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From The Knitting Lodge community
From the #Knitting  Needles of +jennifer stead 
She made my day!  (Expand the post)

"+Christina Blount Presnell  I think this might be a favourite here too, wearing them now so comfy. Can't believe 3.5 months ago I'd never picked up dpns or knitted in the round & now I can make these beautiful socks. So glad I took the plunge & joined sock club thank you for the amazing patterns & inspiration."

You are so very welcome, Jennifer!  - Christina

What else are we working on?  Join in Here:

+Yarn Mountain             #knittinglodge             #yarnmtn  
Finished these last night 3rd pair of socks since learning in January. They are Mardi Gras pattern from the dock club knitted in a merino/bamboo blend custom dyed yarn which is so lovely to work with. I'm keeping these ones :)
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Knitting as fast as she can
+Kristina Culp is putting the last few stitches into her 3rd pair of socks this year to complete the #SockClub  Winter Challenge for The Knitting Lodge community.  She's knitting the Northern Lights pattern, one of my favorite designs, and how rewarding to see it being knit in such a public place!  LOL  Thanks for sharing, Kristina....this made my day.  Cheering you on!
Still knitting +Christina Blount Presnell! I think I need a magic wand for this pair. Ready to start the toes when we get back to the condo. 
Kristina Culp's profile photo
It's so nice to have someone cheering you on! I love knitting in public meet some really great people!
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#googleplustips   #googleplus  
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+Christina Blount Presnell , thanks for the re-share.
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From the Knitting Lodge Community
From the     #Knitting needles of +Elaine Payne 
Coloring Outside the Lines

Elaine took a pattern from a magazine and altered it to fit her tastes.  I love creative, innovative people.  Congratulations! - Christina

What else are we working on?  Join in Here:

+Yarn Mountain           #knittinglodge            #yarnmtn
So I finished this seed stitch wrap today. Considering whether or not to block it. What do you think?
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Have them in circles
660,970 people
Happy #Caturday
Celebrate by #knitting  your own little cat!
h/t +Yarn Mountain 
Happy Caturday
Find this cat #knitting project here:
Have a great weekend!

Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Yarn Mountain
#yarnmtn   #knittinglodge   #knityourowncat   #caturday  
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für was danke
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Overwhelmed by unfinished projects?  Never fear...we're here to help!
Join us for our 2nd Episode coming up soon!

 Meet  +Heather Sterling +Patrick Lyddy and Me, +Christina Blount Presnell    For bettern or worse, we're your hosts, and we look forward to inviting you, (and your projects) in to join us.   

We'll take a look at unfinished projects, and help you decide whether you should finish it or frog it!  We'll take into consideration the project story, materials, time invested, and most of all, interest level and popular vote!   That's can get involved by adding comments, asking questions, and casting your vote.  Watch live to interact or watch later to see what we decided.   

Get in on a future episode of Finish It or Frog It by submitting your project pics & story to +Yarn Mountain 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Christina Blount Presnell. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Finish or Frog It?
Thu, April 24, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Thanks, +Rachel Lee and please,  send us a project if you have one!  :-D
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From the Knitting Lodge Community
From the     #Knitting needles of +Lisa Young  
"A Little Bitty Baby Dress.*

Lisa finishes another project worthy of mention, a very sweet dress for a brand new little gal.   Congratulations! - Christina

What else are we working on?  Join in Here:

+Yarn Mountain           #knittinglodge             #yarnmtn  
Finished up this dress/tunic top today, fits ages 1 -2. I was practicing converting an open vest pattern to a closed dress. 
Yarn Mountain's profile photodaniel auguste's profile photo
Felicitation princesse Bon travail.
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"You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down."
Happy Birthday, Charlie Chapman
Look up to the sky, you'll never find rainbows if you’re looking down.
English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer Charlie Chaplin was born 125 years ago! Here's a picture of him with Edna Purviance in "The Cure":
Have you seen his films? Do you have a favourite scene? #comedy #silentfilm #humour #charliechaplin  
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From the Trail
Happy Sunday
The eagles are here!

I just returned from a brisk hike with the dog.  Spring has arrived, and so has the wildlife.  We were greeted by a pair of bald eagles hanging out around the lake.  I wasn't able to capture a photo with my phone while staring at their magnificence, but the view I saw was much the same as this article on depicts in this discussion of the Spring Eagle Migration in Minneosota (  So grateful to have witnessed it first hand.  There is so much strength and beauty in these awesome birds.

I also enjoyed an insightful Sunday Read ( this morning posted by author +David Amerland that explores the development of communication through the mediums we use and how it impacts our world.   I've seen firsthand at +Yarn Mountain how global communities ( can develop around a common interest with the right communication mediums in place, and how real relationships develop that surpass socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic barriers.  My experience isn't the story, just a short chapter in the much larger one described in David's post.
Have a great day, Everyone.  I'll be reflecting on Palm Sunday(,  and spending time with my immediate family.  See you all tomorrow! - Christina 

#hikewithme   #sundayread   #yarnmtn   #knittinglodge   #communities   #eagles   #minnesota  
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thank you.
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Have them in circles
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Knitting the World Together in a really fun way!

Hi, Everyone, 
I’m Christina.   My days are spent keeping knitters around the world busy by teaching workshops and designing patterns, building communities, and hosting events.  Find me hosting The Knitting Lodge community on Google+ and providing online Knitting Helpouts or Tutorials. I publish community related resources through The Knitting Lodge Resource Center and knitting-related pattern designs.  I contribute to the online growth of Yarn Mountain, an ecommerce site specializing in knitting and crochet project ideas.   I also teach workshops and host events locally at various venues in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.   

New Friends:  Add me to your Knitting, Crochet or Hiking/Camping interest circles.   I truly enjoy time outdoors, love living "Up North", and retired after 20 years of military service to enjoy my family.  


Business Folks:   I post about my experiences with small business, Google+ for business, Google+ Communities, and how my industry connects with yours.  View my Google+ Business Strategy.  

Thank you all for being a valuable part of our G+ community!

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First G+ Post: July 12, 2011.
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