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Do you miss having a "Wall" for your friends to post on?
A few minutes ago, one user alerted me to a question that one of her new G+ friends asked (isn't it neat how +name mentions are like a little summoning spell?!) -- it was about not being able to post on each other's "Walls" here.

My first instinct was to ask the new user why she was so attached to the Wall concept in the first place. After all, even though Facebook coined the phrase, "post it on my Wall, I'll check it out later," MySpace had a wall feature, too. It's about having access to post something publicly on another person's profile.

My question is -- why are we into that? I don't miss it at all. Usually, it was just an annoyance for me to have to make sure no one was posting stuff on my Wall that I'd need to hide from other people who could see my Wall. I had a few friends who even disabled others' ability to post on their Wall entirely.

Do we need that here? What is the purpose of it? Would you leave it disabled if it was a feature you could choose to turn on?
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I don't think walls are necessary at all. I like my world without walls.
People should enable the "Email me" button.
I never check my FB wall so I'm glad I don't have one here. LOL
I prefer the mention-message method instead of a public wall. If you really want other people to see, add them to the post, or the circle of people who you want to see.
not me. i grew tired of seeing so many posts between couples, each of whom i had as friends (which was also creepy). it was a neat concept that people just didn't get. i like the polarity of having messages either be explicitly public or private. i may be the minority voice on this one.
So, to recap, wall = The ability to send someone a message that is directed toward them, yet visible to the public. In other words, public-private-messages. I've heard it compared to the ability to spray-paint on someone's house.

Nope, don't need it. Send me a private message if you want to direct something toward me. If you want to talk about me publicly, post it on your own profile.
A public facing wall is a bad idea. 
I never used them on Facebook to begin with. So no, I don't miss having one.
Guys... it's not public if you only share that post with one person. MentionMSGs are posts you share with a select individual or individuals. Only those people can see it. That's why it's called Limited!

You can even see / isolate posts with mentions in your Notifications. It's like having a message inbox.
Never used walls on FB, posted on my profile or if it should be private I pmed them
"it was just an annoyance for me to have to make sure no one was posting stuff on my Wall that I'd need to hide from other people who could see my Wall." exactly my thoughts. I am very glad g+ doesn't have that option
I am fine without the wall, my family and I just create a post that only is shared with the person or people who we want to see it. It's better that way.
+Christina Trapolino I think it is a little culture shock not to have a wall, especially those who have not done the twitter thing and have had no experience with just a stream. i think as people get used to G+ they will see they don't need walls.
Well but you can post to someone by specifying them in the Share box...
I definitely don't miss it either.

I found that the majority of things ending up on my wall were links to things I wasn't interested in (at best) or to things I wouldn't want to be associated with my public profile in any forum (at worst).

Of course, sometimes it's tough to find these between all the spam and game request - so I just stopped trying.

I know it's possible to block out most of the unwanted fluff, at least in a vague or highly-specific sense, but really - why bother? Anything important gets sent to me privately anyway, and I prefer it that way.

Besides - aren't I allowed to wax egotistical and claim my profile for broadcasting my own communications? :) That's one of the features I enjoy here; you can get a sense for what a person's all about (or at least what they're likely to share with you) simply by examining their personal posts in their profile.

My opinion's absolutely free; please take it for what it's worth! :)
This isn't Facebook for Christ's sake....forget about Walls, if you want to post something public just do it here.
No, no thanks, don't want it.
I'm not sure I really ever understood the point of the wall feature in facebook and I almost never used it.
I think that the concept of walls on facebook stymied good sharing. It got to the point where people would "dump" everything they wanted to share with you on your wall.
Seriously if people are looking for effbook type features there's a service for that. It's called effbook.
Aside from the graffiti analogy, walls are also like talking real loud in a crowded train. BUT, it can be done in G+... Here's how. :) Share something in Public AND Tag it with a +whoever
Don't need it...just send them a solo comment. No need to post publicly on someone's wall unless bidden to do so.
No, this is not FB and shouldn't become it's understudy.
No-wall and no requests are the main reasons why I am here and not on FB
yeah you always had to check your wall incase you'd made a comment or posted something on a page that you didn't want some people to know about like personal stuff
+Jason Salas I agree no one needs to see me tell my wife I love her and such, that is just a bunch of attention grabbing crap
Excellent point. The "wall" is just something to maintain lest one of your less-cautious friends blow up your spot about your drug habits or womanizing tendencies. Or, you know, name your vice. People like it as a way to stroke their own egos- people love getting wall posts, but in reality if you have something to say to someone, putting it in a public forum in the manner that Facebook's wall feature does is just giving people a higher sense of self-importance. But the reality of the situation is- no one else really cares about your A-B conversations. Kudos to Google for acknowledging its frivolity.
I hate the "Wall" on FB. Please leave that over there.
All in all, it's just another shit on the wall.
Agree with previous posters' exhibitionism comments, 100%
+Jeff Woolslayer You summed up exactly how I always saw walls being used on Facebook. I'm actually glad I don't have to constantly manage my wall for privacy concerns anymore and the experience here is much more streamlined (no pun intended).
But when somebody I've never met before "answered a question about me" where am I supposed to see it?
but....but...I like feeling validated by having private conversations out in the open so everyone can know how much loved I else are people supposed to know that I'm cool, popular and have friends
I personally don't need or care to have one, but I can see an argument for a form on their profile to compose a g+ style directed message. A place many will expect to find one. If the same interface also showed me the "directed message history" between the two of us that would be vastly better than a traditional wall. (IMHO)
Walls aren't that hard to reproduce here -- just have a 'Wall comment' open to the public every few posts.
I disable FB posts from other users on my wall. It's affected my communication there, because some users feel they must be allowed to attach posts directly to you. For those of us involved in politics, that can be a big problem. No walls here, please and thank you.
and how else is everyone going to know how many "Happy Birthdays" I got
And for what it's worth...I'd prefer if everything was on a 'wall' but it's a pipe dream and I know that.
For me, e-mail message has all the advantages of a wall, without any of the drawbacks... The reason I think FB invented the wall is that it didn't have a proper mail system (doesn't have one now either, imho)
thats another reason why its harder to get better relationships on facebook cos you worry about it all going on your wall. the other thing is its filled with junk games and horoscope posts etc
The whole + thing replaces walls now. The only purpose of walls was really to let other people see content you wanted to share with them explicitly and make sure they saw it.

I know for every one good wall post I have, I have 15 from technologically inept family members that cannot grasp the concept of a private message (sigh).

Good riddance to that ability. If you want to mention me in a post on your stream, that's fine, but then you're making a mess of what your profile looks like, not mine.
+Choosa Farrukh There's any number of things that can be disabled on FB. The really great thing for G+ would be to not have that option to disable. Those who want things like that have a perfect SocNet available to them. It's called FB :)
all the things you post go into your posts on your profile anyway for if you want anyone to see them you just post to publiv or if you want select people to see it on your posts in your profile you select their circle to post it to
Circles and streams do everything you could possibly need. Public messages are public, direct messages stay private. Simple and effective. Some of my best rl friends are terriblly indiscreet on my wall and it does my head in. I am not gonna de-friend them, but I really have to monitor the damned wall. That and the games spam are the two big reasons I would dump fb if all my friends weren't on there...
+emma lamb +peter erickson, go to your profile, edit profile, below your profile pic is "Send an Email" click that to edit to "visible to everyone"
I think the wall does serve a purpose sometimes, but it's mostly ego related. Personally I have no use for the wall, but I can see a lot of FB users reluctant to move here simply for the lack of a wall. For example, a wall is kinda nice to congratulate someone on an engagement, or to wish someone a happy birthday. There's no reason you can't message someone but it's kind of an ego boost to have a nice long list for all to see of all the people who remembered it was your birthday.
To have a wall on FB is a useless feature for me. So I don't miss it here.
I saw a great FB feature. Disable Account :)
I won't miss walls. I could never figure out the idea of them really. The only thing I found them good for was the Happy Birthday posts but I struggled with that a bit. The reminders are always in Australian time and I rarely remember on the actual birthday for someone born in the USA, for instance.
Ah I love this question. I've had a love/hate relationship with the Facebook wall.
From thinking, "I really wish they would have sent me a private message instead of posting to my wall" to "Why do I need to care about where they posted the message? This is a lesson for me in letting go." But all that said, I don't miss the Wall :-)
Don't miss the Wall at all...
I am actually glad that I am the only person who can post on my profile. That will prevent the thousands of cheesy apps and games which are about to arrive to do so. Hopefully.
While I don't miss the wall at all, I do wish we had an integrated inbox of sorts. As it stands, there is no integrated means of communicating directly with another individual outside of comments or privacy setting on a post - which isn't terribly functional for direct communication.
I haven't used Facebook for well over a year now and I didn't understand most of it. The wall was a particular annoyance. If there were a wall function on Google+ I hope it would be possible to disable it. My email address is well known.
Yeah the Wall feature was more trouble than it was worth. If you think about it, the Wall was the main way that the most irritating drama happened on Facebook. From angry ex's to cyber bullying, the wall was the best way to mess with someone. I say that its a good choice for Google to exclude it here.
I was mildly disoriented at first because I'm used to posting a link on a friend's wall when it's about something they are interested in. I got used to the idea very quickly, though, and I love that everything is in one stream on G+ instead of separated out into different walls and inboxes.
+L. Gray Have you ever thought what loyal FB users will be saying in 1 year? :)
A Hakim
I don't miss it. I disabled my FB wall long ago. I would not use it if it becomes a feature here.
I am really glad that someone can't post on my profile! I didn't like my wall to look like the inside of a bar bathroom stall. 
No one here who's been on Facebook ever uses the wall to glean a quick 'news update' on their friends lives? I don't miss the wall much, but I do miss the means for that here.
I don't miss it, but it serves a purpose, even if that purpose isn't obvious. Sometimes when a message is directed at someone, you may not mind that other people see it. For example "hey, have you seen this new show?" I might direct that at one person in particular, but don't mind if a mutual friend comments that they have as well. I prefer doing that instead of asking everyone. Posting links as well. I don't need the wall, but don't mind it either.
+Kim Clewell - nice to see someone stick up for the Wall, although I don't personally like it myself. =) My question is...what did you actually like about having people post stuff to your wall in public? What did you get out of that that you couldn't get out of a private, direct message?

(Please note I'm not trying to shoot down your sentiments, but rather to understand them!)
I personally prefer the Stream G+ uses to the FB Wall. I have nephews and nieces on my wall who don't need to see things that some of my less couth freinds may post. People also don't need to their business contacts seeing them drinking and carousing on the weekend... for example.
I think it's just strange for people to shift their thinking to a 'wall-less' social network. It took me a minute, but I like it as well. I definitely like the idea of not having to constantly patrol my wall to maintain a level of respectability from my extended family and work colleagues.
+Wilfredo Gonzalez - I'm wondering if maybe the fact that you have to stop and think about who you want to address a question to is a good thing. After all, wouldn't it make the most sense to ask a group of people (not just one, and not everyone on earth) whether they've seen a show you like? If all of your real life TV watching buds are in a Circle, you can address that kind of question to them all and still get the same type of feedback you'd get by posting on a person's Wall. Or am I missing it entirely?
+Kim Clewell I think you nailed what most people dont like about them when you said you would want them to only be viewable and have posting privileges for certain circles. That right there was the problem with FB's wall. Unless I block individuals completely I have no way to control what friend X is letting co-worker Y or 15 y.o. niece Z see when they post on my wall. Privacy controls and filtering are inherent to G+'s method on the other hand.
Don't miss it. Never used it. If I wanted to message someone, I pmed them or if need be I commented on one of their posts but I never really posted on someone else's wall. What threw me for a loop was no way to PM someone but you can always just + their name to get the same result. Also, there's always email.

Are you listening, Google? NO WALL.
+Christina Trapolino I don't think you are missing it, I think that they just seem like different ways to do things. And it does seem Google wants people to do with this. Sometimes the noise on Facebook and Twitter can be a bit much. Forcing people to think "Who will really want to see this post" slows things down and makes messaging much more direct. So I agree, it can be a good thing, especially as more people join and expand their circles.
The lack of wall is one of my favorite features! That is not to say that a wall type setup could not be implemented successfully by Google, but that it is unnecessary within G+. The fb wall was always way too public, and effectively advertised your every move publicly. I think the G+ team have realized that there is need for everyone to see everything I say - good work
+Emma Manning you can still have conversations with friends granted they're all in everyone else's circles or you start a public post. If you want a specific person's attention +tag them and if you want others to be free to join in expand your circles or make the post public. I personally find it easy to manage to have all discussion started by you all in one "wall."
most things i read posted on people's walls were either personal messages not meant to be read by others, or "happy birthday"... good riddance, wall
I think a 'white-board' would be a cool Idea...
I do miss it; it should be an option, at least. Anything to spur actual human interaction here. I remember Superpoke being an entertaining-enough if silly way to interact with other Facebook users when things were a little bare there too. I'm finding G+ so far an elegant semi-shared blogging tool or Twitter replacement, but socially a bit dull.
A wall is neat for posting to a cross section of friends. When I posted on facebook on another person's wall the intent was to post so they could see it AND mutual friends would. The stream doesn't really let you do that.

I won't fret over losing the wall, but having it as an option you could turn on (seems like the default would be off) seems reasonable enough. Having choice is often a good thing. I'd really like the ability to post on another person's wall but only to one of my circles. It lets you direct the conversation and prevents the issue other people have of being associated with what I can only assume are less civilized friends. Best of both worlds?
+Emma Manning - Interesting! Thanks for the explanation -- I totally understand what you're getting at. I think it sounds like you and the other two ladies in your story could have probably achieved the same thing if you created a Circle specifically made for your university buddies. And it works even though one of the people in the story wouldn't have been in the Circle yet, because you can choose to post to the university buddies Circle and to any number of specific other users (and they don't even have to be in ANY of your Circles to do it).

It may sound complicated when written out like that, but in practice it would actually be super easy to do.
+Chris Pirillo - If you're cleverly talking smack about my favorite band, I'm going to have to take the conversation to my "profanity ENABLED" Circle.
I never even allowed that on my fb account! Don't miss it at all!
Anybody who wants a wall on Google+ can just make a public post saying "This is my wall." Then anybody can follow up with whatever they have to say.
I can understand that +Kim Clewell. Thats certainly a good way to restrict your shares and your privacy. I personally would much rather have the ability to have everyone i want in my network and then circle them appropriately for the types of sharing that are pertinent to them. Luckily this isnt a zero sum game. FB and the wall arent going anyplace. Some people are never going to give this a try at all. I applaud you for trying this out even though for you personally it may be counter intuitive to how you want to socially network.
that's a good question, the wall on Facebook is entirely too public in my opinion. I think Google+ could come up with a way to have something similar but only for specific circles or even specific people. But they don't have to, if you want to contact someone specifically, why not just email them? Or better yet, go back to your Facebook (which I don't think anyone should delete just because Google+ is here) and write on their wall. There's really no room to complain on here yet either. Google+ is still being tested, and Google is listening to feedback. I'm sure it will continue for a long time too. I, and i'm sure many others, don't think Google+ is/should be the new Facebook. It is entirely different and is in no way shape or form JUST a "social network." It's much more than that. Thanks for the post!
I think it's just force of habit, really. Essentially, clicking "Share" on G+ and then typing a person's name takes just about as many steps as posting on a Facebook Wall.
With respect to all of you, I think most of you are completely missing the point. Let me rephrase the question:

Would you like to have a tab on people's profile where you can see all the posts that mention that person (and which you have permission to see)? That would be the G+ equivalent of the FB "wall". And I, for one, would find such a feature quite handy.
Why not make it an option for those that want it, so while +Kevin Medeiros may not want it,others may. Personally I like it the way it is, but I am all for options.
Does posting a message with only one person as the "Sharee" even alert to them that you've done that or does it merely show up in their stream? If it doesn't I can also see more of a need for a wall, especially without a private messaging component here. Not everyone sees everything that shows up in their stream.
At first I missed it, but quickly came to realize it wasn't needed at all. 
The only thing that I can remember of an okay use of FB wall is when people are congratulating someone for their achievements, awards or birthdays. People usually don't mind having these kinds of posts on their FB walls.

FB wall works differently than Twitter @mentions or G+ +pluses.

You can choose one of these in FB:
1. Mention someone in your own wall's post which will be visible to your friends, but not their exclusive friends. This is currently supported by G+ +pluses and Twitter @mentions.
2. Write something on someone's wall which won't be visible to your friends (unless they're your mutual friends), but will be visible to that person's friends (which you don't know how many there are). I'm not sure this is supported by G+. Twitter kinda supports this with replies.

I'm not sure I will miss FB wall's unique behavior and G+ circle has its own unique behavior that I would prefer for private/group conversations.
I will miss it and probably will still using FB until G+ has a similar feature or nobody uses FB anymore. I'm sure many of my friends will agree with me because we are using it very often.

It is very useful for socializing with my friends and their friends along with our mutual friends. When I find some contents I think someone might be interested in, I post on their wall so that other friends of ours or theirs might check it as well if they want, that's one way to communicate with people we know and get to know those who we don't know well (yet). It' is also one place where contents about one specific person is gathered, making it easier for those who care about that person and sometimes for the person himself to find old posts.

Circles and mentions are not enough. We can't create circles to meet the audience for all type of contents, we don't have time to mention all that might be interested those content manually each time, plus I don't want to throw my posts in their face, just because I'm afraid they might miss them.

Just because some people can't control and/or don't like what others are posting on their wall doesn't mean that the wall is useless. I think the better question is: How to control one's wall better. Disabling it is an option, hiding it is an option, letting the owner decide which post to be displayed, who or which app to be allow is an option, not supporting it, well, I can't say isn't an option, but it would be a bad choice. Many people still love this kind of guestbook. My FB wall is always clean and contains only interesting stories.
Don't really miss the wall at all, or facebook for that matter. I do agree with +Jim Laux though that google+ so far doesn't have as much social interaction at the moment. Hopefully that changes as more folks come aboard.
If I am posting something that is very specifically for the person I want to respond to, I will use +<name>. If I wouldn't mind my friends/family/acquaintances etc seeing it, I will use +<name> as well as whatever circles I don't mind seeing it.

Being able to post something to someone's wall which is truly private is a feature I particularly like in G+. I never got used to getting "email" (aka private messages) on FB
I would only want a "Wall" if I had control over the visibility of it. On Facebook, I can set visibility of my wall so that only a select few can see what others post on my wall, but then everyone who can't see what others post also cannot post on my wall, even if I give them permission to do so. It's totally hare-brained.

The wall is just one example that shows Facebook's origin as a college student social medium. It is exactly the same as the whiteboard or corkboard that is on or near the door of most college dorm rooms. I have no need for that. If someone wants to send something to me by putting me as the only person in the visibility of a shared item, or by using the +name feature, then I can choose whether or not to share it with other people, and if so, to whom. Otherwise, send me an email. My wall is my wall, and what other people put on it isn't from me, so why should it be on my wall representing me?
I don't miss the wall. It's just a place I would have to patrol constantly to scrub it of bad/malicious info. Good riddance.
Mike D
I miss my other account, which was suspended because my pseudonym was an obvious pseudonym.
All we are is just a brick in the wall. 
Ari B.
On Facebook nobody ever really posts anything of value to other people's walls. Most of it is game crap or the bazillion happy birthday comments once a year that are really just empty spam when you think about it. (Does anyone even send real cards with heartfelt messages anymore?) The only conversations and substantive posts on my wall are typically on things I posted/shared that turned into discussions in comments. That's pretty much what G+ is like anyway, just without all the other bulky stuff FB comes with.

G+ users are more interactive with each other in the first place, so I just don't see a need for a wall. It might actually detract from the quality and frequency of post comments we now enjoy, and I don't want that to go away.
+Laura Gibbs wants Public Circles which would have to have a public wall. A very good wall implementation as a bulletin board rather than as graffiti space.
I never understood the concept of Walls. Not needed.
agreed. 'posting on wall" = shouting personal communication to everyone else. tell me in private first, then I'll decide if I want to pass it on. right?
The "Wall" is one of the things I hate about FB. Games is another. We can do without both I think.
My fb wall became sooooo flooded with junk, that I gave up on it. I just never went there.
Not missing the walls. Not missing the games.
+Ari Bancale Thanks! :) I just hope that all the fb friends I invited make it over to G+ :)
Yes. We need walls. Many people have told me that the one thing they notice when they use G+ for the first time is the absence of walls and that's the main reason they aren't using G+ now. However, I don't think G+ needs to implement walls just like Facebook has, and I don't think they could either because of the nature of posts in G+. You can't choose who would be able to post on your wall if there was one currently. Read below to find out my solution:

Walls could be implemented by just making any +Mentions in a real post (not in comments) appear on your profile. The people who could see it in their streams are the people who it has been shared to (any circles) and only them.. this is only one of the ideas I came up with to appease the people wanting walls, because it is clear that nobody wants walls. To solve the solution of choosing who's posts would appear on your profile if they mention you, just have an option when creating a circle to "*Let this circle's mentions of me appear on my profile*". This way you can have a clear way of moderating your wall, which is a one up from any other "wall" services other sites offer.

However, to do this and from keeping the masses appeased, I really think G+ needs to re-think the way public posts work. Here's my solution to this
Well I can't give you a reason, per se, but I love walls and that was the only thing I missed.

Maybe something that happened to me on my Facebook wall today will help explain it... I used to be in foster care... And I'm friends with my foster parents from when I was 7 years old. Today, my former foster mom posted to my Facebook wall and told me how much I was loved and she hoped I had a great day. This simple gesture made my whole day AWESOME.

Spontaneous things like this are much harder to do when it's not as easy to do them. If she had to figure out how to post that comment, she may not have, and then she wouldn't have made my day like she did.
- Important information on the test phase -
They are part of a small group of people who help to test Google +. If you have something to share with people who can not yet use Google +, they receive an e-mail but it can not be like other Google + users post comments or interact with the content. Gradually, more and more users gain access. Then all your contacts will also use Google +
Effectively, there IS a wall here, except that others can't make posts there (they can only comment on the posts you've made). Obviously, if you didn't like having people post random things on your FB wall, you wouldn't really want to let people post things that show up on a tab on your profile, would you? Particularly since Google has announced profiles cannot be private?
If the purpose of a 'wall' is to have something that allows you to read something later, the stream already does that. You can go to your notifications, and read whatever someone has specifically shared with you, or tagged you in. You can do that when you get the notification, or even go to your notifications stream to read it later. In my circle of friends, a wall also serves to allow others to see what has been shared with you. +Christina Trapolino , here I agree with you, I have no interest in having people see everything that has been shared with me. It detracts from the usefulness of circles. For instance, I would never add my mother to Facebook, because I don't want her to know everything that happens in my life, like a great party over the weekend. However, I will gladly add her on Google+ because I have the ability to limit what I share with her.

I'm sure when the search feature arrives, I will be able to search for posts where I, or my friends were tagged in, or that they posted. If it was shared privately with me, then I can just browse my notifications.
Xin Li
What is a wall again? Sounds limiting.... And what is this book of faces that you speak of?
The one problem, unless I'm missing something, is that you cannot see all the posts you were mentioned in, in one spot. As time goes on trying to view these without some sort of feature will be next to possible.

When you're directing a post to one person (i.e. Like a wall), do u usually mention the person in a public comment or do you direct a post to them as the only audience? Mention me if you're answering please, so I can check back. Too many comments for me to check each notification.
Xin Li
There's a View all link in your notification drop down panel. But I"m not sure how far back that goes though..
I didn't even realize there wasn't a wall function, so I guess I haven't missed it that much. And yeah, I don't feel the need for one on this.
Don't need it here at all. You know why? BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY ON FACEBOOK!!! If people feel the need for facebook services, that's where they can go to get them.

And while we're talking about it, I can do without the feature that let's someone I'm not following "share" posts with me. I'm cool with being tagged in posts, but today I had someone who I'm not following "share" like 6 posts w me that I didn't ask for. They didn't show up in my timeline, BUT they did fill up my notifications.

As I see it, the wall post is a weird thing anyway. It's like saying "here's a message that I want everyone to see that i sent you.". Very narcissistic. You can do that here in a way (tag someone in a post and share it publicly) but it kind of exposes you for the "hey, everybody! Look what I said to Christina!" douche that you are.
Stream is far better than wall and am glad it's done in.
I couldn't agree more -- my friends ask me the same thing, and when I bring up your exact argument, they get it. You just send a very limited message. "Want to go to dinner tonight?" can be shared with just a small group of friends... something your whole social network doesn't have to know.
I think "early adopters" are fine with G+ being different and not have a wall for friends to comment on like in FB, but almost every one of my friends that I invited asked me where the wall is and how to comment on other people's page. I wrote a blog post on how to post on a friend's wall to help people out. I got feedback that people still prefer to have a wall.
facebook wall would never ever constitute for a real life wall. So no, facebook wall is never necessary.
I was trying to remember if Friendster had walls you could write on. I wanted to go back and check, but I deleted my account long ago. Going back now would be like going back to an abandoned city after nuclear armageddon, but instead of mutants and tumbleweeds it's just spam-bots and strippers. Terrifying stuff.
Coming from a very rural background the wall is something importance to users at least where I'm from in KY. Personally I could care a less about posting on walls.

In the rural culture where I come from people are highly interested in what their friends and neighboors are up to. Many also feel that if they can't make face to face contact they should at least post some kind of acknowledgement to their friends or distant friends; maybe a public display of affection in a virtual sense.

Walls, however, are just another stressor in the world of global social networking for the reason discussed in this commentary.

Google + may be best , in my opinion, if it distances itsself from taking on to many facebook characteristics. We already have a facebook its time for the new revolution in social media that is different from the top contenders. 
Personally, I hate the Facebook wall. I get so frustrated with fb users who seem to leave their brains at home and start personal conversations on your wall or in comments on your posts... MUCH prefer the G+ approach. "+" me privately if you want to send a message... Much more civilised
Not all walls are graffiti spaces. As mentioned by +Laura Gibbs, the Wall as a chalk/white board is a great way to interact with students to give Public feedback where other students can learn. Walls as a designated bulletin boards can also be valuable to both hosts and viewers. The proper use of Walls, like any piece of technology, really depends on its implementation and how the target users use them.
I don't miss my public wall, but the wall from my pages was useful- a question asked there was public and encouraged interaction between my customers instead of just between them and me. I hope that is something that will be implemented in the business profiles.

In terms of my personal profile, i can post publicly or to particular circles or one-to-one and i like that level of control. 
I totally agree, we don't need a wall feature. :-) I prefer it the way it is now.
I never got the Wall concept. Then again I don't think I got the Facebook concept either. To quote my colleague (+Ahmed Aneeth) ...

"A few people whom I invited to join google+ have been asking me why there is no Wall. After a couple of discussions amongst friends here's what I can say.

Its like the equivalent of having something like a "Kick Me" Post-it note on you that you only come to know of once its been brought to your attention (either by someone or by seeing a reflection), by which time a lot of laughs n pranks would have been had at your expense."
not missed and never will be. If you have something to say to me, why the hell do you need to tell all my Facebook "friends" anyway - send a freaking message. G+ is awesome in the sense that you can post something to selected people only. Doesn't even need to be limited to a circle. This is exactly what we're looking for.
I agree with +Christina Trapolino. Why would we want to have an arcane feature like a wall whose outmoded function was to facilitate communication on a social network?

Google+ is way more futuristic in a lot of ways, but one of those ways is that it doesn't make me feel unimportant or self-conscious because I don't have any friends who think about me enough in their daily lives to post personalized messages on my Facebook wall. Here, I know I'm important and on the bleeding edge of all the hottest virtual social trends. Here, I know I'm important.

Here, I know I'm important.
+Erica Glasier the G+ form of private messaging is to make a regular post and, when choosing which circles to post to, just type in any individual's name. Those posts will show up in their notifications box. That would allow you to do what you're talking about.

I'm wondering what kind of capabilities the API will offer. If we can develop apps to integrate into profiles, then walls would be a great app for someone to create (and someone will do it if possible). I just don't think it fits in as a core feature.
+Erica Glasier yeah, it can be formatted like a tweet (@ symbol) or with the + symbol, and can be made public or private.. but either way, it won't show up in the streams of people who don't have you in their circles.

I think that kind of works, because I don't want every mention of my name to be broadcast to the world. It doesn't fit the 'circle' mentality of isolating different groups that you interact with.
I've never 'liked' the whole 'wall' concept. I'm happy it is not here on G+. Yet another improvement and advancement of G+ over what came before. If you want to drop me a message, email me, im me, chat me call me, txt me or post it to a circle with just me in it! I have no need for someone to make public what they want to message me...
I can understand why someone transitioning from Facebook might be trying to get a handle on how to use the service by equating features and there is very much no obvious analogue for the Wall here. Personally I don't see that as a particular loss as I personally prefer how G+ handles the sharing (and control of that sharing) of information.

Someone mentioned earlier in the comments that having a feature to see what visible-to-me posts someone has been mentioned in as being useful, but if you have no context for seeing those posts in the first place how useful could they be? Would the more appropriate 'Wall' type equivalent not be the resharing of a post you are mentioned in, that way anyone who is following you gets to see and comment on that information that you are effectively saying is something your 'audience' might actually be interested in.
Not sure why anyone would think the "Wall" concept is even relevant as a + concept as it seems to violate all the privacy issues solved by circles. You may read that as preserving boundary control if you prefer since the word "privacy" seems to put some people off as it relates to a "social networking" site. To me, even though it's a social site, I still firmly believe not all communications I post are applicable or even appropriate for all my various circles, so why would I want anyone I've reciprocated into a circle (or not) to be able to post random public content somewhere associated with me or my profile?

What might placate the "Wall" outcry and still be a relevant feature concept would be a sort of RSS feed -- similar to what you have on your "Profile" page if you click on posts -- only instead of things you've originated as posts, things that were directed at you in some manner -- not everything shared with you (since that's called the "Stream"), but like Twitter's "@Mentions" and "@DM" lists.

Could that solve and be a reasonable replacement for a "Wall"? No idea since I never liked the idea of the "Wall" on Facebook in the first place, but I sure would like to be able to pull a quick reference of posts that were directed at me since sometimes it's hard to keep track of who originated and what the the original message thread was where I was mentioned and digging for it in the Stream or Notifications is just plain painful.

Thoughts on that anyone?
I love not having to worry about what nuts are posting to my wall while I'm asleep.
"Usually, it was just an annoyance for me to have to make sure no one was posting stuff on my Wall that I'd need to hide from other people who could see my Wall. I had a few friends who even disabled others' ability to post on their Wall entirely."

This pretty much mirrors my experience. I do a lot of trimming on my Facebook wall, as I have always viewed it as a kind of "social resume." Google+ has a whole different feel, though, and I'm really enjoying the way Google puts the focus on the Stream rather than various users' walls.
One of my close friends, +Caleb Thompson, also disabled his wall some time ago because I kept posting firearm related junk on it. So, I've been on both sides of that issue. :D
I agree Christina. I was never that comfortable with the wall concept. That reminds me of that FB parody on Youtube with 3 British guys where one guy spray paints the outside of the house and the guy at the door asks the so-called friend what the other guys is doing to the house and he says "he's writing on your wall". I am usually more of a reserved person, and hardly share much on FB, but the G+ model appears to be more open to what you as the user want it to be and hopefully I can make it work for me.
+Andrew Moursund I was more concerned about the "social resume" you mentioned than your specific posts. That was just after I'd brought back my Facebook account after having disabled it over privacy concerns. Not having a wall gave me one more level of privacy (it also prevents people from seeing what I post except in their News Feed - that is, one couldn't see everything I had to say by viewing my profile).
My gosh, I love reading your posts & the comments but after about 50 it's hard to get through them all (I have this addiction on news websites too of reading all the comments -- maybe it's just I like hearing so many people's opinions)

That being said, I think the "no wall" thing is just disorienting at first for so many people who were accustomed to Myspace & Facebook. Facebook has always been a voyeuristic mechanism -- which I think has been its greatest draw and biggest deterrent. In all honesty, knowing Zuckerberg's ambition for the site originally and in interviews since, I think he'd rather do away with private messages and make EVERYTHING posted to the Wall/NewsFeed. It was only an outcry from users that changed the extraordinarily open nature of FB (and I'm guessing formed a large contingent of the G+ early migrators)

For me, my Wall was locked down and only certain people could post and very few could read what was posted/tagged/etc. (In that sense, I had created "Circles" on Facebook but it just took effort) I'm a fan of G+ because of how it changes the culture, but I've noticed that even among my techie friends they're not using the service because they don't feel like they can "peek in" on what's going on -- not realizing that it requires Public or Circle posting among the people they're following. I'm finding myself for the time being interacting far more with absolute strangers... which I find fascinating, but also makes me worry about the long-term future of using this in the same way I use Facebook, and having it end up more in the way that I use Twitter
I disabled the feature for all but a small group on Facebook. I don't see the need for it.
The thing is you effectively have a wall here. When you create the post you can choose the post to be for just one person. it will so up on his or her stream. the + is that (if i understand correct) you dont have to worry about other people seeing it or being offended by it unless the target person chooses to share it with a wider circle... I think its better then an open wall.
I can tell I'd enjoy the Stream feature more than the Wall one, even though I've never used a social networking site with a wall.
I like the fact that the inability to post something to someone publicly makes me re-think my comments and re-assess their relevance.
no walls please. leave that to the FB crowds. I like to think FB was the upscaled Myspace, and G+ is the upscaled FB.
I'm not sure if this has already been stated or not... The thread is really long to go through all of the posts.

I could potentially see a use in the ability for a person to go to my profile and have the option to share something with me, as opposed to having to go to their streams, type in my name, share what they wanted to say, etc.

This could help with allowing more user adoption, as well as act as a means of private messaging between two individuals.

Even Twitter has the ability to Mention someone from their profile page, it'd be nice if Google+ had something similar.

What I don't want to have happen is people posting random youtube links, pictures, etc and having it display to the world on my Google+ profile page.
The Wall is an stake feature of the big bad blue F (we all know who is it). As +Christina Trapolino says, is an annoyance. Is like having an email that everybody could read.
Lea Luw
My biggest attraction to google+ is that it seems to eliminate the ego in social networking by design: Its not about being "friended" or having interactions on your wall that everyone can see. No wall is necessary. People can use extended circles if they want your friends reading their posts.
Can you imagine if +Robert Scoble had a wall? How many messages he would receive in his birthday? How many streams would be collapsed by people posting stuff in his wall, and people resharing? Please Google, do not implement a wall feature. If somebody share something with you, and you feel the need to make it public, it is possible to reshare it. But don't do that with Happy Birthday wishes. That's something I hate from the Big Blue Bad F
No-wall is the main reason I'm here and not on Facebook
Disclaimer: I have not read the previous 203 comments yet.

That said, I wouldn't use it. I actually disliked the way that worked in Facebook, as I think many who moved to G+ did. I like that it's just as simple to send a message to someone's stream (by +ing them in the post and removing all other groups/people), but part of the reason for that is that it provides the one location for commentary without being pubclicly available on their profile/wall/what-have-you
I turned off my wall on Facebook, and would turn it off here too if G+ made one! On a social network where you might be friends with college drinking buddies, your mother, and your boss, you wouldn't want one of the former posting something embarrassing. You can always post something and tag someone else, but it's still on your page so it feels like you take more ownership over it for whatever reason.
I miss being able to 'send' a note / link to a friend so that other friends can see it and pick up on it and comment.
Some of my friends are 'nodes' for this sort of content, when you post on their wall there is a lot of feedback from others, I think the difference is asbtween a group, and a one on one conversation.
This is the 2nd biggest thing that stops me leaving Facebook. (the first being the number of conttacts.
I too miss the 'wall' feature - it's a way of saying to a friend ... 'Hey - saw this and thought of you' ... to coin another catch phrase!
A wall and/or PM type system would be nice, I think. I use it to ask how someone's doing. HOwever, I think the +summoning spell, as you called it, could become the same thing.
I think that it helps drown out the "social attention" of posting on someone's wall. I was disappointed when I couldn't post on someone's profile, but then realized an email link was readily available, which made PERFECT sense to me. Chat or email is designed for 1 on 1 communication... a "wall" is not needed.
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