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#33c3 day 4 update.

Got up really late because of yesterdays unofficial space talks, and we left for Copenhagen so I only had time for two talks, one on genetics in relation to personal identification and one on transhumanism, which ended up with an impromptu discussion in the halls about international politics and cultural differences, I love how the CCC is overflowing with interesting and accommodating people.

I will probably update my posts soon with links to the talks I attended, in case anyone else finds it interesting and/or would like to discuss the subjects.

Genetic Codes and what they tell us – and everyone else - by renataavila

The Transhumanist Paradox - by Xavier Flory

A late #33c3 day 3 update, the big one :)

I attended talks on how the protocols the HDMI standard is made up of (there's quite some legacy involved), the concept of a space elevator on the moon (which is technically feasible today) an introduction to ESAs moon ambitions, interstellar colonization, lasers in space and the distances and measuring methods involved in astronomy.
ll the space talks were one big block from 1830 to 2315, followed by a long chat with many of the speakers, which resulted in me getting to bed at 3 in the night :)

Dissecting HDMI - by Tim 'mithro' Ansell

An Elevator to the Moon (and back) - by Markus Landgraf

The Moon and European Space Exploration - by Johann Dietrich-Wörner

Interplanetary Colonization - by Liz George and Peter Buschkamp

Lasers in the sky (with asteroids) - by Peter Buschkamp

Eavesdropping on the Dark Cosmos - by Simon Barke

The Universe Is, Like, Seriously Huge - by Michael Büker

Day 2 at the #33c3, today I attended talks on diverse topics such as data analysis at +CERN, geological timekeeping, the use of electronic voting machines in the US presidential elections, different kinds of censorship and content control in the EU and how international banking works.
My main (and most surprising) takeaways were these:

1: The 2016 US presidential vote (the actual act of people voting, saying nothing of the election in general) likely wasn't hacked in any significant way, but if someone had wanted to, it would have been surprisingly easy and unlikely to have been discovered by any existing measures.

2: International banking involves issues of timing and end-to-end connectivity, very similar to those involved in computer networking, but seems to have taken a much more manual approach to the issues than computer networking has, leaving international payments a slow and costly affair.

I am VERY much looking forward to tomorrow, which includes the bulk of the #33c3 space track lectures, among them one given by the general director of the +European Space Agency, ESA Johann-Dietrich Wörner.

How physicists analyze massive data: LHC + brain + ROOT = Higgs - by Axel

Welcome to the Anthropocene? - by KaLeiMai

Recount 2016: An Uninvited Security Audit of the U.S. Presidential Election - by Matt Bernhard and J. Alex Halderman

A world without blockchain - by Mark van Cuijk

Day 1 at the #33c3 , so far I've attended lectures on how national agencies (no one mentioned, no one forgotten) takes over websites to deliver malware to computers of people in other countries and the state of net neutrality in Europe.
I also got to visit behind the scenes of the Hamburg Miniature Wunderland, which was hugely interesting and a little bit claustrophobic :)

Law enforcement are hacking the planet - by Joseph Cox

Make the Internet Neutral Again - by Thomas Lohninger and Christopher Talib

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Very exciting news: Mars One Ventures now trades publicly and we've secured an investment of €6 million!

Read the press release here:

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I think this is the 3rd generation of mealworms, at this point by far the biggest hassle is when the substrate becomes infested with moths, otherwise these little guys are a breeze to care for.
Also I'm beginning to experiment with ways to prepare them, some way of turning them into a patty-like form would open up a lot of recipes.

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Cutting down on energy-intense meat (such as cow and pig) can also contribute to decreasing your resource footprint.
Wondering what you can possibly do to help on #earthovershootday? Try to produce your own food #hydroponics

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Lisa Simpson signs up for the Mars One space colony in the newest 'The Simpsons' episode! How cool is that? Let's see if the Simpsons girls will be the first residents of the Red Planet. - FOX

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New photos in from Baikonur Cosmodrome where the rollout of the Proton rocket took place earlier ahead of Monday's launch of the #ExoMars 2016 mission.

More photos on our Flickr channel:

Credit: ESA-Stephane Corvaja
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SAVE THE DATE for our next flight to #Mars !

For media and social media - advance check-in info to attend the #ExoMars launch at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, on 14 March.


Credit: ESA/ATG medialab
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