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Wow.  I'm really happy for Marissa Mayer, since she's definitely ready for a CEO position and this will only help her get to where she wants to be.  On the other hand, it must be the end of an era at Google, and I'm a little sad that Google (which I admittedly like more than Yahoo!) is losing a vibrant and impressive executive who also happens to be a wonderful role model for women in tech.
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The other thing is, well, Yahoo is something of a sinking ship. I wonder if this is the wisest move for her.
Though if anyone can turn that company around, she can.
I mean, if Yahoo still ends up going kaput, it's obviously not going to be only Mayer's fault, unless she makes a poor choice that very obviously hastens Yahoo's demise (which I doubt she will).  The more important thing for her is that she'll have CEO-of-a-top-tech-company experience, which opens a lot of doors.
I dunno if it's the end of an era. I feel like that era ended when Marissa left search within Google.
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