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Play Amiga games in Chrome! Check out our latest Portable Native Client technology demo: an Amiga emulator running in Chrome. Now you can play the good old Amiga games directly in the browser. Portable Native Client is supported in Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Cloanto kindly provided the ROMs and disks for this demo, and also put together a Chrome Web Store app (Amiga Forever Essentials) in record time (thanks guys!) You can run the Amiga in full-screen and even connect a USB gamepad.

The emulator code is based on the Open Source Universal Amiga Emulator which is about 400k lines of C code, which were ported to Native Client. All the code is available in Open Source for anyone interested in porting their own C/C++ code to the web.
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Should this work?  It doesn't seem to do anything except make a core or two go to 100% and reticulate a lot of splines...
Thanks for trying out the emulator. If you notice an issue – and it seems like you did – please see the FAQ under "How do I report an issue?"
I reported an issue - I had to do it from another machine, though, since it locked the tab before I could click the FAQ link.
Awesome. Will, by any chance, it support the DMS file too ? It seems only ADF files are working with it.
+Mike Supa Yeah, it only support ADF files for now. If it turns out to be a frequent request, I can look into it (also happy to take patches from other contributors).
Oh man, now that is seriously awesome.
Very impressive! Brought back fond memories of the late 80's, but also made me glad things have moved on a lot in 28 years. Clever how it runs so neatly in the browser.
Really awesome! 
Next step would ofcourse be to be able to load programs and adf/dms direct from an url :-)

And for you who have forgotten... Aminet is still alive!
Has anyone written a CPM emulator? 
+Axel Eppe I clicked that box, and now I can't get my mouse pointer back on Chrome =\ Even after I have closed the app/tab or restarted Chrome the mouse disappears.

Any idea how to get it back?
+David Lee After clicking "Allow" on the Chrome prompt, you need to click to get focus on the emulator. Assuming you've already tried that, you may have found a bug. Could I get you to file one? See the FAQ page ("How do I report an issue?").
+Eca Fracs If the mouse is gone even after the tab is closed, that could be a Chrome bug. If you're able to reproduce the problem, would you mind filing an issue? (See "How do I report an issue?" on the FAQ page.)
Thanks for the nostalgia trip!  I bought an Amiga 1000 in September 1985.  One of the first in Maryland.  My entire dorm floor at Drexel sat in the common area and were amazed at 4096 colors on the screen in demos like Kaleidoscope.  Everybody else had black and white Macintosh 128 or 512 machines.  It was an amazing system in its time.
I did a lot of development back in the day on Amiga. I wrote a nice little molecular visualizer called 'cpk'. You can find it on the web. I'd love to see this as one of your demos. Let me know if you'd like more info.
Great work, +Christian Stefansen! A lot of Amiga nostalgics, including myself, will be very happy with this. If you're interested, I'd be delighted if you'd want to add our Amiga game Hoi (Hoi Amiga game - longplay) to the available software. I own the rights and got the ADF files and a Workbench version for you.
not working on  ver. 31.0.1650.63  
+Paolo Lioy I need a few more details to be able to look into it. See "How do I report an issue?" on the FAQ page.
Works fine--any other demos that can be played thru this emu?

Stop saying "Back in the day."  If people are using AMIGA/Com64 Forever today then TODAY is the day!  1985 might be the time, but there is no need to get stuck there.  Remember the past, live in the present, and look to the future. The emulator helps us do all of those. BTW. I am a long time ABACUS (Atari) user, but this emulation is awesome. 
Thanks, this brings  back lots of memories.

I was a 50 year old corporate lawyer when the Amiga came out and it was written up in Byte.  I formed an Amiga user group and we had a great time.

I learned to program in C (before there were any prototypes) and then became decent in REXX, the Amiga scripting language.  (Now I am learning Go and enjoying it.)

The Boing demo was the defining example of the power of the Amiga. 

So when are you going to bring out an Amiga 3000 emulator??????
My mouse pointer also got transparent when trying to quit..
only 2 drives? I really need 4 for some games I have... Should not be too hard to enable?
A fantastic blend of different technologies... well done sir!
Thanks! An upgrade from my C64, the Amiga 500 was magic to me when I was young. I am still an avid collector, and this is a great addition! :D
I too appreciate the Amiga emulator.  I had a 1000 back in 1987 and fondly recall many, many Amiga games, utilities and demos.  It was truly an amazing computer!  Thanks for the effort and to Cloanto for the help!
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