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This story was a lot of work, but now that it's done I think it turned out pretty well. Some very impressive women in here...
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Well done.  Very interesting group....had heard of a few of the biz, but not the stories behind them.  Since you found, profiled and promoted their tech contributions, shouldn't YOU be on that list too +Christina DesMarais ?
You found a unique set of talent doing some really great things in needed, niche markets.  Nice work! I'm sure you interviewed many more to get down to this set of 11.
Mike beat me to that one. lol  
Was going to say, why isn't your picture in this group?
P.S. - The CellScope bit is one we're watching at work. I want to love this technology but there are some serious issues/flaws with it, mainly circulating around PII.
Awww... thanks +Michael Lewandowski I sure do have supportive friends here on Google+, but these women blow my achievements out of the water. It was really fun to research them and dig into their back stories.
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