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Google Play. Oh, man. Who's excited?!
Introducing Google Play. Now your favorite movies, apps, and games are all in one place that's accessible from the Web and any Android device. Discover, buy and share like never before. Explore wh...
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So this is just all the "selling you digital goods" services they already had, combined into one site? Meh.
Google Play looks fantastic, really good way to unify entertainment. However the lack of pushing into areas outside of the US is still dissapointing, for instance we still don't have Google Music and the Movie choices appear to be limited (UK)... Looks set to be good once it does though
+Christopher Smart - Yep.

+Scott Hammack - I think the integration is pretty slick, myself. I also use just about all of the Google digital goods services, so I guess to me this is especially thrilling.

+Melanie Daniels - What seems expensive? The media? I'm not convinced it's any more expensive than, say, iTunes. Then again, I don't use iTunes. So maybe someone else can offer better perspective there.

+David Jones - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of my international buddies. <3
+Colin Stevens Yeah I'm aware as to why it's different in every country, I'm just saying it'll be great to see a push into other countries such as music in the UK.
Comments seem to indicate that it will not work with a rooted device. Confirm/deny?
This as useful as a chocolate teapot is you live outside the US. Thanks Google.
Well I guess I will give it a go and find out :D
+David Jones It would be nice if they could come a International standard to make things easier, so the users aren't the ones being left out. The only thing i hated about living in SIngapore was the lack of access I had to certain Android Market apps, luckily I could toss my US SIM in and download over WiFi what I needed. Still annoying to swap a sim for an app.
Another service that thinks I want to watch movies in a web browser... not really exciting.
+Mark Rosser I wouldn't say that, obviously it depends on where you are however even so for most places android apps are available, as well as books. Movies and Music are very limited naturally but still the unification of all this entertainment does mean that Google is putting effort into making it work and making it work well, and with this commitment hopefully they'll push into global markets. Also means that when it does come to you, it should work brilliantly :D

+Colin Stevens Unfortunately it's not Google that need to create international standards, it's the entire media industry, really it's a terrible thing because the delay is often a major influence in people illegally downloading, but it exists in every media service, for instance Netflix over here has pathetic amounts of content especially compared to the US, yet it is a service that I'm willing to pay for because the service is fantastic.

+Christina Trapolino On that note, although it would probably never happen would love to see Google Play include a Netflix style subscription for all these films and include TV shows :P
+David Jones Oh i know it's not up to Google, media companies hate change and have a hard time accepting that no matter what, if someone doesn't want to pay for it, they will get it for free somehow. I am of the firm belief that if you make it easy to get with a price tag, people will pay, look at how successful iTunes is, and people hate using it.
It looks interesting, but I'm not entirely convinced I should be using it. I'd like to see a little free content to get things started.
Google Play and Books? How's that work? Should have went with something other then Play :S
+Colin Stevens Good because a lot of people blame the companies which is stupid, and I agree something like simple price tag without a complicated process or a subscription service is perfect. I completely agree with the itunes example, it's simple and not too expensive so people use it. Again mentioning Netflix, it's a brilliant service and once which I pay for but the content is just not there, and it's not their fault but it is a reason NOT to use the service, meaning the service itself doesn't seem as good.
Oooh - looking forward to this. Only challenge for me will be the syncing (or lack thereof) to my iPad. A glitch in the matrix for the ultimate-device-connectivity-sync-overconsumption-fabulousness. Damnation to those walled garden business models!
First thing it says when I open it up "Welcome! Rentals are not available on your device as it appears to be rooted. " Lamesauce
I may be excited if I could see more then just the Apps and games tab due to living outside of the US... Just looks like a re-skinned Android Market to me.
Hmmm, another media store...
I think I'll keep holding out for the release of Google time.
That's something I could really use more of these days.
The 27 cent albums for a week are an interesting promo
Right now, mostly just appalled at the user reviews on the media I'm checking out. The majority are either one or five star reviews that simply say "Wow awesome" or "sucks". These reviews have no weight in my opinion unless they can express why they feel this way. Of course it may just be a function of the fact that you can't simply rate something without posting a review which is a mistake in my opinion.
+Carl Luoma the star ratings generally end up being like this, YouTube folks noticed this in 2009[1]; the Play team probably envisioned something like the IMDB ratings, but the IMDB ratings are made by movie nerds who take the time to write an articulate review.

The best combination would probably be a thumbs up / down thing, and a "write a review" with 10 stars for whoever has the time and mood to actually do it.

[1] (warning: don't click if you can't stand the horror of seeing line charts used instead of bar charts :-/)
Would be nice if they incorporated some players in Play. Indie artists could then spread their music via G+ without (awk!) Soundcloud plugins.
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