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Tech Integrator, High School
Tech Integrator, High School


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The following is a list of "Quickwrites". I borrowed some from a conference speaker, some from other internet sources, and some colleagues and I made up. Quickwrites have several reasonable uses.

These "sentence starters" help students move toward more analytical thinking considering context, purpose, point of view... The Quickwrites have several certain uses.
1. Assign one or more to individual documents for students to interpret.
2. Copy and laminate the list for student in-class use. Have them use it in the middle of a teacher directed Power Point presentation regarding a document in the ppt.
3. Use the Quickwrites to foster class discussion or group discussion of documents.

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#coffeeEDU is now in New Hampshire!

Thanks to +Rosemary Iannazzi +Suzanne Cronin +Kaleigh Liupakka and Caroline for organizing the event!

This is driving me crazy, what am I missing?!

Google FORMS - we sent out a form for teachers to fill out anonymously after some training. We would now like them to view the analytics available. How to do that?

On the sheet, I click Form, Show Summary of Responses

It's a great summary - now I want to share that with teachers, admin, etc.

From that response summary page, I click Publish Analytics

That opens up the Form again with the message:

Publish Analytics?
Publish and show a link to the results of this form? All respondents will be able to see the summary.

I click OK

Now what? Do only respondents see it? They didn't leave names/emails, so how do they know? It was supposed to be anonymous. And what about the administrators that didn't respond to the survey but need to see the results? All I want is a link to that pretty page that everyone can view (I don't want them editing the form).

It appears that if I give them just the link to that pretty analytic page, they have to request permission. That permission is linked to the form and only gives edit access, no option to just view!

So, what am I missing!?

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6 of The Best Web Tools for Creating Educational Video Tutorials
October 6, 2015 Over the years, we have reviewed several web tools and mobiles apps that you can use with your students in class to create educational screencasts and video tutorials. Today, we are bringing to the forefront a select few of the tools that ha...

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New Sheets features help you stay productive. Format individual words in the same cell, choose contents from a list and calculate sums, averages, and more easily...even on-the-go!
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Send notes & highlights from +Google Play Books
to a document, neatly stored in a folder in +Google Drive 
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Google Released A New Interesting Google Hangouts App for The Web
August 21, 2015 Google has finally released a new Hangouts app for the web. With this new update Google Hangouts now becomes a stand-alone app with some powerful features for video and phone calling. Using Hangouts app you will be able to : Start a Hangout ...

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#golden   #photography   #clmooc  +Kim Douillard 

Although a golden sunrise is wonderful, my light came from driving through the tunnel leaving the airport in Boston this week :)

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Thinking of spaces...
I found this picture on Pinterest.  It comes with the following observation:  
"Loved this figure in the entrance area of a school I visited today. Made from scrap resources by the children and just indicating that 'we do really interesting things in here'.  Does your entrance area reflect your pedagogy?"
This has me thinking about how the public spaces in our schools reflect what is happening there (including my own education spaces).  Take a look around your spaces - what do you see and what does it say about what happens there?  Anything you would change?  When was the last time you sat there as a user of the space (a student maybe) and looked through that lens?
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