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The Nik Collection by Google: photography first, for professionals and more

Here on the Google+ Photos team, we're busy building tools for all kinds of photographers. Today, and for all the professionals out there, we're bundling the complete set of Nik plug-ins as the Nik Collection by Google. We're especially excited about three things:

1) It's more affordable. The entire set of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture only costs $149 (versus the previous $499).

2) It's really powerful. The Nik Collection by Google gives you tools for everything from noise reduction and HDR imaging to creative effects and image sharpening (and lots more).

3) It's free to try. You can visit for a 15-day free trial of the Collection.

If you've already purchased one or more Nik plug-ins in the past, then don't worry, we've got you covered. In fact: we're going to upgrade you to the entire Nik Collection by Google for free. Just keep an eye out for emailed instructions in the next few days.

Once you've got a Nik Collection shot that you're excited about, feel free to share it with the Google+ community. Simply tag your public pictures with  #nikcollection , and we'll reshare some favorites from the +Google+ page. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

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I just purchased the NIk Collection for Lightroom last week.  Geez!
OMG thank you because there was no way to upgrade a bundle before. The cost of upgrading individually was more than buying it again.
Excellent suite - now a great price. Thanks!
JC Ruiz
This is great. I can't wait for my email!
I just bought Sharpener Pro last week for $199 :(
Hi Christian, does the new Nik Collection contain all the packages? 
That sounds GREAT! I have the Viveza 2 plugin and now I get the whole Nik Collection? I'll sit and wait by my email inbox... :)
I love you Google! No, seriously, I do ;) I bought SEP2 in the past and always wanted to buy the whole suite, but just couldn't afford it.
+Charlie Choc Anybody who purchased products in the last 30 days and spent more than $149 is going to receive a partial refund, so don't worry. We'll send out emails later today.
Wow. That is a huge price reduction. And it looks like I will now get the whole suite even though I only bought HDR Efex Pro, right?
Hi +Mike Constantinou , the Nik Collection by Google includes the full versions of all of our six Plug-Ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.
+Darren Boucher That's right, we got a lot of feedback about the pricing model we had and now that we're a part of Google, we decided to change the model entirely and go for something a bit easier to purchase. The good news also is that future upgrades will be included for free :)
+Mark Schwall Good news! You'll get an email soon with a download link for the full Nik Collection by Google which will work in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture AND a refund for the difference between what you paid and the new price of $149 :)
Will this collection work in PSE too? I have the collection that only works in LR.
Hi +Steve Duffey! Yes, good news, we do support PSE.
Wow that's awesome Ffee upgrade to the whole suite if you already own one? Did I read that right. Amazing. 
Is there a way to upgrade my current collection so that I can use it in PSE or would I have to buy the whole new collection set?
Wow that's awesome Ffee upgrade to the whole suite if you already own one? Did I read that right. Amazing. 
Yet the strange part is that I'd rather give $499 to nik as a standalone small business than $149 to Google.  
+Lucas Haynes Yes, you read that right! We'll be sending out emails for registered customers. If for some reason you're not registered or if you don't get an email by the end of this week, please give us a call or email with your proof of purchase so that we can upgrade you.
+Steve Duffey We will send out emails to all existing customers during the day. Please check for our email and simply download and install. Existing customers will get this upgrade for free. 
I own Colour Evex Pro which cost me a pretty penny for than a year ago. So I will be getting email to access all plugins?
What about owners of the LR collection do we get a FREE UPGRADE so now we can use in Photoshop as well?
Hi +Andrea Gimblett! Yes, existing customers are eligible for free upgrades. We are going to send out emails during the day with further instructions.
All I can say is Wow. I am just getting into HDR so this will be perfect!
I was worried what Google would do with Nik's professional offering. Glad they are alive and well and cheaper. Good on ya, Google. 
+Josh Haftel Well free is even better! I love the plugins and use them almost every time I process a photo. Looking forward to my upgrades for Color Efx and Silver Efx!
This is great!  I just won the complete collection a week or so ago and have been really impressed with it so far.
Can't wait to share some processed photos to the hash tag #nikcollection :)
This is a good move.  Way to go NIK/Google.
+Jeff Shapiro As long as you're a registered user (which you would be if you purchased from us directly or if you had registered any boxed products bought from a reseller), you will get a free upgrade to the Nik Collection by Google which works in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture :)
+Uffe Hagen Nielsen Thanks for the comment! We spent a lot of time tweaking Silver Efex Pro to ensure it gives the best black and white conversions possible—glad you like it! :)
Please don't find a way to screw up great software and ruin a great set of tools... You have my benefit of the doubt... Fingers crossed... I absolutely love NIK products and have convinced many of my friends to purchase them... I would love to continue this tradition....
I already love what Color Efex Pro gives my images, and now I'm able to get the full suite of Nik plugins for free?  You guys rock!  Thank you!
+Don Trammell We're all big fans of the plug-ins and are dedicated to keeping the Nik spirit alive here in Google. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what the future holds for the plug-ins :)
Nik Folks... Please feel free to delete this if it is inappropriate. I am not sure of the rules you guys have in place for marketing coupon codes. I will say to everyone though. Coupon codes are still active and a lot of photography sites have discounts that still work. So if you favorite site has a deal with Nik, those codes still work. 
If there ever was a photographic purchase no-brainer, this is it!
I love the plugins, and I already had most of them before I bought sharpener last week. But it will be nice to get dfine for 'free'. :)
Thanks Josh... I am loving the entire suite. In fact I edited my entire Norway aurora shots portfolio with NIK software... Here's to making a great set of tools even better...
This is great. I think a friend of mine bought the complete package but it might have been more than 30 days ago. Guessing he's not eligible for a refund, huh? Love your products. They have taken my post processing to a higher level..

+Tim Johnson Have your friend give us a call so that we can check exactly when he bought them. We're always here to help!
+Christian Pesch considering the fact that - apart from Nik Complete bundle - I also own separate licenses for single Nik plugins, does it mean I receive more than one licencje for Nik by Google. Another question, how can I access my old Nik account with all the serial numbers etc. Many thanks.
Finally a photo software company that "gets it!" (thanks Google) This is pricing that makes sense. Adobe are you listening!??
Great so as a long term owner of the complete Nik collection, paying for updates when they came along there is nothing in this for me! You are now giving people the lot for about the same as my recent updates cost! Or are you going to refund me some money that I've wasted in the past.
+Howard Jackman    Adobe did make Lightroom more accessible. But, the rest of their stuff is still ridiculously priced for the enthusiasts. They could get a lot more business at a lower price for the masses. 
Adam M
Really sucks for those who spent over $500 more than 30 days ago to get the same stuff.

Luckily when I saw Google was buying NIK I held out, hedging my bets... and Google didn't let me down.  Time to buy NIK!
Awesome!!! I all of the plug-ins except for Sharpener Pro and Silver Efex Pro. Thank you guys. I'm sure it will pay off in the end for you as lots more people will be willing to buy the bundle. 
Hallo Christian, bleibt der Preis erstmals bei $149, da auf der Nikseite "aktueller Preis" steht. Oder ist das nur zur Zeit fuer einen kurzen zeitraum ? Frank.
+Krzysztof Baranowski You will get a single copy of the Nik Collection, which you can still install onto your own computers. You won't need to access the old product keys any longer, just download the product via the link in the email you will receive later on. You will be able to re-download the software with your email address.
If there was ever a time for this it is now, thanks Google
+Josh Haftel Thanks for the info, things are looking good. As for old account page - my old Color Efex Pro 3 for Capture NX2 key (not sure of CNX2 keys too) were there too. How do I get them back?
I just paid $106 with tax on March 4 to upgrade from the Lightroom & Aperture complete collection to the Ultimate complete collection (both with student discounts). I originally paid $150+tax for the L&A version. Will I be getting my $106 upgrade fee refunded?
+Krzysztof Baranowski We can look it up for you. Either send an email to our support team or send me a private message with your email address and I'll look it up and send you what we've got :)
Bottom line - I have the suite, and the Nik software has taken my photo's to a new level - cannot imagine not using the full suite - Thanks Nik and Google - keep up the great work.
+Josh Haftel Will check if I have those codes in my old emails when making purchase, if not will get back to you. Thanks anyway.
that will be now a pirce for a longer period ? Since on the webpaghe is written "actual price" or will that change to the former price again soon ? Frank
How will I be notified ? Is it being dong done alphabetically ?
So if you're giving away future upgrades, giving away licenses for remaining elements in a suite and you've dropped the price for the suite by around two-thirds - how exactly are you going to make any money to pay for development of future tools? I am quite concerned this is just a way to rake in cash for the new owners but doesn't build a sustainable business model.
Nice!  I have been saving up for these for awhile now.  This is a price I can afford.
+Mark Finney Not to worry. Things are a bit different now that we're part of Google. We (Google and the Nik folks) are in this for the long-term :)
I just paid the $499, last week! I hope to get a refund, but I do need it installed on 2 more computers, I just couldn't pay that much twice. I will be looking for the email and making a call if I don't get one. 
I really hope so Josh. I love your products and use them daily.
Wow! That is awesome. I was logged into my NIK acct Fri to buy the set with my student discount. That's what the student price was I think. Thx Google and NIK and +Christian Pesch for the post.
+Stacey Walker You'll get the email with your download link and refund information by the end of this week. Since we're expecting heavy phone volumes already, it'd be best for both of us if you could wait until the end of the week before you give us a call. And please check your spam folder too! :)
What are the actual changes in the software if any from the current version of the product? since version numbers seem to remain the same?
+Roman Kruglov The biggest changes are:

1. installer for all products
2. Windows 8 support
3. Google branding
4. Price change

The good news is that owners of the Nik Collection will get future upgrades for free :)
Posted above but maybe skipped over due to the high volume. My concern is that I only paid $100 recently but it was just for an upgrade that basically became free a couple of weeks later - Josh I hope you can answer.

I just paid $106 with tax on March 4 to upgrade from the Lightroom & Aperture complete collection to the Ultimate complete collection (both with student discounts). I originally paid $150+tax for the L&A version. Will I be getting my $106 upgrade fee refunded?
Spent $299 on the whole suite yesterday. Awesome software but I hope the difference will be refunded.
Thanks a bundle :-) This is awesome!
I'm kinda with Garry Finch, I got on the site this morning and saw the Google stamp and new price.  I bought it.  Then, I decide to read and whammo!  Since I have Silver Efex, I'm supposed to get a FREE upgrade to the entire Collection!  Wonder if there will be any consideration for a  refund.  ?????
Just went back through all the comments and, according to Josh Haftel's response to Stacey Walker, there will be a refund.  That's good to know.  (IF that does actually work out . . .) Thanks, Google!
Hi Josh- I bought the collection along with upgrades to color efex pro 4 and hdr efex pro 2 quite some time ago for lightroom and aperture. does this mean I get an upgrade? and if so, will we require new serial keys? Love your products, and have since the day I bought them.
Swee Oh
Awesome news!!  I got the whole collection a few months ago, looking forward to the upgrades :)
+Andrew Dilworth Yes, you'll get an upgrade to the Nik Collection by email sometime this week. You won't need any new keys, the new software will install with the special download link you'll get in the email.
+Michael Clements You may be a somewhat special case (you already owned a product, then bought the new Nik Collection before you received your email with your free upgrade). That's why I was saying you should contact our support team so that they can help out :)
Thanks Josh! Again, I love your products, and I couldn't imagine working with anything else!
Are my comments not showing up or something? I feel like my question is the only one not getting a response and I'm not sure why. I signed up for Google+ just to post in these comments, so maybe I did something wrong.
I have Effects for PC but I'm getting a Mac soon. Can I still get the free upgrade if I'm switching platforms?
Exciting news! I love the NIK software. I'll be looking for that update email.
OK, Josh, will do.  Thanks.  Is there a number to call or should I e-mail?
What about for someone who bought the Lightroom collection, less than 3 weeks ago????
+Chris Houston Unfortunately, we can only refund any amount paid within the last 30 days that is more than the $149 purchase price. Still, please call our team to see what we can do for you, we are certainly interested in making sure you have the best experience possible. You can reach us through
+Melody Migas You'll be upgraded and in the email you'll have a link to download either the Mac or the Windows version. We don't lock you into a platform and can switch at any time.
Good news. I already own silver efex 2 which I love plus color efex and dfine looking forward to seeing what else I'll now end up with.
+Lawrence Sauter You'll be getting a refund for the difference between what you paid and $149 (for any payments made within the past 30 days) and download links for the full Nik Collection.
Sorry I didn't read through all the posts - can someone clarify for me - is this only a plugin for Photoshop (or other program)? Or can this suite be used "stand alone" as photography editing software?  I don't own any Photoshop versions, but I would love to see something for my Chromebook Pixel that can use these tools. Thanks!
+Matt Carner These are plug-ins that work within Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. Unfortunately, there's no Chromebook version yet, but that would be awesome!
Just to be clear, I'd love a Chrome app that is basically a Photoshop replacement.  Does this Nik collection have the potential to become that?  I don't want a "plug in".
I love Color Efex 4 and own it.  Now I will own them all!  So excited.  I will watch for the email.
Sweet I bough the full collection for LR a while back so a free upgrade to the PS version is awesome. Thanks Google.
+Matt Carner Thanks for the feedback! The Nik Collection are a series of plug-ins though and designed to extend the capabilities of photographers already using a host application like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture.
+Josh Haftel
In that case, I suppose I could ask for a refund/return if I would be getting the upgrade anyway if you aren't going to refund my upgrade price. I don't know why that would be, since it seems no different than any other situation. Should I wait to call until later today after emails go out or just call now?  Thanks for your help.
My licence currently allows for a Mac or PC installation (I run one of each) will the two installation per user licence allow me to split platforms?
Thanks +Josh Haftel!  I may end up being totally wrong, but I believe that Google has more in store for the photography crowd considering the specs of the Pixel than we know.  Hopefully one of those things is a host application.  And hoepfully it's not Photoshop. lol
great news, but when are we going to have a replacement for photoshop that we can use in Google chrome os? so we can finally break free from windows and move to chrome. The only reason I have not made the switch is because I need photoshop so either talk to adobe to make a chrome version or make one please. 
Will there be an academic discount to the package? I understand that the package is already discounted but I was curious.
+Rikk Flohr Yes, you can install on all of the systems you own, regardless of platform. The license is a per-user license, not a per-computer license.
+Joy Banerjee There will not be an additional academic discount on top of this product discount.
Ya gotta love platform agnosticism, Thanks. Can't wait to get my email!
+Chris Houston Yes, please give us a call. The later in the week (or next week, if you can wait that long) the better. We're expecting heavy phone volumes today, so waiting a bit will make sure that you don't wait on hold for too long :)
Great need +Christian Pesch . I have the whole collection and have been holding off on the upgrade due to the cost. Looking forward to the upgrade release soon.
+Christian Pesch  I hate to bother you here, but where would be the best place to find out about the plans, process and timing of the final folding Picasa into the other Google products?
+Vance McAlister There's nothing to announce at this point. Picasa is still being worked on, and there are always other projects being worked on here in the Google+ team.
+Josh Haftel Ah, thanks, I thought it had been announced that Picasa was eventually going away, and I assumed the redirect to G+ photos was another step in that process.  I will keep checking back with Picasa then!
How about the nik plugins for Nikon capture NX, do you also upgrade the complete bundle plugins for that ?
This is an AWESOME deal!!! I'll be looking out for further details as I'm a huge fan on NIK software, love the plugins.
+Hans Heemskerk There are no plans to continue support for Capture NX as a host application. In fact, there was only one plug-in that supported NX which was Color Efex Pro 3. Color Efex Pro 4 dropped NX support.
+Tomasz Paweł Puchalski Please contact our support team so that we can get you a refund. As mentioned above, if you can wait a bit (next week?), you'll get through our phone lines faster  since we're getting a lot of calls right now. You can find our contact information at
This is excellent news but will there ever be support/plugins for Linux or open source software like GIMP?
@Josh, I'm using PS elements as wel, will that be a free upgrade to the full bundle from the Nikon plugins?
+Hans Heemskerk If you only own Color Efex Pro 3 for NX 2, then no. However if you own any of the other products, then yes.
Nooooooo!!! Deleted the email instructions for getting the collection because my Gmail filter tagged it as phishing!! Is there any recourse?
i got color efex 3.5 with another product i bought.
will i get the free suite too?
or will i get the suite cheaper?

and when this is the case ... how... you don´t have my email.
I imagine this issue applies to very few people, only neanderthals like me who are running the Nik Collection on Windows XP. If you are one of us, be warned that the upgrade is not compatible with XP. I had my doubts and just called Nik tech support. They confirmed my doubts but said the link will still work early next year when I plan to upgrade my system.
I just found the email in my SPAM folder.  I wondered if it was true, so I searched and found this.

Although the email said it was free, so I'm still unsure of clicking any links.  I'll do it through the NIK website.  I already own Viveza, and was just thinking about adding more, so the timing is great!
+Dale Keiger unfortunately, you'll have to contact us. We're working on adding functionality into our website that would let you enter your email address and get the software, but that won't be ready until next week. Contact information can be found at
Add Code DZISER at checkout.... $126 for the entire suite...
+Josh Haftel Thanks for the help earlier. I just spoke to CS on the phone and they told me that I was eligible for a refund for my upgrade price from the LR&A edition to the Ultimate edition from earlier this month. I really appreciate that and am excited to see what the future holds for Nik products. It's nice to see some activity on that front.
I received the free upgrade email which was marked as a phishing email. Been looking to see if this was valid or not and now I know it is the real deal. Still kinda scary as there appears to be nowhere that I can find where you can see that you are eligible outside of this email.
+Josh Haftel  - So the email I received from NIK is real?  As an owner of Viveza2, I can upgrade to the entire collection for free?
Just in case it gets marked as spam, can someone post what the subject of the email being sent out is?
The subject line I got was:
Your upgrade to the new Nik Collection by Google
+Marius F We didn't have a Color Efex Pro 3.5. Which Color Efex Pro 3 did you have? Where did you get it from?
+Jared Ribic Well, we did send the emails out today and the only way to download is through the email itself...
i got it with an x-rite product.. i guess it is a SE version.
i try to find the CD at the moment. ;-)

maybe it´s too much asked anyway.. :-)
+Jared Ribic sorry, I didn't read all of your posts before I responded. Yes, that's correct and you're OK!
+Josh Haftel AWESOME!  I was having trouble with one of my Topaz plugins, and wanted to get the NIK plugins about a week ago, but the price was holding me back.  This is such a great deal!  Thank you!
I just wish google would or could buy flickr because I'm sure they could make it awesome again too. I was worried we were going to lose nik for a while there but so pleased google has come through for us.
I deleted my email thinking it was a scam (didn't look like normal Nik email). How do I get it resent?
I just got my free download! That was a pleasant surprise! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  I'm gonna play with silver Efex and HDR!! woohoo! Thank you!
I have NIk 3 is that included in the upgrade?
I just checked my e-mail but don't seem to have anything.  ( I own the entire suite )  It may be in the spam filter which I can't get to from here at work.  ( my ISP's spam filter goes to a non-standard port and our firewall won't let me get to it...  grrrr )

Google support folks who are apparently active in here - do you know if there are any plans on a masking toy ala OnOne or Topaz?
That is a bit dissapointing, color efex for capture NX wasn't  that much cheaper than the photoshop plugins....
So... if I don't have an email yet, should I be concerned? I purchased the complete collection about a year ago.
Wow, Chistmas in March?  I own 4 NIK editing plugins and have always wanted the rest.  Thank You!!
+Jim Danvers The emails do take some time to go out, please check again later in case they're still going out. If you still don't see anything, check to see if they got caught by your spam filter.

wrt masking, we don't have any news to announce a new masking tool. The onOne, Topaz, and Vertus products are all great options.
+Christian Pesch How about allowing us to sort our albums in G+. Currently, the ONLY sort order for albums by creation date which is just lame. Who cares when the album was created? At least make the default sort order be by album name so that we can have some control over it.
+Christian Pesch Need some clarification. A friend uses one of the plug-ins as a stand alone product right now. I think I read in these comments that these will not work as stand alone products. Is that correct?
+Christi Nielsen None of the products are intended to be used as standalone products. As a side-effect of being compatible with Lightroom, the products can be launched outside of a host application, however they don't offer much in the way of opening and saving. That's not to say they won't work, but the experience isn't that great, hence we don't recommend it.
+Scott Jordan Thanks for the feedback Scott. Christian's team is responsible for the plug-ins, but I'll make sure that the right folks on the G+ team are aware of your request :)
So I just bought Lightroom 4 on Amazon. Does this apply to me as well?
+Lori Vega We can't provide any refunds or credits for products purchased through resellers or distributors, however you are eligible for the upgrade. Please contact our support team to register your product and get your software. We'd really appreciate though if you could wait a bit, since we're getting lots of emails and calls right now. By waiting a bit, you'll get through a lot faster :)

I assume you're offering refunds for those that bought the suite before? #joking  
That's ok, i wasn't looking for a credit or refund. Just interested in the plug-ins.

Yeah I can wait =)

Thanks for the info +Josh Haftel
GREAT!!  I own them all but I have an older version.  How do I get the e-mails to upgrade free?
I purchased mine Jan. 30, 2013....bought the whole package for over $400.00.  I am hoping I get a credit on my purchase...
+Josh Haftel This is terrific news for everyone! And I'm very excited that my email with the free offer has arrived. One question-if someone has a non-current version of one or more of the Nik plugins installed, should he uninstall before running the installer for the Nik Collection for Google?
+Josh Haftel strange thing is I can't use Silver Efex with LR4.3 on Windows. I installed the whole collection but in LR there's no "Silver Efex 2" when I do Edit in...
It's available through PS CS5 though. Any help ?
+Ann Dinsmore The automatic refunds are for individuals that purchased in the past 30 days, but give us a call and let's see what we can do for you.
+Jan Kabili The Nik Collection will work just fine with previous products like Color Efex Pro 3, Silver Efex Pro 1, HDR Efex Pro 1, etc. If you still find value in those older products, please keep them installed. The Nik Collection will automatically upgrade only the current products, and will leave those older products installed. If you don't want them, visit the support site for uninstall instructions:
+Clement Mesnier That's really strange--so the other products show up but Silver Efex Pro 2 doesn't? Try going to the Preferences and use the External Editing tab to manually add a new external editor for Silver Efex Pro 2. If that doesn't work, please contact us at
Hello – I've purchased some of the products as standalone versions, but am based in Europe. Am I still eligible for the free upgrade, or do I have to purchase it again because I'm based in Europe?
Did I see where someone stated this is not compatible with WindowsXP?  The new upgrade crashes my LR3 and with CS6. :-(
+Neil Dejyothin The free upgrades and partial refunds are available world-wide. The only way to get the partial refund is if you purchased from us directly and spent more than $149 in the past 30 days. Furthermore, you'd have to be registered, but otherwise, we love all of our customers and friends, regardless of which region you're in :)
+Pamela Parton We did drop support for XP, however there shouldn't be anything new that's causing a crash. Did the previous products work?
Thanks Josh – sorry I'm a bit confused. I had purchased Viveza and Viveza 2 in the past, but as the website is now different I am not sure where to log in to view my account.

I read somewhere that you guys aren't allowed to send emails to European based customers for some reason, and I'm based in the UK. So I'm unsure on how to go about getting hold of the free upgrade?
+Neil Dejyothin So two things: 1. we sent out an email a few months go asking our customers for permission to transfer their accounts over to Google. If you agreed to this, you're all set and should receive an email.

2. If you didn't get the email or if you didn't accept the transfer at that time, you will need to contact us at so that we can register you and get you set up.

In any regard, if you own Viveza 2, you're eligible, we might just need to verify :)
Robert McDonald
My upgrade email has disappeared. Can it be re-sent please ?
+Josh Haftel Yep I definitely transferred my details over to Google at that time, but haven't received any email. I'll have a look over there and see.

Thanks for your help! :)
+Robert McDonald Please try to find it, we don't have a way currently to resend it short of you contacting us and our phones are a bit busy right now :) If you can't find it, we are certainly happy to help out (and we are working on a new self-help link that should be out early next week).
+Neil Dejyothin Please check your spam folder, we heard from a few customers that the email went to Spam...
Josh: Yes, I had HDR Efex Pro and it's always worked fine. :-(
+Josh Haftel *problem fixed*. It was tricky because the lrtemplate files were installed in the classic LR directory but in LR you can choose to have all preferences (including external editors) to be in the same folder than the catalog. So I simply copy/pasted the lrtemplate files in the good directory.

That's something that should be included in the documentation/help
Are the emails going out in batches or should we have received it already? It hasn't shown up here yet.
I received the link and installed the new collection. I noticed that we no longer need a serial number. Is that the case for everyone, even those who purchase the new version now, are do those who previously bought it have a special installer?

And are those who purchased it before eligible for future updates? (I mean for minor updates, I would not expect a free update from version n to version n+1). (I have to admit, the absence of serial number worries me, I don't know why).

Anyways, the new price is amazing, and will for sure bring a lot of new photographers :) Good job guys!
+Chris Houston The emails could take some time to reach you, or they could be caught in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder, and keep an eye for the next few days--the email blast system normally throttles back emails since it's considered bad form to send all emails in one huge blast (triggers lots of spam control systems).
+Josh Haftel Thanks Josh, I took a look but there's nothing in my spam folder. In fact the last email I had from you guys was back on 12/5/12 – which was the transfer opt-in email.

I've sent an email to support now to see if they can help and provided my details there.
+Neil Dejyothin with all luck, the email will come in on its own soon. We're a bit slammed with emails right now, we probably won't be able to repsond for 24-48 hours due to the support volume...
+David O Unfortunately for now, you'd have to contact us to get the email re-sent. We are working on a self-help tool (just enter your email address and voila) however that isn't ready yet and won't be until early next week. You'll have to reach us at Best bet is an email at this point, as the call queue seems a bit long.
+Josh Haftel gotcha and fair play. I'll wait a couple of days and see what's what – all the best with it all and the offer is admirable and much appreciated.

Just out of curiosity – will I have any problems if I install the trial version in the meantime?
I downloaded the trial this morning, and purchased the collection not long ago. The confirmation email had a download link in it, but not a registration code. Do I need to download the product again and install it? Thanks for the great offer!
+Gizella Nyquist The full version will install with the special download link that you get, no key is needed :)
I have several Photoshop actions set up using various Nik presets. Will updating to the new collection affect any of these actions?
I clicked on the link to download the file and there is no extension the computer recognizes to install it! it just ends in win_full[1]. What do I need to do??
I have already received my link for a free upgrade :-) Loved it!!! Thank you Nik by Google :-)
Josh: HDR EFEX Pro 1...Thanks for the help. ;-)
+Steve Fellers It should and I just tested it and confirmed that my actions still work. Let me know if you see otherwise!
+Pamela Parton Well, the Nik Collection contains HDR Efex Pro 2. Installing the Nik Collection won't uninstall HDR Efex Pro 1, so you should be able to continue to use HDR Efex Pro 1.

A different question is if you can use Dfine 2, Sharpener Pro 3, or Viveza 2 without crashing?
If I add .exe to the file I get an error message that its unusable. This is very frustrating and quite disappointing...
+Stephanie C Sorry you're experiencing this problem. We're trying to trace down the issue. Can you send me a private message with your email address and maybe a screenshot of the problem? I'd love to get a better understanding of what's going on for you...
I clicked the link in the e-mail and downloaded. When trying to install it it shows no compatible Host Applications other than photoshop which I do not have.  I use captured NX2 with color efex 3.0. currently. Not sure what to do?   I run the install anyway and it seemed like everything was good, but it never updated me to color efex 4.0.
Josh: Now that you mentioned it, yes,...only seems to do it with Color Efex. Crashes both LR and CS6. Others work fine it seems. Thanks for all the help...I know you're busy today...Lol!
Found my update email in my spam folder...Thanks NIK/Google. The best.
+Josh Haftel Not sure how to send you a private message, I don't use google plus much! I am going to try and download from the link one more time. My email is
I already have the complete collection, but have received my free upgrade email. Is there anything new/improved? In other words, do I NEED to download and install the suite if I already have it? Great news for those who haven't got the lot :)
+John McCormick The Nik Collection is only compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. If you don't have one of these hosts, you won't be able to use the plug-ins. If however you do have one of these hosts and it's not showing up, please let me know which one so that I can try to troubleshoot :)
+Pamela Parton No problem! Glad that we've narrowed it down a bit. The best thing to do next would be to contact our support team. They might be able to offer a quick fix. I'd recommend a quick email in asking how to enable safemode on your computer. That should fix it :)
+John Perry we recommend upgrading regardless. It'll make future updates much easier and ensure you get notified when new upgrades are available.
How about offering free future major upgrades (to new versions) for several years to those who already bought all of the plugins? I have purchased ALL of the Nik plugins since version 1. That’s long before control points were added. I have paid a lot for every upgrade, year after year. Now anyone who bought even one is receiving all six for free. I feel a lack of appreciation for loyal customers.
Josh, I click the link for windows download and it asks if I want to open or save NikCollection_1.007_22671_win_full[1]
When I download it as a save (or even to open) it tells me file not recognized and offers me the choice to search the web or use a program on my computer to open.
Is there still academic pricing as well or is there now only the one $149 price?
What happened to the Nik support page that stored all of the serial numbers of the software we purchased? When I go to that page, I just get the offer to purchase the collection.
help! how do I stop getting notified of every post on this thread??
+Gerry Hall There's no need for the different product keys anymore--just one software application with all of the products in them. If you need your key for an older product, just let us know, we'll get it for you :)
+Josh Haftel   I currently use the plugins as stand along programs. I own and use Nik silver Efex Pro, and also color Efex pro 3.0 which runs directly through Capture NX2.   Is there a way I can just get the color Efex 4 update?   And maybe the others in the Lightroom versions.  I purchased and use Silver Efex pro Lighthroom version as stand alone.
+John McCormick We no longer support Capture NX as a host application. You should be able to continue to run the applications as standalone applications, even if no host applications are found.
+Benjamin Timmins No worries, happy to do it! We've been working on this update since we came on board at Google, just want to make sure we're taking care of everyone :)
+Josh Haftel  OK, Josh.  Thanks for answering so fast. I really don't understand why this is though,.   People love Capture NX2.  Why Nik software would want to make their own plug-ins incompatible with their own flagship editing software is hard to understand.  I'll see if I can find and run them though.. Appreciate the help.
+Josh Haftel  Does the download give me the Lightroom version? That is what I need to run stand alone right? So I can open through Capture NX2?  When I purchased Silver Efex Pro, I was instructed to buy Lightroom version .
This is good news +Christian Pesch Now I wish you would add PaintShop Pro to the list of tools the collection works with. I use Color Efex and it works very well, but NIK B&W Efex 2 hangs with PaintShop Pro. Please have your team look into that.
How is the Silver Effects compared to other B&W software? 
+Benjamin Timmins  I cant seem to find the individual plug -ins  in the program files,Just the original installer . Guess I'll have my wife look at it later.
+John McCormick Capture NX is and always has been a Nikon product, and since the acquisition by Google, is entirely done by Nikon.
+John McCormick Wrt standalone, yes, the installer also includes the Lightroom versions, which can be used as standalones.
+Ludwig Keck Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to add PSP to the list of compatible hosts at this time.
+Jens Hauser Well, if you want a completely biased review, it's the best ;) But +Benjamin Timmins has already provided his perspective and perhaps others can chime in as well :)
+John McCormick Check in C:\Program Files\Google\Nik Collection on Windows or Applications : Nik Collection on Mac.
Wow, Great News!! Unfortunately, I bought the complete collection last month, Feb 14th, for $270. 
I purchased the complete collection several months ago but it was the lightroom only edition. Will I get a free upgrade to the complete collection for PS ?
Got the upgrade email. Is the information about refunds coming separately than that one?
Purchased the Complete Collection yesterday and received the email announcing the Nik Collection that included the upgrade download link for Mac or Windows. Clicking either download button opens the browser and results in a failed download:

Download Failed
The download link you clicked on has exceeded the maximum number of download attempts. To download your software, please contact us by visiting

Tried the online help but submitting the form crashes as well. Tried in Chrome and IE. This is an awesome offer and thank you for any help.
Thanks for your response to my question and to everyone else's here +Josh Haftel It's great that you're continuing the Nik tradition of fantastic customer service at Google.
+Wayne Parker That's pretty close to the cut-off date, give us a call to see what we can do...
+Andrew Sparapani Can you send me a private message with your email address so that we can look into this further?
+Chris Houston No, there's only one email, either the upgrade or upgrade + partial refund. If you didn't get the partial refund email, it's either because you purchased products not through us directly, or perhaps you purchased with different email addresses. If you purchased from a reseller, there's not much we can do. If you did purchase via different email addresses, please contact our support:
I'll give another call in a little while, thanks Josh. I talked to CS earlier and they said that I was scheduled for a refund. I purchased with the same email I just got the announcement with. I'm the one who payed to upgrade from LR&A edition to the ultimate a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can get through again!
+Chris Houston Well, maybe you could send me a private message with your email and I can share it with the web dev team to see what's going on...
Got my email and installed. All runs great in LR 4.3 but the only thing that shows in CS5.1 is Define and if I click to run it I get an error message that my free trial has expired. Is the collection only meant to be availalbe in one host program? Thanks +Josh Haftel for your help!
And what are you going to do for people like me who are long time users and who have purchased the entire suite and well as all of the upgrades. Not a happy camper
Just wow. And thank you very much. Speechless.
+Barbara Matthews Did CS5 show up as a host in the installer? It should install into all host apps that it finds. Alternatively, you can run the installer again and manually select Photoshop CS5 to ensure that the plug-ins get installed there.
+Gavin Slabbert we definitely appreciate you and the many years of patronage. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do other than make sure that you get future upgrades for free.
Yes it did show up in the installer. I'll try it again and manually select it. Thanks!
HI Josh.. bought the Silver Efex Pro 2 about 6 months ago but no email as yet:(
+Oluwaseun Oyeniran Did you buy it from us directly or via a reseller or distributor? If you bought it from us, did you change your email address? Or perhaps is it in your spam folder? If you bought from a distributor, did you ever register with us?
+Josh Haftel HI JOsh. I bought it from Nik Europe directly. And I never did register with google- never received any email to that effect..
When I found the upgrade email (in my spam folder), and clicked the link, I get a message that:
Download Failed

The download link you clicked on has exceeded the maximum number of download attempts. To download your software, please contact us by visiting

what do I do know? I don’t mind waiting or day or so until this frenzy stops, but I did purchase Color Efex 4 in 2012, and would like to take advantage of this generous offer from Google.
+Josh Haftel HI JOsh- never got the email. Or perhaps it went to my spam folder and I never saw it. REgardless, I will register as above.. Thanks for your help.
Vu Le
I have the same problem as Seth Anderson. 

Download Failed

The download link you clicked on has exceeded the maximum number of download attempts. To download your software, please contact us by visiting "

It'll be great if we can get a working link to download. I just purchased Silver Efex 2 yesterday actually. 
This is FANTASTIC!  I love Nik's plugins.  I use HDR Efex Pro2, Color Efex Pro 2 and Define 2 all the time.  Can't wait to get the whole bundle now.  Thanks Google! (FYI +paradigmblue )
Does the install accept a folder for the 8bf files instead of insisting on detecting Photoshop? I want to use it with other software hosts 
Josh Haftel is doing an awesome job of answering comments. You are doing more good for Google's image than all PR to date. They should make you VP of Customer Support! 
+Josh Haftel HI Josh- the website seems to be down for registration. Is there any other means of registering? Thanks
I'm a long-time supporter of NIK Software (purchased the Complete Collection Ultimate Edition in 2010 at a price considerably higher than the one released today). I'm happy for everybody receiving the awesome news, but at the moment I also feel like an uninvited guest to the party. Free upgrades in the future sounds nice, but falls short considering my huge initial investment. 
Following Christian and Josh's recommendations above, I tried to contact Customer Service, but both the page capturing my phone number for a callback and the page capturing my email message to CS result in error messages. Has any older Complete Collection Ultimate Edition owner been able to get in touch with CS?
+Josh Haftel I have the Color Efex 3.0 Versace Edition as part of a package purchase of a bundled product.  No email registration was required to activate and use this great software.  Can you please add my email to the free upgrade offer?  Thanks and Nik stuff is awesome.
+Seth Anderson please send me your email address via private message so that I can look into the problem.
I purchased Nik Sharpener 1.0 and later updated to Nik Sharpener Pro Complete 2.0 directly from Nik.  Am I be eligible and should I be receiving an email for a free copy of the bundle?
I have Color Efex Pro 3 purchased from Henrys in 2011. I have not received an upgrade email yet and can't remember if I registered or not (I'm sure I would have).  If I did not register have I blown my upgrade?
I was emailed a link,  when I download the software and try to upgrade, the file doesn't open but ask if I want to search the web for a program to open the file. Instead of file icon I get an internet explorere icon. I knew when I saw this something wasn't right. Wahts the fix I have windows 7.
+Vu Le Please send me your email address via private message so that I Can look into this further.
+Ananda Sim You can use the + icon in the installer to select a manual folder. Just because a host application accepts .8bf files doesn't mean it fully uses the adobe plug-in standard--we've seen lots of problems with our plug-ins and other non-supported hosts. I recommend you try the trial version first to make sure it works before investing in the software :)
+Stuart Solomon unfortunately, those products are too old and are not eligible for a free upgrade.
+Charles Bough If you own CEP 3, you're eligible for a free upgrade but you most likely need to register. Please contact our support team to register your software and get your download.
This does sound like good news for many people . I am a a big NIK fan and I use SEP,CEP, VIVEZA and HEP regularly. But, I use them as standalones or as go to plugins from Picasa. I know that isa featurethat not everyone knows about or wants, but will the new collection ( and future updates) support this. I really hope so- NIK really is the best around.Phil
+Steven Watts We've heard the problem occurs with IE7 so one solution is to use another browser like Chrome or FireFox. An alternative solution is to append a ".exe" to the end of the file name.
+Josh Haftel I think I did (not familiar with sending private email via Google+). Curious as to what happened, and looking forward to straightening this out.
I don't see it written anywhere so I thought I'd ask : What about users who got Color Efex Pro 3 by buying Corel's Paint Shop Pro software (version X4 in my case). Are they eligible to this offer?

Thanks in advance.
IE7 WILL NOT download the upgrade files correctly. You MUST USE Chrome for the download files to open as .exe files. Wouldn't you know it that GOOGLE now requires you to use only THEIR WEB BROWSER to work correctly with THEIR(NIK) software.  Happy Google-Land my friends.
I am a regestired user. I got my email, followed the link, but windows 7 won't open the downloaded file. Where do I go for help?
I alredy have the complete Nik set but the new Nik google free upgrade would not install on windows 8
Never mind. IE users - just append (change the filename) the filename with ".exe" after downloading. No need to use chrome.
Lots of happy people.  Personally, I'm double bummed - 1. I paid a lot more for the full suite awhile ago.  2. Last week I had to reinstall the whole suite because I upgraded to Photoshop CS6 & you didn't have a procedure to migrate.  Now I have to repeat it all again.  Got any positive news for me?  New features? Planned upgrades?  

I guess free upgrades in the future is good news.  That and it sounds like I won't have to enter all those horrid serial numbers.
+Paul Beucherie Unfortunately, customers that got CEP 3 through PSP are not eligible. Furthermore, the Nik Collection is not compatible with PSP.
I got mine with my Intuos 4 Large Tablet
+Ron Palmer unfortunately, free versions of Color Efex Pro 4 through bundles are not eligible for the upgrade to the entire Nik Collection.
I bought the full collection a year ago or so and love every bit of it. And I'm not going to bitch about other people's good fortune at the big price drop because a sale or a re price is something new and other people's good luck is not something that affects me.
Question: should I reinstall? I use the plug ins in CS6 but I guess it would be nice to have them in LR for batch processing. Not sure how to achieve that. Oh and can you send me a battered old photogs hat with "Nik Original" or a to shirt with "Full Price Veteran" or Ummm a Nexus 8 or something ;) 
I have Colour Efex 4 and registered through the old Nik Software site - but I didn't transfer my details to Google. Will I still be eligible for the upgrade? Will I receive an upgrade e-mail?
Thanks guys!  A very welcome gift.  I had purchased before and it was worth every penny then.
my old email is dis-connected I tried  the support page form. it would not go through it asked for version number. What can i do to get email  
Vas M
Just downloaded the trial version to test it out.  Was disappointed that it is does not support the Macbook Pro retina displays.  Will the collection be updated anytime soon for the retina displays?  Thanks.
Well, this is SUPER fantastic! I have two purchases already and was about to upgrade to the full suite and I see this news. Awesome!! 
Very excited about the news of the new pricing structure today. Future updates and the entire suite made it a no brainer purchase. I was somewhat surprised though that there was no google checkout option, you are part of the family now ;)
+Robert Woodbury You'll have to contact us to register your products again, then we'll get you an upgrade :)
+Vas M The software is certainly compatible with Retina displays--I use my MBP w/Retina and the plug-ins all the time. We are working on full retina-resolution support but don't have an ETA just yet.
Downloaded and installed my free collection today.  I had the Aperture version of the collection, so it will be nice to use it with Photoshop as well.  Thank you!!!
Aw man, I don't use Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperature.
I just received an email indicating as I am a registered with NIK, that I am entitled to a free upgrade. I downloaded the file and cannot load it. Google NIK, how do I install a file Windows 7 64 bit cannot recognize... I use Lightroom4 and Photoshop CS5 and soon CS6.

Please fix this.
I have Capture NX2 and Photoshop CS2 which I use Color Efex Pro 3 with.  I know that the upgrade is not compatible with these programs, so if I install the upgrade to use in Photoshop Elements 11, will CEP3 still work in NX2 and CS2?
Just a short question: I have a couple of Nik Applications registered but did not receive an email of any sorts. Is there any form or contact to fix this?
I got the email for the free upgrade. The download for Windows does not work. It  downloads a file that does nothing. Let me know when it's fixed.
I think I may have not have been on the opt-in list, since I did not receive an e-mail about the free upgrade (bought SEP with free upgrade to SEP2 at Nik Europe). Is there an customer support e-mail address I can use?
+Christian Pesch i own Color Efex Pro 3.0 Standard-SA so i will also get the Free Update?!? That would be so awesome and unbelievable!!!
+Kelvin Lloyd , in case the file you downloaded does not seem to be an executable, please make sure it has a ".exe" suffix. If it still cannot be executed, the downloaded file might be corrupted, and you should try to re-download it using another browser.
If none of this works out, please contact our customer support at
+Dieter Dolezal , we are still sending out emails, but please also check your spam folder. If you do not receive any notification within the next few days, please visit our support pages on . I heard we are creating a specific page for customers to resend notifications to the customers email-address, but this is not ready yet and will take some extra time for us to implement.
+Josh Haftel +Christian Pesch  True that they are old versions, but I suspect between the initial purchase and subsequent upgrade I've spent as much,if not more, as some recent purchases other have made that do qualify.  Also, I believe I saw several references made that those that have purchased any NIK plugin in the past would qualify.  I'd be most appreciative if you would re-consider.
+Charles Bough , you can run the The Nik Collection by Google-installer to add all the Plug-Ins to PSE 11. It does not affect the existing installations of Color Efex Pro 3 for NX or CS2.
+Jerry W Fuqua , please check if the downloaded file has a ".exe" suffix. If not, you should try to rename it and add ".exe" to it. We heard of issues related to downloading the huge installer files with older browsers, I'm sorry if this affects you. You could try to download the installer again using a different browser, and in case nothing works out, please contact customer support at
+Josh Haftel did you know how long it will take until i get the email for the free upgrade from Color Efex Pro 3 ???
+Christian Pesch
Excellent, thank you.  Now I just have to get the link to the upgrade - hopefully the support guys will oblige!
I have bought the collection for Aperture but switched to Lightroom.
NIK support denied cross licensing to LR. However US customers received a license for AP + LR at a lower price than German customers for one of the two. I was really dispappointed and haven't used the software since then. Hope that changes now.
I was quite happy with the purchase by Google and hope Google kicked the German sales team!
NIK Software is as great, as the license terms  were lousy!
This is great news for the photographic community +Christian Pesch --  I bought the complete collection for $299.95  (less a discount code of $44.99) making a total of $254.96  on 7th February 2013 ...  I'm guessing, that I am not eligible for a partial refund?
+Thorsten Lajdych I've heard some emails are still going out, so I'd wait another day. If you don't see something by then, please make sure to first check your spam folder, and then if you can wait even a bit more, call us next week. That way you don't have to wait on hold too long :)
+Julez DeJesus Yes, you're eligible. If you purchased from us directly and you transferred your registration from Nik to Google, you should receive an email from us. If you either didn't buy from us (and didn't register with us) or if you didn't authorize the transfer from Nik to Google, you'll have to contact us to register your product in order to get the free upgrade.
+Peter Stevenson Best is to wait another day, check your various spam folders, and then contact us. Just keep in mind there's lots of customers contacting us right now, so phone and email queues will be long.
+Dietmar Fischer sorry about that! I really disagreed with the EU team's licensing policy and we no longer have that same policy. The new Nik Collection works for both Mac and Windows and for all host applications--no longer any restrictions. You should also be eligible for the free upgrade. If you don't receive an email in the next day or two (and you've checked your spam folders), please contact our support team.
+Josh Haftel thx a lot, that is great news!
And one more thing:
Hope Nik softare has a long live in the Google empire :-)
+Josh Haftel thank you Josh.  I submitted a request for consideration of the free update to the support team.
+Christian Pesch What's new in the upgrade? I don't see any mention of new features or changes. I would love to hear what others have to say about the upgrade as well.
+Leanne Staples For this release, the major changes are the new installer process (one installer vs. 6), Windows 8 support, new Google branding, and the price drop. It's important to install this new version to be eligible for future free updates and upgrades.
thanks +Josh Haftel now if it would just work. I updated the software and the link to Lightroom is not working. Will there be any real upgrades to the developing tools?
+Leanne Staples What type of problem exactly are you having? Do you mean you are having trouble launching the plug-ins from Lightroom? And we are continuing to develop new versions of the software.
+Josh Haftel Thanks again Josh, I register all my products on the NIk site (that is what came up in google) so hopefully it transfers over, if there is another place to register please let me know and I will go there.
+Leanne Staples I cannot reproduce, perhaps you can private message me your email address and I can help you there?
+David Bustle You should be eligible if you registered, unless you're in Europe and did not opt into transferring your data or if you're in the US and opted out of transferring your data from Nik to Google. If one of the above applies, or you simply don't get your email (after checking your Spam folder), please contact us.
In the US and didn't opt out, I will check my email and spam and will reach out if I don't receive one.
I couldn't pay with Google Checkout?  Really?  I couldn't enter my phone number in a standardized format such as +1 503 555 5555? I hope that tonight when I play with it the software is of higher quality than the purchase experience.
+Michael Galassi We are working on a new purchase experience with Google checkout, sorry your experience didn't meet your expectations. we're working on it!
Thanks +Josh Haftel, it's good to know you guys are working on the stuff as it can be discouraging to have your first contact with NIK being this one.
I purchased the NIK Silver Efex pro download version beginning of March in Germany via "Franzis Verlag" and Will I also get this wonderful upgrade Easter Present in my mailbox?
 I still cannot believe it what Google marketing is doing here but it would be really great if my hopes come true....
Anyway, if not, it will be worth the 149$ to buy it....though upgrade for free.....still sounds too good to be true........
P.S. How do I find out whether I am registered with NIK?
+Josh Haftel I did send you an email. I hope that it won't take long to resolve this problem as I use Nik on a daily basis. The problem is that the Nik Plug-ins do not open from the Edit In menu.
Excelent... about a week ago I planned on purchasing the NIK Suite... I am glad I did wait for awhile... something inside me told me to wait... not way more affordable.
I got the wonder email. But when I download it opens automatically in FileZilla and then says incorrect port. FYI-in the upper left corner of the email is several lines of type in various unknown languages. I can't wait to get this figured out and downloaded even though I already have all the previous software. They are older versions though.
+Martin Rieder Unless you registered on our website, we wouldn't have any information about your purchase. Please contact our support team so that we can see what we can do for you.
+Shannon Frost The file should download via HTTP, not FTP. You can try to copy the download link directly into your browser (recommend you use FireFox or Chrome).
+Leanne Staples sorry, been stuck in meetings this morning, I have your issue open and something I'll respond to ASAP.
+Christian Pesch Is this always going to be a set of plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop or is it going to be a standalone photo software from Google later on down the road?  Or mabe incorporated into chrome or Google+?
+Phil Richards I am not sure about the email time line and how they are going out but i have seen were some people have received the emails but they went straight into spam folder.  Keep an out out and do not delete by accident.
I have not be able to access the link sent for an update since last night.  I'm now locked out.  I kept receiving error messages.  Quite frustrating and spent alot of time. 
Thanks. :) But down throw them down the tube later! ;)
Hallo Christian, danke für die Nachricht! Gilt das freie Upgrade auch, wenn man 2008 das Capture NX Plugin gekauft und registriert hat? Wenn ja, wann ist mit der email zu rechnen? DANKE!!!!
+Uffe Hagen Nielsen Do you mean Silver Efex Pro 2 or Color Efex Pro 3? There's no Silver Efex Pro 3... ;)

If you bought from us directly, you'd be registered automatically. You should also receive an email from us so please check your Spam folder and if it's not there, give us a call Thursday or Friday through
Is there any reason I can't buy the NIK collection through Google Checkout?  I would have thought that would be a priority.
+Paul Gillingwater It's coming, hopefully early next week. You can download the 15-day trial if you'd like to wait for the new Google wallet implementation.
I think the important aspect is whether Google Checkout will support ongoing upgrades through Google Play, similar to the feature of the Apple Store.  Still, I will buy it directly online now, but would find it easier to use Checkout.  Thanks!
Free upgrades for past customers?  What if you recently changed email addresses?  Out of luck?
I fear I'm going to end up in a Catch-22 situation.  Support responded to my query with 'Your product does not show up in our database as being registered however if you are able to register it you will most definitely be qualified for a free upgrade.' But how do I register my Color Efex Pro 3?  The original registration link no longer exists!
+Charles Bough You can either send your registration information via email (such as your product key, etc.) or you can call our representatives. We're working on a newer self-registration system but it wasn't ready for launch. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
+Josh Haftel

I did send my product key with the original query!  I have replied to the support response asking how I can register.
Wow!! I use other plugins primarily because of the price...and they still do a pretty good job. Now at this new price I can afford to give Nik software a go. I'm impressed. Will download the 15 day trial and if all goes well buy, the bundle.
I purchased Sharpener Pro 2.0 way back in 2006 with an old email address. Do I still qualify for a free upgrade? If so, how do I get it?
Glen B
Okay this seemed like a good deal so I went to NIK and paid my money, and downloaded the product.  Now I can't open it.  I'm using Windows 8 and this has never happened before.   I was previously even able to download and install the trial version with no problems.   What happened here?
search the threads on the +Nik Software google+ page, there is an issue with IR stripping off the EXE extenstion, I hink you need to add it and it will work, but do a search.  I am on a Mac, so i did not have any issues.
+Glen B Sorry that you had this problem. We're still trying to find out why this happens, but so far we found that it only occurs with Internet Explorer. You can either add ".exe" (without quotes) to the end of the file or you can download again with FireFox or Chrome. 
Glen B
+Josh Haftel I tried to download it with Chrome but it treats me like a new customer (asks for payment).  I'll give the name change a try.
Glen B
+Josh Haftel the name change just gave me the same message.  I can't download it again with Chrome and I can't change the name to make it open with an exe at the end.  I'm at a loss here.
+Glen B You should have gotten a receipt with a download link. Try to copy that download link into FireFox or Chrome.

However, renaming the file should work as well, that's what we've heard from quite a few other customers.

Again, really sorry about this--we're still trying to figure out why this is happening.
Mark F
i just read in a post dated 03/26/13 at 5:00 PM EST at another website that installing Nik Collection on a Windows machine overwrites/uninstalls all other installed Nik software versions (i'll post link if asked to later).

In this thread elsewhere it has been stated that the older versions will NOT be affected and can still be used.

Please advise which is correct... i really don't want to take the chance of losing my existing installs.

BTW... I use Color Efex Pro 4 and both HDR Efex Pro versions as standalone programs (i do not own or use PS or LR).  Yes, they need a bit of extra effort to be used this way, but i have not been disappointed with the results (except i still prefer HDR Efex Pro to Pro 2 -- don't like the newer version's interface, and the files Pro 2 saves are not openable using Capture NX2 for some reason and need to be run through another program like ImageJ to make them usable).  But i REALLY hope that Google goes all the way and makes these great programs available as true standalones
+Mark F The Nik Collection contains all of the Nik plug-ins. The installer will replace the old Nik Software versions of Color Efex Pro 4, HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro 3, and Dfine 2. It will leave older products alone, like Color Efex Pro 3, Silver Efex Pro 1, HDR Efex Pro 1, etc. You really don't want two copies of the same product on your system :)
+Sławomir Biernacki If you don't get the email later this week, please give us a call (after checking your spam folder). Unfortunately, we don't have any reps that speak Polish, however we do have German, Italian, Spanish, French, English, and Japanese speaking support reps--hopefully we can help you out :)
+Josh Haftel , I am a Nik Software customer (I have Silver Efex and Color Efex). I purchased them directly from the European Nik Software website. As I read above, I am suppose to receive an email to get an upgrade to the whole bundle. However I did not receive such an email. Shall I wait more or shall I contact customer support? Cheers
Hi +Josh Haftel 
So here's goes.
I bought the SEP2 software package last April 2012 through an online photographic store here in France where i live.
When i saw the announcement that NIK were offering the complete suite for $149 i went ahead and purchased online using a discount code, making the total amount around $126, paid through paypal, downloaded and installed.
A couple of hours later i saw that existing customers can get the upgrade free of charge.
Will i be eligible for the refund of $126 or not??
I have contacted support a couple of days ago now, and have a support N°, but have not had any response.
Hi +Josh Haftel +Christian Pesch Thanks Guys for such awesome offer!
I actually purchased Define 2 software from a retailer here in Sydney few days back although I dont think I have registered it on the website. I wanted to check whether I will be eligible for this offer and if so, what should I do?

Thanks again.
Thank you...nice to hear,josh haftel
+Dragos Ioneanu Please check your spam folder, if you don't see something, give us a call. You can download the trial version which will provide full functionality for 15 days. That way, if you want to wait a bit before calling us so that the call volume can drop, you can still use the software :)
+Michael Diblicek you definitely can get a refund on the $126. Most likely though you'll need to call our support team though. Furthermore, you are eligible for the free upgrade so if you didn't get the email yet, let the customer service member know while you're talking to them.
A mail? I had two plugins before and had to pay for the collection. :(
What a fantastic gesture by Nik/Google however I downloaded the Free upgrade using Firefox onto a Win7 machine using Elements 11 & Lightroom 4 and there was no ".EXE" file downloaded just a folder with the file type - 007_22671_WIN_FULL [1] File.  please help.....
+Josh Haftel Just got off the phone with NIK / Google support and i'm eligible for a refund. Thanks for all your help. :)
+Mikael Wiman Depending on which products you purchased before, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. If so, you could contact us for a refund of the collection and then get your free upgrade. Just give us a call:
+Paul Manning please rename and add the ".exe" to the end of the file you downloaded, it should work then.
I added .exe to the end of the file I downloaded however the File Type is not amendable and still reads 007_22671_WIN_FULL [1].  As you can probably see I am not really PC literate
Contact us where???

I bought HDR Efex Pro (2?) but never transferred the info to google.

Honestly I use a spam box when registering or buying stuff because I get so much junk mail cluttering up my inbox I just cant give companies my personal email anymore. They just abuse it too badly. So I never saw the 'transfer your info' email. When I went back 3-4 days ago it was too late, the link to transfer wasn't working anymore1
So I went to the new Nik/Google site and emailed the only address I could find (a contact us form) explaining everything but never heard back.
Where should I be emailing or calling to straighten this out? There's no valid contact info on the Nik site and I've already emailed and waited.
I have windows 7 I down loaded the collection.The collection is in my download file I open LR4 plug-in manager then click on Add .I go to my Download file and the collection is not there.So now what do I do?
I have contacted Google support, they call me 5 seconds after requesting this on the website and 15 seconds later I was talking with a support person who send me an email with  download links. Never been so easy :-) Thank you Google for a wonderful gift!
The phone contact seems to have been removed from the help centre page now.  This is a wonderful gift but it would be nice rto be able to download it.
Robert McDonald
emailed Google/nik collection support early yesterday but have still not received my email with download links.
Would the whole collection of plugins for Photoshop you are offering work on Windows XP with "Photoshop Elements 10" installed?
Is this offer also available for owners of Silver Efex Pro 2, based in Britain?
That's amazing! Can't wait for the email, google and color efex rocks!
Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we fixed the problem, however for folks that already purchased the software or received the email link, the fix is not retroactive.

For those of you still having trouble installing the windows file, please either:

1. Go to your email receipt and copy the download link into FireFox or Chrome

2. Contact our support team to send you the install link again.

Sorry again for this problem!
+Paul Morgan Did you install the file? Once you download the software, you will need to install it. If you double-click on the software and receive an error, try renaming the file and appending ".exe" to the end of the file (without quotes) or try downloading again in FireFox or Chrome.
+Paul Manning the phone contact option is only available during working hours, which should be listed on the contact page. If you're in Europe, it's now past working hours and will be up again tomorrow.
+Doug Hagadorn All of the emails should be out by now, so if you haven't received something, please check your spam folder. Our phone queues may be pretty long, so I'd recommend that you download the trial version (it'll provide full functionality for 15 days) and then you can contact us next week when the phone queues would be a bit shorter :)
Hey Josh, have you added the extension to of EXE to the Windows downloadable file yet? The program will error without it. I just posted a command line fix for those who want to go that route but as a software company this shouldn't have happened in the first place.
+Henry Shaw It has been fixed but the fix unfortunately isn't retroactive. You're right, we should have caught this prior to launch, but unfortunately we did not. The good news is that this issue can be avoided by using FireFox or Chrome with the previous links found in the receipt email or the download email.
I am having some trouble I have been trying to purchase and I get all the way through to confirm and I get the following "an error has occured" I want to buy your product but your site wont let me???? Please help!
I bought the Complete Collection Ultimate Edition (Windows, English) recently at the full price, is there any chance I will get a refund? 
+Josh Haftel

After a couple of confusing emails from the original support staffer I received one from the lovely Alison who sorted everything out and I received my download link.  I don't know if you had a hand in sorting it Josh, but many thanks to you and the Google team!
Mark F
in case anyone is wondering...

I installed the Nik Collection today on my Win 7 machine.  It did overwrite my existing HDR Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4, but all my customs were intact.

AND all the components will run as 32-bit standalone programs by simply dragging the image you want to edit onto a desktop shortcut icon for a component .exe.  (the 64-bit versions are only present as .8bf files, so those only work as plugins as far as i can tell).  i do not use PS or LR, so standalone use was critical.

very psyched, and thanks to Google (and Nik!)

Hope everyone else has similar good experience.
 +Christian Pesch and +Josh Haftel... I saw about the Nik deal on the Grid today. Q: I'm running a PC home and MacBookPro and considering replacing the PC with an iMac, but many factors are involved. Is the Nik plugin PLATFORM SPECIFIC like P.S. or is it cross platform like Lightroom and how many installs can I get for the $150  AND can I also use my NAPP disc?  I will buy AFTER I decide on switching entirely to Apple. Either way, I'm gonna be spending a good bit upgrading to PS CS6 and LR 4 plus plug ins, plus plus etc, but at this price, I can rationalize the costs. Budget constraints, ya know. thanks Jock Goodman  I'm also a newbie at G+
+Stephanie Stanton I just tried and cannot reproduce the problem. Could you please try again and if you can still reproduce the problem, send me a screenshot via a private message?
+Natalie Kinnear It depends on when you purchased the software. We are offering partial refunds for those that purchased the software within the past 30 days.
+Charles Bough Glad to hear it's sorted! Sorry for any confusion along the way, we're still sorting out some internal issues.
Oh :(  I think I bought mine on 16th Feb - so does that mean no refund?
After 2 days of no response to my email to Support I just phoned them and got an immediate response. They re-sent my free upgrade email with the download links and I now have the nik Complete Collection working in Photoshop CS6.
Thanks guys (and gals).
+Josh Haftel Josh what if I already own Viveza 2 and I have just bought NIK Collection by Google? there will be refund? I just went thru the website not blog/google+ profile so informations about possible free upgrade has come to me later.
Have just called Customer service team (well, they rang me!) as I had not received an email.  Great service - just took the email address I originally used when I purchased SEP2 back in 2012 and the product number then promptly sent me an email with links to the Nik Complete Collection.  All installed straight away.  Many thanks Google/Nik.  Now, is there any chance or resurrecting Snapseed for desktop...?
called support (or have been called back to be more clear) and got all emails! 
+Marcin Rusinowski Seems like you're all taken care of already, but please let us know if we can provide additional support! :)
How's it going with internet support enquiries time wise, I mean how long is it likely to take to get a response? I'm in England and would rather not phone the States. 
+Natalie Kinnear so far, we're at around 48 hour turnaround for our emails. However, we have support reps covering all major timezones, including a great group in Poole, England. Please visit for information on how to get in touch with the reps closest to you :)
Stephanie, I went ahead and downloaded the free trial offer and it went in just fine.  I've been playing with it all morning.  I figure if the email for the full set never comes (I've been using Color Efex since 2010) I will activate the purchase option, with the discount code, and still be way ahead of the game.  Give the d/l of the free trial a go and see if it works for you.  Also, I noticed that when I was trying to purchase, there was no option for PC or MAC ... but when you hit the free trial offer button you get to choose.  Good luck!!
Hi +Josh Haftel Maybe I will get third time lucky :-)

I purchased Define 2 software from a retailer here in Sydney few days back although I dont think I have registered it on the website. I wanted to check whether I will be eligible for this offer and if so, what should I do?

Thanks again.
I either did not get the email or lost it in the spam filter.  I have been using Viveza for several years.  Thursday I emailed NIK support asking for a reissue of the email.  No response yet but it is Easter.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get my email.  Looking forward to being part of the club.
+Christian Pesch  maybe it is just me not understanding how NIK software works but I do not seem to be able to locate HDR EFEX in the free download.  Everything else is there.  Is it not included in the Demo release.  I would really like to see the HDR program stacks up against Photomatix.  Thanks for any help you can give.
I found it.  Thanks I will give it a whirl this week and post a photo or two.  I think you want us to tag the photo with #niksoftware  correct?
Still waiting on an email for the upgrade... 
Ed Bolt
Has an e-mail been sent?  I have not seen one.
All emails were sent out around the end of march. Please contact us at We are available by email or phone (phone hours are posted but generally 9-5 PST, CET, JST, and Sydney time). Our reps will want to verify your current or previous registration or ownership of an eligible product and then will send you a download link for the Nik Collection. 
+Vinothan Suppiah Yeah, it would be great to see support for Linux with this product.  I know that the mindshare is with Adobe products, but there are some truly amazing open source products out there too, and given Google's open source history, it would be great to see them rise to the occasion and support Linux too.

Also, with the GIMP being cross platform, it allows access to these great tools regardless of OS choice.
 I am just wondering whether there will be future updates or enhancements to this product. I would love to see support for Retina displays and maybe some additional enhancements but it has been pretty quiet for the most part since of the updates. The well appreciated webinars are hard to find - if there are any. Any words on this?
+Peter Gruener , good news, we have just introduced Retina support for CEP4, SEP2, HEP2 and AEP with the latest release: the enhanced image, and many labels and descriptions benefit from Retina resolutions already. We will be extending Retina support with future updates, and of course, we are committed to further enhancements and updates.
WRT webinars, you can find tutorials on our web page at  (just unfold the sections for each of our plug-ins and look out for videos and lessons), and also on YouTube at . Finally, make sure to check out for more events such as live trainings.
Hi, I did buy Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete and Silver Efex Pro. I did not learn about the changes of the Nik Collection until today. I did not get an email about an upgrade, at least I did not see one. Is it still possible to get the upgrade? Thank you!
+Sabine Gruhn, please reach out to our support team at . There, you'll find "Contact Us/Email us now" at the bottom of the page. The support team might check eligibility and ask for the products you own, as well as for the email address you used to register them with, or the product keys you have.
I'm in the same boat as Sabine above.   I bought Dfine 2.0 a good while ago and never received  emailed instructions about :
"If you've already purchased one or more Nik plug-ins in the past, then don't worry, we've got you covered. In fact: we're going to upgrade you to the entire Nik Collection by Google for free. Just keep an eye out for emailed instructions in the next few days."
I'll try the support page you mention. 
I would really love to see a stand alone Linux app of this, as I see it is almost already in android app that came bundled with my experia z, at least seems to have touch of Nik Software, to use this on Linux desktop would be more than welcome! Keeping fingers crossed for Nik Software coming to Linux platform. 
I vote for the Linux App as well!, I wont go back to MS, neither buy a Mac.
A Linux version would also be a sure buy from me.
I want the linux version like G'mic plugins for Gimp
I am trying to purchase this collection.  However, there is a problem between Google Wallet and NIK.  After trying to buy and then install this software 2x I am still waiting for someone at either end of the business to identify the source of the problem.  My bank card has been charged two times for the software, so the problem is not there.  The people at NIK say it is a problem with Wallet and those at Wallet say that it a NIK issue.  No one at either end apparently has the ability to just release the files.  Any ideas about how this problem can get resolved?
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