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IFTTT - Top Automation Tool for Social Media

#IFTTT is a great tool to create connections between different channels like Facebook and Twitter and to automate certain actions.

These actions are based on "If This Then That" requirements and as there are more than 100 connectable channels you have lots of possibilities. Here are some examples for helpful recipes:

- All your tweets in a Google Spreadsheet
- Keep a list of people whose tweets you've favorited

- Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox
- Send me all Instagram photos from this area

- Archive all status updates from Facebook Page in Evernote
- Post on FB Biz page - share on FB personal Page

Infographic with more recipes via +Buffer:

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Internetnutzung in Deutschland

Laut der AWA 2014 nutzen 88% der 14- bis 64-Jährigen das Internet. Dabei sind 62% der 14- bis 29-Jährigen mehrmals täglich online.

Mit einem Smartphone, internetfähigen Handy oder Tablet surfen bereits 40% der Befragten mobil. In der Gruppe der 14- bis 29-Jährigen sind es mehr als 70%.

67% der 14- bis 39-Jährigen sind in einem sozialen Netzwerk angemeldet. Besonders intensiv werden die sozialen Netzwerke von den 14- bis 19-Jährigen genutzt, die sich täglich oder mehrmals täglich mit Freunden und Bekannten austauschen.

Die vernetzte Gesellschaft (AWA 2014)

Weitere Studien zur Social-Media-Nutzung in Deutschland:

#SocialMedia #Internet #Mobil  
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How to use Instagram as an interactive catalogue

To promote a 34 piece designer collection IKEA Russia has created a 'website' based on several Instagram accounts.

By using Instagram's tagging function users have the possibility to browse through the whole collection on their smartphone and interact with it via likes, comments and shares.

This is a great idea to expand the functionality of Instagram and it's also easy to use for smaller brands with attractive products.

How it looks like:

#Instagram #SocialMedia #Strategy #IKEA  
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10 Findings - Why Content goes Viral

BuzzSumo has analyzed over 100 million articles in the last months to find out what content gets shared the most.

Surprisingly long form content got more social shares than short form content: 3,000-10,000 word pieces got the most average shares.

Another interesting fact is the relevance of quizzes: 8 of the top 10 most shared articles in the past months were quizzes.

List posts and infographics performed best and received more average shares than other content types. On the contrary "How to..." posts and videos received less shares than the average post.

For more insights into the research I recommend to read the article via +noah kagan.

#Viral #SocialMedia #Facebook #Twitter
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Twitter Lead Generation - Campaign Insights

Uberflip tested lead generation cards in promoted tweets for three of their premium content offers.

Uberflip spent a total amount of $3,675 on their campaigns for about 300,000 impressions and received 569 lead generation cards for a total of 545 new leads.

As these leads are at the top of the marketing funnel +Uberflip tryed to follow up via e-mail and Twitter to gather more data.

For more details and early campaign results read the article by +Francois Mathieu.

#Twitter #TwitterCards #SocialMedia  
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Why brands break up with Facebook

In my latest blog article I explain why some companies tend to break up with Facebook after the recent decrease in organic reach.

I also take a look at the food delivery service +Eat24 which deleted their Facebook page with 70.000 fans in March 2014 and got stronger results in digital marketing since then!

#Facebook #Strategy #SocialMedia
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Poor Quality: Customer Service on Social Media

Recent findings point out that companies respond less and with remarkable delays.

According to Brickfish social engagement is growing nine times faster than Facebook and Twitter combined, but on average brands only answer 20% of relevant tweets and Facebook posts.

Quintly took a deep look into how brands are replying to user requests on Facebook and found out that 60% did not reply. Only 20% replied in under 2 hours.

Another interesting fact is that after a bad customer service 26% of consumers post a negative comment on Facebook or Twitter, but 80% of this negative feedback gets ignored by the brands.

Even if respond rates have been rising over the years, companies have to invest more effort in their customer service on social networks. With view to decreasing organic reach on Facebook and to improve brand reputation more engagement and enlarged customer services are needed.

Infographic by +Brickfish:
SlideShare by +quintly:

#SocialMedia #CustomerService #Facebook #Twitter
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Testing Promoted Tweets

What can you expect from a Twitter campaign that runs three days and has a daily budget of $15?
+Albert Novikov has tested it and got more than 21.000 impressions, but less engagement. In his experiment he received two retweets only. He also got ten clicks on inbound links, but the bounce rate was very high.

Even if it was a small experiment, it demonstrates that boosting engagement with promoted tweets might be difficult and expensive. Here is a list compiled by Twitter with some companies that successfully increased engagement with Twitter ads:

#Twitter #PromotedTweet #Ad #SocialMedia
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Future of Google+: Dead or Alive?

Google+ Head Vic Gundotra announced yesterday that he is leaving Google due to private reasons.

According to rumors Google currently is reshuffling the teams that used to form the core of Google+ and many people from the Google Hangouts team will be moving to the Android team.

As I'm cautious with rumors I wouldn't predict that Google+ will be dead soon. It's not the first time that Google+ is claimed to be dead, but contrary to this estimation G+ is still growing and developing!

#GooglePlus #SocialMedia
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Google Image Search: Important Ranking Factors

Images that are ranked in the top five of Google's Image Search probably will be shown in the OneBox of the organic search and get much more clicks.

+Martin Missfeldt has created an infographic with the most relevant ranking factors for images and demonstrates how good rankings can be achieved.

#SEO #Images #Infographic  
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