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Google Voice Experiment Update
experiment explained here -

Blocked my first caller last night. Whoever it was rang me repeatedly between 2:30am and 4am, then sent a torrent of insane, incoherent texts.

I am amazed that this is the first time that's happened!

So far, what I am learning about G+niuses is that they are very polite, supportive, and friendly. This was the first exception, and that's pretty impressive.

+1 to everyone who has left me nice messages! I want to hug you all.
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+Christina Trapolino "Blocked [,,,] insane, incoherent texts."

Sounds like a bot, or at the very least, a naughty script kiddie with too much time on their hands.
There's more good in the interwebs than we think i guess, lol
I am glad that it is going so well so far. I know that I haven't texted you in the past few days, it has been very busy here with me lately. I will be sure to shoot you a text tomorrow, and maybe we can chat on the phone soon as well. I wish I had 10k people following me, so I could devise my own experiment. Keep up the great work Christina.
Sorry to hear someone finally stepped out of the polite circle with your experiment... thankfully the block features of GV are easy enough to keep those kinds of people out.

You're definitely more brave and patient than I am... I dislike using the phone (even my spiffy GV number)... inviting just anyone to call me is something that would eventually drive me nuts (I hate the sound of a ringing phone... even if my ringtone is awesome).

Hopefully everyone else continues to play nice... I'd call and say hi, but, again, I hate talking on the phone (but love hangouts for some reason), and I don't have anything interesting to say anyways heh.

Anyways, keep up the great work.
you always share interesting things :)
Smart idea, +Steve Warren! I've considered sending any unknown contacts to voicemail directly, but I think I prefer the control of answering first and blocking later, if needed.
I love my GV line but so far I've always used it as a secondary #. What would happen if your Google account got suspended? Would your number go with it? It's always something I worry about, relying on to many Google services.
Very impressive! And yes, G+niuses are some of the most polite people I've ever encountered online. That is why I love this place so much! =) Glad to hear your expiriment succeeded.... not that I'm all that surprised. ;)
I just created a GV account last week. I am still figuring out how to best use it. I have voice mail and calls set up on it just fine but can't get texts routed through it for whatever reason. That's far less important to me at this point though. I'm happy to hear your experience is going well minus one!
Was it someone from Google+? Or someone who got the number from U.S. currency? We need a detective.
+Christina Trapolino I am really surprised this is the first occurrence. I wonder if it has much to do with the fact that G+ is still in trial phase. Do you intend to keep your experiment running once G+ is open to the public?
I would think that, at this point, the only way to stop the experiment is to change the phone number.
Think this is really cool!
Was it a public post that you shared your number on? If so it could be anyone on the internet. Wish we had google voice in the UK, as there are a few persistent callers and peddlers I would like to simply block.
I have had my number published on the internet for a long while and I don't get many, if any at all, of those kinds of calls.
I wonder how much sooner it would have been if this experiment had been on Facebook as opposed to G+.

But, thanks for the update Christina! You're making me want to put my GV number out there now... :)
I must admit I often get problem phone calls, not from my number being on the internet... I live in Egypt, so when a random caller hears a western woman's voice, I will often get repeat calls in the middle of the night. Best ploy I found is to press answer and just leave it open racking up a nice big phone bill for them.

Here it is generally harmless, and they soon get bored.
Seems to be the begining of need to have an answering machine plus a callers id filtrer ... ? ;-)
Wow your phone must be ringing all the time. I really wish that we had Google+ in South Africa
+Christina Trapolino sure :D I actually posted a message some time ago about that - still missing a real American voice though ;)

P.S. first? Did I win anything?
Oh man, that stinks. But, hey, I still think that's a good ratio of fun calls versus insane calls, right? =)
It doesn't surprise me that the experiment went this long before you had to block someone, or that you did end up having to block someone. Your stream is like a wonderfully unexpected group hug, where it is only a matter of time before someone yells "hand check!"
+Yvan Da Silva acually right now I've my gf's message as default and a few others to choose from; I miss the American English accent though.
LoL :) but I'll use her voice if she calls :P (angel)
She did she did, if you call there is her message now :) Just joking anyway - just wanted something with the American accent, that's why. Well, maybe Americans can't spell my name though, who knows?
+Davide Cassenti if I call your number and I don't hear my voice on the greeting thing, you'll be in trouble! :P
+Paul Danger Kile I once had a phone number close to that of a big local hotel. We now and then got calls, but no big deal.

Late one night a drunk Norwegian called asking for a room. I told him the correct number and hung up.

30 seconds later he called again.

I told him the correct number again.

The FOURTH time he called i gave him a room....
I read your original post and finally took the plunge. I got a good number, too. 202-677-5050 :P
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