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March 11, 2017

TG Info Channel:

What is Fallas? The biggest party in Spain:
Agents, we want to discover Valencia on Saturday March 11, 2017. In collaboration with the city of Valencia we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together. Sign up to receive more information soon.
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Just finished reading this. Quite the eye opener. 
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Nu de Zeitgeist films?
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Finally onyx mind controller \o/ No complicated field plan, just rebuilding my area over and over again :) Next up will be connector.
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Zorionaaaak! Grande! 💪
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Great weekend in #Sofia for #ViaNoir #Ingress

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Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Great field art design, a fun evening for everyone!

#AllBatsAreOff   #AmsRES  

Nananananananana nananananananana […]

Sitrep for operation “All Bats Are Off”

3 November 2016
18 bikes, 1 longboard

1st draft

Opale: “So.. this great Amsterdam team of yours, do you think they can build something like this? On Halloween night? Old school?”
Shadow: “Old school?”
Opale: “No Reswue”
Shadow: “Hmm.. with a rough estimate of 12-15 people, on a Monday evening and in a city with quite some enl and tourist activity, 27 square kilometres might be ambitious. Could you rescale to a size that is doable with a cavalry of bikes?”
Opale: “Bikes?”
Shadow: “Bikes”

2nd draft

Opale: “How about this?”
Shadow: “Prettyyyyy! Could you make some multilayers to give it some depth?”
Opale: “Sigh.. Can you even get enough people together?”
Shadow: “Quite sure they will love this! I’ll start recruiting. Oh and that green patch over there, that’s the zoo. That might get tricky. Can you work around it?”
Opale: “...”

3rd draft

Opale: “Like this?”
Shadow: “Awesome!! More people available on the Thursday after Halloween, though.. So maybe not a Halloween bat, but more a batm.. Oh and looks like more and more people would like to join.. heh!”

So that’s how it started. A non local coming up with an awesome piece of field art and a brilliant linkplan. A local trying to arrange logistics, because of canals and bridges and more canals and more bridges, but not always where you would like them to be. A kickass crew that just knows what they have to do, like farming keys and keeping it zen when an Amsterdam breast runs dry and refuses to give more keys [quote: “stupid tit”]. And a great group of new players, enthusiastic to dive right into the whirlpool of zello and iitc with drawtools and bookmarks and linking orders and location sharing and the pffff of the waiting game.

Either luckily or thankfully there was no intercept, so the whole project was successfully executed in 1,5 hour… Time for beer!!!?

Well.. sortof.. on two points the linking order got interrupted so the multilayering was a tiny bit off. Minor bump in a great effort, no?

Zorglubxx: “Can we fix that?”

Shadow: “Hmmm….noyyeaahh… one sec… ok, new linkplan is being written and these and these people should have the right extra keys”

Zorglubxx: “Ok, Fortifer and me are heading out”

Zorglubxx: “All done!”

Nananananananana nananananananana BATMAAAAN!!!

#AllBatsAreOff #AllBatsAreOn #MakeItSo #ExistToResist #NoDatingApp #AmsRes #HashMeBaby

Representing Team Bruce, Team Robin, Team Alfred, Team Catwoman, Team Poison Ivy, the supporting characters, the eye in the sky and the voice in your head:
88CCFF, Amaxor, BlueFluas, Cristarius, DrOct8gon, Euxi, Flashpole, Fortifer, Gitaarik, guitjes, J1pster, LuckvsSkills, Opale, SAHillie, ScarletOnTheRun, Schoentoon, Se4horse, Shadowdancer, smokey91, tantrym, Zorglubxx

+NIA Ops +Vicki Ellen +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress Resistance Netherlands +Matilde Tusberti

PS. A better time lapse is in the making, but we were impatient.
30 nieuwe foto's · Album van Shadowdancer Wereldvreemd
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Excellent art!!
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Agree completely. Spoofers are spoiling all the effort. 
Dear Niantic +Andrew Krug +John Hanke 

First of all I would like to thank you for the efforts you are making against the spoofers, but they are still causing substantial harm I would like to advocate mitigation that Niantic could offer in certain cases.

I would like to suggest that in future you offer to revert the portal by restoring all aspects of the portal (portal age & ownership, resonators & mods type and ownership) on special portals (as designated by the players) after they are spoofed. I am explicitly not asking for links and fields, as we fully understand that would be a nightmare to implement.

I understand that this involves work and would cost money so I suggest that there should be a charge in the region of 50,000-100.000 CMU in the Ingress store to mark a portal as special for this treatment.

In exchange for this charge I would like to request that there is a personal response to spoofing reports on these special portals (via email, hangouts or telegram) where feedback on the quality of the spoofing report can be given, and any extra information can be provided to Niantic.

So what is a special portal ? For some it may be the 140 day old guardian 3 hours walk from a road. For others it may be an expensive, hard-to-reach lighthouse ....

A year ago today on 17 Jan 2016, after 9 agents spent over £1400 submitting, capturing and farming keys to the portal, the Smalls Lighthouse was spoofed down during a storm by @MyConscience(who was later banned). This is the story of that portal.

The Smalls Lighthouse Portal

In July 2014 The idea was mooted that it would be really handy and strategic if the Smalls lighthouse was a portal, as it is 30KM off-shore between Wales and Ireland. Fortunately there are lots of boats doing nature tourist trips many of which go close to the Smalls lighthouse.

4 August 2014 Submit trip for 2 agents £140

The weather was glorious and a long weekend was spent in Pembrokeshire submitting portals. We were lucky that the trip booked went past both the Smalls lighthouse and South Bishop lighthouse. 2 submissions for the price of one. As expected there was no mobile signal anywhere near the Smalls lighthouse.

11 March 2015: portal rejected for one agent
3 June 2015: portal live! Time to start planning a trip.

The various companies that do boat trips in the region were called up and we decided that a 4 hour trip was needed (a bit over an hour in each direction. 1 hour key farming and the rest as contingency) The price for this would be about £700. £200 was also budgeted for special comms gear. The boat companies seemed agreed that a maximum of 10 people was wise if we wanted to mess around trying to land quadcopters on the boat. The boat schedules made it likely that an early morning departure would be needed or a late finish to allow the boat to do both a morning and an afternoon trip.

The next job was to find enough agents willing to spend about £120 each and camp in the area. The list had to be prepared for multiple weekends while we awaited a decent weather window.

1 August 2015 Trip cancelled due to heavy swell
8 August strong winds offshore caused a late cancellation. A few of us made a shorter more sheltered trip to visit South Bishop lighthouse instead.

15 August One boat broken down, other boats in the area extra busy as a result, so a 4 hour charter is not possible two of us still went and had a fantastic weekend camping in stunning weather with Brandon Bear and visiting smurfs ( )

22 August Insufficient Agents available to make the trip affordable.
29 August Trip planner on holiday

Finally on the 4th September we are told that the weather forecast for Sunday was looking very good and there is a 4 hour slot available in the morning on one of the more fun boats we had been looking at.
Camp Enlightened formed during the day on Saturday ready for a BBQ on the beach and an early morning departure on Sunday. It is fair to say the whisky drinking may have gone on a little too late considering the morning departure time but a great time was had by all.

The weather on Sunday could not have been more perfect, the calm seas meant that we made better time than expected to the lighthouse despite stopping on the way to admire a school of dolphins that were playing around the boat. Getting comms went smoothly and the portal was soon burned out well ahead of schedule. Lots of beautiful keys ! And we turned around to head back.

Until this point the skipper had not demonstrated the true abilities of his boat as he did not want us getting too cold and wet. This all changed, and wow what a boat. It flies like the wind and can turn on a sixpence creating a mighty spray drenching everyone on board. After the first few turns we all had gigantic grins plastered over our faces. We had a few minutes of battery left on the quadcopter so a quick launch was called for and a video was taken of the ENL jet-boat adventure.

This is not supposed to be the end of the story. The story was supposed to cover the smurf take down and the heroic enlightened recapture. However, sadly just 4 months later, the portal was spoofed down, and no-one has visited since.

Everyone that used to do the epic trips to challenging portals, or very challenging fields seems to be totally demoralised by the spoofing. There is a strong feeling of “what is the point it will just be spoofed down” whenever suggestions are made about planning a trip to capture some challenging portals. Had the portal been legitimately taken down then I am sure that there would have been dozens of players on each side queueing up for trips as that would be the game at its very best. I think the promise of portals being restored after spoofing would motivate more visits to such amazing places.

The rough mission cost (excluding Whisky !):
Submission £140
Boat £700
Data £200
Camping £130
Travel £230

Total £1400

Thanks to Richard Woodward for editing the raw footage for this video of the boat

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Christian Vandendorpe

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New Year, new things

Today we have a special Interview for you. Read on!
And if you like it, please leave a comment about who we should interview next!

RGNN: Hello Daniel. Thanks for taking the time for this short interview. We start with a question, which most players are familiar with. Does your Agent name has a special meaning - and if yes, what?

Thanks for having me!

Vorticity, my agent name, is...let’s say, a virtual rotation that exists between things moving at different speeds ;P.

When I setup my gmail account, years before Ingress, I had just read an article by Dr. Chuck Doswell about tornadoes. In it he mentioned ‘infinite vorticity’, an ingredient needed to form the supercells that spawn tornadoes. When I created my Ingress account I needed the gmail account but I decided to drop the ‘infinite.’

When did you start playing Ingress and how did you come to find the game? In which City do you usually play?

I started playing in August 2013. I had seen the Ingress trailer in 2012 but did not have an Android phone at the time. After I did get one I had forgotten about Ingress but someone mentioned it on a weather forum. Fortunately by then a beta invite would be send out minutes after requesting it so I was heading to one of the two portals near me soon.

I reached level 8 in a month and then half jokingly said to my wife ‘Done… so let’s go to one of those anomaly things for a change.’ She started looking at tickets and hotels, we wound up in Vienna for 13 Magnus and we’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m from Almelo in The Netherlands, but right now I’m mostly playing near my work location, which is close to the soccer stadium of FC Twente which has plenty of portals and cinema which has even more.

Your profile is decorated with many Badges. Do you have a favourite Badge? Which would best characterize you?

Of course it was an honour to receive the Edgar Allan Wright badge, from what I’ve heard I was the 15th agent to receive it. The Recursion medal is also special to me. Recursion was a turning point: instead of waiting for anomalies to come to you more and more people realised that it was not that hard to go to an anomaly even if it’s in another country.

What attracts you to Ingress?

Being active on so many different fronts, it’s hard to name one. But I guess many of those things come down to working/drinking together with people, from all around the world or even your hometown, that you would have never met without Ingress

We have been informed that you are dealing very much with decoding. How did you come to this?

I started following the storyline and reading a bit about the background of Ingress. I then read about the elusive passcodes. At first I thought it was a thing of the past since all sites that mentioned a few only had ones that were Fully Redeemed and said it was no use to try to find them because they all would be redeemed.

When I found out fresh codes were being released every day… challenge accepted! I started to look at solutions of old puzzles and tried to solve a few myself. I got in touch with a cross faction group of decoders who were not leaking the codes, but instead tried to keep the codes alive for as long as possible. They would give each other hints, or work together on the difficult ones which was an excellent method to learn how to solve them.

When I went to 13 Magnus Vienna I looked at what had happened at previous anomalies and noticed how the volatile portals were revealed. I then created an app on Android that would help us solve those puzzles and it worked very well.

Over the years decoding and puzzle solving has become more and more important for anomalies and we now have a worldwide 24/7 team of people ready to decode.

That certainly takes a lot of time and energy. Especially when it comes to Decoding under pressure. What is your motivation and which kind of Decoding do you enjoy most?

I think for most of the decoders it’s a combination of wanting to solve ANY puzzle and helping Resistance to win anomalies. The former is probably out of curiosity to find out how things work or a drive to uncover anything that’s hidden. The latter provides the motivation to do it in the middle of the night.

Myself, I prefer the decoding that’s needed for the puzzles that are released around the anomalies. They are what got me really hooked on the decoding, though in 2013 they did not give anomaly intel but were part of Verum Inveniri Access Dives. There is much more variation in those puzzles and they are usually a bit more complex.

In recent times we've noticed that there is a lot more Decoding, what is the reason in your opinion?

My feeling is that Niantic is trying to create a stronger connection between normal play and the story line, that’s why we are seeing the missions like we recently had in New York and all across Japan. Those missions had a lot of puzzles and the rewards where pieces of the storyline.

Probably the same is true for the anomaly decoding. Verum Inveniri has been around for a long time, but it used to be just a decoders thing… solve a puzzle and get some VR hackmods. Now it’s closer to the story and the anomaly battles and you get intel instead.

You have a lot of experience regarding Ingress and the work “behind the scenes”. Which element of the game is the most fun to play for you?

That has to be the decoding and everything that comes with it… reaching out to all anomaly sites making sure every site receives any intel we obtain. And then during the actual decoding seeing the team from all around the world working on solving incredible puzzles.

Having said that, visiting anomaly sites is a very close second. It’s so great to see all the people behind the hangout avatars in real life and also to be able to do something with your scanner that actually counts.

Is there another player you see as a role model ? If yes: why?

Not a single role model, but certainly all the people that were involved in the organization of 13 Magnus in Vienna that we still meet at many anomalies every year have been a huge inspiration. The reception we got there was so amazing and they made those two crazy folks from The Netherlands who travelled to Austria just for an anomaly so welcome.

Imagine you could add a new function to Ingress. What would you ask Niantic for?

I certainly would like some kind of challenges for L16 players. Not necessarily new levels, but maybe some perks to unlock, like being able to deploy a 2nd R8.

Based upon recent storyline and some interviews with Niantic it seems Ingress 2.0 is approaching. I hope that that will be above all a smooth client and not a phone cooking, battery draining app like some other recent GPS games.

In conclusion: What advice would you give to new players?

Play fair: any badge, any field, any win you get by cheating are not achievements but futile pixels on the screen of your mobile.
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Christian Vandendorpe

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These look awesome! 
Got my BEER LUX patches today 😍😍😍 they are sooo awesome, I absolutely love the Quality! proud 😳😏 I have still some left, want?
I'll ship everything that will be orderes in the next 7hours on the next day.

I have another pair of patches for free - share this post and win 1x LUX BEER and 1x NOIR BEER. The winner will be announced on 18. of dec (free shipping)!!! Lets go!

#beergress #ingress #beerlux #luxbeer #patchcheck

+Vicki Ellen​​+Julia Vivienne Loverdose​​ +Stefan Waltke​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​​ +Vincent R.​​ +Adriána Perkele​​ +Sophia Mair​​ +Christian Vandendorpe​​
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Get into the holiday spirit with this new XF banner in Amsterdam! It starts on Damrak by the Victoria Hotel (in front of CS) and takes you through the main streets so that you can enjoy all the lights and decorations.

Thank you for the images +Anja Mesenholl 

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
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+Christian Vandendorpe Thanks! So we come middle january to Amsterdam 😀
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Christian Vandendorpe

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I'd build that. 
Only 45 days left!
"The world around you is not what it seems." This project features the mobile app: INGRESS. It is more like a software based on GPS virtual reality than just a mobile game. Th...
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Team Kraken #ViaNoir #Sofia
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Christian Vandendorpe

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Great to see that NL RES still got it! And I'm not talking about winning the 4 anomalies that we've had so far over here ( :D ), but getting together on a Sunday afternoon and cleaning a 300m x 240 km corridor from North to South for 8 links between Norway and France. Results: epic fields totalling 840M MU across the Atlantic and many happy agents. Oh, and a 160 links linkstar in Almere, may as well make the best out of the afternoon.

Agents covered 6 Wadden islands and quickly controlled the North sea while the Ijsselmeer was protected on both sides and land agents created guide links all the way to the Belgian border. Almere and Dordrecht melted down their blueness to create the corridor needed and the Resistance navy handled the Biesbosch. We had a couple of last minute blockers, one self scored (ayayay ;D) but they were all resolved within a couple of minutes.

So how many agents does it take to make a corridor like this happen? A lot! Thank you everyone who participated and see you soon at the next adventure:

330875, 88CCFF, Afrodestinyfan, Aldagorn, AlmightySteve, Andromeda87, Angara, BaCos, biezt, Bobbyloco, CaptainKees, charlygolf, Chrispost, Clara82, Contaminator, CuddlingCandle, DaiyaDawn, Diabolin, Disconnected404, EdgeAgain, EeRicky, EllendeVries, Euxi, Fazer6, Fietspomp, Fortifer, Gnochelientje, Grospy, Hamunatra, Hessley, holydutch, jjjcarels, kuroshironeko, Kwinkeleer, Liop145, M1028, MacMannes, mhopper, MiepMiep81, MrMetz, n0m3nn3sc10, oE3No, OIOIOOOI, PieterBass, Poepsmurf, RinTheDragon, SamtheChemist, Scroobius, Siesi, sjaakbanaan, Sk1ttl3s, Skai21, Sloopsmurf, SnakeMind, Snurrekie, Solartech, Speedy0Gonzalez, StenniS032, Sweetneat, Taikwondosmurf, TallDragon, theJB, thieudebeu, Tsukihime, Tymen, Viooltje, viruselektro, Wegwijs, WWhitetiger, xiphiax, Zorglubxx

Official sitrep:

#NLResistance   #ExistToResist   #MakeItSo  

+Anne Beuttenmüller 
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👏👏👏 Enhorabuena!
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Simply delicious and friendly staff, they really make you feel welcome. In doubt of the right wine to try? They will organise a small wine tasting for you.
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Excellent stay! Warm friendly atmosphere, great homemade food, nice view over the Loire valley. Must definitely come back!
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Buen sitio para pasear y que jueguen los niños.
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Que jamón! Aunque no de los más baratos.
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Un poco abandonado pero interesante.
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Estrecho y claustrofóbico.
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Central y se encuentra de todo.
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