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Can #Knitting  save your life?
"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis." - Elizabeth Zimmerman
Stories of Recovery with Knitting and Crochet used as Therapy

Knitting is just a hobby or passive distraction, right?   Maybe, if you're stressed out from a long day at the office or overwhelmed with household chores.   For those in less mundane circumstances, it can be a bit more.   What if you find yourself unexpectedly out of work, or recovering from illness or injury, addiction, or abuse?   What if the awesome career, promising future,goals and dreams have been shattered by a car accident?  What if the person that you loved the most hurt you the worst?  What if your diagnosis included the words, "Never again..."?

(This is really cool)  Each week, homebound (for whatever reason) members of our global community are gathering via Google+ #Hangouts   and finding a vibrant social community, making connections with others that can relate to their circumstances, and in the middle of a lively, interactive social environment, they are finding hope again.....and they are #knitting .   Knitting is not just an empty distraction, but a re-focused attention that involves the challenging artistic insight of creating, slows down the thought process to practice finer motor skills with texture and color, and provides motivating, rewarding results.  Through technology, those that were once stuck at home and alone for many hours a day now have the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves and their circumstances.   Now that's knitting the world together in a really cool way.

Why Knitting?
1)  Blogger Heather Buckler tells her story of how knitting filled her days during  recovery from benzodiazepine addiction, providing a creative and productive outlet instead of a downward spiral.  Read more:

2)  Author Kathryn Vercillo tells her story of how she battled depression, anxiety, fear and treatments as a college freshmen recently diagnosed with a brain tumor in her book Crochet saved my Life.  She speaks of choosing hope as she dropped a knife from her wrist to pick up yarn instead.  Find More here:

3)  Soldiers recovering from severe injury and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are finding healing through hobbies, as described in a recent article in the Navy Times.   #Knitting  is one of them.  Read more here:

If you have a story to share on how you have seen the benefits of hobbies and crafts during recovery, I would love to hear it. Your story may be the encouragement that someone reading this needs today. Please add it in the comments below.

Could you, a family member or friend  benefit from knitting as a therapeutic past-time?   Please consider introducing them to the engaging, fun, and friendly group of knitters and crocheters in The Knitting Lodge community on #Google + to help them get connected.  Find it here:

This photo depicts my favorite hobbies,   #knitting  and #hiking , that both seem to have a humbling way of keeping me in check.  Have a good weekend, Everyone! - Christina

h/t +Yarn Mountain +Dave Bennett +Beverly Tilton 
#knittingtherapy   #yarnmtn   #knittinglodge   #knitwithme   #knittingtogether   #hobbies   #crafts   #therapy     #communities  
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+Agnes Kis Thank you for sharing your story.   I'm seeing this to be true in many lives, including my own.    I'm glad you've joined in here. :-)
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Why G+?
I first met +Gwen Merz in a G+ community hangout about three years ago.   This morning we met IRL at a local restaurant for breakfast as she was passing through my town, and picked right up where our last conversation had left off.   Nobody looking on could have guessed that we had never actually met before.      

As the lines between our online and offline worlds continue to blur, the trust +David Amerland refers to in this post allows for real connections to develop into mutually valued relationships that help everyone grow and  thrive.   He lays this out here in a very simple, easy way that helps explain why G+ is still just a little bit different, and why the tech mags still don't get it.  
Why I am on G+ so much

I had to explain to a corporate colleague, yesterday, why I spend so much time and energy on G+ engaging and interacting, putting up original content (when my website should be really benefiting from it) and sharing a lot of original information and insights (which should logically be kept for my books which bring me money.) 

It was a fair question which became the initiation point for a long discussion into which were also drawn his line manager and the company's Corporate Communications expert. 

I had to delve deep into my own motivations in order to actually make sense to people who don't use G+ and see social networks only as a marketing tool. As the discussion evolved I used their Whiteboard to sketch a few connections and relationships. I began to explain that there is a high level or reciprocity within G+ that is not evidenced in Twitter or even Facebook despite the fact that the latter is mostly close friends and family.

Once I started to look at it through the prism of Trust (which is the subject of an upcoming book which has me buried in research as well as writing) things began to fall into place.

What's more, the usual 'soft' platitudes of making friends with people you have never met and actually trusting them, suddenly began to make more sense.

Everything here is a contract of sorts, running on Transactional Trust and governed by the Reciprocity Response ( Transactional Trust, in turn, is made up of three other different types of trust, each of which has its own key points.

Not only does this help all of us interact in ways which provide mutual gains but it allows us to interact with different people, differently, calculate 'trust' differently for everyone and differently for each situation while still understanding that it is trust we use. 

Trust is the key ingredient in establishing and strengthening connections between individuals which then begin to figure into such other concepts as identity, self-worth and the establishment of one's presence. In semantic search trust is the key value ascribed in the interaction and engagement between Entities. 

When I got home my Whiteboard doodle became the diagram you see below. Have one awesome Saturday. :) 
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+Christina Blount Presnell I know exactly what you speak of in reference to that connection and meeting a person in RL. And it feels amazing. 
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Growing Leaders in Croatia
From teaching teens leadership skills through outdoor adventure, and giving them practical experience teaching younger kids at camp, +Društvo prijatelja Biblije is making a difference.

h/t +Chapel Hill Church 
#Missionaries #ImpactingtheWorld   #LLI  
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Knit A Longs - from Michigan, USA
Knit A Longs, or KAL's, are an easy way for knitters, near or far, to connect over a project.   In this case, a group of knitters from around the globe, are all making the same project.   Along the way, they share tips, tell stories, and connect.    *That's #KnittingtheWorldTogether  in a really cool way!*

h/t +Yarn Mountain  #Knitting  
Finished #SandCastlesKAL  last night. Ready to weave in ends and block. This is the smaller size shawl I am surprised how fast it went! I ran out of my CC at the last two rows of the lace section, I don't think its very noticeable that the MC was used two rows early. I am so happy that it worked out that the purple was the color for the bind off, I couldn't have planned that if I tried! Will post another photo after the blocking is done.

#knitting   #KAL   #knittinglodge   #shawl   #SandCastlesShawl  
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Thanks for sharing! Fun project, just need to get it to the blocking board
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From the Trail
A very rainy river hike today.   Loving all the green! 
#SoakingWetinMinnesota   #Hikewithme   #Hiking  
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Wish I could be there <3
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This is the stuff great #Communities  are made of!
A Summer Knit Along
The Knitting Lodge Community
We're knitting the Sand Castles Shawl together.
Will You Join Us?   (expand the post to learn how)

This brand new shawl pattern was just released yesterday from designer +sarah punderson.   She's offered a $1 discount off of the pattern price to members of The Knitting Lodge Community.   Comment below to receive the Discount Code and Download instructions. ( Community membership will be verified.  Join in Here: )

Cast on Day is May 25, 2015 , and we're ready here.  The pattern offers both a large and a small size (large is shown).   The Large requires 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn and the Small requires 2.   Please ask any further questions below.  Let's get started!

Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Yarn Mountain 
#Knitting   #KAL   #KnittingGroups   #YarnMtn  
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Pssst....Pass it On!
DPB House is Helping Kids get to Camp!
"Together to the Top (T2T)" - One very Big Day!
(expand the post)

Tomorrow, rain or shine, their community will be walking, running, biking, climbing and skateboarding to raise funds for campers in need in Croatia and Nepal!

You can join us in donating, participating and praying for T2T.

By teaching teens outdoor survival and adventure skills, this #missionary  team based at the DPB House in Croatia is helping them to learn valuable leadership skills at the same time. That's #ImpactingtheWorld  in a really cool way.

via   +Društvo prijatelja Biblije +Chapel Hill Church  
  #LLI   #EaganChurches #Missionaries   #Global Outreach 
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Hi Honey, I'm home....
I always stop to visit the local honey farmer's booth at our market each time we go.  It's a favorite stop to sample the different varieties and come home with something new.   My favorite is the lavendar honey.   Glad to know our indulgence has a health benefit, too!   
Thanks, +John Skeats 
5 Ways Honey Can Keep You Healthy

Honey is, of course, delicious, but did you know that it can be used in some very different ways to keep you healthy? These include:

-- Suppressing coughs
-- Soothing burns
-- Aiding sleep
-- Helping minor wounds to heal
-- Boosting immunity

One important warning, though: Never give honey to children under one year old because it can cause a very serious disease in infants. 
This golden liquid has been shown to help fix ailments ranging from a pesky cough to a painful wound.
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Thanks for resharing and the mention, +Christina Blount Presnell. That booth sounds wonderful. Someone would have to either cut me off or drag me away kicking if they have free tasting!
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From Florida - USA
+LaShanna Doyle has just completed the Summer Knit-Along project with The Knitting Lodge community, the gorgeous Sand Castles shawl designed by Sarah Punderson.   Knit Alongs projects enable community members from around the globe to encourage each other as they each make the same item.  _Insert great fun and friendships here._
 Congratulations, Lashanna!

h/t +Yarn Mountain 
  #Knitting   #KAL  
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I love it too
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Missionaries in Russia?
NLM is Sharing Hope through Music and Theatre
Courage comes in some unpredictable packages.   Don't care how you slice it, I have total respect for these do-ers of change.

via +Steiger International +Chapel Hill Church   
#NLM   #NoLongerMusic   #NLMTour2015  
No Longer Music
Update from the Road
Read the Full Tour Update Here:
(expand the post)

The No Longer Music band is on the road this summer, traveling through the Czech Republic, Latvia and now into Russia. No Longer Music (NLM) is an evangelistic music and theatrical production group led by David Pierce which, for 30 years, has used the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in night clubs, city squares and festivals, to young people who would never step foot into a church.  

That's #ImpactingtheWorld  in a really cool way!   
Support the #Missionaries  we support here:
(Choose "Missions")

h/t +Steiger International 
Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Chapel Hill Church 
#NLMTour2015   #NLMConcertReport   #GlobalOutreach   #EaganChurches   #NoLongerMusic   #Pskov   #Russia     #Jesus   #Gospel   #gospelmusic  
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+luciano miranda Did you see the show?
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Don't know you
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I love it 
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March 10
Knitting the World Together

Hi, Everyone, I’m Christina.  I help people connect through communities.  

Friends:  Add me to your Knitting, Hiking & Camping interest circles.  I truly enjoy time spent outdoors, love living "Up North" with all of it's chilly pastimes, and retired after 20 years of military service.   I stay busy by running a small business and growing fun online communities, volunteering at some cool places, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and cooking a lot of pizza each week for a bunch of crazy kids.  I have a happy, full life, and exciting work to do each day.

Business Folks:   I post about my experiences with and the benefits of Google+ Communities.  Reach out to me with questions on how communities can help  your organization.  Here's my Google+ Business Strategy and Philosophy.

Knitters:  Find me in The Knitting Lodge community here on Google+.  I own and operate  Yarn Mountain, an online community site specializing in helping the knitters of the world connect with each other, and grow their talents.  WATCH MY GOOGLE+ STORY  and see how this knitting community stuff all started.

My Hope:   Enabling people to connect with each other, and to find hope for a better tomorrow is where I'll invest my free time.  In this world of over 7 Billion people, and with the technology available to us today, nobody should ever have to feel alone.   I'm proud to lead the Hope Shack project, a Girl Scout troop, and support organizations that help encourage and bring hope to people around the globe.

First G+ Post:   July 12, 2011.

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