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Last week I gave a talk at ad:tech New York where I explained the launch of +Google+ Your Business and outlined five key problems we are working to solve for marketers. Here is a recording of that talk that will give you some insight into our thinking. The talk begins around the 5:25 mark. Please keep the questions and feedback coming.
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"Businesses don't make people happy. People do." - Thumbs up for that.
+Christian Oestlien Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and effort put into making G+ business pages a reality. I know you must have been constantly bombarded with questions about it.
This guy's intro is way too long. Where does your actual speech start? Damn. At 5:25, you FINALLY enter. Haha.
I just watched your video on youtube , you are right on the money with all that you say , so i pity any company that doesn't take this on board,for instance if a company or brand doesn't respond to an email then you go somewhere else. well i do. thanks ian

and keep up all the good work and bring us more on google plus for me the future looks very bright indeed on google plus thanks again-+Christian Oestlien
Can you put a link to the slides of your talk up on G+.