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Christie Hartmann
Works at Omnyx
Attended Pennsylvania State University
Lives in Pittsburgh, PA


  • Omnyx
    Scrum Master, 2015 - present
  • Highmark
    Sr BTA, 2014 - 2015
  • EDMC
    Business Architect, 2012 - 2014
  • Fiserv
    Product Manager, 2009 - 2011
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Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pennsylvania State University
    M.SE - Software Engineering, 2009
  • Gwynedd-Mercy College
    BS Computer Information Science, 2003
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Used online check in and arrived with my name third in line. At least five people arrived after me and jumped the line. When a bunch of cutters finished up, their least competent got on the computer and couldn't add a new customer to the list, so no one could cash out. Thanks for the waste of my time. Won't be back.
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reviewed 6 months ago
I switched to Century Medical Associates and Dr. Hunkle when my insurance changed to Highmark. Recently, Dr. Hunkle performed surgery on me to address an ongoing health issue I've dealt with for years, as well as a botched IUD placement (from a UPMC doctor!) - I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, it has far exceeded my expectations. Scheduling both the surgery and office visits has been relatively fast, I'm seen quickly, and I'm informed and educated on everything that goes on with my treatment. I'm really glad I went with this practice and feel fortunate that she's my doctor.
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Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
He's pushy - go here if you are as gung-ho on 3x weekly visits (and copays) as he is. 11/29/12 Update - I am in receipt of a letter asking me to remove my review. He states: "Although you were not satisfied, as you can see from my response, we never push people." If that's the case, why campaign so hard to not only invalidate my review of this chiropractic salesman, but then push so hard to get my review removed? The ONLY treatment plan presented to me was a lengthy, expensive one, one that my subsequent chiropractor just shook her head at and stated it wasn't necessary. The attitude from this practice was, it's his plan, or I'm on my own. In his letter to me he states "Since you were not willing to follow my recommendations you were entitled to proceed however you thought be acceptable for your needs." What I saw then, and continue to see now, is this doctor's inflexibility to design a treatment plan that gets a patient out of pain without forcing them to commit to over 1K out of pocket and nearly 6 months of their lives. My case wasn't complicated - who has time for that??? As requested, i have reconsidered my review and stand by it. Still pushy. If you don't like having a bad review, why don't you present *options* to a patient.
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No business running a practice......I went to this office twice: for a consultation and a surgical appointment. For the consultation, I arrived on time and was made to wait for an hour past my appointment time to see the dentist. For the surgical appointment, i arrived a few minutes early and was again made to wait, this time for 30 minutes past my appointment time (and I was NPO since midnight in preparation). I asked the receptionist when i would be seen, and she wasn't sure, made no move to check with the doctor, and then took a phone call for 10 minutes. When i was finally shown to the procedure room, i expressed to the nurse that i was dissatisfied at the wait, and got a snappish "sorry" in return. Since it was clear she wasn't going to resolve my customer satisfaction issue, I asked to speak with the dentist before the procedure was started. He came in, i told him the same thing, and he invited me to leave. I don't know if he's a competent dentist or not. I do know that his office doesn't run on time. When taken to task about their lateness and rude behavior toward a patient, he defends the bad behavior and tells the patient to leave. He apparently doesn't understand that the poor experience his staff creates for the patient reflects very badly on him. I have plenty of kids, with plenty of wisdom teeth, and we'll go elsewhere. He doesn't want my business anyway. My advice to shoppers looking for a local surgeon is: go ahead and donate time to sitting and waiting at his office, but if you have a problem with him or his staff, just know up front that he does not care.
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I had a procedure done at this office in February 2012. Though I presented a valid insurance card for my procedure, and the procedure would have been covered by BCBS, the staff failed to successfully submit the claim in a year. After a full year had passed, it was rejected in the 13th month by my insurance because it was not submitted in a timely manner. So now they are billing me for the full amount, will not provide me with any proof they claim to have that they even tried to submit to the insurance, and will not assist me in filing an appeal. Further, the office staff has become rude with me, and the doctor won't return my call. I now have to engage an attorney - this bill should have been handled by the insurance, and they are threatening to send it to a collections agency. I don't know where this process broke down. I had valid insurance. It was a covered procedure. I gave them all of the information I had. They won't take responsibility for this and won't address it with the insurance themselves. They have absolutely no scruples about pursuing this with me even though they didn't get paid because they did nothing for a full year to submit a claim.
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