I would like to share the work of a wonderful poet, Orania Hamilton, whom wrote a poem inspired by one of my paintings.

Cool Rapture
He holds the tenor sax as he would a lover
Wet lips to the reed, he caresses the keys.
With pulsating, heavy breath he play's
unleashing desires hidden in his mind.
Hypnotic blues seduce the soul,
indulge the senses with every note.
Master of mood and meaning,
the horn prevails, relentless, consuming.
Music that crawls inside you,
rhythmically, uninhibited, owning your heart,
pushing the urgency to live life to the limit,
discover the light of the dark side
~ .
Slowly defused, emotions and energy subsides,
memory lingers and wraps with love,
leaving him satisfied, in harmony
with heaven's melodic cords

Rhapsody, tempered by cool waves of the sea
Promise of a quiet sleep.
He lights a cigarette and blows a smoke ringed sigh.
"It's Jazz...You either dig it or you don't ."
Orania Hamilton
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