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Do I Love Google+ Collections?
YES!  Here's Why.
You are all unique.  I'm unique.  We all have something valuable to bring to the table, and we all have SOMETHING in common.
 (I think we're all at least human.)    

Besides the obvious potential for fun global connections and semantic search benefits, I also love the ability to find what I'm looking for quickly.   Most of all, I love being able to speak to one audience, yet still share publicly so that newbies can find the topic and join in, too.    Have you found that it helps focus your posts yet?

Here are My Collections:
Please Follow/Unfollow what Does or Doesn't interest you at your discretion.  You won't offend me.  I'll do the same for you.  :-)  
(You are hereby forewarned of my own personal brand of geekiness.)
I'll share a lot about #Knitting because I own +Yarn Mountain​  and The Knitting Lodge community, and am passionate about #KnittingtheWorldTogether    Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share a lot about #Hiking because I do that a lot around #Minnesota  and northern #Michigan  or anywhere else I end up.   I need to be in the forest.   Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share about #running  with +Run for Tracie​  and the Twin Cities Marathon because I believe in that cause,  love my friend Tracie, and curate the posts for that page.   #RunforTracie   #TCMarathon   (PS...It's fun to watch.  I haven't ran since I was on active duty with the #Army  12 years ago.)  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share stories about #FindingHope  because I volunteer and curate posts for +Hope Shack​.  That's where we walk with people from within our online communities that are facing different crisis and provide hope and encouragement through their journey.  (I care about you guys, and that's a way I enjoy giving back.   #GroupHug  )  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share my fascination with #semanticsearch  as it relates to the   #smallbusiness  and non-profits that I work with.  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share about my experience with The #Bible and what I learn by studying it.   That's what defines who I am, and where I find my hope and strength each day.  God has been very gracious to me and my family.  I love working in ministry and volunteer at some really cool places.  I also curate posts for +Chapel Hill Church​ and support and endorse the missionary efforts of +Steiger International​ +Clayton Jennings​ and +Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge​.   Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here: 

I'll post local stuff about the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) and life from +Eagan Minnesota​.   #Eagan  rocks, BTW.  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I'll share posts about why I choose +Google+​ for my small businesses and #nonprofit  work.  I'll probably share about the benefits of #communities  and now #collections  a lot.   :-D   #smb  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

I have a passion for #GlobalOutreach  through mission work around the world.   I'll post about the #Missionaries I follow and the amazing work they do.  Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

Finally, I'll post about my Crazy +Girl Scouts​, and the adventures we have.  There's 15 little gals Future World Leaders  in this  troop now, and being their Troop Leader is an absolute honor.   #SanityCheck    +Girl Scouts River Valleys​   Follow/Unfollow this Collection Here:

So...that's what I'm all about.   Who are You?
Feel free to share your Collections with me, I'm already a fan!
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Same here. :-)
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Small Business Owners and Non-Profits
Make wise Choices with the Budget you have.
Think long-term search impact before throwing your marketing budget (and time) into the latest FB trend.   Think about how this product will help you reach and sustain your marketing goals.  
Thanks, +David Amerland 

#SMB   #SmallBusiness   #NonProfit  
David Amerland originally shared to Semantic Search:
"Give Us all Your Content" says Facebook"

There is a good reason why Facebook's Instant Articles even saw the light of day. But whether they will deliver on their promise, much less their premise, in the long term is open to debate. Incredibly enough Facebook's weakness in search, may be its undoing here. 
There are two things that rule the web and they are mutually exclusive: a high-quality, rich-content experience and speed. Both of these become even more critical on smaller screens and mobile devices. Facebook has been losing on both these fronts....
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Tomorrow's World
How the data we produce is impacting our world.
via +David Amerland 
David Amerland originally shared to Semantic Search:
"Make Me Smarter on a Subject I Know Little About"

There, that is the premise and promise of cognitive computing, of which semantic search is just one aspect. The Economist has an article on how cognitive computing that is driven by Machine Learning works (kinda) - that demystifies it a little bit.  

The promise of data and connectivity is summed up in +Eric Schmidt's question of "what if your genome could be made available to everyone? With your permission, of course". Imagine if the data that sums up our physical existence could suddenly be used to help others overcome debilitating diseases or provide pathways to better medicine a better understanding of health, a more critical approach to research regarding ageing. These are monumental tasks that become easier and better when they have access to data. Suddenly our very existence on the planet becomes a building block to keys that might unlock other mysteries. 

h/t +Nelly Parra Sandoval who surfaced this on my stream, this morning.  
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Social Media Engagement
A little adjustment on perspective.
Focusing on our audience and their needs, rather than our own.  Regardless if your business is big or small or non-profit, this is excellent.   

h/t +Mike Elgan +Denis Labelle 
#smb   #smallbusiness   #nonprofit  
Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
The third way to killer social media engagement.

(Read my column: )

The problem with most articles about social media for business is that they're based on best practices for marketing or public relations.

This column is different. I'm going to tell you about the third way to engage in social media—a way that involves neither marketing nor PR. I'll explain how to base your approach to social media on the context of the audience, not the company or industry.

Check this out:

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Have them in circles
644,961 people
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From the Trail
A very rainy river hike today.   Loving all the green! 
#SoakingWetinMinnesota   #Hikewithme   #Hiking  
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Nice pic follow please unique person or christina
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This is the stuff great #Communities  are made of!
A Summer Knit Along
The Knitting Lodge Community
We're knitting the Sand Castles Shawl together.
Will You Join Us?   (expand the post to learn how)

This brand new shawl pattern was just released yesterday from designer +sarah punderson.   She's offered a $1 discount off of the pattern price to members of The Knitting Lodge Community.   Comment below to receive the Discount Code and Download instructions. ( Community membership will be verified.  Join in Here: )

Cast on Day is May 25, 2015 , and we're ready here.  The pattern offers both a large and a small size (large is shown).   The Large requires 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn and the Small requires 2.   Please ask any further questions below.  Let's get started!

Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Yarn Mountain 
#Knitting   #KAL   #KnittingGroups   #YarnMtn  
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عبد الله المغرب

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Pssst....Pass it On!
DPB House is Helping Kids get to Camp!
"Together to the Top (T2T)" - One very Big Day!
(expand the post)

Tomorrow, rain or shine, their community will be walking, running, biking, climbing and skateboarding to raise funds for campers in need in Croatia and Nepal!

You can join us in donating, participating and praying for T2T.

By teaching teens outdoor survival and adventure skills, this #missionary  team based at the DPB House in Croatia is helping them to learn valuable leadership skills at the same time. That's #ImpactingtheWorld  in a really cool way.

via   +Društvo prijatelja Biblije +Chapel Hill Church  
  #LLI   #EaganChurches #Missionaries   #Global Outreach 
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1st Grade Girls Track Finale
That one dancing all around is mine.  (sigh)
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A Little Bit of #Caturday  in my Post - from Texas, USA
The Knitting Lodge Community
+Jenn Zeyen gives us a glimpse of life as a #knitting    *Hat Maker*.

h/t +Yarn Mountain 
Cowardly Boy Cat may not approve but I'm making myself another hat. 
They say you can never have enough hats (and scarfs). They only say that to make me feel better about casting on for yet another hat.
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I knitt hats Blankets any thing.Iwant .give them to
The hospital.for the sick.
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No Longer Music
Stories from the Road
This missionary band is in the throes of their 2015 tour through Poland and the Baltics.   Here's a glimpse of the highs and lows they experience on the road, and the incredible power that God shows in the midst of their journey.   My prayer for them is that they continue to have the courage ( and confidence in God ) to do what He asks them to do in each city they visit.   #ImpactingtheWorld  

h/t +Steiger International +Ben Pierce +Paul McVety +Chapel Hill Church 
#Missionaries   #NoLongerMusic   #NLMTour2015   #NLMConcertUpdate  
Steiger is a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the “secularized global youth culture” for Jesus.
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Community Builder
  • Yarn Mountain
    Owner, 2010 - present
    Community-based Knitting Resources.
  • Noble Environmental Power, Inc.
    Director of Project Services, 2005 - 2009
    Renewable Wind Energy.
  • United States Army
    Retired, 1988 - 2008
    Corps of Engineers, Logistics and Project Mgt.
Basic Information
March 10
Knitting the World Together

Hi, Everyone, I’m Christina.  I help people connect through communities.  

Friends:  Add me to your Knitting, Hiking & Camping interest circles.  I truly enjoy time spent outdoors, love living "Up North" with all of it's chilly pastimes, and retired after 20 years of military service.   I stay busy by running a small business and growing fun online communities, volunteering at some cool places, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and cooking a lot of pizza each week for a bunch of crazy kids.  I have a happy, full life, and exciting work to do each day.

Business Folks:   I post about my experiences with and the benefits of Google+ Communities.  Reach out to me with questions on how communities can help  your organization.  Here's my Google+ Business Strategy and Philosophy.

Knitters:  Find me in The Knitting Lodge community here on Google+.  I own and operate  Yarn Mountain, an online community site specializing in helping the knitters of the world connect with each other, and grow their talents.  WATCH MY GOOGLE+ STORY  and see how this knitting community stuff all started.

My Hope:   Enabling people to connect with each other, and to find hope for a better tomorrow is where I'll invest my free time.  In this world of over 7 Billion people, and with the technology available to us today, nobody should ever have to feel alone.   I'm proud to lead the Hope Shack project, a Girl Scout troop, and support organizations that help encourage and bring hope to people around the globe.

First G+ Post:   July 12, 2011.

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