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So oh my word does it take ALOT to take care of FIVE  baby kittens!! <3 WE LOVE THEM though!!  They are doing GREAT & momma is still eating the food we put outside for her but won't ever let us see her. I'd really like to be able to get her so we can reunite the lil family & get her fixed so this doesn't happen again!

It is hard to think about that she might get knocked up again and it is getting darn cold where i live!! We somehow managed to come across these adorable lil buggers before that bad rain storm hit. She & they were living in a barn behind our home and it is NOT SAFE & amazing it hasn't completely fallen down yet!! :-( 

We are only going to have a couple months with them & are hoping to find them homes by Christmas!! What lovely loveable christmas presents for the RIGHT PEOPLE!! We discussed that we will NOT be just giving them away to anyone!!!  They NEED folks who will give them a GOOD HOME not just anyone who just wants to have a kitty!! 

These lil babies were completely feral when we found them but just one week later and lots of loving attention from me, my son & husband and of course them...... WOW i really wish yall could see for yourself the transformation they've made!! SO PROUD!!!! 

They are eating, drinking, mostly litter box trained & great with dogs, kids & are SUPER LOVING !!!  They also just had their first bath last night with Dawn to try to get rid of fleas & they all mostly did amazingly!! 

So thats why i've not been posting anything as of late BUT i hope all is well with all of you & i'll be back when i can!! Take care!!  
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Christina Ryan

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Hummingbirds spend a great deal of energy flying, so they must feed often, for small intakes (meals) more than their weight in food each day, to support their fast moving wings and heartbeats. Hummingbirds are able to perch and will do so at feeders regularly. In this Photo: Anna's Hummingbird at home feeder in southern California, USA.

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Christina Ryan

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CRAZY thing happened this morning! My husband took our 2 digs out to play in the back field and our 10 yr old Blk Lab Roo found a little black creature, which turned out to be a kitten. Which then turned out to be FIVE kittens! We are guessing by their characteristics that they are 3-4 weeks old. They were in and around our barn which is not a safe place to be because it could fall at any time!!

Four are black and one has white black and some patches of stripes. ALL 100% ADORABLE Right now we are trying to find their momma!!  I am so hoping to reunite the beautiful family can be together again!! 
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Christina Ryan

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Anytime you need a helping hand, just ask for mine & i will do all i can! <3 :-)
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That is very true!
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Christina Ryan

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Good morning/day how are you?
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Christina Ryan

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Thanks for the invite!! :-)
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Christina Ryan

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Beautiful MOON!
This mornings Waning Gibbous Moon, illuminated 91.7%, at a distance of 225,174 miles from Earth!
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Christina Ryan

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Christina Ryan

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A colourful kitten.
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