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I'm giving you ALL my phone number today!
"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?"

I can't tell you how many times people have said something like this to me over the last couple of years. I got my Google Voice invitation around May or June of 2009, and I was instantly in love with the level of customization possible. I converted immediately. I gave every family member, every friend, and every business my Google Voice number, certain my new level of control would make managing my contacts a breeze -- and safe.

So far, I've been right. I sing the praises of Voice whenever it comes up in conversation. I've given my Google Voice number to strangers in bars, I've penciled it in on surveys that would normally give me pause, I've given it to bill collectors, crazy ex-boyfriends, and extended relatives I didn't actually want calling me. The spam and block controls make this easy.

I tell people, when trying to convert them, that I'd be comfortable putting my Google Voice number on a billboard. This is something I say all the time, without really considering it much -- after all, I don't have the money to buy a billboard ad and even if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd be buying more important things, like razors (seriously, twelve dollars for three cartridges? What kind of society is this?!).

Last night, I got called out on my evangelism. Google Voice came up in conversation with someone who complains constantly about wanting to block certain numbers on his phone (he upsets girls frequently, but that's none of our business, G+). The billboard comment flew right out of my mouth, but this time it was met with, "Oh yeah? Aren't you, like, followed by ten thousand people on Google?"

It was clear what had to be done.

I'm going to prove to my friend (and to everyone else I've said this to) that I'm comfortable enough with Google Voice to put my number on a "billboard."

(281) 940-4786

There it is. I'm going to add it to my About Me section, too.

You can share my number with as many people as you like.

If you call, I'll answer if I can. If I can't, you can leave me a message. I can't promise to call you back, but I can promise to post about you if you leave a message that's interesting enough.

If anyone abuses this and spams my phone or acts like a psycho, I'll just block you.

This is an experiment, so you can be sure I'll be updating about how this goes.

If you're trying to convert your friends or family to Google Voice, hopefully my experiment here will help you make a good case! After all, if you can confidently give your phone number to 10,000 people on the Internet (knowing they can share it with anyone), then you know the controls are good enough for everyday, normal use.

Worst case scenario? I pay $10 and change my #GoogleVoice number.

Best case scenario? I make some new friends!
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Shame, after all these years, it's still US only still.
I love that I can make and answer calls from my computer. Sometimes this is super convenient when my cellphone is nowhere to be found.
If I called, what would we talk about?
Pro-tip: Turn off text-message forwarding, and only check texts from your computer. Otherwise, unless you have a good txt plan, you're risking an expensive phone bill next month....
Also...imagine if 10000 people actually called you to leave a message! Dang. Good luck.
Awesome post +Christina Trapolino. Careful though, other people might post their numbers in the comments. This could go viral.
Thank you.
sigh Only have Google voice as an addon to Google Talk in the uk. That and Google Music are regular places for me to check to see if they have escaped the states yet....
There used to be a few work arounds +Timothy Coxon - but they've changed the verification method now so it no longer works.

It was very handy for my US clients.
Oh yes yes yes, I love my Google Voice. I tell everybody about it. It is one of those things that makes me unhappy about the pseudonym profile issue. That is, Google has my cell phone and all my emails from forever. I had to verify my Google Voice through my cell phone. so they know who/how/where to get me if they think I might go rogue on them. (but that's another subject) Good of you to put this subject out there, and so brave of you to post your number like that.
Two calls so far, both said they intended to just leave messages! Haha. I'm adding everyone who calls me to a Circle, so make sure you send me a direct message via G+ (or use the "send email" button on my About Me area) and let me know if we spoke on the phone!

This is already a fun experiment!
I tell everyone who's getting a prepaid cellphones to get a Google Voice account and even if you use it only to forward over you don't have to worry about losing your number. The G Voice VM is infinitely better and doesn't kill your minutes.

The other great thing is for people who move across country. Get a G Voice number for your new area and you can keep both numbers if you like.

The latest edition of the IOS app does this cool thing of highlighting the words in the transcription as it plays back. Can be rather amusing at times.

I love Google Voice but I don't use it as much as I should. 
I really want to use it too.. and I really understand what you mean Brad.. I wish they'd allow it to be used in the UK. They now allow calls from Gmail but it's just not the same :( I saw a similar experiment on here a while ago about a girl putting her Google voice number in a post and tried to get a date! That was funny :D Good experiment Christina!
I've not heard of google voice ....
Well now I have to go look into this, because if it supports call forwarding, I could use it as a filter for punks/bill collectors/etc on my regular phone
This experiment sounds really cool.

I've used Google Voice for a long time now. It's absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
+Christina Trapolino I agree - it's a pretty cool service, although I have to say that using it for calling from my Android was somewhat lacking in the area of quality, to the point where I had to disable it for such. They need to improve that.

Otherwise - killer app with excellent functionality. Love using it as a Chrome extension, free SMS, custom greetings, freedom where to ring etc. - all nice. And even using an API to send messages from other apps - priceless. I have a side business for online ordering for restaurants and I wanted to be able to send notifications via SMS for each order, to various phones (or at least mine) and it worked ok using the carrier's approach, but sometimes would be delayed way longer, so someone gets an order for immediate pickup/deliver and I get notified half hour later - not good. With using Google Voice - it's been flawless and super fast.

The only feature that I think would make it better is being able to ring on the same number from different accounts. For example if I want my home number to ring (from my GVoice account) and so does my wife (from her GVoice account) - that's not possible.

One other feature that they have is a widget you can put on your website that says 'Call Me', thus enabling anyone to click, enter their phone number and GVoice will connect the two. This way people don't even need to know your phone number. You can see an example on my contact page (
I agree with you. GV has been great since CallCentral that was great, too.

+Christina Trapolino do you remember sipphone Gizmo5? It was disappeared. Wonder what happened at the campuses that were totally connected with Gizmo5.
Sadly not in the UK. Be fun to see how this experiment evolves.
ive wanted google voice ever since i read about it
I was with Voice before it was Voice, I signed up with GrandCentral in Nov. 2007. I changed my number to 832-303-0703 to reflect my son's birth time and date.
Phone's almost dead! I can't believe how many of you have already called, even though only a few of you actually left messages. :) The texts are fun, too.

I'm putting my phone on the charger, and I'm going to head out to the pool for a while to relax and remember that it is Saturday, haha.

Y'all are awesome!
Google Voice is the only service you could actually do this with. I have a work blackberry with a number that someone gave all his friends once. Old guys call it all the time. I moved the voicemail to be picked up by Google Voice and when those guys leave me messages, I put their numbers in one big contact and give that contact its own message saying "This isn't Joe. Joe gave you the wrong number. Please ask him for his real number". Works perfectly!

The only thing with Google Voice is that nobody understands it. I just tell people it's my cell phone number. That, they can handle.
I wish we had it in the UK. C'mon Googywoogy, hop to it old bean.
Interesting. I've got a GVoice number and have never used it. Mainly because none of the numbers are in my area.
I think I will wait till you ask for mine! Gotta play hard to get
nice experiment calling now from my google voice left a message
Yeah, that's pretty crazy, +Christina Trapolino! I understand proving a point by putting your money where your mouth is. Google Voice is versatile and if need be, disposable/replaceable.

It's a fun experiment I'm sure. However, beyond proving a point, I'm not sure making your phone number public is worth the hassle. Because given enough time, the crazies will come and you can block 'em for a while but eventually you'll replace your Google Voice number. And then it becomes a bother to your friends/family that actually want to contact you when you have to tell them you've changed your Voice number. Sorry I'm a pessimist here. :) I love Google Voice.
Cool experiment. I'd so love to use Google Voice, but I live in a very rural and backward third world country where Google Voice isn't offered- the United Kingdom... (hmmm, sarcasm doesn't transmit very well electronically!)
That's pretty funny, +Christina Trapolino! Before cell phones became normal, almost everyone's phone number was publicly published in the phone book, unless you paid extra for an unlisted number. For 99.9% of people this has never been much of a problem. I don't imagine you'll have any problems now that yours is published on one of the world's top directories.
Chris- I don't think you can have a non-US GV number though. I know there are ways round signing up for GV from outside the US but you still need a US number to redirect to. 
Sigh! I would just love it, if this was available outside the U.S. This is a boon for phonophobes like me!
Deborah- I think with GV you can use all of those services but just give out your GV number. Also you have all those cool filters with GV!
Curious when it's going to come to Canada.....any Googler's watching these comments?
Not wanting to turn this thread into a moan about why GV isn't offered outside the US. Does anyone know of a campaign or website to get Google to offer GV internationality?
Chris- yes, I've had that on my Android phone for a while, but as I said you need to have a US number to actually sign up for GV. At least that's what it was some months back when I looked at it last.
Luke- it's not available in Canada? That's mad- you're neighbours!
+Luke Lewis Since most people have "free" long distance these days (i.e. priced the same as local), you could probably get by with a non-local gVoice number - most places, people just dial the 10 digits - local doesn't mean much anymore.
Christina- surely one issue with this experiment is that you could be more likely to receive a dodgy phone call or message than if you didn't publish your number. Sure, you can block them in the future, but you'd still have to receive that message to begin with. Also what about people who withhold their number? You could block all calls from people who withhold their number, but that could mean you block calls from legitimate people.
I agree +Ian Anderson Grey. I can use the Gmail calling, but I would love to have all the GV features.
+David Brenner it does when it's your business number primarily, and most of your business is local. Local means a lot here the only people with the 'free long distance' plans are people using Cell phones here, and since I do a lot of support for business they are calling on land lines in which they have long distance etc. blocked for the employees. One of those things.
Ian isn't wrong - it's just the basic calling features you can use. This is a real shame, having an incoming number and full service use would be very useful here. Skype still better in UK :(
Interesting, but why would you want everyone to be able to call you?
I absolutely adore Google Voice. It was one of the more innovative telecommunication creations that have come about in the last few years. Seemingly subtle, but HUGELY advantageous. I got many people to switch over.
I use it for voice mail. The missed translations can be comical at times. But it great when you are in a meeting and you can check your message. Reading it is less rude than listening to it.
One gripe against GV is that you can't send/receive pictures. I tell everyone my GV number with the understanding that it's my cell phone. Yet when they try to send me a pic... no go.
I love Google Voice. Everyone in my family has their own number, I put mine on my business cards, it's just so easy. And I agree with you.
So who's up for some prank calling! If you give out your number don't forget to block "private" numbers so people can't block the caller id stuff.
Nice. Bravo. I saw Robert Scoble has his number online. I actually put mine on MySpace years ago by mistake. I never changed it. But then I dont answer my phone... I got some fun voicemails for awhile :)
People have my number - but nobody ever calls :'-(
+Jimmy Mayer Another limitation: servers that send "text messages" using the mobile carriers' email protocol ( can't send text to gVoice numbers, so one has to provide a real cell phone number and carrier to banks, sports sites, weather alerts, paypal, and other notifiers. Then if that number changes, all of those setup items have to be changed - if you can remember where and how!
I've been meaning to try Google Voice. I very seldom talk on the phone, and I've been wondering about the feasibility of going solely with a tablet and a data plan, then using Google Voice or Skype or some other service to make the few phone calls I make. I'm tired of tossing money away for voice when all I want is a small device with data.
Leaving the phone on while I play some Google+ Games. If I don't answer now, it's because I'm like THIS close to winning Bejeweled FOREVER... Argg, these things are too addictive!
Saw this post from a friend who shared it... I've had a GVoice number since it was Grand Central. It's an amazing service. Oh and I've had my phone posted on my website for some time. Want it? Sure... 424-240-9692.

p.s. I also do keep it public on my profile.
One of my favorite movies is Harvey staring Jimmy Steward. In it he hands out cards with his phone number. Not business cards, but just cards. I thought this was fun so when I got my Google Voice Number I also got cards with the number.

(610) 400-3207
I'm pretty happy with GV, but I can't seem to get the caller ID working right, particularly with text messages. Part of the problem is that I use Google Apps at work, and the vast majority of my contacts are on that account. The contacts on my personal Google profile is pretty slim.
I've been using GV for a few years now (had a GC acct back in the day) and I love it! I've used it for business and personal functions with minimal difficulty. For the most part, my call quality has been as good as my carrier connection allows. I had heard 1 person complain about the call quality when talking to me over the phone, but he complains about a lot of things....

Since I changed providers, no one actually has my "proper" number. I use GV to route all my calls. No one even had to be notified when I changed phones and with a career in the Navy to start soon, I'll probably have to deal with several number changes.

Overall, I love the integration with my Android phone. I have my whole family plan set up with GV so we get free outgoing calls through a FnF plan with VZW. We have to deal with a few quirks for our particular set-up, but we have almost ZERO risk of exceeding our minutes, and with my family and 3 business being run over the phones, that's a huge benefit.

GV on my phone and my computer is great. When I bother to use a headset, most people have no idea that I'm not on a real phone. Also, managing texts and VM from my computer is awesome. I can communicate to phones even when I'm in a dead-zone in the bunker also known as my place of employment. This will also be great when I join the Navy. When I'm at sea, we will often have WiFi but rarely cell service. GV will be a huge factor to allow me to keep in touch with everybody at home.

Over-all, I've been thrilled with GV and recommend it to all of my friends who have the brain cells to manage it.
Good golly gee willackers, Batman! You are really putting your money where your mouth is!
I love Google Voice. This is an awesome experiment.
Xin Li
GV has come in handy for me plenty of times. The most recent example is the fact that DirecTV wouldn't stop calling me after I terminated my contract with them. I added them to my blocked # list, and haven't heard from them since.
+Xin Li - I love how easy it is to block people, and how you can pretend the number was just magically disconnected, haha.
Xin Li
The thing I wonder though, is how the magical disconnection is implemented. Because in the phone system, the real disconnect message is more than just a message. It's also a special digital code that signals to the caller system that the # is no longer valid. Some systems, when it receives this code, will take additional action like removing the # from its database and propagating it on. So if GV actually sends this code along with the message, then it may have the added benefit of tricking the phone spammers into removing your # from their extended lists. But if I had to make a guess, I would think it's just a message.
+Xin Li - Good question! I don't know that it matters much either way, since once you block it, it can't get to you from the same number again. If they started spamming you from multiple numbers...worst case, change your GV number! It forwards from your old one for 3 months, but then the old number's demise is permanent.
I love GV! have been using it since the announcement and now use it as my main business line and for virtually all international calls and voicemail. never had a problem. I see one person above has had a probelm with GV on their Android, so far no problem with Android, knock on wood! . I crack-up every time I recieve VM text update, the transcriptions are sooo funny!

on another note, I use emails redundantly as many people publish 2 phone numbers (which I also do-see my profile) I recommend using 2 email addresses ALWAYS for both business and personal and publish them on business cards, signatures, websites etc.
Ok... so I have no idea how Google Voice would even work???
Not sure if anyone has addressed this yet. If you have Skype, you can easily purchase a US number there and if you so desire, that can be your backup number for Google Voice. Also, consider using the american Google address to sign up for an account. I remember back in the day, I set up a Skype In number to forward any calls from my own US number only to a number of a friend in France. I saved alot of money on long distance calls just using my american cell phone to that US-based Skype In number. And yes, Google bought Gizmo5 which became Google Talk in Gmail. Did you know that you can SMS up to five different numbers at the same time with one message and they'll each get a separate message from you and you'll receive back five total separate responses?
Xin Li
Just curious +Christina Trapolino, but how many random conversations have you had since you gave out the #?
would have phoned from France +Christina Trapolino but only have landline or Skpe com to com
never had a mobile and what is Google Voice (sorry a complete idiot when it comes to techno stuff)
Nice! Hopefully your experiment will also help give some visibility and traction for Google Voice to come to other countries. I'd be the first to sign up for it here in Brazil :)
Google Voice is my main phone number. I give it out to everyone. I have all the settings set differently depending on what "circle" those people are in. I like you have been on Google voice for over two years now, and I love it to death! I'll send you a text, and introduce myself, just like you I have no problem giving out my Google Voice number to anyone, and tell people they are welcome to give it out as well.

Edit: I love calling people using Gmail and receiving calls straight to my computer and just chatting while i am busy working on other stuff as well
I've been using google voice since it came it out and I haven't turn back since and never will. I love using it from my pc when I am home, it just makes typing so much easier with a real keyboard, +using it for text debates is the best for every text your opponent sends you can send 3-5 texts back depending on how many WPM you can type. Also having an unlimited data only plan (with t-mobile) in concert with a sip service and Google voice and you got free calling/texting for the price of the data plan which for me is $50, so I get unlimited calling, texting, and data for $50 on my Android phone, all thanks to Google voice.
ok i spoke on your mailbox from vienna / austria via google voice. here in europe its not free - its 1 eurocent per minute - so have a nice day . btw nice voice - italien roots maybe ?
I wish phones supported it natively, so that people don't have to put my real phone number in their contact list so they know it's me calling them. The Google Voice app is nice to have, but there's no way I'm going to use it every time I make a phone call.
I've been using my 5 Google Voice numbers since I signed up with Grand Central in 2006... It works great with Tracfone phones. I average $7.00 a month for five cell phone lines with a number in each of the US time zones.
+Christina Trapolino - You know people can put *67 before your number to block caller ID, right?

I suppose you can block numbers that don't identify themselves. Moreover, I think you can do other things on GV to force incoming callers to identify themselves.
Saw this post a few days ago but finally got around to read it.
I'm impressed with your confidence concerning Google Voice but I'm somehow already convinced. Too bad Google Voice isn't available in Denmark yet.
You have just become part of my very short (exclusive) list of my Google heroes (and heroines).
I actually have a couple of Google Voice numbers, but have never given them out. I periodically get collect calls from a prison, but that's about the only use it's seen! LOL
I am right with you! I have been on Google Voice the day it rolled out. I even give people their own voice mail messages. It's the bestest!!!! Good luck. Looking forward to the updates on your journey.
Great idea! I actually integrated my sprint account with my google voice number, so now they are one and the same. I love that I can text from my iPad, and phone and computer, but I do miss having a separate number that I could use anywhere. Here is my full review of it if anyone is interested.
M Eeee
+Christina Trapolino I also love Google Voice. I use it in conjunction with Skype-In. I make most of my calls from my computer using Skype Out, where I have changed the caller-ID it signals to be my cell phone number. I haven't started giving out the Google Voice number yet, mostly cuz I don't really want to make the change from my cell number just yet. I suspect this list has given me some new ideas to try out and I will want to do that. Cool posting and experiment -I haven't called yet, but perhaps I will......
+Christina Trapolino circled after reading this post. My Google Voice # added to profile publicly after reading this post. Sharing this post after posting this comment. 5 STARS!
This is an awesome idea! I love Google Voice a ton. Thankfully, I started using it before I even got a "normal phone" to begin with, so there were no "transition pains" at all. The only people that have my number on my AT&T contract are my parents and a few people, basically for emergencies. I give my GV # to everyone/everything else. For anyone with an Android tablet, I'd highly recommend the GrooveIP app. For $5, you can instantly use your tablet as a phone (it links directly to your GV account with no setup or hassle at all!); it even works on a Wi-fi only model (that's what I have).

It's hard trying to explain it to others...but I've managed to help several friends of mine set up GV accounts. One, a foreign student who came here to the US for college, is using it as his primary phone! He makes calls to his family for only 2cents a minute. He was amazed and pleased and how GV was perfect for him.
+Christina Trapolino Looks like I'm kind of revisiting an old thread, but I skimmed and didn't see this perspective. I'm VERY ANXIOUSLY WAITING for Voice integration with G+. First, having my contact groups and circles integrated (as well as Gmail contacts, but that's off topic); Once you define someone's circle, Voice does all the thinking and as long as you have their number, their call is handled according to the voice rules established for that circle. If you don't and they share it with you, it is added to your contact information.

Next, maybe in-stream text conversations? I'm not sure if/how Goog would go with this one. Only because I'm still trying to understand why the Android/iPhone app Messenger (formerly Huddles) is separate from the main stream anyway. Am I missing something or is the only difference between a "huddle" and a post to a circle that you can't do it from the web? If anyone wanted to help me understand this, I'd appreciate it.

Anyone else have suggestions about how the two services would be mutually beneficial?

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+ChristinaTrapolino - This is my first time reading about Google Voice. I think this might need some further reading!!
Love Google Voice. I use it for everything. Very few people have my "real" phone number. And I know if i get a direct call on there it is important that I get to it ASAP. Otherwise Voice it is for me for all calls and texts!
+L. Gray I live just up the road from you in New 'bout that! I too have a GV# and it's proudly posted on my profile for all to see as well. I got the number while I was still living in San Antonio, (hence the area code 210.)

+Christina Trapolino Are you still doing the experiment? I was gonna call your number but I didn't want to come across all creepy. So, I'll rather direct you to my profile - (I don't know how to create a hyperlink on a comment, so I apologize for my n00b-ish demeanor here. lol) If you want to call me or text me via GV you are more than welcome. My number is 210-704-7874.

I found you through a share of your Stop treating Google+ like Facebook post (which I subsequently re-shared with my own thoughts) and came by to check you out. Normally I read peoples profile and then skim their posts but this post (and the one I shared) just plain rock so I'm adding you and thought I would say hello while I was here.
How is your google voice experiment going? I love google voice and almost everything that they've released thus far. Have you tried the google translate mobile app in conversation mode? Its frigging insane. Its said that one good turn deserves another so here is my google voice number in return: (281) 671-7049 for the world to see.
Well done ... and what's your social security number again? I forgot it ... Thanks!
...and she also make a mean Mediterranean Wrap
Affirmative.  On my profile page:
My eMail Address:
My Google Voice Number: +1-949-682-5004
+Peter Kuzda Jr. , I've started getting picture text but in my GMail.  On my phone (Android) I get a text that I have received an MMS message.  Then I immediately get an email with the picture.  Only one way but....
+Christina Trapolino , it's been almost a year since you started this experiment   I see your number is still there.  Have you posted a summary follow-up besides the posts here?
If a guy posts his number, would you call him, or do you want calls to be inbound?
+Jen Johnson - Not sure I understand your question.  If any guy posted his number, would I call him?  No.  There would have to be a compelling reason.

+Brian Wood - Agreed!  :)
I'm not sure about posting my number though.  
Corban's Automated Phone Service ;)
Jon L
this is awesome :-) ill put mine on here so if you want to call or text HAHA 773-800-0069
What device do you use to take calls with your Voice number? I currently use my Nexus 7 tablet, but the call quality is described as "hollow" and having "feedback" by the people I talk to, so I mainly use my standard Verizon number for calls. Any tips?
LOVE this article. I've been on and off of Google Voice. I haven't figured out what to do with how it grabs hold of my text messages.
+Matt Lind - Glad you enjoyed it! I just switched to iPhone so some of the integration that made this amazing on Android is lost - however, it's still super easy to dial out with GVoice, so it's still totally worth investing the time in.
I still heart Android, so I'll give it a go again. Also, I figured out why it kept eating my text messages, so perhaps I'm going to love it more than before.
Jon L
+Christina Trapolino I'm curious, after being an android user, (as I currently am) what features were you craving that android didn't really deliver on? I am just trying to get your opinion on your switch to IOS.
+Jon Lewis - I switched because my phone ended up being the last missing part of an ecosystem I did not realize I was building.  Let me explain: in October, I got one of the new iPads.  Then, in January I started a new job and got a MacBook Pro.  Then I got an Apple TV for Christmas.  All of a sudden, my Android phone was the only thing not able to communicate easily with everything else I was using.  It just...happened.  :)
wow, I must have been asleep when I wrote that.
Xin Li
wow.... Talk about an old post coming back from the past.
I've been seeing a couple of zombie-threads a day lately!
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