Do you miss having a "Wall" for your friends to post on?
A few minutes ago, one user alerted me to a question that one of her new G+ friends asked (isn't it neat how +name mentions are like a little summoning spell?!) -- it was about not being able to post on each other's "Walls" here.

My first instinct was to ask the new user why she was so attached to the Wall concept in the first place. After all, even though Facebook coined the phrase, "post it on my Wall, I'll check it out later," MySpace had a wall feature, too. It's about having access to post something publicly on another person's profile.

My question is -- why are we into that? I don't miss it at all. Usually, it was just an annoyance for me to have to make sure no one was posting stuff on my Wall that I'd need to hide from other people who could see my Wall. I had a few friends who even disabled others' ability to post on their Wall entirely.

Do we need that here? What is the purpose of it? Would you leave it disabled if it was a feature you could choose to turn on?
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