When the Word “Terrorist” Is Not Used | Foreign Policy Watch
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Not surprisingly, here in Brazil he's not being called terrorist either (despite him repeatedly calling us "dysfunctional country that can never work because of miscegenation"). He's a "right-wing extremist" accused of terrorist acts -- and even "terrorist acts" is sparsely used. The only mention to him as a terrorist I found was in one article from g1 (http://glo.bo/qodGPk) -- and still the term does not make into the headlines.
Nonsense (sorry Kassick ;-)).

The Brazilian media (press and television) are calling this a terrorist act. I don't see the difference in calling it a "terrorist act" or calling the men "terrorist"? :-P It is completely different from the situation reported in the link shared by Chris, where it is stated that "the term ``terrorist act'' is also absent from the headlines".
I've been away from TV for quite a while and I don't read the printed versions of the local pasquims, so I may be biased ;)

Internet-news-wise, the term is absent from headlines and in the text he is hardly called "terrorist": his acts are referred as "acts of violence", "crimes agains the humanity", "shootings", ...
I don't even agree that much with the story, but it reminded me that ZeroHora, the main consumer of hyperbolic terms in brazilian media, doesn't have any headline like "Hecatomb in Norway: Terrorist kills 20" or "Moral Decadence: Norwegian terrorist wanted whores in a public park before shootings"
ZeroHora?! Now we are talking about local pasquims. ;)