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Can #Knitting  save your life?
"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis." - Elizabeth Zimmerman
Stories of Recovery with Knitting and Crochet used as Therapy

Knitting is just a hobby or passive distraction, right?   Maybe, if you're stressed out from a long day at the office or overwhelmed with household chores.   For those in less mundane circumstances, it can be a bit more.   What if you find yourself unexpectedly out of work, or recovering from illness or injury, addiction, or abuse?   What if the awesome career, promising future,goals and dreams have been shattered by a car accident?  What if the person that you loved the most hurt you the worst?  What if your diagnosis included the words, "Never again..."?

(This is really cool)  Each week, homebound (for whatever reason) members of our global community are gathering via Google+ #Hangouts   and finding a vibrant social community, making connections with others that can relate to their circumstances, and in the middle of a lively, interactive social environment, they are finding hope again.....and they are #knitting .   Knitting is not just an empty distraction, but a re-focused attention that involves the challenging artistic insight of creating, slows down the thought process to practice finer motor skills with texture and color, and provides motivating, rewarding results.  Through technology, those that were once stuck at home and alone for many hours a day now have the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves and their circumstances.   Now that's knitting the world together in a really cool way.

Why Knitting?
1)  Blogger Heather Buckler tells her story of how knitting filled her days during  recovery from benzodiazepine addiction, providing a creative and productive outlet instead of a downward spiral.  Read more:

2)  Author Kathryn Vercillo tells her story of how she battled depression, anxiety, fear and treatments as a college freshmen recently diagnosed with a brain tumor in her book Crochet saved my Life.  She speaks of choosing hope as she dropped a knife from her wrist to pick up yarn instead.  Find More here:

3)  Soldiers recovering from severe injury and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are finding healing through hobbies, as described in a recent article in the Navy Times.   #Knitting  is one of them.  Read more here:

If you have a story to share on how you have seen the benefits of hobbies and crafts during recovery, I would love to hear it. Your story may be the encouragement that someone reading this needs today. Please add it in the comments below.

Could you, a family member or friend  benefit from knitting as a therapeutic past-time?   Please consider introducing them to the engaging, fun, and friendly group of knitters and crocheters in The Knitting Lodge community on #Google + to help them get connected.  Find it here:

This photo depicts my favorite hobbies,   #knitting  and #hiking , that both seem to have a humbling way of keeping me in check.  Have a good weekend, Everyone! - Christina

h/t +Yarn Mountain +Dave Bennett +Beverly Tilton 
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+Agnes Kis Thank you for sharing your story.   I'm seeing this to be true in many lives, including my own.    I'm glad you've joined in here. :-)
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#ProjectoftheDay  via +Yarn Mountain 
Nicely done, +Paula Zenick  So fun!
The Knitting Lodge Community
Join in Here:

#Knitting   #KnittingtheWorldTogether   #KnitwithMe  
I just finished my free-form jacket, Neon Be-On. So darned delightful to make and trippy to wear!
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+Bruce Ross Not really.  I don't work with either of them.
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Virtual Knit Night
The Knitting Lodge Community
Knitters 'round the world joining in tonight at 8pm EST
Join in Here:    

via +Yarn Mountain 
#KnitwithMe   #Knitting  
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+Tammy Findley Can you join this call tonight?
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More on the Google+ update via +Mike Elgan.   This is good.

_"So Google says they have no plans to phase out Google+ and that it's doing well. That information comes directly from the two people with the best information."

"The echo chamber tech press, on the other hand, insists in saying Google+ is being killed. Their information comes from nowhere. They made it up."_

h/t +David Amerland 
Sorry, tech press. Google+ is alive and well.

(Read my column: )

A chorus of tech journalists this week is saying that Google is phasing out its social network, Google+.

Where did they get this juicy nugget of information? Well, they made it up. And I'll tell you why.

But first, let's look at what the press is saying and compare that with reality:

#GooglePlus #Google+
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Gone Fishing

I frequently mention that we live in a semantic world where data flows through everything uniting the offline and online interface into a seamless whole. Here is a great example where technology that's 150 years old, through an app, transforms a humble fishing boat into an oceanographic research vessel, a crawler beaming back data about the abundance of life in the seas. 

The information, relayed cheaply, this way is used to make decisions about fishing quotas, the health of the oceans, the ability of the planet to survive our presence. All it takes is, actually, connectivity. 

What we get back is granularity in what we see which is leading us to change our perception about  our own planet. 

Dive in for the full picture:
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Tracie is a treasured friend of mine.   She is fighting malignant melanoma and still wearing a great big smile, encouraging everyone she meets.   Go ahead...grab a t-shirt, help her out and share your pic.  (and share, share, share this post.)  She will love this!   #RunforTracie  
Wear A Great T-Shirt for a Great Cause
In February 2015, Tracie, mom of 6,  was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.   Her treatments are going well, but still going...
Click the link below to learn how to help

Thank-you to all who do support this effort.  Help us run alongside Tracie in this fight.   Please share of pic of you and your shirt tagged with #RunforTracie  .

h/t +Tracie Morrison Foundation +Chapel Hill Church 
Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Run for Tracie 
#marathon   #fundraiser   #melanoma   #cancer   #tshirt  
Buy a t-shirt to support Tracie Morrison Fundraiser. Please share!
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Bella idea. Saludos y deseo su recuperación pronto.
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Kids at Camp
From Croatia
This is a great video.   Go ahead...invest in the kids.  Make a difference.  That's what this US based missionary team is doing in Croatia, teaching leadership skills through outdoor adventure.  Love this!
via +Društvo prijatelja Biblije +Chapel Hill Church 
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Thanks for the reshare, +Christina Blount Presnell 
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From the Trail
McDonough Lake
Good Morning, World. This fishing dock is a favorite rest stop on the trail. There is a pair of bald eagles that nests in the trees around this lake. It''s always a treat to watch them.

Take a deep breathe, everyone. It's Friday. The weekend is imminent! - Christina

#HikewithMe #Hiking #LebanonHills
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This is one of my faves.
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From the USA
A timeless lace shawl...gorgeous!
Congratulations on finishing this, +Susan Koutnik.  

h/t +Yarn Mountain   #knitting
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Jolie tof ma fleur
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From the Trail
Good Morning, World...
It's gorgeous out there this morning in Minnesota...I was greeted by a Broad-wing Hawk ( that was too shy for a pic.

Take a deep breathe, my friends.   It's a new day.  XOXO - Christina

#Hiking   #HikewithMe   #LebanonHills  
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Me ha gustado mucho.
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#ProjectoftheDay  via +Yarn Mountain 
Nice work, +Ann Dutton Very cute!
The Knitting Lodge Community
Join in Here:

#Knitting   #KnittingtheWorldTogether  
Baby hat in Rowan denim yarn. I am making a matching one for the girl twin with pink elephant buttons.  - Yarn Mountain - Google+
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Cute hat.
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From the Trail
Good Morning, All...grateful for a cool breeze to combat the intense heat here in Minnesota this week.

#Hiking #HikewithMe #LebanonHills
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Basic Information
March 10
Knitting the World Together

Hi, Everyone, I’m Christina.  I help people connect through communities.  

Friends:  Add me to your Knitting, Hiking & Camping interest circles.  I truly enjoy time spent outdoors, love living "Up North" with all of it's chilly pastimes, and retired after 20 years of military service.   I stay busy by running a small business and growing fun online communities, volunteering at some cool places, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and cooking a lot of pizza each week for a bunch of crazy kids.  I have a happy, full life, and exciting work to do each day.

Business Folks:   I post about my experiences with and the benefits of Google+ Communities.  Reach out to me with questions on how communities can help  your organization.  Here's my Google+ Business Strategy and Philosophy.

Knitters:  Find me in The Knitting Lodge community here on Google+.  I own and operate  Yarn Mountain, an online community site specializing in helping the knitters of the world connect with each other, and grow their talents.  WATCH MY GOOGLE+ STORY  and see how this knitting community stuff all started.

My Hope:   Enabling people to connect with each other, and to find hope for a better tomorrow is where I'll invest my free time.  In this world of over 7 Billion people, and with the technology available to us today, nobody should ever have to feel alone.   I'm proud to lead the Hope Shack project, a Girl Scout troop, and support organizations that help encourage and bring hope to people around the globe.

First G+ Post:   July 12, 2011.

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