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Marketing for Bespoke Business Software
Marketing for Bespoke Business Software

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Nice, simple steps to create your Linkedin routine

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Ok it's not life changing... but
New Instagram Image Guide
Dissecting the new sizes

In case you didn't hear, Instagram is now thinking "outside the box". And yes, I know that's a terrible pun. Deal with it. 

Seriously though, I'm pretty excited that #Instagram  is now allowing for Portrait and Landscape photos and videos in addition to the traditional square. 

Get all the details here:

But for those of you who just like quick-reference stuff, I've created the graphic below to give you the basic idea of what's now possible on "the gram". 

What do you think about the changes? Good? Bad? Meh?

#imagesizes   #reference   #socialmedia  

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On September 24th: Stand ‪#withMalala for Girls' Education
Sign the petition here:

"On Thursday, September 24th Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai will be hosting a Twitter rally in support of her global petition to the Global Partnership for Education, asking that they fund a full 12 years of education for girls around the world. While leaders at the United Nations meet to discuss a new set of global goals, you can join hundreds of thousands of people from around the world tweeting their support for every girl’s right to go to school."
On Google+ -> +Malala Fund 

#MondayMotivation Stand #withMalala #PeaceDay  

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Seen this? I love the quiet humour of this and the fact that I always know which kind of person I am out of the two.

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Loving paletton right now. Any other good colour tools you'd recommend?

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Useful advice on using images in your blog posts and a lot of helpful links too. Particularly good on image licensing categories.


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I wrote this a few days before I my last day at +Helastel , as I move from my role as software Account Manager to go and do something completely different...

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Consider your technology risk register separately to your commercial one. Though the tech risks essentially come back to commercials, the difference is that they are specific to IT companies rather than generic in the running of any business.

Remember to assess the risk associated with NOT taking a particular action. This is particularly relevant to the IT sector, where actions delayed even by a few months can leave us lagging behind in a competitive market.

A couple of key points that I found helpful in this article by
+BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

#itstrategy   #riskmanagement  

It's ok if you don't know. All of us have a blind spot, +Jeremy Jones explains here how to shed some light on it.
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