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Christian Werner

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We did it before Varoufakis ^^ #varoufake
Sticking the middle finger with a 3d printed  #GuerillaBeam  projector.
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Christian Werner

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Ein Bekannter verkauft seinen T3-Bus. Hat jemand Interesse? #Dresden
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VW Bus, T3, Camper, Hochdach, Diesel, LKW-Zul., Bauj.88, TÜV bis Juli 2015 in Auto & Motorrad: Fahrzeuge, Automobile, Volkswagen | eBay
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Y- Fi
yeah! I remember that
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Christian Werner

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Two Fairphone cases, earning me €12.50 each.

Printed on Ultimaker, sliced with Cura. 0.1mm layer height, 0.6mm walls. Printing time 3h. No supports, unfortunately.
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The second (orange) one looks nice ;)
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Christian Werner

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Probably the first  powerbank that's chargeable in 5 minutes.
Would be absolutely perfect for #Ingress.
Early-bird rewards  ($149 for a set of two) are still available.
That's a probably good deal, even in regard that the product won't be ready until late 2015.
World's first graphene supercapacitor charger for phones and tablets
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Christian Werner

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I let Google track my location since may 2013, and just recently took a look at it with location-history-visualizer. I really like it (thanks Google), and here's what it looks like. I only wish I had gotten a little further away from home.
Want to know what your Google location history looks like? (the tool respects your privacy)
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Amazing : tracked me back and from Cornwall Exeter London with a trip to York via Manchester 
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If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.  
#development #webdevelopement 
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Christian Werner

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Fun with #Pegida, +gBeam-style.
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3d hubs extended their university student giveaway offer.
If you're a university student (and don't already have), head over to and claim your free $25 3d printing voucher.
As fas as I can see, universities of all countries are supported, and there are no strings attached.
I think that's pretty generous of +3D Hubs so don't miss it.
And of course you're invited to spend your credit with my Hub :)
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3D Hubs
Thanks for sharing, +Christian Werner !
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Christian Werner

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+Simplify3D This should be 4 solid layers at the bottom of a Fairphone (Manifesto) case. Sadly it becomes just one layer. Any suggestions how I could fix this?
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Alright, I found my mistake. I entered the 0.6mm fake diameter at the wrong spot.
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Printing #Fairphone cases is not exactly #3dprinting for profit (at €12.50 per print), but there seems to be a demand for these.
It's less than 24h since I passed the certification of +3D Hubs and +Fairphone, and I've already got 2 orders.

Sadly, the advanced (experimental) Cura profile provided doesn't work with my Cura (14.09 and 14.07). Instead of fixing  I resorted to the faster Simplify3d, with the added benefit of economical manually defined supports for the inevitable overhangs.

My current print settings - 0.125mm layer height, 0.6mm extrusion (with original 0.4mm nozzle) at 40mm/s - seem to give nice results with a printing time of 3h.

For more infos on Fairphone cases, head over to for more info.
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3D Hubs
We're happy to have you on board, +Christian Werner. Nice print! 
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Christian Werner

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I just signed up with +Threeding, as they seem to be a nice market place for 3d models. They pissed me off at the very first moment.

Right in my welcome mail, they included my password.
And as if unsolicitedly sending of sensitive information over insecure channels isn't worse enough, testing the forgot password-function, I also received my password per mail.
So they  not only send you your password after sign-up, they obviously also store user passwords unencrypted!

Need I explain how this affects the security of unsuspecting users that probably use the same password at several places?

This is absolutely the worst handling of user data on a 'quality' website I've seen in years, totally unresponsible and unacceptable! Shame on you +Threeding, and shame on your web developers!
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Agreed. I was going to subscribe to Angie's List, but they couldn't be bothered to explain why they limited the length and content (symbols) of their users' passwords.

End result: I opt'ed out.
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Basic Information
3D printing, projector building, 28 hour day Universalist

about me:
I'm a pirate, hackerphotographer, and IT/Web developer (sometimes for hire).
My native language is German, but I try to feature English as lingua franca.

Some of my fields of interests are:
  • 3D printing
  • replicable outdoor projectors
  • Computers & Gadgets
  • Art / Design / Photography
  • Web development
  • Politics / Philosophy
  • Copyright / Open Source / Open Access / Creative Commons
  • Hacking / Hacktivism
  • Government 2.0
  • Ingress

about you:
-If I circled you I'm interested in your say. 
-I always appreciate to be circled by nice, helpful, interesting and creative people.
-I aim to be always friendly, thoughtful, tolerant, helpful, engaging and self-reflected. So do most people in my circles.
-I don't circle spammers, exploiters, _'noisy'_ or ignorant people.

other than that:
I'm sharing a Circle of Photographers that are using Creative Commons (which is a great idea). Have a look:

some rights reserved
I'm dedicated to sharing. You are free to use my pictures (all are shared in high resolution) for any purpose. Only commercial usage different from Fair Use requires my permission.
All my images are licensed under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 3.0. For attribution, please include my name and a link back here or to my photo album

my favourite gizmos:
-Ultimaker 3D printer
-Canon 600D camera (i wish for a 5D Mk.III) with Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 (my favourite lens)
-i7 2600k dual SSD PC with a 24" Dell Ultrasharp IPS TFT and a 27" iMac as secondary display ;)
-Mobile: HTC One X + external battery (of course ;) )
-more hard disk drives than my computers can handle

Bragging rights
self-employed, all work&play
Working on +GuerillaBeam
Engineering, IT, 3D printing, photography, outdoor projections
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Dresden - Berlin - Miami
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GuerillaBeam v.48

Like the last variants, this projects from full frame 35mm slides (opposed to the former 22mm gobo variants). Improvements to v.47: The pred

Bündnis Privatsphäre Leipzig

Privatsphäre, Freiheit, Überwachung, Prism, Leipzig, Snowden

Königsbrücker Straße - Stadtrat beschließt Einwohnerversammlung

Der Dresdner Stadtrat hat in seiner Sitzung am 21.11.2013 mit deutlicher Mehrheit beschlossen, dass die aktuellen Planungen der Stadtverwalt

Essay über Transparenz und Geheimnisse | Pavel Mayer

Es gibt dieses Essay auch als .pdf und als .epub. Über diesen Text Transparenz- und Geheimnisethik spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Bewert

Nocun: »Mobile Geräte für jeden Schüler? Ja – aber nicht als elektronisc...

Zu den Plänen der großen Koalition, jedem Schüler ein kostenloses mobiles Endgerät zur Verfügung zu stellen, erklärt Katharina Nocun, Politi

Mein Vortrag zu Geheimnis und Transparenz und auf der #om12 | Pavel Mayer

Habe auf Basis meines Essays auf der OpenMind12 einen Vortrag über Geheimnis und Transparenz gehalten. Hier finden sich die Folien dazu als

Drei Punkte, auf die sich die Piratenpartei jetzt konzentrieren sollte

Die Bundestagswahl war für die Piratenpartei ein Desaster. Galt der Einzug in den Bundestag in den Umfragen lange als sicher, erreichten sie

Keine Wahlanalyse – Eher persönliches Fazit über Piraten 2006-jetzt

Vorwort Auf der Leipziger ML wurde ich auf den Blogbeitragvon Michael Weber aufmerksam: Hi Hi Ho – Piraten, reduce to the max. Der Beitrag s

Who observes the surveillants?

Dies ist eine von den Neustadtpiraten übersetzte und ergänzte Version einer Pressemitteilung vom 16.09.2013. Das Original findest du hier. D

Wir sind für dich da!

Du möchtest deine Kandidaten kennenlernen und ihnen Fragen stellen? Triff Anna und Sebastian in unserer Geschäftstelle auf der Kamenzer Str.

Piraten wollen mit Transparenz punkten

Sie gingen als Hoffnungsträger in die Politik und verstrickten sich dann in Personalquerelen: Nun wollen die Piraten mit einem dicken Wahlpr

Piraten stellen Plattform zur Bürgerbeteiligung vor

Die Piraten stellen mit "OpenAntrag" eine Plattform vor, auf der Bürger den Mandatsträgern der Partei Anträge vorschlagen können. Das Angebo

Ubuntu Edge

The Ubuntu Edge is the next generation of personal computing: smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device.

Bundestagswahl 2013: Das Wahlprogramm der Piratenpartei - Bundestagswahl...

Am 22. September 2013 wählt Deutschland den Bundestag. In ihrem Wahlprogramm spricht sich die Piratenpartei gegen Atomenergie, aber für Date

Im Schwarm gegen die Welle

PIRATEN loben ziviles Fluthelferengagement und fordern öffentliche Unterstützung In den Ereignissen der Flutkatastrophe und bei den folgende » Denk ich an die Piraten in der Nacht

Denk ich an die Piraten in der Nacht. Das kommt davon, wenn man den Kopf voll mit Piratenkram hat, und vor dem Einschlafen das Hörbuch von D » Liebe Piraten, Arroganz steht uns nicht!

Inhaltlich mag ich Dir durchaus komplett zustimmen, aber jedesmal wieder die Meinungsfreiheitskeule zu schwingen, und damit daneben zu hauen

Ingress - Crowdsourcing Solutions to NP-Hard Problems? - Practical Elegance

So I don’t blog much about my gaming habit, but I recently got my invite to Ingress, Google’s new location-based MMORPG. Much has been …

Erste Schritte › A Girls Guide to Ingress

Versuch einer Ingress-Anleitung Du hast die erste Hürde genommen. Du hast deinen Ingress-Einladungscode erhalten. Du hast die Ingress-App ..

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