each and every single one of you.
I CARE about a lot of things.... PEOPLE, HUMANITY, OUR EARTH, JUSTICE and EQUALITY for all. In my own little way I keep doing things in any and every way I can often more instinctively and as a natural character trait than anything else. Smiling at people and greeting them as I pass them on the streets, in the elevators or anywhere. Holding the door open for that man from Staples carrying boxes to be delivered to offices and saying have a good day. Cheering people up and making them SMILE. Mentoring and guiding. sharing ideas and suggestions that help people do things better or get ahead in whatever the case might be. Loving and Respecting every person I have come across in my life so far. Basically you CARE when you LOVE something truly. I LOVE PEOPLE, I LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH, I LOVE LIFE. I hope and wish there was UTOPIA - but I wish everyone well and thats a beginning.
If you have read all of my random ramblings and reached here so far....I Thank you for your time, your patience and interest. :) Have a great day.
How I'm saving the world, one person at a time:
Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Embodies a philosophy that I believe may just be a "silver bullet" to many of the world's problems. Especially as we evolve technologically, we need to evolve in our communication skills so we use the technology to collaborate instead of fight. It's about communicating responsibly and compassionately. It's about recognizing your own needs and stating them. NVC has helped me deal with unruly clients, lovers, and friends. So yeah, I'm into it and really want it to spread. In fact, I've been teaching free classes for the past four years and the waiting list to be in my classes is growing daily. So yes word is spreading but it can't spread fast enough. One of the other things I'm doing to get the word out is making short, funny animations showing people in typical conflict situations using NVC to create peace and understanding. You can watch those short animations here:
Please add me to your secret circle put aside for idealists who want to save the world :-)
I am curious, did you get the 50 people you wanted? this would be a cool list to publish, I like following people that have something to say. Maybe a Circlesunday list?
Hi Christina. I teach Biology and Geology at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. My job is to give intro college students the best college experience they can possible have. I get to talk about science for a living... who could ask for more??? I organize a student running group as well for students who need to unplug and take a run to clear their heads and I co-chair the Honors program on our campus.

Love your posts... thanks!
Hi +Christina Trapolino

I care about the world and making it a better place for all of us to live in. I am passionate about life and believe in action. We can make a difference. 
I keep secrets :) even was paid to do so in the military lol

Actually I don't do anything worth being in an secret circle so not looking to be included but I like the concept. I also like reading everyone's comments so far on this thread.
Hello and congrats about the idea. Here it is my contribution:
Knowledge, Innovation, sustainability, my family and friends. The first three have the ability to solve most of the problems in our world. The last two can keep me out of trouble, away from problems.
Best Regards
I found this question to be oddly difficult to answer, until I realized that I was confusing the things I care about, with the things I am interested in.

I care about my family and friends. Knowing that my family members are safe and happy, and seeing my friends enjoying themselves are both incredibly important to me. The interests that were confusing the issue for me include math, tequila, art, and music, in that order.
"We made it! (think looking back on all this, from the year 2111). What happened? <- what I care about
What an excellent idea!!!!

Sorry I missed the chance to be part of your Secret Circle... maybe you could have a Secret Circle Wannabes?

So, seriously, my interest is three things: passion, integity and language.  I believe that we all need passion and do have one and it forms our identity and grounds our lives while creating dreams and ambition.  To that vain I am following my passion of skincare and hoping to use to inform others of great ingredients and use it to connect with people who feel the same about skincare and sometime feel they want something a little more significant than just marketing in a pretty pot.

Integrity informs my life and is one of the most important values I hold dear and I use it to guide me, to measure me and to give me direction.

Language is my big interest at the moment as I believe we often speak the same language and use the same words but do not really understand how this works for others and are scared to adapt or try to learn a new way to speak to those we have around us.  I have seen relationships change in such positive ways which have been set in a odd cycle of anger/confusion/insecurity/intimidation or all sorts of unpleasand and negative ways that actually had love but a failure to express it at its heart.  When the common language is unlocked, that negative cycle has moved away and the expression of something wonderful comes out...
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