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Christin Slade
Encouraging mothers to seek Jesus.
Encouraging mothers to seek Jesus.

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Do you have a preschooler and are curious about how to integrate Charlotte Mason's way of learning? Here are some tips to get you started!

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Tween girls are at such a tender age, with all kinds of questions and emotions sort of swirling in their heads and hearts. Often, they won't talk about these things unless prompted [and somethings not even then] because they don't know how to bring them up, or they can feel ashamed of having certain struggles or questions.

Do you have a tween girl? This Christian resource can help you and your girl sort through some of those challenges! Plus, I'm giving two copies away!


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"As a mother raising children to know Christ, I can't afford NOT to know Him myself." ~Christin Slade

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Today I'd like to address our mornings and why they are the foundation for our entire day. Even if you aren't a morning person, how you approach your mornings will make a huge difference in how the rest of your day flows not just from a productivity standpoint but from a mental and emotional place as well--for you and your family.

Often we talk about the productivity of our mornings, which is still important for making the succeed. But there's something else that is just as important...

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There is somewhat of an art to setting the atmosphere of your home. I've found that it always starts with a firm foundation and consistent time with the Lord before anything else. Establishing that very important time to strengthen your relationship with Jesus and nurture your spiritual life, it's much more natural for your home to reflect an atmosphere of Christ.

Once that foundation is grounded, it's easier to see where we can make improvements in the following places in order to create a peaceful, nurturing, and loving home atmosphere. #homemaking

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"Your mindset matters. Mindset becomes momentum, and momentum brings change." - +Andy Traub

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Maybe you've heard of the Martyr Mom Syndrome? It's the belief that everything you do and everything you are surrounds your children first.

There's a difference between sacrificing your own desires for someone and putting other vital relationships on the line unnecessarily.

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Workbooks can be such a great tool for young children. All of mine loved them as Kindergartners! 
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We need to focus on areas that can improve and continue to pour into our relationship with Christ in deeper ways so we can lead our children into a deeper relationship with Him as well. Here are five foundational habits to build your homeschool on.
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