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Knitting the World Together
Knitting the World Together


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The Power of Connecting combined with the Power of Making
+Jenn Zeyen​​ walks us through the how's and why's of connecting with a group of people doing the same thing you are.   I've got some thoughts to add, and it's the driver behind the direction +Yarn Mountain​​ is taking.   

"Knit on with confidence and hope through all crisis." - Elizabeth Zimmerman (

Knitting keeps our hands busy and our minds occupied.  It creates instant connections.   Anytime I knit anywhere in public, someone always stops to chat, to tell their knitting story, or best yet...they sit down and join me.   Teaching someone to knit is equipping them with a way to cope and an instant support network.    That's #KnittingtheWorldTogether  .   Enjoy!

#KnitwithMe   #Knitting  +Hope Shack​​ 
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Signs of Spring
A hike around our regional county park yesterday proved that Spring has FINALLY arrived in Minnesota.
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”Exploring vulnerability through his lens as he struggles to come to terms with his own war experience.”

This is a great story of acceptance and tenacity, and a tender strength beneath the pain. It’s impossible not to look at the pictures of these faces and see the stories in their eyes.

Stories. Hope. Strength.
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You are a Creator
How to Thrive on G+
This is the best compilation of resources available for bringing your best to G+. Bookmark, explore and share it with your own networks!
Via +Denis Labelle
+You / You+ - Thrive On Google+
The Next Generation of Creators is Here. +You / You+ equals possibilities. The network to help bring about amazing content, network for purpose, create interactions and help people. Become a creator who helps create a network and community to provide creators the support, resources and community that allows them to excel. Network with other creators to collaborate on projects, improve your creativity, and grow your audience. Start here:

Crea+e: To Learn, Create & Collaborate, Follow >
. +Meg Tufano: Change your mind, change the world!
. +Ailea Merriam-Pigg: Google+ Community Manager
. +Dr Lew Jensen: Firestarter - Dreamer & Conjurer
. +Paul Snedden: Google-appointed Google+ Product Expert
. +Darren Huski: Wilderness Photographer
. +Kerem Gogus: Illusionist - Dreamer
. +Paul Pavlinovich: Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Local Guide, Gunzel, SF Author, Crea+e
. +Christina Blount: Knitting the World Together
. +Françoise Dhulesia: Google + Creator, sharer of knowledge, in Paris, France. Art lover. A passion for India, photography, culture and diversity.
. +Heidi Anne Morris: Colour Creative Visual Artist and Italian Spinone Photographer.
. +Michael Brown: Google+ Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Software Developer
. +Abdul Wahab: Textile Engineer, Food Lover and Sherlock Fan
. +Sonali Dalal: Photo Artist from INDIA , lover of Abstract photography.
. +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns: Google+ Create Member - photographer, writer, content creator, speaker
. +Margaret Tompkins: Photographer, Writer, G+ Advocate
. +Rachel Bakker: Google+ Create Community Manager
. +Andreas Bartels: I compute, therefore I am.
. +Ron Serina: Ron and Mary Ellen, living inside the postcard.
. +Jannik Lindquist: philosopher, luteplayer, photographer, Google geek
. +roland j. ruttledge: Google maps local guide level 10
. +Dr. Cassone: Integrative Primary Care Doctor
. +George Station: Lecturer at getting from this day to that.
. +John Kellden: Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences.
. +Zoltan Buzady: Professor of Management, Global Expert in Flow - Leadership & Design Thinking, Google+ Create Member
. +Ellie Kennard: Words, Pictures, Whole Plant Based Food
. +Leo Deegan: Picture taker and a Google+ eng manager
. +Monika Schmidt: Consultant, photographer and musician.
. +Isabelle Fortin: Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer
. +Errol Doebler: Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. FBI Agent.
. +John Ward: I paint. I write. I enjoy meeting new people on Google+.
. +Larry Fournillier: Flavoring the World One Pot at a Time™
. +MK Bhanu: Discover Blogging: to leverage the internet for creative expression of your hobbies!
. +Mark Rodriguez: Photographer, animator, designer, illustrator
. +Neila Rey: Fitness enthusiast, dragon tamer, spoon and air bender.
. +Gina Fiedel: Web design & Development
. +Gideon Rosenblatt: Explorer of work and the human experience in an era of machine intelligence.
. +Teodora Petkova: A content writer in love with the Semantic Web.
. +Zara Altair: Your Voice in Words - Semantic Writing
. +David Amerland: Author, Speaker, Analyst
Crea+e Toolbox:

Creatinc: For Business, Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, Follow >
. +Mike Blumenthal: Blogger, speaker and Local Search consultant
. +Yifat Cohen: I answer the questions that Google won't.
. +David King: Google Top Contributor, Mentor & Local Guide
. +Peggy K: Google Top Contributor for YouTube, Google+, AdSense, Blogger, Hangouts
. +Spencer Wade: Trusted Digital Media Advisor: Google Mentor, Ambassador
. +Mary Stovall: Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.
Creatinc Toolbox:

Creathink: About Marketing & Digital Trends, Follow >
. +Yuko Nakamura: Digital Strategist
. +Mike Elgan: The world's only lovable tech journalist
. +Eli Fennell: The Key To Social Media Is Being Social
. +Alan Stainer: Google+ Creator. Tech head through and through.
. +Thomas Morffew: Consultant and coach, focused on people and technology
. +François Bacconnet: Web Captain | Cloud Driver
. +Irfan Ahmad: Infographics Hunter . Social Media Savvy . Graphic Designer
. +Kamal Tailor: Google+ Top Contributor
. +Lee Sapara: Technology Paradigm Shifter, Cloud Mover, Traveller
. +Peter Hatherley: Synchronicity PLUS Apps, Creative Writer SEO
. +John Blossom: Globally recognized media and enterprise content industry analyst
. +Paolo Amoroso: Non-viral space & Google gems
. +Pierre Provost: Writer, direct marketing and copywriting pro
. +Eric Enge: Digital Marketing Excellence
. +Robert Wallis: Working social media for Ford Europe, G+ Top Contributor
. +Federico Granata: Google Evangelist
. +Martin Holmes: Bringing Digital Intelligence to Businesses
. +Michel Reibel: Digital Strategist
. +John Skeats: Qi Healer, Writer, and Google advocate
. +Nina Trankova: Digital Communications Skills Coach, Create member, Google Top Contributor, Community Moderator
. +Michelle Blanc: Web strategist with a purpose
. +Randy Milanovic: CEO KAYAK Online Marketing, Author, Blogger, Kayaker
. +Mark Traphagen - Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority
. +John Elstone: G+ Top Contributor, Google Photos Top Contributor Alumni
. +Dr. Cassone: Integrative Primary Care Doctor
. +Oleg Moskalensky: Productive Computer Systems - IT/Internet Consulting/Development
. +Greg Batmarx: Open Source Advocate, Biosocial Revolutionary, Brain Researcher
. +Mike Elgan: The world's only lovable tech journalist
Creathink Toolbox:

Create+ Communities - Get Inspired, Help & Support
. Google+ Help >
. Google+ Collection >
. Google+ Moderators >
. Google+ Create:
Crea+e Collection
. Community Tips and Tricks >

Join Google+ Create
. Apply here >
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Hiking Gunflint
The trails around Gunflint Lake are some of my favorite to explore. Gunflint Lake sits on the border of the US and Canada and is within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) ( that encompasses most of the northern Minnesota border. To reach it, you have to travel about 45 west of civilation, along the historic Gunflint Trail. Fun if you like bear, moose, and wolves at a close distance. I didn't see any wildlife on this trip in late March, and very few people. It was meant to be a snowy, quiet retreat, and that's exactly what it was. I didn't hike all the way to High Cliffs, as the trail was reduced to a sleek ice face and a rope to hold on to. That was a little extreme for me!

My favorite dining spot is Gunflint Lodge ( that offers rental skis and the like. Their fresh walleye is the best, especially the house-made chowder. Oh, and I love the family welcome I always receive at the Gunflint Pines Campground and Resort ( Both are great casual accomodations with simple year-round activities. So much left to explore!
#HikewithMe #BWCA #Gunflint
Hiking Gunflint
Hiking Gunflint
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Friends...follow +Michele Cushatt
Her story is hard, but she’s found creative ways to use it to share hope and encouragement when life leaves us all undone. I’ve linked her site. Go ahead...poke around!

h/t +Michele Cushatt
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From Indonesia
The Knitting Lodge Community
Doily-making, with it’s intricate lace, is still a unique art form that continues to delight both the hands that make it, and the hands that receive the finished gift!

Beautiful work, +Arina Shofiyati!
My first doily finished.
30cm in diameter.
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”If you can look up, you can get up.”
This article takes what may feel like a major undertaking to someone battling depression, and breaks it into 7 simple, practical ideas to help with that first step. Pass it along to encourage someone!

h/t +Hope Shack
Feeling Blue?
7 Natural Ways to Fight Depression
Short and sweet, this article hits on some seemingly basic ideas. When we’re hit with something hard, sometimes a reminder of the basics Is all we can handle.

Stories. Hope. Strength.
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Scott’s Story
”My story is a story of ugliness, brokenness, unworthiness....”
This latest tale gives us an honest, brutal glimpse into the mind of a meth addict, and what finally broke his cycle of addiction. There is hope, even at the depths of despair. Read on...

Stories. Hope. Strength.

h/t +Hope Shack
Scott’s Story
Scott’s Story
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Have you Lost a Loved One?
Self-paced study for those dealing with Grief
This 6-week reading plan may help someone process their grief, and it's available to anyone online through the +GriefShare Program. I was delighted to find it and pass it along.

Stories. Hope. Strength.

h/t +Hope Shack
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